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You and I · PVRIS
You and I
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PVRISYou and I

Sarafina Delirium
Sarafina Delirium Hace 23 días
We can meet in the middle, you and I. You can give me what I want, just give it time.
ayliah moreno
ayliah moreno Hace 3 meses
am I the only one who came from a Cazzie edit? 🤭
Baekchen Biased
Baekchen Biased Hace 4 meses
Ok I don’t know if anyone’s read it but this gives me major Renegades by Merissa Meyer vibes and I’m living for it
Naomi Hace 4 meses
Came here from a sirens lament edit 🖖🏽
Berna Tumay
Berna Tumay Hace 4 meses
anyone with music taste recommend me this kind of songs bc its kinda sad hours....
Berna Tumay
Berna Tumay Hace 4 meses
everytime i listen this song i remember his laugh and our memories and it hurts that we are nothing but friends and this is not gonna change.the way she says , i cant keep you in this arms so ill keep you in my mind, is just...hits me hard everytime.u cant make him love me and he is just too good for me....
nina and sarah
nina and sarah Hace 5 meses
1:05 “follow you hentai”
psymike Hace 5 meses
This is beautiful, how are they not more famous???
Purple Rayne
Purple Rayne Hace 6 meses
0:50-1:00 I really like this part, it’s pretty ^w^
xCharlotte_Kx Hace 6 meses
I came here from an Instagram edit 🤣
Allie Marie
Allie Marie Hace 6 meses
I came here from a naruto edit😭
Simi Tuscano
Simi Tuscano Hace 6 meses
better than one direction's 'you and i'. i said what i said. bye.
Derpy Pigeon
Derpy Pigeon Hace 6 meses
I’m here from a Deckerstar edit
Suh Dude
Suh Dude Hace 6 meses
Halsey and Haley had a baby?? Amazing voice. when she yells I get goose bumps 🖤
Morgan Bermudes
Morgan Bermudes Hace 6 meses
Came here from a kanato x subaru edit😅
Vina Huynh
Vina Huynh Hace 7 meses
where was this my whole life
What edit has brought you to this song?
Chat Blog
Chat Blog Hace 7 meses
Anyone here from a MLB edit😂
Izzy Malfoy
Izzy Malfoy Hace 8 meses
Came from a edit of Newt and Tina 🥺
nicole Hace 8 meses
3:45 - .75x speed
Reyna Hace 8 meses
Reyna Hace 8 meses
came from an ethan dolan edit :')
DAIJAH World b
DAIJAH World b Hace 8 meses
Who came here from grown- ish zuca
denise. Hace 9 meses
sethkate gang how we doin
Loki Hace 9 meses
Here from a clementine and violet fan video
IkingofqueensI Hace 9 meses
Hi I came from space now now give me likes mortal *YeEt8*
Sydney Hutchinson
Sydney Hutchinson Hace 9 meses
Here from a Meredith and Derek Instagram edit😭❤
Annabelle Martindell
Annabelle Martindell Hace 9 meses
Here from a Bonnie and Enzo edited!!
aleahthecowi Hace 9 meses
I came from the walking dead show edit lol.
Grace Ane
Grace Ane Hace 10 meses
Who else is reading the comments while listening?
Lucy Aylott
Lucy Aylott Hace 10 meses
Grace Ane me
Official_wesley Hace 10 meses
Lol I heard this song at hollister one time
- madeleine -
- madeleine - Hace 10 meses
Maybe 11:30 on a school night isn’t the best time to be getting into a new band...
Awesome Aliza
Awesome Aliza Hace 4 meses
*lost in reverie* it's the best time to get into a new band for me lol 😂😊
Maki Harukawa
Maki Harukawa Hace 6 meses
Bro, It was 11:25 when I looked at this comment that's so shocking *I said whoever threw that paper, Your mom's a hoe 🙃*
xXxIcyerxXx IZR
xXxIcyerxXx IZR Hace 10 meses
Void Love 💔
Daryl collinson
Daryl collinson Hace 10 meses
Hey guys I did a drum cover of this song and would love some feedback!
Emma St Clair
Emma St Clair Hace 10 meses
i am literally in love with this audio like what?????? :)
RoxStar09 Hace 10 meses
Am I the only one who formerly pronounced the band as "puhvris"? Now I know it's called "Paris."
CCRocks 450
CCRocks 450 Hace 11 meses
2019 anyone?
