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City Girls

City Girls

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In Part 1 of the City Girls Series, Yung Miami is carrying on the brand & the name of the City Girls, but it's something she is hiding.
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City Girls
City Girls Hace un mes
What did y'all think of Episode 1?
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis Hace 7 días
@Al Lomax periodt
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis Hace 7 días
jhnsn1 Hace 11 días
Love it!
arianna Brown
arianna Brown Hace 12 días
arianna Brown
arianna Brown Hace 12 días
I liked it
Izuién Hace 5 días
bruh i hate when yall was dogging her out like jt go hella hard and yung miami sucked but she held the whole damn group to the top by her damn self like give her credit she go hard ass fuck
Kini Jo
Kini Jo Hace 5 días
I like how QT/Coach held Miami down. They in business of making money 💰 but I’m glad they have a heart ❤️ and treated Miami like family 💯
Thee American juice
Thee American juice Hace 6 días
Young Miami is really really cute
She.BriannaR Hace 7 días
In conclusion, EVERY bad bitch needs a Caresha in their life. I love y’all. ❤️✨
Kristen Watkins
Kristen Watkins Hace 8 días
Alexis Robertson
Alexis Robertson Hace 9 días
y’all so simple minded in the comment, they wouldn’t want no abortion, they just wanted to know. she said “it feels like a family”
Pdrew Hace 9 días
Why they acting like they’re the dads tf
Antoine 4.0
Antoine 4.0 Hace 10 días
What’s the song at 1:56
arianna Brown
arianna Brown Hace 12 días
I criied to this because its sad i didn't know you were pregnant
Jadeebabyyy _
Jadeebabyyy _ Hace 12 días
caresha is a boss .
jamari miles
jamari miles Hace 12 días
why tf am i crying because she crying 😭.
Empress BlacCC
Empress BlacCC Hace 12 días
Lamiyah and skyy gang Squad
Lamiyah and skyy gang Squad Hace 13 días
I know I love the city girl me and my friend was like She is jet and I’m Miami
Tee Giavonni
Tee Giavonni Hace 13 días
She end up doing it all For a while and city girls STILL on top !
luhh mookaa
luhh mookaa Hace 13 días
If loyal was a person 😌 she held it down !
luhh mookaa
luhh mookaa Hace 13 días
She ain’t look 5months😩 man I’m proud of her fr
Katarina Jones
Katarina Jones Hace 14 días
shes a real one
J Nise
J Nise Hace 15 días
She held it down fashoo ! Much respect
Nija Ni
Nija Ni Hace 16 días
so happy she hid that. smart !! she did what she had to do
Pretty C
Pretty C Hace 17 días
I literally cried.
SchocoMacGirl Hace 17 días
not gonna lie, I put subtitles on...and it didn't help at all :D But I believe I got the message though :)
Sade Regina
Sade Regina Hace 18 días
Seems like she went harder when she got pregnant!
shevypearl Hace 18 días
I ain't know I was about to cry the WHOLE TIME but I did. God Bless yall.
jim jones
jim jones Hace 19 días
I CAN'T get down with QC those 360 deals gone leave city girls broke.
Jen Brinson
Jen Brinson Hace 19 días
I luv luv luv every time she says prenit
brown power ranger
brown power ranger Hace 19 días
Us Aquarius
Keekss Hace 20 días
Rickita Realtor & Credit Repair Expert
Rickita Realtor & Credit Repair Expert Hace 20 días
I'm so proud of you for keeping your baby. You are a great example of getting shit done!
The Gadson's Life
The Gadson's Life Hace 20 días
Everything happens for a reason. God did that. God put a spirit of protection around that baby. That baby belongs to God.A child is a gift from God. There is nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a backwards generation. Why are people living opposite to what God want.
Edward Morgan Williams El cooper
Edward Morgan Williams El cooper Hace 21 un día
Love you so much my queen I need a classic twerk for Eddie
Edward Morgan Williams El cooper
Edward Morgan Williams El cooper Hace 21 un día
Happy birthday diamond
Trell Da Bell
Trell Da Bell Hace 21 un día
God bless ♥️
Queen Bluntress
Queen Bluntress Hace 21 un día
Damn got me in tears ❤️❤️❤️ they just getting started. It’s no where near over
TiffanyTylerr Hace 22 días
She so smart for hiding it cause they would've been down her throat about an abortion!
