Yung Gravy ft. Chief Keef, Y2K - Tampa Bay Bustdown (Official Video)

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Music video by Yung Gravy performing Tampa Bay Bustdown. © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


RLX Cranks
RLX Cranks Hace un día
i saw the first on like 8 months ago whats the difference?
RLX Cranks
RLX Cranks Hace un día
why does this have like 0 likes?
Richmon Smith
Richmon Smith Hace un día
Bunk ass shit......the song dope bout it.....but you got to much bitch in your blood to come film in Tampa tf you gonna have this song and not film it in Tampa? Weak aint got the balls of the doe to fly your team out n film in actual tampa????
Aj Johnson
Aj Johnson Hace 2 días
This is 100% some Tampa shit. Thank you for accurately depicting our city.
ThatPurpleShortBed 309
ThatPurpleShortBed 309 Hace 3 días
"busted out the Chevrolet" yet the monster trucks a Ford body 😂
FadamCowsley Hace 3 días
The end to all racism right here
DORITOS Hace 3 días
RIP that poor integra
Skye Raven Gaming
Skye Raven Gaming Hace 4 días
Bro I cant bealive that the one and only CHEIF KEEF WOULD BE IN COLAB WITH YOUNG GRAVY
IamNathan Hace 4 días
who lives in tampa now?
Zach Flatebo
Zach Flatebo Hace 5 días
1000th comment
Eddie_ Eggplant_
Eddie_ Eggplant_ Hace 7 días
You may be cool but you’ll never be yung gravy driving a monster stuck holding a pistol cool
Hybrid CD
Hybrid CD Hace 8 días
Y2k verse went hard Btw read my name
Micah D Hernandez
Micah D Hernandez Hace 10 días
Who else is going to Ohio for his concert??👌🏼
The bad dog
The bad dog Hace 12 días
thats a ford but mmmmmk
ski gabe
ski gabe Hace 12 días
Gravy is tall as shit look at him next to chief
Travis Flynn
Travis Flynn Hace 12 días
When I think of Tampa this song starts playing in my head now.. 😩😭
CountUrBlessings 117
CountUrBlessings 117 Hace 13 días
This is what happens when a black dude gets 1 white friend
ZX Hace 14 días
Make more music with oldies songs
Storm X6-
Storm X6- Hace 14 días
Tht Acura ☹️
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez Hace 15 días
that integra ;_;
Fiona Auditore-Kenway
Fiona Auditore-Kenway Hace 16 días
I genuinely can't stop listening to this song and it's been a looonnngg time hahaha. I put on repeat for God's sake
K R Hace 16 días
Anyone else wish he would have filmed this in Tampa? 😁😆
zach swift
zach swift Hace 17 días
Shocked this is not a tik tok
Elton Wayne Williams
Elton Wayne Williams Hace 17 días
Can we appreciate how versatile Sosa is Damn!!!
Rybolt15 Hace 19 días
my mans needs to do a song with lil yachty and call it Gravy Boat
electric_krownz YT
electric_krownz YT Hace 19 días
Is this gravy cat man??????????
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 20 días
I love how there was a Valorant add before the song
Cody Smith
Cody Smith Hace 20 días
So without Chief Keef this would be nothing but foolery
Snickers Hace 21 un día
Wheres bbnomoney brother????
covid 19
covid 19 Hace 21 un día
Busted out the Chevrolet but it's a ford
Ňäțē D
Ňäțē D Hace 22 días
Buccaneers fans prolly jam out tuh dis
The Liam and Justin show !
The Liam and Justin show ! Hace 22 días
One year too late...but right on time 🔥
Ken Dun
Ken Dun Hace 23 días
Look at KEEF man so inspirational
chris hernandez
chris hernandez Hace 24 días
Do people dead ass like this guy or is he a troll ?
Yella Boi
Yella Boi Hace 26 días
Damn I thought this was a better version of old town road lol huh actually it is yung gravy on top of his game again
Anandra Hace 25 días
Yeah. Can't believe this vido only have 400K views lmao
Joey Plantz
Joey Plantz Hace 27 días
Can you buy me a DirtBike gravy
bluedevil 57
bluedevil 57 Hace 27 días
Aight, hear me out. Movie with Yung gravy, Chief Keef, and Y2K based on this song. Idk all the details, they gotta go on a road trip to Tampa or some shit, idk let Hollywood figure that out. It'd be a good movie tho
Gabe itch
Gabe itch Hace 27 días
I wish keef wasnt on this
Nochar Hace un mes
Shitt its backk this is real art
Benny B Ballin
Benny B Ballin Hace un mes
Bangggggg bangggg banggggggggggggg
Will Fagan
Will Fagan Hace un mes
Music for the soul
Gabe itch
Gabe itch Hace 23 días
Its like soul Music but for White dudes
LUKE XDROUIN Hace un mes
I still can't believe the video only has 400K views
RegularGuyReacts Hace un mes
This song is supposed to be about Tampa not Pensacola right? This song and video relates to Tampa in absolutely no way
bob gerstenschlager
bob gerstenschlager Hace un mes
813 checking in
craj13 Hace un mes
Love the loon call at the beginning of the video. So out of place, but it sounds great.
PLINX VIPER Hace un mes
this is a certified hood classic
Jeff Krukemeyer
Jeff Krukemeyer Hace un mes
Hit me up dudes,, Got a line to lay, Sunday preacher wants me to stay, I'm hungry, got to get away, hope I catch a fish today, i pray to God I eat today...
MASTA DAB Hace un mes
Bustin down in st.petersburg Fl. skip Tampa 💯💯
KTN-Scarecrow Hace un mes
The funny thing is Tampa isnt even country😆😆
selloutbtw on yt
selloutbtw on yt Hace un mes
HOW do u do this??
Tabitha E
Tabitha E Hace un mes
1:30 is the funniest reference He ever heard
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed Hace un mes
I love it how ‘ BANG’ has a Texas accent
Rafa Polinesio
Rafa Polinesio Hace un mes
talan plane
talan plane Hace un mes
Dalton A
Dalton A Hace un mes
Anyone else noticed all the blurred out stuff? On the lower side of the monster truck and on both of their shirts
areyto paredes-akimoto
areyto paredes-akimoto Hace un mes
Case Busse
Case Busse Hace un mes
Yes pandora this is what I asked for thank you
Idiomatic Hace un mes
This deserves way more love
Multi Hace un mes
I'm from tampa
Zach Shumate
Zach Shumate Hace un mes
Chief Keef killed that shit
MOYAT NAR Hace un mes
بانغ بانغ
Nick Merriman
Nick Merriman Hace un mes
this hard af
I’m too lazy to come up with a clever name
I’m too lazy to come up with a clever name Hace un mes
Solidifying country rap in a crossover event with meme rap
Cj Mann
Cj Mann Hace un mes
Am I the only one who noticed Larry enticer playing the banjo
Szczyl Babiloński
Szczyl Babiloński Hace un mes
FotochesYT Hace un mes
I have no idea why but I imagine this is what Mona Lisa listened to before she painted the Leonardo da Vinci
惡魔D E M O N
惡魔D E M O N Hace un mes
Yung Sosa
Mista Mead Official
Mista Mead Official Hace un mes
Nico Bushnell
Nico Bushnell Hace un mes
This mustv been dope to film
beani babii
beani babii Hace un mes
*baang baangg baanngg*
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