YouTube Video Challenge! Spy Ninjas Teach PZ9 How To Make DIY Funny Movies for Best Friends at Home

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Exposing Project Zorgo

Exposing Project Zorgo

Hace un mes

After Chad Wild Clay made the video "Best PRANK Wins April Fools Challenge! Funny DIY Pranks Battle on Spy Ninjas Friends at Safe House!", Vy Qwaint created "FORTNITE vs SPY NINJAS in New Battle Royale Epic Gaming Event & Funny CWC Vy Qwaint Meme Challenge" and Daniel uploaded "Confused Hackers Don't Know Spy Ninjas? Best Friends Chad & Daniel Undercover in Giant Desert" to the Exposing Project Zorgo ESwomen channel, Melvin won the prank wars challenge and he got to open up the mysterious present that was left behind at our safe house. Melvin is reverting back to PZ9 tendencies and challenged us to a Fortnite battle royale prop hunt challenge! Chad was victorious, so Melvin agreed to show him what was in the present. It's Chad's 10 million ESwomen subscriber diamond play button! Project Zorgo stole the play button from Chad months ago, but now that it's in the safehouse, Melvin won't let Chad have it. Chad decides on a compromise. If Melvin will hand over the play button, Chad will help Melvin PZ9 grow his own ESwomen channel toward 10 million subscribers, by teaching him how to make epic awesome viral videos. Melvin doubts Chad even knows how to make great videos anymore since Project Zorgo hackers always stop the Spy Ninjas from having fun. It's a movie-making challenge! PZ9 agrees to hand over the play button if Chad, Vy, Daniel, and Regina can prove to him that they can make amazing Fortnite video game in real life fruit ninja slicing and sci-fi Mr. Bear in outer space rescue mission videos. They even show how anyone can make great home movies with enough imagination and practice. Who will make the best video? Who really left behind the present in the first place? Was it Mr. E, Joseph Banks, Dax or even a hacker? Will Melvin stay true to his word? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!
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Exposing Project Zorgo
Exposing Project Zorgo Hace un mes
What it do Spy Ninjas? What are your favorite parts of our movies?
Deemah alhosany
Deemah alhosany Hace 3 días
Bureeqo Idiris
Bureeqo Idiris Hace 10 días
I love exposing project zorog omg hi
victor awesome things
victor awesome things Hace 15 días
Biljana Zajkoska
Biljana Zajkoska Hace 28 días
Geoff Wan
Geoff Wan Hace un mes
Exposing Project Zorgo it’s a hacker
Venita Persaud
Venita Persaud Hace 52 minutos
Just getting back home from What’s up my ninja
Berks Desi Dance
Berks Desi Dance Hace un hora
Antonia Ramirez
Antonia Ramirez Hace un hora
I am 23 and I love toy animals
Stef Llewellyn
Stef Llewellyn Hace un hora
Melvin hacked into the cameras
Kirk Conway
Kirk Conway Hace un hora
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Hace 2 horas
No I don’t have a channel but once I do you turn 26 I will create an art channel in a Cooking Channel
Ally Tuai
Ally Tuai Hace 2 horas
ziggy davis
ziggy davis Hace 2 horas
chad ernse the dimins melvins suks
Marcell Kelley
Marcell Kelley Hace 3 horas
He really can’t take the subscribe play botton
Judith Ramirez
Judith Ramirez Hace 3 horas
Leta Farley
Leta Farley Hace 4 horas
Yes I have been making videos I actually even watching my own videos
Nancy Becker
Nancy Becker Hace 4 horas
Brenda Harris
Brenda Harris Hace 5 horas
The hakers
Edwin Adhiwirya
Edwin Adhiwirya Hace 7 horas
I think the person who put the present was joseph banks
Lexie Metts
Lexie Metts Hace 7 horas
Singh Harry
Singh Harry Hace 9 horas
It's Mr e
Magdalina Dariah
Magdalina Dariah Hace 10 horas
Hi OMG😄😄😄😊😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😍
Chipmunk Lovescookies
Chipmunk Lovescookies Hace 11 horas
