Zac Efron & Lily Collins Break Down a Scene from Ted Bundy Movie | Extremely Wicked | Netflix

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Zac Efron and Lily Collins, cast of Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile - the Ted Bundy movie told from the POV of his long time girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer - break down a scene, shot by shot. "Extremely Wicked" now streaming on Netflix.
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Zac Efron & Lily Collins Break Down a Scene from Ted Bundy Movie | Extremely Wicked | Netflix

extremely wickedextremely wicked shockingly evil and vileted bundyzac efron

Vivian Angel
Vivian Angel Hace 12 horas
I wanna see the movie ... when does it come out in GERMANY or does it even come out on Netflix lmao
Artie Fusion
Artie Fusion Hace un día
I can't believe Lily's 30.....she looks 22 at most...she looks young. She's so cute...
chocolate ice cream
chocolate ice cream Hace 2 días
When’s this available in the uk
晨陣雨 Hace 4 días
why i can't see this movie on Netflix in my country (Taiwan) ?
samson bahari
samson bahari Hace 4 días
Zach should at least being nominated for award for this performance,did he??? from now on each time i saw zach, i saw ted...
Silvia Badillo
Silvia Badillo Hace 5 días
She 's a classical beauty
Francheska Aira
Francheska Aira Hace 6 días
shocking movie ive ever watched. plus this is real story...
lets get this bread
lets get this bread Hace 7 días
4:48 anyone else thinks she looks smack like elena from vampire diaries in this scene ?
Citromlé Hace 7 días
I am Hungarian and I loved HSM and Zac Efron sooo much when I was a child. I'd never thought that he ever would ever play a character like Ted Bundy.
andrea zegarra
andrea zegarra Hace 8 días
Is extremely wicked available in South America?
Cam Chameau
Cam Chameau Hace 8 días
I NEEEEEED more of this.
Genisse Reyes
Genisse Reyes Hace 8 días
Jay Quinn
Jay Quinn Hace 8 días
Kudos to James from Metallica
Janie Stonecipher
Janie Stonecipher Hace 8 días
In Kentucky that’s my state lol!!!! I’m shook 🤯
Jenessa Ann Rose
Jenessa Ann Rose Hace 9 días
Wait!! I thought Lily had an accent
Patricia Guzman
Patricia Guzman Hace 12 días
When will it be in Netflix?
Marty UwU
Marty UwU Hace 12 días
This movie was so hauntingly beautiful, the ending gave me chills
Desiree Wall
Desiree Wall Hace 13 días
Zac f.ckin Efron ❤😍
SADBOY2001 MAYDAY Hace 15 días
Zac makes me look at ted bundy as a wonderful person
Ronnie C
Ronnie C Hace 15 días
Never really liked zach that much but after seeing him in ESwomen videos and in this movie he really has alot of talent as an actor and seems like an overall great guy
Denisse Loya
Denisse Loya Hace 16 días
Denisse Loya
Denisse Loya Hace 16 días
Hi could you both marry me?
Sunshine temper
Sunshine temper Hace 17 días
I will not be surprised if he wins an award for this. This made me realize that this should be a feature film than a Netflix movie.
Dauriya. Hace 18 días
Желаю хороших ролей для Зака, потому что этот фильм сам по себе оказался провальным.
Viktoria F.
Viktoria F. Hace 19 días
Did she say Elizabeth Kendal? I thought it was Kloepfer?
BookFactory Hace 19 días
Can someone please explain to me, why this movie isn't available in German Netflix?????? I want to watch this movie so bad :(
Kelly Miracle
Kelly Miracle Hace 19 días
Does anyone know where they can watch the movie?
charbel khalil
charbel khalil Hace 20 días
Deleted Hace 23 días
I’m confused bc is she British or American bc her accents r on point.
Life with Malikah
Life with Malikah Hace 23 días
He is great Actor. I watched it last night!
Simon Hace 25 días
Holy shit! Is that James Hetfield from Metallica?
Satria Langit
Satria Langit Hace 25 días
Suddenly I love Zac efron.
Chris Vinblex
Chris Vinblex Hace 29 días
I have to watch High school musical again to feel better.
Nathalia Brandão
Nathalia Brandão Hace 29 días
Zac Efron drooling all over Lily Collins for 7 minutes straight GET MARRIED ALREADY!
Bats Hace 27 días
Nathalia Brandão and exactly why should they
Esther Tingz
Esther Tingz Hace un mes
billy from stranger things also would’ve played ted bundy well😊
Favor Leavasa
Favor Leavasa Hace un mes
Anyone else think dacre montgomery could have played ted really well?
