Young Dolph - Sunshine (Official Video)

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Listen to the single "Sunshine". Out now!
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Official music video by Young Dolph performing "Sunshine" © 2020 Paper Route EMPIRE

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Mike Price
Mike Price Hace 13 horas
Lindsey Thomas
Lindsey Thomas Hace 16 horas
My president is Trump and my Avalon is blue
Gou Da
Gou Da Hace 20 horas
Dam. Young Dolph woke af
z4ceo Hace un día
I'm Japanese I want to see the lyrics
ROZE BLAZE Hace un día
As always.. KING DOLPH
Lil Fonzis
Lil Fonzis Hace un día
Hardest phone call ever heard
rc bread
rc bread Hace 2 días
Dolph nothing but love to you and yours!
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor Hace 2 días
Honestly let's be real.. Dolph is the shit regardless!! We all just need to take time to reflect on life and what's doing on around us.. why can't we all just be happy and realize this is America were all free.! Live is what you make it!!
Steveair k.o.w productions
Steveair k.o.w productions Hace 2 días
Young dolph in touch ... like he brings a creative a real perspective to whats going on can't wait to see him again in CO when this all over
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Hace 2 días
Monte Monte
Monte Monte Hace 2 días
When dolph get a beard
Baby Gabz
Baby Gabz Hace 2 días
This don't fit democratic black narrative. I love it
97 Litty gang williams
97 Litty gang williams Hace 2 días
Trump is taking us to war crazy
Donstillo klas
Donstillo klas Hace 2 días
Foreign Boy
Foreign Boy Hace 2 días
Young dolph lyrics is nothing but certainty
Terron Miles
Terron Miles Hace 3 días
Trump don’t like black peoples
Zeke Sena
Zeke Sena Hace 3 días
I swear if my kids dont like dolph when they older I'll know something wrong 😂
Jessica Dawgg
Jessica Dawgg Hace 4 días
Hello? , wassup dolph whatchu been doinnn 😛
Uriel Dominguez
Uriel Dominguez Hace 4 días
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar Hace 4 días
Why he wearing that mask sideways though ? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar Hace 4 días
Don't get any realer than this 💯🔥🚒👩🏼‍🚒
Devoni Taylor
Devoni Taylor Hace 4 días
junky dolph
Justin Parker
Justin Parker Hace 4 días
Watchu been doin Florida.407 loyalty for life bokey for ever💯💯💯
Le Vrai rat
Le Vrai rat Hace 4 días
🔥 feel it
Halsted Black
Halsted Black Hace 5 días
That wanna be tough shit comes from china
Melissa Vaught
Melissa Vaught Hace 5 días
He looks so different in this video.....
gary jacques
gary jacques Hace 5 días
#1 rapper of all time
Der Typ
Der Typ Hace 5 días
Is this a trump support? I think no but can anyone explain those trump lines
WHY ASK Hace 2 días
naw fam. he is just provided a "play by play" on whats poppin
D K Hace 6 días
What u Mean Dolph ain't gold
Glockspecific Hace 6 días
Dolph now my favorite rapper!!!!
I am K-RUSS Hace 6 días
I cant wait till the clouds gone and we get sunshine.
I am K-RUSS Hace 6 días
Thats some real shit bro
Cleasn Clkeasn
Cleasn Clkeasn Hace 6 días
That phone call tho
Markos Costa
Markos Costa Hace 7 días
S'litttt widdit 🔥
Markos Costa
Markos Costa Hace 7 días
S'litttt widdit
JK-47 beats. Johnny P. jk-47 productions la ca
JK-47 beats. Johnny P. jk-47 productions la ca Hace 7 días
even watch over the custodians .. too we. clean ... them dumb ass germs....
Cal The FAN
Cal The FAN Hace 7 días
Best rapper in Memphis i like Hypnotize minds and 8 ball there heroes too. But everybody else im bout that truth and love.
