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🔴Andrew Has So Much Excess Skin, He Has To Wear A Sports Bra! | My Extreme Excess Skin
Hace 2 días
Andrew lost 300-lbs! He now wants to compete in bodybuilding competitions, but his excess skin is getting in the way. Subscribe ...
The WORST Hoarding Cases | Hoarding: Buried Alive
Hace 21 un hora
See some of the most extreme cases of hoarding and their consequences for the people that live in these houses. Subscribe to ...
Justin's Weight Loss Astounds Dr Now! | My 600lb Life
Hace un día
After struggling with his weight since high school, Justin decides that it's time to get his life back on track and visits Dr Now to start ...
Mum Breaks Her Own Water And Delivers Baby All By Herself | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Hace 2 días
This mum had to break her own water in order to deliver her baby. After giving birth, she was able to get help from her kids!
Dr. Lee Removes A Massive 55 Year Old Blackhead! | Dr. Pimple Popper
Hace un año
Dr. Pimple Popper is celebrating Christmas in style, by showing us some amazingly satisfying pops! This blackhead has been ...
Removing A Horn-Like Growth And 6 Cysts From Woman's Head | Dr. Pimple Popper
Hace 4 meses
Dr Lee treats a patient who has multiple bumps all over her head, suspected to be pilar cysts. One of these growths has ruptured, ...
Can Surgery Help Remove This Boy's Life-Threatening Fibroma? | Body Bizarre
Hace un año
Amar has a large ossifying fibroma growing out of his face that is proving to be life-threatening. So, he's undergoing complex ...
The World's Biggest Cyst | Body Bizarre
Hace 3 años
In Kashmir, India, Doctors operate on a woman suffering extreme stomach pains, and discover the world's biggest ovarian cyst.
Family Of 9 Save Over $1000 on Grocery Shop | Extreme Couponing
Hace 3 días
Tiffany Ivanovsky and her family have a house filled with their stockpile fo groceries. They use couponing as a way to save for their ...
Dr. Lee Removes The Messiest Lipoma Ever! | Dr. Pimple Popper
Hace 4 meses
Paul has had a huge hump on the back of his neck for years, but it has got bigger over the last 10 years. He visits Dr Lee to try to ...
Dr. Lee Removes Joe's "Third Eye" From The Middle Of His Forehead | Dr. Pimple Popper
Hace 11 meses
Joe has a lump in the middle of his forehead which appeared just over a year ago. He comes to see Dr Lee to try and get it ...
"I'm Going To Call Myself The Lipoma Whisperer After You!" | Dr. Pimple Popper
Hace un año
Melissa has a huge lipoma growing on her neck and back! Melissa comes to see Dr. Sandra Lee today, to have her huge mass ...
Mum Delivers Baby In The Bathtub Without Any Help | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Hace 2 meses
A 22-year-old woman living in Yorkshire went to take a bath to relieve the abdominal pain she was feeling. What she didn't expect ...
Woman Needs Emergency C-Section Due To Pelvic Injuries From Car Crash | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant
Hace 22 días
Erin was told that she could never deliver a baby vaginally after a serious car crash damaged her pelvis. After finding herself in ...
Man Has A Running Vibrator Inside Of His Intestines | Sex Sent Me To The ER
Hace 4 días
A man arrives at the ER with a buzzing sound coming from his belly. What the nurse is about to find out really shocks him and the ...
68 Lipomas Removed From a Patient's Arms! | Dr. Pimple Popper
Hace un año
This patient has the largest amount of lipomas that Dr Lee has ever tried to remove in one go! With countless bumps covering both ...
"I'll Just Eat Until I'm Dead, Probably" | My 3000-lb Family
Hace un año
Casey has become so obese that all he does is eat and play video games. He needs to bathe in a trough outside, because he is ...
Dr Lee Removes Abnormal Growth From Man's Upper Leg | Dr. Pimple Popper
Hace 7 días
Dr Lee is surprised when Ravon shows her an abnormal growth hanging from his upper leg area. It turns out to be a lipoma, which ...