Yung Pinch - Nightmares ft. Lil Skies (Official Video) (Dir. by @mikediva)

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Yung Pinch

Yung Pinch

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Production Company: Lord Danger
Executive Producer: Josh Shadid
Director: Mike Diva
Producers: Andrea Saavedra & Marissa Alanis
Director of Photography: Aaron Grasso
Steadicam: Thor Wixom
Production Designer: Tony Pizza
Wardrobe Stylist: Justin Lynn
HMU: Nelly Santiago

Post Production: Post Lord (Lord Danger)
Creative Director: Mike Diva
Post Supervision: Dan Packer
Digital Compositing: Ethan Chancer
3D Camera Tracking: Calvin Serrano
3D Environment Design: Calvin Serrano, Moteh, FVCKRENDER
GFX Design: Silica
GFX Animation: Cody Vondell
Color: Steve Rodriguez, (Apache)
3D Design: Aeforia
Rotoscoping: Aaron Nelson-Purcell
VHS Processing: Fornaxvoid

Warrior Girl: Lynn Kim
Cyber Punk Girl: Halleta Alemu
Ninjas: Ky Ramos, Jase Battiste
Panther: Micah Muhammad

Commissioner: Saul Levitz


Yung PinchPinchLil SkiesSkies

Yung Pinch
Yung Pinch Hace un año
How y’all liking the new video??
NubAsianKid Hace 2 días
dmitar ski
dmitar ski Hace 9 días
Samuel Dutkanych
Samuel Dutkanych Hace 10 días
I love it
Elena Angelina
Elena Angelina Hace 27 días
fw with the beat and, everything
nehemiah smith
nehemiah smith Hace un hora
Abdul Latif
Abdul Latif Hace un día
Underrated song
Teo Silva
Teo Silva Hace un día
Flickboy Roblox
Flickboy Roblox Hace 2 días
guys we should somehow make this song blow up in 2020
hanaaakkky tank
hanaaakkky tank Hace 2 días
Lil skies part he did the most of rapping(:
willyj Hace 3 días
2:06 2:37 0:50
AgentkillzDaGreat Hace 4 días
this a vibe
djsnake36 Hace 5 días
Gage Abele
Gage Abele Hace 7 días
Best music video in hip-hop low-key
Junior Fudoli
Junior Fudoli Hace 7 días
Alexander Aponte
Alexander Aponte Hace 8 días
Here for 2020 gonna come back for 420
Esmeralda Baez
Esmeralda Baez Hace 8 días
I’m still slappin this gem 💎
Anonymous G
Anonymous G Hace 13 días
Who else listens to this every other day, if not everyday?lmao
andrew Hace 10 días
bruh me🤣💯 this song will never get old
Just A Boy With Autism
Just A Boy With Autism Hace 14 días
That vaporwave colors tho
Morrie's Protege
Morrie's Protege Hace 14 días
I watched this video 30 times this week not even lying
venal king
venal king Hace 16 días
TERESA PARRA Hace 16 días
I like when Lil Skies sing it’s dope. This song has to at least hit 1 million likes. Cause bro this is unique dam lit song. Both of them in one song is freaking dam good. Idk why people aren’t liking this just listening and not liking.
Jacob Ash
Jacob Ash Hace 15 días
because funnily enough, many like me use it for the music and don't need to like
Bitácora Artística
Bitácora Artística Hace 17 días
I'm hearing you from Margarita Island/ Venezuela, and i know some day im gonna make a song with you ;)
virusko69 Hace 19 días
Never get tired of this song... my fav of yours
Sebastian Hoach
Sebastian Hoach Hace 19 días
Lil skies and white boys with long hair man😂
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo Hace 22 días
THIS SHIT HEATT LIL PINCH held it down “ it’s scientifically proven you took a toll on me, I can’t believe my fucken homies told on me
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo Hace 22 días
THIS SHIT HEATTT lil skies been my jam and this the perfect smoker song.
TwoFace218 Hace 24 días
Shit got me in my feelings listening to this while smoking
Shaler Henry
Shaler Henry Hace 25 días
May 2020 anyone? This song still slaps
TwoFace218 Hace 24 días
Stealth E1ite bro this shit go hard and I just found this out
Razzey Hace 27 días
I got a Nightmare 🔥
A.Ffirmative Hace 27 días
why are you not blowing up yet.
Chris Ruffin
Chris Ruffin Hace 28 días
Lil skies part better no cap you went hard though pinch
Popular Vídeos
Popular Vídeos Hace 29 días
Razzey Hace un mes
2020? April?
615 Peezy
615 Peezy Hace un mes
Let’s work bro. What’s your email and shoot me a budget.
God Hace un mes
I have yung pinches part only
Erin Beatty
Erin Beatty Hace un mes
Chrome Face
Chrome Face Hace un mes
Wow, why this song is so good? I thought that I was late to know this 🔥, but know I met it
Eduardo Huaman
Eduardo Huaman Hace un mes
Me siento como empresario
polaco Hace 7 días
WhiteLion_uk Hace un mes
Update: still slaps
4k Yah
4k Yah Hace un mes
gotta admit, this is one of the coolest music videos ive ever seen
Adrianna Nailor
Adrianna Nailor Hace un mes
Yo lil skies needs to step his game uo and I think he needs youuui.
if pinch goes away, im done man, this man is a jewel
Suck your Dirty mother
Suck your Dirty mother Hace un mes
Who else is bored and listening to this in quarantine
WANGTHOI ᴋᴏɪᴊᴀᴍ Hace un mes
2:08 best part ♥️
Eduardo Flores
Eduardo Flores Hace un mes
Yung Pinch 2077
Christopher Hace un mes
