Zach Williams - "Rescue Story" (Official Lyric Video)

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Zach Williams

Zach Williams

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Rescue Story
There I was empty handed
Crying out from the pit of my despair
There you were in the shadows
Holding out your hand you met me there

And now where would I be without you
Where would I be, Jesus

You were the voice in the desert
Calling me out in the dead of night
Fighting my battles for me
You are my rescue story
Lifted me up from the ashes
Carried my soul from death to life
Bringing me from glory to glory
You are my rescue story

You were writing the pages
Before I had a name
Before I needed grace
Singing songs of redemption
Every time I ran away
You were louder than my shame

And now where would I be without you
Where would I be? Jesus

You were the voice in the desert
Calling me out in the dead of night
Fighting my battles for me
You are my rescue story
Lifted me up from the ashes
Carried my soul from death to life
Bringing me from glory to glory
You are my rescue story

You never gave up on me
You never gave up on me
You are my testimony

Music by Zach Williams performing Rescue Story(Official Lyric Video). (C) 2019 Provident Label Group LLC, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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barbara sue cooperjesus
barbara sue cooperjesus Hace 15 horas
Jesus Christ My Rock and my Redeemer
Nella davis
Nella davis Hace 17 horas
Can't stop hitting replay:: you're are MY rescue Story...
His Official
His Official Hace un día
1Drummer Hace un día
Ash, ApriL R
Ash, ApriL R Hace un día
norma miller
norma miller Hace 2 días
Yes, He rescued me too!
Linda Rivera
Linda Rivera Hace 2 días
So thankful not perfect but loved and forgiven he will never leave me nor forsake me .
Jennifer Roundtree
Jennifer Roundtree Hace 3 días
Thank You, Lord for this voice to sing Your praises!! A complete blessing for all of us!!
Step by Step Photography and Video
Step by Step Photography and Video Hace 3 días
This is one of the most powerful songs ever recorded! Praise be to the Holy Spirit for filling this man and inspiring these words to praise The Father and The Son!
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz Hace 4 días
Andrey Emelyanenko
Andrey Emelyanenko Hace 4 días
Ansari Ibad
Ansari Ibad Hace 4 días
The people that are dislike this video are you evil and if you are not evil or good the who are you!
Regina Perez
Regina Perez Hace 4 días
I love this song!!!
tecx37 Hace 4 días
What a voice Zach Williams has. So much talented and inspirational
Chloe Lacy
Chloe Lacy Hace 4 días
this is a good good song it help me with my day and week and my mom plays it all the time that i get ready for school
Kings J
Kings J Hace 5 días
From 3:00 to the end is the reason I love this song. Gives me chills. Especially at 3:37 when he goes "you never gave up on me"
David Rhodes
David Rhodes Hace 5 días
How can someone that never knew me write such clear and exact words of my testimony? Thanks Zach!! One day at a time, hope lives.
James Avila
James Avila Hace 5 días
coming off drugs i found this song and cried like a baby! thank you jesus for rescuing me from myself!!
James Avila
James Avila Hace 5 días
@David Rhodes il be doing the same brother look me up on fb jimmy avila ig: jimbo avila
David Rhodes
David Rhodes Hace 5 días
You can do it, I did. And I heard songs that did the same thing to me at the time and I cried like a baby. Fight! fight like a dog fight. He never gave up on you don't give up on yourself!! I will be praying for you. My name is David.
mutinousdame Hace 5 días
How many here are tired of pure flix ads? Thank you Jesus, but no thank you pure flix. Nice try, but I'm not going to sit in front of the idol box because you put the word pure on it.
Nohemie Joanis
Nohemie Joanis Hace 5 días
I have chills for your voice Zach Williams. Woww. Praise God 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Dave luoch
Dave luoch Hace 5 días
Wow! the more i listen to Zach the more i get closer to Jesus.
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart Hace 6 días
Laraine Smith
Laraine Smith Hace 6 días
This made me smile after a bad day. :)
Liz Rambo
Liz Rambo Hace 6 días
Tahir Hashmi
Tahir Hashmi Hace 7 días
Highly motivating praise of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST moved me to tears MAY JESUS OUR LORD BLESS you zach
Kimberly Compton
Kimberly Compton Hace 7 días
OH MY! I receive this song as my personal story song!
Hayley burnside
Hayley burnside Hace 7 días
Tears are prayers. Agony in solution. Glory to God in the highest!
Jon Lorie
Jon Lorie Hace 7 días
Song is soo good! Great Feels, Thank You Jesus!
Gods child
Gods child Hace 8 días
Lord please rescue my husband's heart and turn him back to you Father. Let this be his day of salvation in Jesus name
Gods child
Gods child Hace 5 días
@Alan Sawyer thank you so much and God bless you
Alan Sawyer
Alan Sawyer Hace 6 días
Gods child I’ll pray with you for your husband.
Scott Spurgeon
Scott Spurgeon Hace 9 días
