Yung Gravy, bbno$ - Whip A Tesla (Audio)

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Whip A Tesla ft. bbno$ (Official Audio)
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Music video by Yung Gravy, bbno$ performing Whip A Tesla (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


FNaF ar player
FNaF ar player Hace un día
Yea my crush listens to young gravy and I do to
DylanMediaTV Hace un día
Im in a tesla playing this. I feel cool
Christa A
Christa A Hace 6 días
found this bump thx to pouya but also I love Alexa Bliss so I jam for her too lol
YT Wong
YT Wong Hace 7 días
Mr. Gravy that nigga tho
Ed Baily
Ed Baily Hace 9 días
Gravy be lookin' like about to whip up a beat on the album cover.
Lee Melissa Tyler P
Lee Melissa Tyler P Hace 11 días
I asked my Alexa how many people fit in a Tesla
Lee Melissa Tyler P
Lee Melissa Tyler P Hace 11 días
She did’t respond
Unknown Destiny
Unknown Destiny Hace 12 días
Bro at first I thought it was ski
Putra Ramadhan
Putra Ramadhan Hace 16 días
Mom: Turn that off Me: why Mom: I'm leaving to Minnesota, take care of of your dad.
[Klaxcore Nightcore]
[Klaxcore Nightcore] Hace 16 días
Ghost Hace 16 días
I played this in my tesla Now its X Æ - 12 X
Y4 Hace 20 días
It’s sad this is his only good song
lockwood son202
lockwood son202 Hace 27 días
every time i here this song i yell hey alexa hey alexa how many can we fit in the tesla at my alexa
Brandon Dennis
Brandon Dennis Hace 28 días
who am I gonna see in Oklahoma ?
StonerFromThe618 Hace 28 días
Yung Gravy got the sauce🔥💯
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez Hace 29 días
neta no se xq no eres tan reconocido eres un pinche Dios
playlikeaproo !!
playlikeaproo !! Hace un mes
bruh this is lit asffff
dip alcazaren
dip alcazaren Hace un mes
Listened to this inside my car Now it's a tesla
Mohammed adam
Mohammed adam Hace un mes
Exactly a year ago... (this comment was made in 2020 so if your reading this 5 yrs later, hi😁)
Lebron Parker
Lebron Parker Hace un mes
Damn when $bbno said “wear a cap and Gown how the hell that make me better” felt they just graduated on Sunday and I’m just like damn
En Vintervell Va Dorno
En Vintervell Va Dorno Hace un mes
I want to hear 21 Savage on this
chilomi 10
chilomi 10 Hace un mes
King Roosta
King Roosta Hace un mes
Yung Gravy Pokemon Cypher 2020
HiddenLMK Hace un mes
This is a banger
Davo Hace un mes
Still fire
smallguy Hace 2 meses
Frater Antenatus
Frater Antenatus Hace 2 meses
Almost a year now and this song is still fire
YouaresoMilotic Hace 2 meses
Fckn gravy 😙💨
Dan Wickis
Dan Wickis Hace 2 meses
Thanks yung gravy this song sounds nasty on my subs :^)
Kyle Tanking
Kyle Tanking Hace 2 meses
11 thots
Jared Snedaker
Jared Snedaker Hace 2 meses
lets face it. the truth. Elon Musk would be broke if it weren't for this song. you know im not wrong, admit it.
Taylord Hace 2 meses
This will be iconic forever
Gisele RM
Gisele RM Hace 2 meses
Cookie Cat
Cookie Cat Hace 2 meses
This is not a good song for KIDS EVER THOUGHT OF THAT
Toomuchmoo Hace 3 meses
My crush listens to yung gravy I think she’s the one guys
troji's here
troji's here Hace 3 meses
It's taken me 6 months to realize he's not holding a laser gun
Andenfighter 007
Andenfighter 007 Hace 2 meses
omg hes actually holding a mixer xD
Mantas Urba
Mantas Urba Hace 3 meses
878 ginger ale
878 ginger ale Hace 3 meses
Yung gravy just dosent care
Toomuchmoo Hace 4 meses
Can’t wait for the tour
TheNon Player
TheNon Player Hace 4 meses
*Hey Alexa*
Qazy 21
Qazy 21 Hace 4 meses
this song is so good that my neighbors called the cops
jay rob
jay rob Hace 4 meses
How many bitches can we fit in the tesla?? Let's see... 1 thot...2 thot...
Yt Snowflake
Yt Snowflake Hace 4 meses
Are they going to Texas or not
Raiden Dominguez
Raiden Dominguez Hace 4 meses
My name is raiden
Isadora Caudill
Isadora Caudill Hace 4 meses
Hey alexa hey alexa how many bitches can we fit in the Tesla?
itzScoopy Hace 4 meses
sophie stef
sophie stef Hace 4 meses
yung gravy: hey alexa! hey alexa! how many bitches can we fit in the tesla? alexa: yes!
Jaquavious D’Asian
Jaquavious D’Asian Hace 4 meses
Never heard a J Gramm or Downtime beat that I know of but this beat absolute fire
Jacob Searle
Jacob Searle Hace 4 meses
Jake Basye
Jake Basye Hace 4 meses
I have a tesal in little cars
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Hace 4 meses
Thoth aces always
Evanue Mendez
Evanue Mendez Hace 4 meses
Hay alexa haw many school do we have told my no no stuped
Ivan Chicas
Ivan Chicas Hace 5 meses
selling toe pics
DaveGamer RBLX
DaveGamer RBLX Hace 5 meses
Elon musk should see this.
alexa Santa Maria
alexa Santa Maria Hace 5 meses
When your names ALEXA 🤤
vigraunke02 Hace 5 meses
Hudson Caulk
Hudson Caulk Hace 5 meses
I think this song is a drug cuz I’m addicted
Hudson Caulk
Hudson Caulk Hace 5 meses
I was blasting this in the halls and one teacher and the principal started to vibe with it, and dancing to it.
Miiikey ___
Miiikey ___ Hace 5 meses
Fakest white boy shit I ever heard
Name Fehlt
Name Fehlt Hace 5 meses
Am I the only one who thinks about the rainbow road from Mariokart
Сергей Погребец
Сергей Погребец Hace 5 meses
Apayton1214 Hace 5 meses
Actually how many bitches can you fit in a Tesla
Hurrikade Hace 5 meses
Beat dummy thicc
ツ Toga
ツ Toga Hace 5 meses
showed this to my dads belt its now a belt 😎
Szymon Witwicki
Szymon Witwicki Hace 5 meses
these two guys is awesome duo LUV
Hickok932 Hace 6 meses
next its flex a cyber truck
Marissa Lewis
Marissa Lewis Hace 6 meses
Currently listening on my Alexa
Tina Mckinnon
Tina Mckinnon Hace 6 meses
I played this in my classroom and got in school
HenIsWearingATie Hace 6 meses
Vibe check ⛹️‍♂️
Dizzy doon3y
Dizzy doon3y Hace 6 meses
Hey Alexa Hey Alexa how many bitches can I fit in my Tesla
Caio Monte
Caio Monte Hace 6 meses
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