Zion Williamson BEST Pelicans Highlights from 2019-20 NBA Season! EPIC DUNKS!

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House of Highlights

House of Highlights

Hace 2 meses

Check out the best highlights by rookie Zion Williamson from the New Orleans Pelicans | 2019-20 NBA Season
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Ephraim Rachow
Ephraim Rachow Hace un día
roxanne charles
roxanne charles Hace 3 días
Zion rookie of the year, will have bright future in the nba.💪💪🏀💪💪💪💪💪🏀🏀🏀
ShadomanG Hace 8 días
285 lbs should not be able to move so quickly/smoothly! Shaquille is my all time fav ball player. Shawn Kemp & the Great Charles Barkley follow that---imagine how happy I am to see this young brotha balling out! He's NOT just dunking. That footwork on the block & around the basket requires skill. He uses his size, speed & muscle. Unstoppable & he's only a teenager bullying grown men. He got at Anthony Davis, damn!
G23 Hace 17 días
I’m most impressed with that guy’s one handed catch in the third row 1:32
neptune505 Hace 19 días
I honestly think he’ll be Blake Griffin at best.
Douglas Sallenbach
Douglas Sallenbach Hace 21 un día
Ja morant and zion on the same team would be insane.
Cool Chillin
Cool Chillin Hace 25 días
Zion Hunting!!! eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-C9sOg--t5GM.html
Ike Ayes
Ike Ayes Hace un mes
That right there is raw untamed talent
The Professor
The Professor Hace un mes
I'm convinced they made Zion in a lab🤣🤣
JuJu Brown
JuJu Brown Hace un mes
That play at 7:24 was fuckin SICK 🤧🤧🤧
JuJu Brown
JuJu Brown Hace un mes
Just straight Power. Reminds me of a young Larry Johnson. Hopefully he dont injure his back like LJ
Chosen One 203
Chosen One 203 Hace un mes
I never doubted Zion but I did want to see him in College before saying he would be great. After that first game against Kentucky and how duke blew them out by 30 I knew he was legit. People were/are still doubting him lol. If he stays healthy he'll be what Shaw Kemp should have been
TeeGrizzleyBear Hace un mes
Haters really called this man a bust.... some weird people in this world
Evans Lemont
Evans Lemont Hace un mes
He surprised me with the way he put his body on AD.
Riley McGann
Riley McGann Hace un mes
Showcasing Lonzo's perfect passing
bignardo95 Hace un mes
Zion has Great footwork. Only big man i've ever seen with this type of footwork was Hakeem Olajuwon. But Zion is even lighter on his feet.
Ivan 5
Ivan 5 Hace un mes
So where’s the LONZO BALL highlights HOH??!? This video might as well be Zion/Lonzo. Future is bright.
BigNess Hace un mes
I want new highlights :_(
Gregory Goles
Gregory Goles Hace un mes
Ja Morant has a better season
Gregory Goles
Gregory Goles Hace un mes
Go zion
Denzell Allen
Denzell Allen Hace un mes
Poor Kuzma smh
GoodNight Robicheaux
GoodNight Robicheaux Hace un mes
Yeahhh fellas the season is over 🤦🏿‍♂️ HOH posting everybody highlights
Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Tsunami Hace 2 meses
They are just normal dunks, Nothing fascinating.
TeeGrizzleyBear Hace un mes
This isn’t a dunk contest....
Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley Hace 2 meses
Danny Anderson
Danny Anderson Hace 2 meses
So we not gonna talk about 8:44
baby Q
baby Q Hace 2 meses
Does this mean that the NBA season won't be resuming??????
Ian Burke
Ian Burke Hace 2 meses
If he can stay healthy Zion can be a beast
Ian Folmar
Ian Folmar Hace 2 meses
😇👼😇🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥$$$$$$$$$BIGG DOLLARS$$$$$$$🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Corbin Casselberry
Corbin Casselberry Hace 2 meses
They should call lonzo ball lob za ball
ChrisLikesYourMom Hace 2 meses
My favorite big man, in a guard dominated leauge he makes watching bigs fun.
naszierre rice
naszierre rice Hace 2 meses
Kuzma Had A Personal Segment 😂
Ian Folmar
Ian Folmar Hace 2 meses
Damn!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ HES ONLY 19??! INSANE...
gfireblitz2 Hace 2 meses
kyle kuzma @11:09
Scott boston
Scott boston Hace 2 meses
Super impressed, in many ways with this young man.
Whey Our Journey
Whey Our Journey Hace 2 meses
It's like watching the hulk play basketball!
Sean Cooper
Sean Cooper Hace 2 meses
Zion and Zo have potential to be this generation Stockton and Malone with their chemistry
solracroche79 Hace 2 meses
Payton to Kemp 2.0
Quap Nop
Quap Nop Hace 2 meses