Val val
Val val Hace un mes
Disgusting movie. Hollywood have way too much time on their hands.
patricia andrea morales gajardo
patricia andrea morales gajardo Hace un mes
En Netflix Chile no está
OverClutch ZayBae
OverClutch ZayBae Hace un mes
Ted bundy is a psychopath and is very good at liens and they are very smart so that’s how he came up with lies on the spot
vickychldg Hace un mes
lily doesn’t age for shit-
Adriauna DNM
Adriauna DNM Hace un mes
I ship it
Lulu Miaw
Lulu Miaw Hace un mes
that is ted bundy not zac efron
Être à l'ouest
Être à l'ouest Hace un mes
Zac played Ted perfectly. Towards the end you could really see him starting to lose the more collected Ted and start seeing him crazy. He definetly deserves an award for this. So does Lily, she played Liz perfectly as well. She wonderfully conveyed how she loved Ted and how it killed her and how pained she was that she had told the cops his name. The "Hacksaw" scene was brilliant. Best acting i've ever seen during that scene.
Little pssy
Little pssy Hace un mes
OMG JAMES WTF 🤣 i didnt notices
Skye Mozza
Skye Mozza Hace un mes
I can’t even find it on Netflix
Adel Sitaish
Adel Sitaish Hace un mes
In that yellow turtle neck zac looked so much like him my heart was beating so fast
Rando Random
Rando Random Hace un mes
Literally all I can think of how beautiful Liz is
My Account
My Account Hace un mes
Why does Zack look so old????
Gabriela Goulart Moura
Gabriela Goulart Moura Hace un mes
He would be SO PISSED that the movie about his life is going to be seen in a woman’s POV lol I love it
Abunai Akane
Abunai Akane Hace un mes
These two were both so good in the movie! I'm impressed with the range of characters/people they are both able to portray
Soggy RBLX
Soggy RBLX Hace un mes
Ted bundy was handsome back then a lot of people now disagree but it’s like zac efron now everyone thinks he’s hot that’s how ted bundy looked to other people like we see zac efron.
Jenn Boud
Jenn Boud Hace un mes
Zac's portrayal was so good it was scary. Lily Collins was unbelievable as well. This movie could have been really good or really bad and luckily it ended up being the former. I think casting was incredible!
Queen Chico
Queen Chico Hace un mes
If Ted never admitted to killing those women, people would have believed he never did.
Sophia Dunagan
Sophia Dunagan Hace un mes
I am still Flabbergasted by the fact the Disney star we once knew is now playing the role of one of the worlds most recognized cereal killers, Ted Bundy.
TheSm1thers Hace un mes
I have Netflix. Where can I stream this movie now?
Pilar Guerrero
Pilar Guerrero Hace un mes
i think zac likes lily he put his arm around her a couple times
Michael Alan Gordon
Michael Alan Gordon Hace un mes
Why can't I get this on Netflix?
Shengs Padilla
Shengs Padilla Hace un mes
why i can’t saw that anymore
leila jackson
leila jackson Hace 2 meses
she interrump him so much
Jeongguks Thicc Thighs
Jeongguks Thicc Thighs Hace 2 meses
Ash Wong
Ash Wong Hace 2 meses
When Ted/zac drew out “HackSaw” the first word that came to mind was stupidly “Hackerman”
Blueberry Jam
Blueberry Jam Hace 2 meses
They kind of remind me of the Romeo and Juliet with Olivia Hussey...
Jeff Greenwade
Jeff Greenwade Hace 2 meses
Great movie.
Austin Hace 2 meses
She’s 30 wtf , she looks 21!
John Wick
John Wick Hace 2 meses
ted bundy does a great job playing zac efron
Hoor Tariq
Hoor Tariq Hace 2 meses
The chemistry you guys are talking about in this video, usually occurs because while filming they had to act like they were in love and that they had feelings for one another. So the chemistry was then there off camera too.
Martina Pueblas
Martina Pueblas Hace 2 meses
why I feel that sometimes she feels uncomfortable with zac?
Christine Gee
Christine Gee Hace 2 meses
I wanna watch the movie on Netflix but its gone :((
riley grace
riley grace Hace 2 meses
okay the last scene scared me so bad eifhie when he just wrote HACKSAW i almost screamed because it was suspenseful but the movie was freaking amazing
Flexi-girl Hace 2 meses
Can i borrow someones netflix?😂 like i wanna watch this show so badly but lm not watching netflix if yes send it to me.i swear imma delet it after watching it.❤❤❤
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