😩😩😩🥰🥰🥰I love #CITYGIRLZ you made me tear up 🥺 ! 😍Congratulations 😌
MiyaRosa Newton
MiyaRosa Newton Hace 22 días
Episode was good
MiyaRosa Newton
MiyaRosa Newton Hace 22 días
celo davis
celo davis Hace 23 días
wait cause she got down on that stage .
Samantha Eriri
Samantha Eriri Hace 23 días
Caresha really strong damn ❤️
Nneka Brunt
Nneka Brunt Hace 24 días
Miami held that shit Downnn without a question!!!
Simone G
Simone G Hace 24 días
Man she holding it down for damn near everybody!! Her mama, sister, kids, and JT...they better never question her loyalty
BellaRena Couture
BellaRena Couture Hace 24 días
Am I the only who broke down when P asked her why she didn't tell him and she just started crying??? sis is so strong!!!!
Sugarfuzz Hace 25 días
All women need to be using men for their money. Periodt! 🤑
Rooted Opulence
Rooted Opulence Hace 25 días
I started tearing up before Caresha even started crying. Like they’re not being rude but it’s still hard. It sucks that as women, we have to choose between careers and love or careers and family.
100 subs with no vid challenge
100 subs with no vid challenge Hace 25 días
Why JT was in jail? Can someone tell me da reason plz?
325dominique Hace 26 días
What kind of family are we that made me tear up
Sexii Mamiana
Sexii Mamiana Hace 26 días
Omg it was it was hard swallowing my tears 😭😭
Rahkya Lockhart
Rahkya Lockhart Hace 26 días
Melanie Brown
Melanie Brown Hace 26 días
Ahh bless her so sweet wot she said about bein pregnant an havn everytin 4 her family god bless 🙏 ya hun an i hope u get everytin u ever dream of x
X1 Mayaa
X1 Mayaa Hace 26 días
I cried this whole video
Rozella Edwards
Rozella Edwards Hace 26 días
Danielle Jackson
Danielle Jackson Hace 26 días
I’m just glad so many people stuck it out with her and everybody cause you can tell she felt pressured to push forward for us as her fans even twerking and stuff with the baby I forever will show love because of that
Sabrina Willson
Sabrina Willson Hace 26 días
This is what they do to woman .. you need to be strong.. you pregnant put it aside be strong be strong... We tired Black women are sacred we are not strong..
Alicia Whitlow
Alicia Whitlow Hace 26 días
You did that boo you hold it down strong black woman you kept your head high much respect and the baby is so pretty
Chyna Whyte
Chyna Whyte Hace 27 días
I love the city girl's 😍😍
Michaela Bostick
Michaela Bostick Hace 27 días
i’m tearing up 🥺🥺😭
pilar lee
pilar lee Hace 27 días
Naw fr you held it down .. proud of you boo
Sweet T
Sweet T Hace 27 días
I ❤️ the city girls!! Even my bf loves their music 🎶
Kamani Webb
Kamani Webb Hace 27 días
QC really a team !
Alexis Harmon
Alexis Harmon Hace 27 días
This made me cry ❤️
Priscilla Garcia
Priscilla Garcia Hace 27 días
I love her omg
Lise Jean-Francois
Lise Jean-Francois Hace 27 días
I loved it 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Marshall Scott
Marshall Scott Hace 28 días
this is so well edited!!! 😍
Nanya Sanders
Nanya Sanders Hace 28 días
I love you guys💖
kayla Vera
kayla Vera Hace 28 días
Im sorry but whoever be doing they wigs should be fired, they need to get TAE as the hairstylist😭‼️
Ricky Ramirez
Ricky Ramirez Hace 29 días
yung miami ate jt on the new album
MurdaaMar Hace 29 días
I love y’all🖤🖤‼️.
Ashley Page
Ashley Page Hace 29 días
I remember when I didnt like them. I have so much Respect now. Respect the Hustle!!!
Kala Cosby
Kala Cosby Hace 29 días
is jt steal in jail ??
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