He is shaq but he can shoot
Mitch Bludnicki
Mitch Bludnicki Hace 2 meses
Lonzo ball one of the best passers in the NBA idc what you say
T. Rizbone
T. Rizbone Hace 2 meses
Zion and Lonzo were becoming the best tandem in the NBA..
solracroche79 Hace 2 meses
Wade Martin
Wade Martin Hace 2 meses
J P Hace 2 meses
4:49 Zion almost hit his head on the backboard 😬😬
Jadon Cousin
Jadon Cousin Hace 2 meses
Zion is a beast
Roxer Hace 2 meses
Why is there always some random shoe in the thumbnail? Is it an ad?
Zakariah Aguerjout
Zakariah Aguerjout Hace 2 meses
He cooked Kuzma for like 4 straight plays🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
TheReal _Vinci
TheReal _Vinci Hace 2 meses
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-LpJjGKPpMDE.html check my video out thank you
extremesowhat Hace 2 meses
Eric McDowell
Eric McDowell Hace 2 meses
One of these days, I hope to Zion stop swatting those blocks out into the stands, and giving the other team an opportunity to score on the possession. I'd like to see him do what Wilt Chamberlain used to do, ... grab the ball out the air, rather than block it, and head down to the other end of the court for some points.
Eric McDowell
Eric McDowell Hace 2 meses
"out of the air", not "out the air", ... poor job of editing before posting.
Jack Ramirez
Jack Ramirez Hace 2 meses
I love how lonzo passes it to Zion when he is open doesn't just ball hogs it
KYoung2 Hace 2 meses
what a bully
Luis Moreno
Luis Moreno Hace 2 meses
That last dunk 😳
Smart Assname
Smart Assname Hace 2 meses
I miss NBA 😢😢
Fookemon Hace 2 meses
Damnn look at ariza LMFAO 6:00
iONLY Hace 2 meses
That block was absolutely insane... He jumped so high they didn't call goal tending
David Pruden
David Pruden Hace 2 meses
Zion and Zo are an extremely lethal duo.
The Fresh Prince & Mulatto Family
The Fresh Prince & Mulatto Family Hace 2 meses
Dry rooftop
google Google
google Google Hace 2 meses
This guy at the day care center
The Favo
The Favo Hace 2 meses
zion look like a kevin Garnett with hair on the front picture
Mowglie Hace 2 meses
Zion "Big Baby 2.0" Williamson.
Esther stephens
Esther stephens Hace 2 meses
@1:32 did he just block that shot into the 3rd row!!!!? 😴🤦🏽‍♀️
Lil Jody
Lil Jody Hace 2 meses
Lonzo to Zion... all I have to say.
Jalen Smith III
Jalen Smith III Hace 2 meses
I hope he’s keeping his weight under control while he’s out
Asmodeus Hace 9 días
Hope you keep your weight under control lol
Joe On a boat
Joe On a boat Hace un mes
I’m sure he will. From what I’ve heard he’s got an amazing work ethic so if the coaching staff says to cut weight he’ll likely get it done. Can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do next season
Shaq GasEngine
Shaq GasEngine Hace 2 meses
The last Zion windmill we may ever see 😔
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez Hace 2 meses
14 minutes and he hasn’t even played 20 games.... crazy
Jamaal King
Jamaal King Hace 2 meses
Lol he not even in peak form yet.
Demarkus on datrack
Demarkus on datrack Hace 2 meses
Zion is like the bull of the NBA. Just plain power-through
Cormorant_on_aRock Hace 2 meses
I had a ticket to the Kings-Pelicans game, was literally about to step into line to get into the arena when I heard the game was cancelled. I was bummed! Thought I was going to be able to see one of the last games before the coronavirus hit the fan. :'( God bless the USA, and the NBA to do the right thing right now, whatever that may be.
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel Hace 2 meses
Can we all agree that Zion is exactly what we expected? He was winning games for them without his legs at 100%. Imagine full off season healthy Zion.
DTrey FloatGoat
DTrey FloatGoat Hace 2 meses
Proving them haters wrong
wyakee vinegar
wyakee vinegar Hace 2 meses
Zion is an absolute manchild
Blue Rayy
Blue Rayy Hace 2 meses
roty in my eyes
Jason Sexton
Jason Sexton Hace 2 meses
Highschool: He’s playing with kids! College: He’s playing with kids! NBA: He’s playing with kids!
Hero Miles
Hero Miles Hace 2 meses
All the people who said he's playing with kids nowhere to be found now.
LeKobeBeanJames#23#24#8 Hace 2 meses
Imagine if it was my lakers against the pelicans first round 😯😯😯. Ooffffff that would’ve been some cheeseeeee. I rather have that match up then the grizzlies. Zion is my pick for ROY
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