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ZAYN's New Album "Icarus Falls" Out Now -

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Amanda Idoko
Amanda Idoko Hace 18 horas
Why no views
tshireletso majube
tshireletso majube Hace 18 horas
This guy has got massive talent!!!
Robert Dem
Robert Dem Hace 19 horas
so soothing
dave daileg
dave daileg Hace 19 horas
When you back in one direction you must loss the BTS
dave daileg
dave daileg Hace 19 horas
Pls comeback in one direction
Asyifa Andini
Asyifa Andini Hace 19 horas
Wal Eee
Wal Eee Hace 20 horas
Stop using the signs of illuminati bro you are batter without them
Zantagiro7 Hace 20 horas
Janon on
Janon on Hace 21 un hora
zayn nature lover..only scene of nature.ily.😍💙❤
Patricia Guadarrama
Patricia Guadarrama Hace 22 horas
has gunner
has gunner Hace 22 horas
zayn music = the most perfect art thank you for being this amazing artist, we love you sm zayn, never forget
Koala Kaitlyn
Koala Kaitlyn Hace 22 horas
My favorite song on the album.
pushpendra singh
pushpendra singh Hace un día
C'mon Zayn we can't finish this one in just 3.16 minutes, we need atleast a night.
DEEP WEB Hace un día
Emanuel Silva
Emanuel Silva Hace un día
Algum brasileiro 🤛❤️
Anaïs Chebli
Anaïs Chebli Hace un día
phenomenal... simply and naturally phenomenal
hiba Hace un día
Why this song lacks views It is a MASTERPIECE !
bullo tajung
bullo tajung Hace un día
No cars No nudity No Zayn 😂
Coco Chan
Coco Chan Hace un día
This is soothing to my ears
Laryssa Freitas
Laryssa Freitas Hace un día
Osmn Osmn
Osmn Osmn Hace un día
Thank You
Osmn Osmn
Osmn Osmn Hace un día
I love nature very much It's the origin
Poshdoll Poshdoll
Poshdoll Poshdoll Hace un día
So beautiful💋💄
Tati Silva
Tati Silva Hace un día
Love this song/video! The voice, the beat, the visuals, the mood...
Katherine Barrios Flores
Katherine Barrios Flores Hace un día
Your voice is my addiction😍😍
Rachel Aravena Marín
Rachel Aravena Marín Hace un día
livefrompain Hace un día
I miss one direction
Lucy Abgaryan
Lucy Abgaryan Hace un día
I love Zayn so much. He and his music is just everything.
CharaDaKillerPsycho and FriskTheMercfulPunMaster
CharaDaKillerPsycho and FriskTheMercfulPunMaster Hace un día
Fuck, it's stuck in my head
Cielo V
Cielo V Hace un día
Aniket Potabatti
Aniket Potabatti Hace un día
I will get better sleep after listening this song
Talita Zorzete
Talita Zorzete Hace un día
Que brisa
Emilia Echeandia
Emilia Echeandia Hace un día
This video is 100% better than earth from lil dicky and u can’t change my mind
Rahmat Amin
Rahmat Amin Hace un día
Like Zayn Malik😍
Saima momand
Saima momand Hace un día
Go to hell illuminati puppet with your bullshit voice and bullshit music.
samira khan
samira khan Hace 17 horas
What the hell are you doing here ??? If you think his voice is bullshit 😑😑
pubg world
pubg world Hace un día
Saima momand fuck you bitch
Encik Labu
Encik Labu Hace un día
This comment will get 1k like... Maybe..1 like = 1 song
hiba Hace un día
hiba Hace un día
Calming voice and visuals.
Karolina Litwin
Karolina Litwin Hace un día
Wooow 💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️
Norma M. Atchley
Norma M. Atchley Hace un día
I am a 63 year old woman and I adore this young man, such a beautiful song and matches the video so well. I will be back. Thank you so much.
vasechika Hace un día
blood ninja
blood ninja Hace un día
somehow he always makes my heart go wild :(
Tatiana Mandos
Tatiana Mandos Hace un día
Subscribe to my channel @tatianamandos
Tatiana Mandos
Tatiana Mandos Hace un día
Looove the song
Tatiana Mandos
Tatiana Mandos Hace un día
Your voice 😍
Md Mudassir
Md Mudassir Hace un día
Underated Song 😥😥😥
Wrecking Soloh
Wrecking Soloh Hace un día
Directioners would be proud....
Dhanam Letchumy
Dhanam Letchumy Hace un día
Which one is better Zayn's voice :like👍 Video:comment 📝
Lokesh Negi
Lokesh Negi Hace un día
Beautiful earth😍
franc sinatra
franc sinatra Hace un día
the view is hella low
Nurul Muzirah
Nurul Muzirah Hace un día
Susmita Singh
Susmita Singh Hace un día
Osm zady
ami vwv
ami vwv Hace un día
p l
p l Hace un día
I like it. Simple on the surface but it pulls you in.
