Riot police
How heavy-handed are Russian police compared to elsewhere in Europe?
Hace 11 meses
Vladimir Putin, on the back of criticism of Russian police's response to protests in Moscow, says law enforcement is even tougher ...
Riot Police Disrupt INSANE College Party
Hace 9 años
This video was uploaded and intended for documentary and research purposes. "Is this “Project X” in real life?!" No, not really.
Clashes with riot police turn violent in Hong Kong
Hace 9 meses
Protesters and police clashed in Hong Kong for a second straight day on Sunday, throwing the city's business & shopping belt into ...
Ecuador protests: Anti-riot police face off with protesters in streets of Quito
Hace 9 meses
Indigenous protesters and anti-government demonstrators, some armed with spears, clashed with Ecuadorean anti-riot police on ...
Hong Kong riot police storm train & beat, arrest protesters at Prince Edward MTR [August 31, 2019]
Hace 10 meses
Video shot by Pakkin Leung, Rice Post. Footage shows riot police beating people with their batons inside train carriages at Prince ...
USA: Anarchists and police clash during May Day protest in Seattle, 9 arrested
Hace 4 años
Police gave a heavy-handed response to an anarchist May Day protest march in Seattle, Sunday. The demonstrators were ...
Battle of Seattle: Riot Police Storm CHOP and Arrest Protesters
Hace 8 días
Seattle police dressed in riot gear have cleared out the city's CHOP zone at the request of Mayor Jenny Durkan. The autonomous ...
Riot police surrender to protesters in Donetsk chaos | ITV News
Hace 6 años
ITV News Europe Editor James Mates reports from Donetsk in east Ukraine, where riot police were stripped and beaten as ...
Firefighters clash with riot police in France protests
Hace 5 meses
Police have used teargas and water cannon on protesting firefighters in Paris. Thousands of firefighters attended the ...
Riot Police Clash with Protesters Inside Hong Kong Mall
Hace un año
Anti-government protesters who fought running battles with police inside a Hong Kong shopping center were "rioters," city's ...
Protestors walking into Detroit riot police at end of “By All Means Necessary” march
Hace un mes
Hundreds of protesters took a knee at the “By All Means Necessary” march in Detroit as the protestors walked into Detroit riot ...
Korean Riot Police Use Ancient Roman Tactics
Hace 4 años
For me looks like a training or a demonstration Reasons: 1. They are in a parking lot. 2. Rioters don't cross white lines. 3.
【SANRIZUKA 1985】Japanese Students Defeat Riot Police
Hace 3 años
Ok apparently this shitty translated propaganda video blew up (thx ESwomen very cool). So here's some more info on this crazy ...
Graphic warning: Peaceful protesters fired at with tear gas, rubber bullets by U.S. military police
Hace un mes
Graphic warning: Peaceful protesters fired at with tear gas, rubber bullets by military police in Washington, D.C. Get the latest ...
Savage foreign riot police destroying rioters compilation!!!
Hace 3 años
Some savage riot police from different countries destroying leftist rioters!!! Bring these cops to America!!! I edited this video a good ...
Oregon Police Riot cops leave protesters trapped to breath in tear gas  06/04/17
Hace 3 años
Free Speech Rally cops go after anti trump people. HELP KEEP US ON THE ROAD BY DONATING TO OUR GO FUND ME LINK ...
French riot police clash with protesting firefighters in Paris
Hace 5 meses
French police clashed with firefighters protesting in Paris against their working conditions and demanding more pay. Thousands ...
Hace 5 años
German/Nat German students protesting against the lack of funding for education clashed with riot police in Bonn on Thursday.
Spain: Riot police strike protesters blockading Barcelona airport
Hace 9 meses
Subscribe to our channel! Riot police used batons to hold back large crowds of Catalan independence ...
Spanish riot police vs hooligans and ultras
Hace 2 años
music: From Whom the Bell Tolls of Metallica Images: Legia Warsaw riots in madrid Anderlecht Ultras in Málaga Milan Ultras in ...
How Police Deal With Protests and Riots All Over the World...
Hace 7 meses
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Protesters clash with police in NYC as George Floyd protest turns violent
Hace un mes
Demonstrators took to New York City streets on Friday for a second day in protest over the death of George Floyd, the black ...
Chile: Riot police clash with students in Santiago, several arrested
Hace un año
Subscribe to our channel! Several protesters were detained when students clashed with riot police in downtown ...
Former boxer takes on French riot police
Hace un año
The man filmed punching a riot police officer during a Yellow Vest protest in France was identified as former light-heavyweight ...
Riot Police Using LRAD Sound Cannon Against Students
Hace 9 años
This video was uploaded and intended for documentary and research purposes. This is the last of my Wheeler Block Party 2011 ...
Violent video: Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building
Hace 6 años
Disturbing footage from Ukraine shows violence spiraling out of control during anti-government protests, with rioters attacking and ...
Montreal: Students clash with riot police 4/2/2015 / Manif nationale 2 avril 2015
Hace 5 años
Follow us on Watch the complete raw footage 30 min compilation of these events: ...
Right-wing protesters attack riot police in London
Hace 27 días
Demonstrators have clashed violently with police officers in London's Parliament Square on Saturday afternoon. Videos posted on ...
Greek riot police clash with protesting youths
Hace 3 años
(17 May 2017) Greek riot police in central Athens have fired tear gas at protesting youths as anti-austerity protests turned violent.
Antifa Start a Riot and Get Beatdown
Chile protester seen disabling the riot police's water cannon
Hace 8 meses
Demonstrators in Chile are clashing with riot police as one protester is seen disabling a water cannon. Video of a protester ...
Man gives free hugs to riot police & protesters in Charlotte (RAW)
Hace 3 años
Courtesy: Free Hugs Project Activist from Free Hugs Project ...
How to Stop a Riot
Hace 2 años
Subscribe to this brand new channel from Wendover Productions: ...
Detroit protests against police brutality turn violent
Hace un mes
For three nights in a row, protests in Detroit started peacefully and ended in violence as police clashed with protesters throughout ...
Riot police and protesters clash in Sheung Shui shopping mall
Hace 6 meses
At least 15 people were arrested during clashes between Hong Kong riot police and protesters at the Landmark North mall in ...
George Floyd protesters set fire to Minneapolis police station as riots continue
Hace un mes
Minnesota's governor activated the National Guard on Thursday to help police restore order following two days of violent protests ...
Violent clashes between Catalan riot police and pro-independence protesters in Barcelona
Hace un año
Tensions ran high in Barcelona on Thursday as Catalan police clashed with pro-independence protesters during a general strike ...
George Floyd protesters met with violence from police across US
Hace un mes
Across the United States, protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd and years of inaction over black people dying at ...
George Floyd death: Police brutality persists as officers charged
Hace un mes
There is growing scrutiny of the tactics used by police at anti-racism demonstrations in the United States. Protesters have been ...
Poland: Riot police clash violently with anti-lockdown protesters in Warsaw
Hace un mes
Subscribe to our channel! Several arrests were made as riot police and protesters clashed violently at an ...