I like the Japan vibe to it it just feels right
andrew Hace un mes
Christopher facts bruh
The Golden Nugget
The Golden Nugget Hace un mes
Catherinaxoxo Hace un mes
Dark Delinquent
Dark Delinquent Hace un mes
Weeb lvl 9999
frajer potkan
frajer potkan Hace un mes
Banger af
Kristen Pearce
Kristen Pearce Hace un mes
:58 omg is it legal for me to like this kid😂😍
LilHeartBreak 999
LilHeartBreak 999 Hace un mes
Yung pinch and Lil skies is like Kobe and shaq in the playoffs
VITTXRIO Hace un mes
This song is still a precious hidden gem.
Loris Nava
Loris Nava Hace un mes
this song is a vibe
Pau Moreno
Pau Moreno Hace un mes
like si lo ves al 2020
Someone Hace un mes
this aesthetic is everything
YNWMuscle NeckMelly
YNWMuscle NeckMelly Hace un mes
MiF Beatz
MiF Beatz Hace un mes
Nicola Davalli
Nicola Davalli Hace un mes
*skies song* me: oh yes i felt that
Alty Hace un mes
Can we talk about how fucking sick this vid is?
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero Hace un mes
Beach boy in the sun Beach boy in the sun Ayy, watch as I step on the scene This how we living, no actin' (this how we living, no actin') I got her wet in her dreams (I got her wet in her dreams) Yeah, I think she ready for action Think she ready for Watch as I step on the scene This how we living, no actin' Got her wet in her dreams I think she ready for action Ain't no lock on the door She drop the top to the floor There ain't no stopping us now If somebody knock, let me know I'm taking you down Slaying you now She say she want me She love to taunt me, yeah Nightmares of you and I still haunt me (still haunt me) Long nights and a lotta spilled coffee (I don't miss it) Yeah, I'm kissin' all those good days bye bye Forget my name, forget the code to my wifi (whoa) Going stacked to the dance with a bag in my pants Yeah, you had your last chance, yeah Yeah Now you sad 'cause I'm gone Mad 'cause I'm on And I'm glad to be feeled, of course it had to be me It's scientifically proven, you took a toll on me (took a toll on me) I can't believe my homies fuckin' told on me (fuckin' told on me) Oh yeah, I did it, you knew it Go 'head and cry about that (Go 'head and cry about that) I admit it, I'm stupid And I won't lie about that But after all this I'm okay, though No way to stop me when you're this far gone Catch a plane and find me, I'm the next flight on Watch as I step on the scene This how we living, no actin' Got her wet in her dreams I think she ready for action Ain't no lock on the door She drop the top to the floor There ain't no stopping us now If somebody knock, let me know I'm taking you down Slaying you now She say she want me She love to taunt me, yeah I never post what I do I really live what I'm rapping She gon' tell you to wait For me it's lights, camera, action I hop right off the plane I stash my racks in the mattress I came in through the back And I still leave with my backend Shawty turned this dream to a nightmare You see me bossed up and you think it's not fair I don't wanna hear your side 'cause I don't care You jealous 'cause I went and felt the tension in the air All the times I lost I could never get back I will never tell lies, I shall only speak facts Man, you said that you would ride but you left me on the flat I stayed by your side even when I'm 'cross the map Don't put blame on me A lotta people hatin' on me But you know I'm strong, I'm built for this shit Step on the scene fly, it's Skies and Yung Pinch, you lil' bitch Watch as I step on the scene This how we living, no actin' Got her wet in her dreams I think she ready for action Ain't no lock on the door She drop the top to the floor There ain't no stopping us now If somebody knock, let me know I'm taking you down Slaying you now She say she want me She love to taunt me, yeah
IAmBeto Just for fun
IAmBeto Just for fun Hace un mes
Who still here April 2020?
Skies1 Hace un mes
Idk why others don't like this song but this is lit tho🔥
Milk Hace un mes
Ahh I remember when this came out in the middle of school I faked a head injury so I could watch this
Jennifer Kaye
Jennifer Kaye Hace un mes
Im joe Mama
Im joe Mama Hace un mes
I wish everyone heard this😔
Olɪver Hace un mes
Skies just likes guys with long hair lmao
mizuR6 Hace un mes
still boppin in 2020 april
Guapo Nate
Guapo Nate Hace 2 meses
Fuck with this song heavy💯
Francisco Hace 2 meses
Lowkey I I'm hyped ☝ the Video is amazing. I was thinking at first they has to be Cole Bennet
K_P0K1 Hace 2 meses
This song is so chill and I very love the melody
Christian Soto
Christian Soto Hace 2 meses
I love the song and the video, I just can't get over the fact that every time I see Young Pinch. I can't help but think of the Bankers in Harry Potter LOL I am so sorry
Nissy VICTORY Hace 2 meses
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