Maddy Winkel
Maddy Winkel Hace 11 meses
I'm here 😉
markiyuh Hace 11 meses
the only person sent by a friend💀💕
Mercy Lombera
Mercy Lombera Hace 11 meses
I keep hearing, "for you, hentai".. I'm so sorry I ruined the lyrics hahaha
Angelina Garcia
Angelina Garcia Hace 6 meses
Mercy Lombera I thought the same thing
Beebo's Belly Button
Beebo's Belly Button Hace 11 meses
Am I the only one who's not here from an edit?
this closet is nice
this closet is nice Hace 4 meses
My friend was playing this on a road trip and I had a hell of a time trying to find it and it was stuck in my head
Neovara Hyvenfell
Neovara Hyvenfell Hace 6 meses
I’m not; my boss played PVRIS when we were on our way back from a training conference.
Beebo's Belly Button
Beebo's Belly Button Hace 11 meses
@Tvd Edits thaNK GOD
Tvd Edits
Tvd Edits Hace 11 meses
Beebo's Belly Button same, same
Makenna Grace
Makenna Grace Hace 11 meses
Who is here to make a edit?
Wsp Paris
Wsp Paris Hace 11 meses
Aye there band is like the same name as my but with a “A” , I also came here from a edit
Arielle Potato Gamer
Arielle Potato Gamer Hace 11 meses
Here from an amberprice edit
c r a z y . e d i t s
c r a z y . e d i t s Hace 11 meses
Hi I came from searching up love edit sounds for and edit if Rocki and Jackson
Manasvi Jain
Manasvi Jain Hace 11 meses
Anyone else came here from a Clace edit
Fatimah Kureshi
Fatimah Kureshi Hace 11 meses
Anyone else come from a snowbarry/flashfrost edit from the flash. LOVE THAT SHOWW
AJ The Monster
AJ The Monster Hace 11 meses
Found this band last summer and lost the song I saved and I'm so happy I found them again!!! This is one of my favorites!!!
yisel Hace 11 meses
I feel like I’m the only who came from an Episode edit lol 🤠
Hadrian Bob
Hadrian Bob Hace 11 meses
Probs only person who knows this song from a jarchie edit
• Savannah •
• Savannah • Hace 11 meses
i came here from a Harry Styles edit;)
Teus 554377
Teus 554377 Hace un año
Why tf did i get a spanish speaking ad for this song??
Jasmine B.
Jasmine B. Hace un año
came here from a michael clifford edit even though i’ve known this song forever
Sunhappy Hippie
Sunhappy Hippie Hace un año
*video editors enter at **1:05* *video editors leave at **1:35*
came from an outsider edit lmao
Lana Hace 8 meses
sad yeehaw
sad yeehaw Hace un año
Hi. I came here from searching up "you and i pvris"
Derpy Pigeon
Derpy Pigeon Hace 6 meses
I searched up “oh oh oh ohhh song” 🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Díaz
Jonathan Díaz Hace 7 meses
saraa Hace 9 meses
thank you
Grace Ane
Grace Ane Hace 10 meses
Gacha Turtle sameeee
Brooke List
Brooke List Hace un año
Came here from a zed and Addison edit! Disney Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 💚💗
Maria Miguel
Maria Miguel Hace un año
I came from an Enzo and Caroline edit from the TV show called The Vampire Diaries
Giselle Leon
Giselle Leon Hace un año
The only bad part is 0:00 😂
-unhoelyn Hace un año
came her from a Taehyung edit
urhope _stay
urhope _stay Hace 7 meses
Which Taehyung there's a bunch from other groups
letixjh 94
letixjh 94 Hace 8 meses
I came here from a taekook edit💜
Vminkook's boba
Vminkook's boba Hace 8 meses
Hannah Thompson
Hannah Thompson Hace 9 meses
I need to know what it was plzzzz 💜
Liza Westberry
Liza Westberry Hace 11 meses
Sammeeeee lmao
oof indeed
oof indeed Hace un año
Editing starts 3:30
oof indeed
oof indeed Hace un año
Who came for food 1/29/19 At-6;56 pm
Pareeha K
Pareeha K Hace un año
this song and the band is so underrated 😍
• Slava •
• Slava • Hace un año
Here from a Klaroline edit
Mia & Abby
Mia & Abby Hace un año
anybody here from an sam and Colby edit ?
Lucy Aylott
Lucy Aylott Hace 10 meses
Mia & Abby meee
hannah faith
hannah faith Hace un año
came here from a kagehina edit lmao
Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman Hace un año
Nabrina edit 😍❤️
SpoOky LaNd
SpoOky LaNd Hace un año
I'm here from A LOT of Instagram edits lmao
Rachel Tellez-perez
Rachel Tellez-perez Hace un año
Incredible song, this band should get more attention.
jayda huntley
jayda huntley Hace un año
I came from a lucaya edit you know Lucas and maya from Girl meets world
silvxr moon
silvxr moon Hace un año
same omg
jayda huntley
jayda huntley Hace un año
Why is this beautiful song so underrated it’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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