Alfiya Salam
Alfiya Salam Hace un día
I saw the heaven with his voice 💖💓
laazy xb
laazy xb Hace un día
Marlon Hoyte
Marlon Hoyte Hace un día
This video turned the song into a TOP 3 ... so fire
Laisha Idk
Laisha Idk Hace un día
Ayy te amo
Wailana Ramirez
Wailana Ramirez Hace un día
It would be pretty cool if him and billie gets together . . . Extra 🔥 🥵
Sêptëmbėr Jãį
Sêptëmbėr Jãį Hace un día
Unfortunately my Trypophobia was definitely triggered throughout this video. Why you do this to me Zayn 😭😩😩😩
Ran Jan
Ran Jan Hace un día
What just 1.2m views??? Where were his fandome honsstly guys do somthing the views
Simone Cruz
Simone Cruz Hace un día
Sarah Vitória
Sarah Vitória Hace un día
cadê os br porra?
LM IS LIFE Hace un día
i love zayn
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas Hace 2 días
Eres grande y mereces lo mejor
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas Hace 2 días
Estoy super orgullosa de ti Zayn
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas Hace 2 días
La Naturaleza de tu video es genial
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas Hace 2 días
Te amo
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas Hace 2 días
Super buenoooo
Santi Marbun
Santi Marbun Hace 2 días
His Voice so beautiful 💚💚💚💚
No-ble PC
No-ble PC Hace 2 días
Wish u were still part of one direction and the whole group too
Yousaf Shafique
Yousaf Shafique Hace 2 días
Close your eyes & it's relaxing... Open your eyes (& see the video) it's hypnotizing up to the point that you'll start loving everything around you.
Thawanny souza
Thawanny souza Hace 2 días
# Lulitta casebary *-*
# Lulitta casebary *-* Hace 2 días
Rowan Fricks
Rowan Fricks Hace 2 días
It is great
Suraj Mahato
Suraj Mahato Hace 2 días
who the hell disliked this piece
Josh Prince
Josh Prince Hace 2 días
Isn’t this what you get after a while of not touching your amazon fire stick??
Just Dance
Just Dance Hace 2 días
Vocals omg
Luiza Graziele
Luiza Graziele Hace 2 días
Que puta produção meus amigos ❤
Prasadraju Prasad
Prasadraju Prasad Hace 2 días
let's save the earth with ZAYN
janina jopson
janina jopson Hace 2 días
his voice is *heaven* ✨❤️godbless you Zayn
Alexia Agustina
Alexia Agustina Hace 2 días
Chiara Maria Inocencio
Chiara Maria Inocencio Hace 2 días
One of the faves!!!
Moonshine Bright
Moonshine Bright Hace 2 días
Semine Lymes
Semine Lymes Hace 2 días
Thanks for showing us how beautiful the world is 😭💗👍🏻
Jasmin Sotto
Jasmin Sotto Hace 2 días
This is song is so relaxing
Gui Zok
Gui Zok Hace 2 días
Que vibe
LearnEnglish WithMusic
LearnEnglish WithMusic Hace 2 días
KANALIMA çeviri hali ile paylaştım. Telif attınız. Tebrikler gerizekalılar!
Naik Bilal
Naik Bilal Hace 2 días
#nAtUre unexplored explored
Whãt Popiing
Whãt Popiing Hace 2 días
So fuckin great 🔥ZADDY ZAYN
Lisa Gretenkort
Lisa Gretenkort Hace 2 días
duda souza
duda souza Hace 2 días
Videoclipe de there you are Zayn, please 💕
Music lover
Music lover Hace 2 días
Stream Icarus falls on Spotify #Icarusto1Billion ❣️
Marocanizer Hace 2 días
It's just magic 😍❤
Faa4i 4
Faa4i 4 Hace 2 días
wanis BMW
wanis BMW Hace 2 días
zayn = like 😍👍
Short Covers
Short Covers Hace 2 días
This is so a great trip video 😍
arihabt Chatterjee
arihabt Chatterjee Hace 2 días
Producer: What do you want in your vid? ZAYN: Have you seen beauty? Producer: say no more
Ahmed Jarif
Ahmed Jarif Hace 2 días
"Stand Still" Skies of blue and birds of yellow Flowers growing just to bloom A million chances of our glances Catching eyes across the room If time stands still Move, I will to you This world's filled Somehow I see you Move, I will to you Break apart above your face now And yet your beauty would still shine I would live a thousand lifetimes If it's you I'm sent to find If time stands still Move, I will to you This world's filled Somehow I see you Move, I will to you Move all the water and Lift the rocks up Time can't stop If it can't stop us Move all the water and Lift the rocks up Time can't stop If it can't stop us If time stands still Move, I will to you This world's filled Somehow I see you If time stands still Move, I will to you This world's filled Somehow I see you Move, I will to you (Somehow I see you, you)
ProGamerAsh Hace 2 días
My Love used to tell me about Zayn..She described him as 'Perfect'..And now, it's an year since I listen to Zayn...He never disappoints his fans..Love u Zayn and suhu for telling me abt him❤
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