ManyGrams 420
ManyGrams 420 Hace 7 días
I cant wait til them clouds gone and we get sunshine
380 Murk
380 Murk Hace 7 días
cris kos
cris kos Hace 8 días
WWG1WGA theme song ;)
Beyonceweedman Hace 8 días
"Dolph wat u been doinggggggggg" 😂😂
JH81 Creations
JH81 Creations Hace 8 días
Are the Chinese fluent"? Lol Bussin down them Benjis cuttin down them indies hittin benches like my enddeeezz wee trust in these hindis miusty like my undies busty like my honies
Dejuan Oneal
Dejuan Oneal Hace 8 días
Tennessee STAND UP!!!!!
Trey Lawrence
Trey Lawrence Hace 9 días
Idc THIS SHIT SLEPT ON on a Global Scale!!! But that’s the price when being independent to an extent. I want this track to go beyond the streets. Everybody needs hear this one! 💯 Straight Up
NTHEFIRST48 Sr Hace 9 días
“& the realist shit I ever wrote 2020 award goes to Dolph!!!!”
SouthSide Suicide
SouthSide Suicide Hace 9 días
I work 7 dam days a week... Been doin that for last 6 months straight... And I've noticed it's become a habit i don't leave the house without some young dolph and a blunt lol
Tugg Blvd
Tugg Blvd Hace 10 días
🔥 🔥 🔥
fire fox769
fire fox769 Hace 10 días
Donziggy23 Hace 10 días
Confessions of the great king 🤴 🤴🤴🤴🐬🐬🐬🐬
Fresh Fam 200
Fresh Fam 200 Hace 11 días
🗣 Yeah Yeah!!!!
Zach Bolen
Zach Bolen Hace 11 días
The Beginning of the song 🤣
Cal The FAN
Cal The FAN Hace 11 días
Nice pit dolph you need to buy a pet dolphin
Glockspecific Hace 11 días
Trump 2020!!
Sr. Hace 11 días
Even dolph know the market boomin cause of trump independent mean you make your own mind up about things not what your told RESPECT DOLPH
Zachary Oseland
Zachary Oseland Hace 11 días
You know times are crazy when the best song about COVID-19 is by Dolph.
Remy Martn
Remy Martn Hace 7 días
@Zachary Oseland Damn...ok then. That explains it. I expected more though
Zachary Oseland
Zachary Oseland Hace 8 días
Remy Martn shut up
Remy Martn
Remy Martn Hace 8 días
You say that like Dolph not an Intelligent person.
LumiAssassin Hace 11 días
people be sleepin
Abraham Ebi
Abraham Ebi Hace 11 días
Young dolph you the man of the year
Luis Guillen
Luis Guillen Hace 11 días
Sylvia Ortega
Sylvia Ortega Hace 11 días
My President is Trump! ❤
Devan Sullivan
Devan Sullivan Hace 12 días
Black poeple dont like trump?
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford Hace 12 días
This why I love Dolph he went off on this track and did it so effortlessly LOVE IT
Jacob Haendel Recovery Channel
Jacob Haendel Recovery Channel Hace 12 días
“God please watch out for the doctors and nurses on the front lines “
David Smith
David Smith Hace 12 días
Took the lyrics off a song and made a beat to it
Shekevia Armstrong
Shekevia Armstrong Hace 12 días
Thank you Dolph for shouting out #NURSES #FIRSTRESPONDERS #BAMAHERE
Ironcitymarc Steel
Ironcitymarc Steel Hace 12 días
Wish I could 👍2wice..🇺🇸💪
Kevinson Buissereth
Kevinson Buissereth Hace 12 días
Lmaooooo who picks up the phone singing🤣🤣🤣
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez Hace 13 días
This song is pumping the market lol
Lord Farquar
Lord Farquar Hace 13 días
Dolph wearing his mask wrong
dave a
dave a Hace 13 días
Best song this year definitely
Jordan Mcintire
Jordan Mcintire Hace 13 días
That sonic chain was cold af
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