ZAYN - Stand Still (Official Video)

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Ramcès Bendezú
Ramcès Bendezú Hace 2 días
Zayn is art 💙
Qiuhui Wang
Qiuhui Wang Hace 4 días
This music video makes me wanna get a laptop in 4K display😂😂😂
Isha Bazgain
Isha Bazgain Hace 5 días
Matthew Munoz
Matthew Munoz Hace 5 días
I remember cleaning the kitchen with you .
junu Basnet
junu Basnet Hace 6 días
Hello everyone! Hope you had a great day... 😊😊😊
Ramcès Bendezú
Ramcès Bendezú Hace 6 días
Beautiful song ❤️
Manu Chek
Manu Chek Hace 8 días
Beautiful song
April Beymer
April Beymer Hace 8 días
Still Can't Stop Listening To This💕👌💕
Jitrada Sasuk
Jitrada Sasuk Hace 10 días
NongDa LOVE Zayn I adore you
Queen Evelina
Queen Evelina Hace 11 días
We are 9.9 millions #ZQUADS 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Nurul Muzirah
Nurul Muzirah Hace 12 días
Nurul Muzirah
Nurul Muzirah Hace 12 días
TeslaUniversalActivateD TakingIT2Dacurbz
TeslaUniversalActivateD TakingIT2Dacurbz Hace 13 días
Jade Alphonso
Jade Alphonso Hace 14 días
Did anyone notice that eye in the end?
Nurul Muzirah
Nurul Muzirah Hace 15 días
Ejiatu Sheriff
Ejiatu Sheriff Hace 17 días
amazing song
Farwa Zulfiqar
Farwa Zulfiqar Hace 18 días
I don't know why people like clamorous songs so much while the real music is soothing and makes you love and cry and relax... Zayn's songs are beautiful and always with a meaning
Sandy Ahmed
Sandy Ahmed Hace 18 días
Very quiet I liked your songs I hated to listen to you but when I heard this song I could not believe you were singing it I loved it very much continue💖💖
L Hace 18 días
This is incredibly beautiful and calming
Shriya Dahal
Shriya Dahal Hace 19 días
Skies of blue and birds of yellow Flowers growing just to bloom A million chances of our glances Catching eyes across the room If time stands still Move I will to you This was filmed Somehow I see you Move I will to you Break a ball upon your fence now Yet your beauty would still shine I would live a thousand lifetimes If it's you I'm sent to find If time stands still Move I will to you This was filmed Somehow I see you Move I will to you Move I don't want it babe Left the ranks of targets stuck Nothing can stop us Move I don't want it babe Left the ranks of targets stuck Nothing gets stuck If time stands still Move I will to you This was filmed Somehow I see you If time stands still Move I will to you (move I will to you) This was filmed ('cause this was filmed) Somehow I see you (somehow I see you) Move I will to you (somehow I see you
Abdul Rahman Ghani
Abdul Rahman Ghani Hace 19 días
Bts Dna
Bts Dna Hace 21 un día
This deserves more views!
Sarah Doodnauth
Sarah Doodnauth Hace 21 un día
This song helps me to relax... this song is so peaceful... his vocal is amazing... just wow ♥️
RODY HANY Hace 21 un día
This is how you can get a relaxing moment without paying money
RODY HANY Hace 21 un día
I feel like Zayn in the every place in the video OMG his voice with the music with the video were soooooooooo relax
Beatrice Rew
Beatrice Rew Hace 22 días
diah minarni
diah minarni Hace 22 días
Love the song... love u Z....
chelci welsey
chelci welsey Hace 22 días
why is zayn so underated lmao🥺? i luv him to death and never fails to make such good music☺️
Co Hace 23 días
What is happening?! Why is Zayn starting to be so underrated. This songs is amazing and it has just 3 millions. Love Zayn so much :((((((((((
Zaynab Azam
Zaynab Azam Hace 22 días
@Co stream icarus falls & a whole new world to make zayn out of label of being underrated!!!
PRINSU Hace 22 días
@Co Yes,that's very sad :/ But if Zayn want to be on top as a solo artist,he need to start promoting his music by performances,interviews,etc..
Co Hace 23 días
@PRINSU His voice is amazing and it's sad that not everyone knews about him
PRINSU Hace 23 días
Zayn isn't promoting his music.That's why he's so underrated :/ This is sad,but this is the truth.I think he doesn't want to be on top.He makes music for his fans,no for fame like others(justin Bieber,Ed Sheeran,Ariana Grande,Taylor Swift etc..)
