Yung Bans - How Da Game Go (Official Music Video)

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Yung Bans

Yung Bans

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Watch the official music video for "How Da Game Go" by Yung Bans.
Prod. Nick Mira
Video directed by: Lone Wolf (@whylonewolf)
Stream “Misunderstood:”
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R Chronic
R Chronic Hace 2 horas
This songs 🔥✨🌟 Going on my playlist💯
victor vega
victor vega Hace 18 horas
People who say yung bans irrelevant: Me: 🧢💯 People who agree wit me 👇
Ty Sabin
Ty Sabin Hace 2 días
Yung Bans lit 🔥🔥🔥
Gabriel Queiroz
Gabriel Queiroz Hace 2 días
Brazil nigga
Mehar Singh
Mehar Singh Hace 3 días
He Sayin not to join the Music game
robert mothapo
robert mothapo Hace 3 días
talented young man. wish had content then just drugs
Hecter Numba9
Hecter Numba9 Hace 4 días
violet Hace 7 días
balf of all balfs
balf of all balfs Hace 7 días
i didnt know this nigga was capable of pronouncing actual words
Jesus Alvarado
Jesus Alvarado Hace 9 días
Jean Fraikin
Jean Fraikin Hace 9 días
420 stoner
420 stoner Hace 10 días
This drugs got me all fuck up
IcyM0nstercat Hace 11 días
Bro this one of the songs you can listen to any time and not get bored and still vibe to it
Produced By Torin
Produced By Torin Hace 11 días
This beat was made on nick Mira’s twitch live stream on November 4th 2018. It’s on ESwomen and it ats 50 min into the vid if y’all wanted to go watch it.
Khalifa Uchiha
Khalifa Uchiha Hace 11 días
Song so beautiful
Rhyne Hace 11 días
So good
MAVERIXXX Hace 12 días
This shit been having me shook for the past week. Great song.
Yung Slime
Yung Slime Hace 13 días
Fire brodie
Ape Gang Entertainment
Ape Gang Entertainment Hace 13 días
Damn yung bans in yellow is iconic
Redsky Hace 14 días
You gotta make it big for X and yo whole team bans you can do it nigga 💯
Redsky Hace 5 días
0.75x is god tier
joviecn Hace 15 días
Ay these drugs gon make me lose my miiiiiiind🔥
Trvp Hace 15 días
Tyler Parton
Tyler Parton Hace 15 días
those drugs made him a horse lover! XD
tyson brock
tyson brock Hace 16 días
Flow almost sounds like power glide by Rae Sremmurd
Jordan Startrooper
Jordan Startrooper Hace 16 días
best video I've seen in a while
Kameron Hace 16 días
Mans calling for help....
KEVA KHAJAO Hace 16 días
Nick with that fyahh
loots Hace 16 días
these drugs gone make me lose my mind
Dexter Pot
Dexter Pot Hace 17 días
I really don’t understand why he doesn’t get recognized more, like his recent album was good wtf
joseph lucero
joseph lucero Hace 17 días
Super Fire 🔥🔥🔥🦅
Dustin Gagel
Dustin Gagel Hace 17 días
real shit - at shit is hard a fukk
George Insane
George Insane Hace 18 días
When he said “skinny nigga but I’m big “ felt that 🗣
Josh :0
Josh :0 Hace 18 días
This shit right here is straight fire he is so underrated 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
ary marie
ary marie Hace 18 días
man u told me to stfu in a gc then dip
ciara owens
ciara owens Hace 18 días
Doing rhe math?_*
Alex9 Nordine
Alex9 Nordine Hace 18 días
Wow, 👍👍👍👍😃
GSW Power
GSW Power Hace 18 días
Damn I can never escape juice wrld vibes
Der Chef
Der Chef Hace 8 días
GSW Power yes it sounds like all girls are the same
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs Hace 18 días
Dude this is fucking insane! 1of1gang!!!
Rudy Lara
Rudy Lara Hace 18 días
I hear u boy...
SingleTron Hace 18 días
How come hip hop is signing all these homo rappers? It seems like they are trying to influence a weak image of black people into the culture and these young artists are too dumb to realize what’s going on.
나는야아인슈타인 보다 더 똑똑한 사람
나는야아인슈타인 보다 더 똑똑한 사람 Hace 18 días
2 Tears
2 Tears Hace 18 días
this sound like powerglide
Razi Sindawi
Razi Sindawi Hace 18 días
This is Lit🔥🔥🔥🔥
Noissap LND
Noissap LND Hace 19 días
I be singing like you bans! We on that new wave bro
Stabilize Hace 19 días
such a talented,underated,amazing artist, bro you're so slept on you, sometimes people just don't get it and that your music is so damn fire 🔥🔥, love ur music and never let anyone bring u down, love u bro
Mahad Hamid
Mahad Hamid Hace 19 días
The hook is so nice
Thor Morais
Thor Morais Hace 19 días
matou foda-se😍
Edson Martinez
Edson Martinez Hace 19 días
This is lit niggah🔥🧐🌌🌄🌅
Neil Prior
Neil Prior Hace 19 días
Maybe the song should be lose my mind
Ryder Hace 19 días
The beat 🌊🌊 From Nick Mira 9 hours stream, if u know 😉
ysl-king -Goat
ysl-king -Goat Hace 19 días
Trippie redd flow
GagSmile Hace 19 días
This track a drug
Gabriela Morosan
Gabriela Morosan Hace 19 días
Peter Cho
Peter Cho Hace 20 días
yo honestly at least another couple of your songs supposed to have 20mill+ NO CAP
crimnvL Hace 20 días
nick mira rarely miss
iL Donez
iL Donez Hace 20 días
Belly Boppins
Belly Boppins Hace 20 días
ok. but why all the horse scenes and him next to a horse and horses edited into the video...? can someone explain..?
Miły Ate
Miły Ate Hace 20 días
fajne too spokojnie zioooom bedzie gooda
Nitch Ass Bigga
Nitch Ass Bigga Hace 20 días
Trippie redd need to be on dis who agree?
Nitch Ass Bigga
Nitch Ass Bigga Hace 20 días
Trippie vibes 💯
Anthony COLCHADO Hace 20 días
This song Fya, how this shit not blown up
Derpadil Gaming
Derpadil Gaming Hace 21 un día
Turns out these drugs are gone make me lose my mind.
NIT Hace 21 un día
Been lost it bruh
TrojanOG Hace 21 un día
Bro said he wont sell his soul Respect.
Braxton Marbury
Braxton Marbury Hace 21 un día
Please remix wit future😰💧☔️
Susie Juarez
Susie Juarez Hace 21 un día
He is cool , I like his style, I see pure passion in him that burns like a fire, his eyes that seen it all, something is telling me don't underestimate him, he is the one !
Quality Katana Records
Quality Katana Records Hace 21 un día Bass Boosted
A J Hace 21 un día
STAIN Hace 21 un día
yung bans finally dropped a decent song
D Sea
D Sea Hace 21 un día
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