You cannot get1000000000999999990000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000200303030404505050033003000000000000000099909900000000988900000000000000000999988999999999999999999999999999999999999 subscribers dude
Chipmunk Lovescookies
Chipmunk Lovescookies Hace 11 horas
You cannot get 900000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Chipmunk Lovescookies
Chipmunk Lovescookies Hace 11 horas
AyDiN travelling the globe
AyDiN travelling the globe Hace 13 horas
Mr e
Nuraidil Zakaria
Nuraidil Zakaria Hace 17 horas
You're not cool Melvin so not cool And you even don't have ten million subscriber's Chad has ten million not and I even don't subscribe to you Your ruined the youtuber that has ten million subscriber's CHAD DID YOU TAKE THE PLAQUE Melvin is an 😈😈😈
Angeline Eary
Angeline Eary Hace 18 horas
I subscribed Daniel
Karma Lekeay
Karma Lekeay Hace 19 horas
I think it was mr e
Khan Badoola
Khan Badoola Hace 20 horas
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😏like it
Alison Biscette
Alison Biscette Hace 21 un hora
You know I don't have a lot
Chue Vue
Chue Vue Hace 21 un hora
I didn’t have to subscribe because I already did it on ever single videos
debbiemulhollanddm Hace un día
Melven is a noyegh
Shadow_Lizzy Hace un día
Tommy Chebba
Tommy Chebba Hace un día
Tommy Chebba
Tommy Chebba Hace un día
Keeley Bosdell
Keeley Bosdell Hace un día
I do
stacey Littleton
stacey Littleton Hace un día
what happens if i get spy ninga net
Jhori Wiley
Jhori Wiley Hace un día
Jhori wiley
Jhori Wiley
Jhori Wiley Hace un día
Harley JONES
Harley JONES Hace un día
I have a ESwomen channel and post yeah!
Raad Saheb
Raad Saheb Hace un día
48 847
juan flores
juan flores Hace un día
Can I please have a shout out I subscribe to chad VE Daniel and Regina
Dax PZ4
Dax PZ4 Hace un día
My ESwomen channel name is back Peezy four
Dax PZ4
Dax PZ4 Hace un día
ESwomen channel name is tags Peezyfour
Joyce Dixon
Joyce Dixon Hace un día
I was mentioned to say game
Joyce Dixon
Joyce Dixon Hace un día
I made a mistake
Joyce Dixon
Joyce Dixon Hace un día
I love your class
XD_ GAMER100 Hace un día
Roblox vid
StaceyandCC Hace un día
I have a ESwomen channel it’s what my username is pls subscribe🥺
Evie Price
Evie Price Hace un día
MELVIN!!! Leave spy ninjas alone!!!! 😡
Gary White
Gary White Hace un día
I liked your video Regina & Danail
Tamerelle Browne
Tamerelle Browne Hace un día
mr.e did it
fluke seguna
fluke seguna Hace un día
I think is mr.e or dax the dimond play button
Janhvy Kohli
Janhvy Kohli Hace un día
Chad , Vy, Regina and Daniel; could you please make more fruit 🍉 ninja videos and movies like that please????!!!!
Mak Ali
Mak Ali Hace un día
Hannah Dizon
Hannah Dizon Hace un día
Pz9 is the worst
Martin Galicia
Martin Galicia Hace un día
I talk spanish
Michelle Ringo
Michelle Ringo Hace un día
Hi spy ninjas
Bassam Harbi
Bassam Harbi Hace un día
Tim Frye
Tim Frye Hace un día
I do
Onel Hurmez
Onel Hurmez Hace un día
symeon helms
symeon helms Hace 2 días
United airlines also is not going into a lot more space than it was last week when a very small plane landed
Hau Khup
Hau Khup Hace 2 días
Hau Khup
Hau Khup Hace 2 días
Hau Khup
Hau Khup Hace 2 días
Listen to Melvin
Hau Khup
Hau Khup Hace 2 días
Melvin has more subscribers I Can tail
Anthony Statton
Anthony Statton Hace 2 días
i laught when u said deglis
Mason Eversley
Mason Eversley Hace 2 días
Rafał R
Rafał R Hace 2 días
Don't subscribe to pz 9 the worst fighter
Kevork Ohannessian
Kevork Ohannessian Hace 2 días
I think a project zorgo. member snuck into your house
Anthony Statton
Anthony Statton Hace 2 días
mr.e or youtube
emmanuel rodriguez
emmanuel rodriguez Hace 2 días
Kevork Ohannessian
Kevork Ohannessian Hace 2 días
Melvin is so mean why is he even a spy ninja.
Dakota b l e v i n s Dakota b l e v i n s
Dakota b l e v i n s Dakota b l e v i n s Hace 2 días
Lisette Mantel
Lisette Mantel Hace 2 días
my brother is a big fan off u
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