Coronavirus cruise ship
Can Cruise Lines Recover From Coronavirus?
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The COVID-19 outbreak has laid waste to entire sectors of the global economy, but none faster than the cruise business.
A Look Inside a Cruise Ship’s Journey During Coronavirus | WSJ
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Jennifer Catron boarded Carnival's Costa Luminosa on March 5 for a transatlantic cruise. Her video diaries provide a window into ...
Coronavirus: Cruise ship Grand Princess docks in California - BBC News
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Passengers aboard a virus-hit cruise liner in California have begun disembarking after being kept off the coast of San Francisco ...
Cruise ship passengers quarantined after novel coronavirus death
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Cruise ship passengers are isolated after a former passenger dies from coronavirus. READ MORE: ...
Cruise ship workers speak out amid coronavirus worries l ABC News
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A new case of the virus has been confirmed in San Diego as the number worldwide tops 42000. WHO gives the new coronavirus ...
Coronavirus crisis: Passengers dying after contracting virus on cruise ships | 60 Minutes Australia
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Subscribe here: Full Episodes here | Coronavirus: Global crisis (2020) ...
Inside a coronavirus quarantined cruise ship
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The coronavirus crisis is growing as more cruise ships are quarantined over infection fears. One in Japan now has 61 confirmed ...
Zaandam cruise ship stranded at sea with two coronavirus cases
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A cruise ship called the Zaandam sits stranded at sea with at least two people on board testing positive for the coronavirus, and ...
Desperation grows aboard cruise ship with coronavirus
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Dozens of new cases were confirmed Saturday on a ship containing hundreds of American passengers. WATCH THE FULL ...
Quarantined for coronavirus on the Diamond Princess
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In early February, the Diamond Princess cruise ship was quarantined off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. Hundreds of passengers ...
Cruise ship passenger on being quarantined for coronavirus
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Coronavirus struck a Carnival cruise ship, leaving thousands of people stuck at sea in Japan. Matthew Smith, who is quarantined ...
Diamond Princess cruise ship Briton dies from coronavirus | ITV News
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A British man on board a cruise ship in Japan has died from coronavirus. The Japanese Ministry of Health said the man was the ...
Japan coronavirus cruise ship quarantine lifted
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"A quarantine has ended onboard a cruise ship docked in Japan. Hundreds of passengers have been allowed to leave the ship, ...
American cruise ship workers stuck at sea due to coronavirus l GMA
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There are nearly 50000 workers stuck aboard 69 ships without passengers anchored in U.S. waters, but the CDC said some ...
7 Canadians sick with coronavirus on cruise ship
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Seven Canadians have tested positive for the coronavirus on board a the Diamond Princess, a quarantined cruise ship docked in ...
Coronavirus: Cruise Ship Carrying People With Coronavirus Docks In California | NBC Nightly News
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At least 21 people on the ship have tested positive for the coronavirus. The passengers will be transported to federal isolation ...
Cruise ship passengers stranded as concerns over spread of coronavirus grow | ABC News
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The secretary of homeland security speaks out about containment efforts in the U.S. #ABCNews #CruiseShip #Coronavirus ...
Coronavirus: Released cruise ship passengers confirmed positive | Nine News Australia
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Coronavirus tests were still pending when passengers got off the Ruby Princess and now coming back as positive, marking the ...
As Coronavirus Spreads Nationwide, Cruise Ship Heads To Port In California | TODAY
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The Grand Princess, held offshore for days, is getting ready to dock in Oakland, California, as the State Department warns ...
Coronavirus-infected cruise ship turned away from Florida
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The ship has been turned away by other countries, and leaders in the U.S. are calling for the ship to find another place to dock.
Coronavirus infections skyrocket on cruise ship in Japan | DW News
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At least 130 people have tested positive for the coronavirus aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked off the coast of ...
American details coronavirus on cruise ship as passengers are quarantined l ABC News
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Rebecca Frasure is one of at least a dozen Americans of the 135 cases from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama, ...
Aboard Carnival's Coronavirus Cruise Nightmare
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Carnival Corporation has been one of the companies hardest hit by the coronavirus, with more than 1500 confirmed cases from its ...
Coronavirus outbreak: Third cruise ship under quarantine
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Redmond Shannon reports on the third cruise ship to be quarantined amid the coronavirus outbreak, as thousands of passengers ...
Continued Coronavirus Outbreak Causes Slow Response For Passengers Still Stranded On Cruise Ship
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Vice President Pence said the ship will dock at a non-commercial port. 21 people on board tested positive for the coronavirus, ...
Inside the Grand Princess: From coronavirus-hit cruise to quarantine zone
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Alice and Dale Barnhart were stranded on-board the Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of California when it was hit by ...
21 on board stranded cruise ship test positive for coronavirus
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The Grand Princess cruise ship is 50 miles off San Francisco with all 35500 passengers possibly having been exposed to the ...
Cruise ships with mounting coronavirus cases stranded off Florida coast
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Two cruise ships wait outside Port Everglades in South Florida, carrying passengers believed to be infected with the coronavirus.
Coronavirus infects 59 Filipinos on board Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan
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Subscribe to our ESwomen channel for free here: Health officials have confirmed that 59 of the 538 ...
Thousands stuck on quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan
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At least 12 Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus, and at least 723 people have died worldwide among 34000-plus ...
British Couple on the Coronavirus Infected Cruise Ship Test Positive | Good Morning Britain
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Subscribe now for more! British couple David and Sally Abel have been tested positive for coronavirus and ...
Latest Cruise Ship With Ailing Coronavirus Passengers Disembarks In Florida | TODAY
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Another cruise ship with confirmed coronavirus cases aboard is now docked in Florida. Some passengers were able to leave over ...
Coronavirus outbreak: Cruise ships with COVID-19 cases onboard dock in Florida | FULL
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Two Holland America cruise ships with coronavirus patients aboard docked at a port near Fort Lauderdale, resolving a days-long ...
Canadians quarantined on cruise ship amid coronavirus outbreak
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More than 250 Canadians have been quarantined in their cabins on a cruise ship near Japan. Two Canadians on board are ...
More than 130 people confirmed with coronavirus on Japan cruise ship
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Another 66 people on board the Diamond Princess moored off Japan have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.
Coronavirus outbreak: Officials discuss Grand Princess cruise ship being held off San Francisco
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Health officials in San Francisco said the Grand Princess cruise ship would remain at sea until people with flu-like symptoms were ...
Cruise ship quarantine could make coronavirus outbreak worse
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Some experts say a quarantine on board a cruise could be making the coronavirus worse because a large group of people are ...
The largest coronavirus outbreak outside China is on a cruise ship  - BBC News
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The largest coronavirus outbreak outside mainland China is not in a country, but on a cruise ship. It's been more than a week ...
Grand Princess Cruise Passengers Describe Coronavirus Lockdown | NBC News NOW
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Passengers onboard the Grand Princess Cruise ship with confirmed cases of coronavirus are heading to quarantine after the ship ...
Japan ends 'failed' coronavirus quarantine on cruise ship | DW News
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More than 74000 people have now been infected with the coronavirus. Outside of China the biggest cluster of cases has been ...