Oh! men and brethren, what would this heart feel if I could but believe that there were some among you who would go home and pray for a revival men whose faith is large enough, and their love fiery enough to lead them from this moment to exercise unceasing intercessions that God would appear among us and do wondrous things here, as in the times of former generations. Y'all are loved and you are not alone in this fight, So keep fighting the good fight of faith..Let us push forward! It's okay not to be okay, but just don't stay there.. Get up brother and sister! Shalom (peace)
Libby Riggin
Libby Riggin Hace 10 días
Love this so much! Jesus never gives up. I thank you Zach! God bless you!
Alexandra Melendez
Alexandra Melendez Hace 10 días
My sweet deliver Jesus, when everybody turn their back!..Jesus was there!..and gave me testimony!..praise the Lord!..glory to God!..thank you for beautiful song!..
jacky quiroz
jacky quiroz Hace 11 días
Beautiful music,blessing...🙏🙏❤❤❤
Nicholas McCarty
Nicholas McCarty Hace 12 días
This song helped me see how powerful Jesus really is. He rescued me from everything and anything imaginable. He fights everyone's battles and protects us from Satan. He has put me back on the straight and narrow which is the line I walk everyday. Thank you God for rescuing me and my family.
Alan Sawyer
Alan Sawyer Hace 12 días
I’m 53, a Christian since I was 15. I made some bad choices about three years ago that almost cost me everything including a wife of 31 years. This song speaks to me at the deepest level. Jesus is my rescue story, not only for me but for my family. Jesus never gave up on me and neither did my wife. He rescued me from myself and rescued my family. Thank you Lord. Thank you Zach for letting God inspire you and your music.
Alexa Champagne
Alexa Champagne Hace 8 días
Just sitting down listen to these words ...... tears coming down to my face ..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.. Jesus your are my rescue story .... you were writing the pages before I had a name .... you are my testimony 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Jordan Benner
Jordan Benner Hace 12 días
Wow, every song I've heard by Zach Williams moves my heart and his songs really tell the truth about how hard life is and how we get lost, but Jesus rescues us. I love them so so much, Thank you tons Zach!!
warriorBRIDE\o/ Hace 13 días
My favorite of your offerings ~ It’s simply beautiful...
Brian Crume
Brian Crume Hace 13 días
Even in my darkest days Jesus was there for me. You never gave up on me
created4passion ministries
created4passion ministries Hace 13 días
Wow I was needing this encouragement because writing my book about all that God has kept me through and that's exactly but I want to write the book pray for editor at the proper time glory to God
Brenda Foster
Brenda Foster Hace 14 días
He will never give up on one unless we give up ourself ❣
Tina Tina
Tina Tina Hace 14 días
Times are really rough in my life right now. Struggling trying to make things work for my boys. I just need some prayers. Some love.
Hayley burnside
Hayley burnside Hace 7 días
May God's presence in your life be bright and comforting ♡♡♡♡
이우성 Hace 14 días
Jesus! You are my rescue story!!
Sheryl Goering
Sheryl Goering Hace 15 días
Zach, EVERY time I sing along with your gift of these words, truths; I cry, tears of JOY! THANK YOU! It so much easier, now, to understand the words, "Joy, unspeakable!" I know that each tear is healing the broken places in me. I sometimes think about the scares each of us has, for whatever reason or because of the horrid words someone spoke over us. Then I realize !!! Jesus has them all on His body, leaving me with the scare as evidence that I AM HEALED, through the blood of the Lamb! THANK YOU FATHER, FOR MY SAVIOUR AND YOUR HOLY SPIRIT!!!
E P Hace 16 días
Shame to anyone who down votes this, you'd rather exchange the truth for a lie. Praise King Jesus! And prayer for those who downvote this!
Justin Bish
Justin Bish Hace 16 días
Lord rescued me from a life of drugs and crime. Thank you Jesus, wouldn't be here without you 🙌
Pedro Francis
Pedro Francis Hace 16 días
Wow that's powerful
John Najera
John Najera Hace 17 días
Thank you Jesus, for being everything that you are. Holy, righteous, a father to the fatherless
Corey Smith
Corey Smith Hace 17 días
I was a 17 yr methamphetamine addict, needle junkie, and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure .. but I called on the Lord. Now I am 3 yrs totally clean with custody of my 3 children.. there is true freedom in Jesus.. this is my rescue story..
Cory , sweet 👍 Hope you share your testimony.... Via social media or face to face. People need to be encouraged by God's grace and mercy
Krystle Knott
Krystle Knott Hace 13 días
BEAUTIFUL Rescue STORY!!!!! Continue to fight the GOOD fight and be Strong! Powerful thank you for sharing. GOD Bless You.
Juliana Moralles
Juliana Moralles Hace 17 días
this deep voice, cmonnnn! So good! Praise Jesus \ooooo/
maude saintflavin
maude saintflavin Hace 18 días
