Yung Bans - Ridin ft. YBN Nahmir & Landon Cube (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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Lyrical Lemonade

Lyrical Lemonade

Hace un año

Yung Bans - Ridin (ft. YBN Nahmir & Landon Cube)
Song Produced by Y2K & Billy Cigarette
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
DoP by Logan Meis
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Cole Bennett
Lyrical Lemonade
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Yung BansYBN NahmirYBNLandon Cube

Dark _173
Dark _173 Hace 9 horas
1 year later i am still waiting for the english version
_latto_ Hace 12 horas
nobody bans: im on the beach with my feet
Hey Hace un día
Play boi carti might found his brother
J E Hace un día
I swear nowdays producers beats safe the whole situation with these autists Ok good vibe but wtf most of yall brainfucked Really dont wanna hate but everyone can be rapper traper singer fr
trapblatsplat Hace un día
I always wonder if those girls felt retarded doing some of the things they did in this video
Vayoma Tayoma
Vayoma Tayoma Hace un día
i think we found someone who can speak cartinese
Nyandano Hace un día
dreamingcode Hace un día
Director: What kind of girls you want in the video? We can get Whit... Yung Ban: YES
Ejthe21 Hace un día
Daaamn Nahmir making songs with foreign rappers?!
Jeremiah Martin
Jeremiah Martin Hace un día
Imagine if he also forgot
parker2x Hace 2 días
my nigga yungbans responded to my dm❤️🐐
King Curtis
King Curtis Hace 3 días
Yung Bans looks like Ed from good burger
max roussin
max roussin Hace 3 días
Imagine Playboi carti ft. Yung banz
Sen Yungin
Sen Yungin Hace 3 días
Ride with a th0tty ride with a th0tty wit a beeee im on the beach with my feet
Suv Hace 3 días
IIamyou Hace 3 días
R.I.P the guitar. It had a nice 58 seconds.
Leen Idris
Leen Idris Hace 4 días
Don’t hate on yung bans lyrics The music was fire bruh😂😂😂😂
Young Beatz
Young Beatz Hace 4 días
Ybn the only one I understand
Matthew Mills
Matthew Mills Hace 4 días
Anyone think Landon Cube is the real artist here
Dillan C
Dillan C Hace 5 días
I loved when bans said wAhhAwitDufuk
Joonaplayz Hace 5 días
Choose language English ⚪ Spanish ⚪ Yung Bans 🔘
Fag Shiw
Fag Shiw Hace 5 días
Whete the captions
Jeremiah Martin
Jeremiah Martin Hace 5 días
Oct 2019?!
Anthoney Bell
Anthoney Bell Hace 5 días
Cartinese,lilbansnese, futurenese.. if u know one of these languages than u have a veteran discount like to accept.😔👇
AbatedEPTX 915
AbatedEPTX 915 Hace 6 días
Is it just me or dose the beat sound like j cole can’t get enough
רועי הגבר
רועי הגבר Hace 6 días
Ultras Hace 7 días
Nahmir lowkey lookin like trippie
Elisabeth-Yesenia Muñoz
Elisabeth-Yesenia Muñoz Hace 7 días
Yung Fresh
Yung Fresh Hace 7 días
I don't even know what Yung Bans is saying in the first part, I think he is mumbling. You know like a mumble rapper, yeah like that.
Unknown Tecks
Unknown Tecks Hace 7 días
No subtitles video
JustSamurai Fn
JustSamurai Fn Hace 7 días
YUNG BANS this is the title :riden But
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Hace 7 días
Damn I thought that was tekashi bitch-nine
Da_boyz69 Hace 8 días
Young bans is truley a underrated rapper...
L Landon
L Landon Hace 8 días
Why does yung bans look like a dog
Ziggy Hood
Ziggy Hood Hace 8 días
Damn, that was deep
Anthoney Bell
Anthoney Bell Hace 9 días
When bands said, isdndvdmsksbdgsejeksns I felt that in my soul This is the most likes I've ever gotten 🚫🧢
Master Somrak
Master Somrak Hace 9 días
taliban Hace 9 días
when she says no head: 1:03
Araceli Ramirez
Araceli Ramirez Hace 10 días
Araceli Ramirez
Araceli Ramirez Hace 10 días
dem YBN boyz go off
paolo anacleto wong
paolo anacleto wong Hace 10 días
He looks like a skinny version of lil yatchie but he can spit and sing
Euan 1004
Euan 1004 Hace 10 días
Yung bands be talking minecraft enchantment table
David Orozco
David Orozco Hace 10 días
I only keep comong back to this song to see how bad it is
SniperKing _XT
SniperKing _XT Hace 11 días
Shisshh is ybn ok
Daniel Diakite
Daniel Diakite Hace 11 días
This is my favorite music
Jason Vylliotis
Jason Vylliotis Hace 11 días
Lil Nicki
Lil Nicki Hace 11 días
-young bans is crap
Vinicius Rocha
Vinicius Rocha Hace 12 días
Nobody : Landon:WEST SIDE
פיליפ לויטין
פיליפ לויטין Hace 12 días
round with the funny, round with the funny with a pig
sonic COOL9999
sonic COOL9999 Hace 12 días
Rih wih dah fotty
Lil Simme
Lil Simme Hace 13 días
Undead Rapt3r
Undead Rapt3r Hace 13 días
Dude speaking gang signs
lilsyiq Hace 13 días
3:18 love that landon cube reaction
tp cleanmugg
tp cleanmugg Hace 13 días
3:20 wtf u doing nahmhir
Emery thomson
Emery thomson Hace 14 días
why his voice so soft!! Six Nine could never
Tenia Frazier
Tenia Frazier Hace 14 días
Do you want a guitar landon cube:Yes
yungestlordd HotBoii'SLUG
yungestlordd HotBoii'SLUG Hace 14 días
Not gonna lie I'ma have to fuck witt black mami out of the 3
yungestlordd HotBoii'SLUG
yungestlordd HotBoii'SLUG Hace 14 días
Not gonna lie I'ma have to fuck witt black mami out of the 3
IcyM0nstercat Hace 15 días
Bruh people who can’t understand him are dumb if you pay any attention you can understand him y’all retarded 😂
ViciousKhyre Hace 16 días
Why this shit slap?😂🔥
SoLo Gucci
SoLo Gucci Hace 17 días
He killed it when he said fujhhhhhgccvvggbjjjnnbbn
Carlos Hace 17 días
IDGAF this hoe fire
MĀRIO Hace 17 días
At least u can understand everyword nahmir said
Michelle Mallari
Michelle Mallari Hace 17 días
Whats the name of the girl in the bathtub with nhamir?
C Lok
C Lok Hace 17 días
Who can tell me what does tweakin mean?'
YbnKami Hace 18 días
Diffrent level of mumble rap
Beached Whale
Beached Whale Hace 18 días
ItzYe Panda
ItzYe Panda Hace 18 días
You know it’s bad when they never put even auto generated captions
Hydra Vortex
Hydra Vortex Hace 18 días
Tell me why most of the mumble rap songs slap the hardest for real real
witch filler
witch filler Hace 18 días
This song saved my life thank u landon for blessin that uke
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