Queen Queen
Queen Queen Hace 23 días
The earth will die and be reborn again... only sound that will remain is his voice.. His voice floating
Akeeda Fakee
Akeeda Fakee Hace 23 días
Akeeda Fakee
Akeeda Fakee Hace 23 días
Akeeda Fakee
Akeeda Fakee Hace 23 días
Love this song😍😍😍
ASIF MAHMUD Hace 25 días
wtf...!!! why its so underrated?? 😡😡
shazaib khan
shazaib khan Hace 26 días
what the song i Iove you zayn maIik from pakistan
PsychoAnne80 Hace 26 días
m J
m J Hace 27 días
1k kash
1k kash Hace 27 días
Z your fucking amazayn we love you❤️
Maleeha N
Maleeha N Hace 28 días
how come this song is so underrated?!?!?!?! only 3.9mill??? unacceptable.
Nathalya Alves
Nathalya Alves Hace 28 días
Jacie Nguy
Jacie Nguy Hace 29 días
addicted with this song so much
Zainab Malik
Zainab Malik Hace un mes
Zayn bhai... Mein aap ki sab se bari fan hoon... Pakistan se... Plsss give Me a heart... Mein bachi hoon...
Emanuelle Yasmim
Emanuelle Yasmim Hace un mes
Essa música é muito maravilhosa 🇧🇷❤
Standing and Waiting
Standing and Waiting Hace un mes
I know one expresses through art in many forms but this I must say shows much more of his skill,,, and maybe even more of a more real connection to his real nature...
Shruti Banerjee
Shruti Banerjee Hace un mes
Love u soooooooo much zayn..
Archana sharma
Archana sharma Hace un mes
His music feels like indian . ❤
m J
m J Hace un mes
m J
m J Hace un mes
Japnum Ryan
Japnum Ryan Hace un mes
This song deserves more views
ESTA CAGADO Hace un mes
Me parece una falta de respeto que no halla comentarios en español
Rona Grace Matondo
Rona Grace Matondo Hace un mes
Zayn to 1D: STAND STILL no matter what....
Ab hakem
Ab hakem Hace un mes
Junior Sid- PES
Junior Sid- PES Hace un mes
Awesome a huge fan
Syafiq Bin Harun
Syafiq Bin Harun Hace un mes
The last part always get me in shocked because there will be an eye in the last second if u notice,I hope it doesn't get any relation with illuminati
ɛɱơγŋą ʂıɱơŋ
ɛɱơγŋą ʂıɱơŋ Hace un mes
I wish I was normal
Surriya Jabeen
Surriya Jabeen Hace un mes
An unknown beauty this is
Karim Boss
Karim Boss Hace un mes
Awesome i can't see more then this 👏👏
H1GHSKY Amaya Hace un mes
Fortnite bot: STAND STILL imma snipe you
B. Torres
B. Torres Hace un mes
Stunning visuals. 🔥
Val Diosa
Val Diosa Hace un mes
this song makes me cry, thank u for this zayn.
Ashley Balmaceda
Ashley Balmaceda Hace un mes
Vaza Nitin
Vaza Nitin Hace un mes
Omg song
Emi Estevez
Emi Estevez Hace un mes
He has such a sexy voice no homo
Vidio Islami
Vidio Islami Hace un mes
Ranielle Adelaine David
Ranielle Adelaine David Hace un mes
Dinda Fitriyana
Dinda Fitriyana Hace un mes
if you can't sleep,you just heard this song
Uttamraj Lamsal
Uttamraj Lamsal Hace un mes
Zayn’s got wrong fan base. I don’t see no one understanding him and his music. All shit crazy girls fan. Shot your mouth and stop talking about how handsome and cute he is. What happened to him and gigi. Shut the fuck up okay. Its a very bad direction that previous 1D fans are taking zayn to. Shut the fuck up. Listen to his music . If you wanna follow him then follow otherwise.... As a fan I don’t care about zayn’s personal life. Thats his job. So be a true fan and if you don’t like his music and you’re just here because of zayn being attractive then RIP.
imani Hace un mes
Mia Yaremko
Mia Yaremko Hace un mes
I do not care if nZayn left one direction he will always be the best 😂
Hrishi Zquad
Hrishi Zquad Hace un mes
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