I hope that God, will be one day directing your steps to come to Barclays center in Brooklyn so, we can get the chance to praise God highly with all of you in Jesus Christ name! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏📖📖📖📖📖🙋🙋🙋🙋👍👍👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💝💝💝💝💝💝
Sarah Mahammad
Sarah Mahammad Hace 18 días
It's prophet Jesus (PBBUH) for you, and it's beloved almighty Allah SWT (God)for me He, Who rescues me and blesses my life with miracles🙌 I'm forever grateful for having him in my life! #Elhamdulillah🙏💛
One Step Away
One Step Away Hace 11 días
Sarah Mahammad you have been deceived. Grace and truth is through Jesus Christ the begotten son of God. Through Jesus alone is salvation. Seek the heart of God. Your religion will not save you from God’s judgment
Sarah Mahammad
Sarah Mahammad Hace 18 días
It's prophet Jesus (PBBUH) for you, and it's beloved almighty Allah SWT (God)for me He, Who rescues me and blesses my life with miracles🙌 I'm forever grateful for having him in my life! #Elhamdulillah🙏💛
Brenda Caceres
Brenda Caceres Hace 18 días
You rescued me, Jesus. Thank you for your sacrifice. You are my Love, Rock, Redeemer, Prosperous, Provider, my Savior, my Testimony, my King 👑. Hallelujah 💕👆💕
Chad Boney
Chad Boney Hace 18 días
Love ZW! Hope my music will touch many like his has!
Amber Guerrero
Amber Guerrero Hace 19 días
Lane Channell
Lane Channell Hace 19 días
I find myself in a bit of heart break at the time I am writing this. Lost my Dad back on August 17,2019! Hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. He had always been there for our family when times were tough! But through all our pain and tears as a family we are reminded Jesus is our rescue story! My Dad was hospitalized due to health complications. Last words we would ever hear that gave us solid hope his last day on this earth was “if I don’t make it out of here I will be with Christ!” Jesus is the way, truth and life and the only way to the father is through him! I believe with my whole heart Jesus was crucified, died, buried and resurrected and I believe he gave us a solid foundation for the very hope. I also will be with Christ! What an encouraging song, I’ve been listening to it over and over! Thank you Jesus for the hope you give us and for the opportunity to hear such promising words! All my hope is in Jesus what about yours! My prayer for any of you who haven’t received him would be you give him a chance. I did and changed my life forever! Even though I struggle with the loss of my Dad I am reminded that we to shall one day shall be in the presence of the Lord. What a day that is going to be! Be blessed!
Living 4 Christ
Living 4 Christ Hace 19 días
This is an amazing song. I can truly relate. How wonderful is God's grace that lifts us up from the pit. Zach Williams, thank you for writing these songs and allowing God to use you to encourage others by your music!
Benjamin Dennie
Benjamin Dennie Hace 19 días
I like this song it helps those who run away from Jesus and the Lord.
Antonio Matthews
Antonio Matthews Hace 19 días
Jesus rescued me from myself and I’ll always praise and worship him for that. To god be the glory..
Antonio Matthews
Antonio Matthews Hace 5 días
Sarah Stewart my day is going super great. Work today lol like usual but god is great like always
Antonio Matthews
Antonio Matthews Hace 6 días
Sarah Stewart 🙏 amen... so how has your day been?
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart Hace 6 días
@Antonio Matthews AMEN
Antonio Matthews
Antonio Matthews Hace 6 días
Sarah Stewart I feel ya I’m the same way... it’s a lot going on in front of our very eyes day to day.. I’m so glad god covers his people under his blood
kerry kerry
kerry kerry Hace 19 días
This far it's you God. Thank you for being my rescue story.
Living for God
Living for God Hace 19 días
That just beautiful and encouragement to my soul
Beneetta Kulah
Beneetta Kulah Hace 19 días
I've over the time got addicted to Zach Williams songs. All of them are stealing my heart away. It's best for me because I am tired of my heart being stolen by people who won't add anything to it but would rather take all of it away and leave it in pieces Jesus is my rescue story after all hope had failed
TheMoonlight115 Hace 19 días
The first time I heard this song I was like ok, another Christian song. Then one day driving to work, it spoke to my spirit in a powerful way! Now is more than just another Christian song. I totally felt my spirit speaking to God through the lyric of this song.
Michelle Pumphrey
Michelle Pumphrey Hace 19 días
I’d like to post one billion heart 💝 for you brother Zach for this amazing , wonderful and spiritual encouraging song .
Pamela Gabbard
Pamela Gabbard Hace 20 días
Without the constant messages of Christian music I probably wouldn’t be here today! Thank you so much!
Savitri Skinner
Savitri Skinner Hace 20 días
I will dancing this song on Saturday
Stephanie Juarez
Stephanie Juarez Hace 20 días
Amazing god keep blessing you ❤️👍🏽
Tony O'Connell
Tony O'Connell Hace 20 días
This is my rescue story .... praise Jesus Holy name
w haz
w haz Hace 20 días
You are my rescue story Lord Jesus. I'm but death and destruction without your Life.
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