YBN Nahmir "Rubbin Off The Paint" (Prod. by Izak) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Hace 2 años

Watch the official music video of "Rubbin Off The Paint" by YBN Nahmir.
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Produced by Izak
Directed by WaterWippinEvan
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anjuli vasquez
anjuli vasquez Hace un hora
Not 4 you. The LIDS LIDSKIDS
anjuli vasquez
anjuli vasquez Hace un hora
I dont sell a zip. Sip. Ice bage your. Foot to. Ski. The netted. 1. Try a nolin stocking. On. Foot. Slide. With. Rubber. Pellets.
anjuli vasquez
anjuli vasquez Hace un hora
185 million got milk. What cheese smile. Goog job papers
Dont Kill 6ix9ine
Dont Kill 6ix9ine Hace 2 horas
Hank S
Hank S Hace 4 horas
Wish I could have known those where the good old days🤧
Cozzag12 Hace 9 horas
This song still slaps tbh
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin Hace 14 horas
nice way to show which part of the states you are in he threw up the east coast sign
Kai'ron Reed
Kai'ron Reed Hace 16 horas
‘ 9o
Korteazy Official
Korteazy Official Hace 19 horas
Blue snowball u know?
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
Bruh he recorded this on the 50$ Blue Snowball (USB) Mic. Doesn't need a setup, just a computer and the mic. I recommend buying it if you wanna start rapping
Staley Hace 20 horas
Velhos tempos...
cool cool
cool cool Hace 20 horas
My life in gta 5 :
Lucas Moddrell
Lucas Moddrell Hace un día
I’ve been running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running
Dee Kruz
Dee Kruz Hace un día
Yeah the GTA boy 🔥🔥🔥
Krik88 225310
Krik88 225310 Hace un día
Just keep waving guns around and wonder why.
Christina Hield
Christina Hield Hace un día
Yall hear em ''he in there snitching" 😂😂
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
Young Reezy
Young Reezy Hace un día
I’ve been running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running running
lil_frosty 3
lil_frosty 3 Hace un día
Got a uzi In his lap for like i got a glock in his lap
Lowa Case
Lowa Case Hace un día
It's past this niggas bed time
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
This song was made 2 years ago
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
serenity jade
serenity jade Hace un día
Lit times
L0WGZ Hace un día
Ah yes the time when rappers Sayed dank instead weed
Prod. Freez
Prod. Freez Hace un día
mans recorded this on a snowball mic and this still sounds better than most peoples 300-400 mics lol
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
Oh god bro, niggas be having Audio-Technica with no mixing skills, sounding like some 4$ earphone mics 😂😂😂. I record my music on my AKG earphones and it sounds better than that
Lucas Carvallo
Lucas Carvallo Hace un día
Middle schoolers when they get a win in fortnite
Natomy Johnson
Natomy Johnson Hace un día
When I turn 18 and buy one gun😂
j b
j b Hace un día
Any white people rapping about guns and being hard? Just curious!
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
Abg Neal Kriime Life Kass Riff Raff Gutta 100 White Sosa Nascar Aloe 😎 (facts)
Ηλίας Αβράμπος
Ηλίας Αβράμπος Hace un día
Search Gzuz...The title is Was has du gedacht
ruiner Hace un día
i fucking miss 2017 :'(
Ayele Brockington
Ayele Brockington Hace 2 días
EmbraceMe Hace 2 días
2016 - 2018 were the good years
Ericnique Kelley
Ericnique Kelley Hace 2 días
This beat to fire, my ear drums almost broke and I almost died because of it
Tomaž Štajer
Tomaž Štajer Hace 2 días
When you work at the graffiti removal, and you make a fire song out of it🤟🤷🤩
Veloth Hace 2 días
This man literally took Tay k’s and made break for it, NGL. 🤷‍♂️
Phillip Amar
Phillip Amar Hace 2 días
i miss this nahmir
Mubashir Raheem
Mubashir Raheem Hace 2 días
This is my mornings alarm tone
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn Hace 2 días
This makes no sense
S9ED Hace 2 días
0:47 all this time i thought people edited this part but... ok then
Xaddoc Hace 2 días
I cant listen to this anymore cuz of Lil float xd
Katrice Masters
Katrice Masters Hace 2 días
Karen's dislike this ...🤔
Spicythrax life
Spicythrax life Hace 2 días
can't see him shooting nobody but this song slapped tho beat hard asf!!
Eat Potato
Eat Potato Hace 2 días
This was made on a blue snowball mic. Stop making excuses
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
There's a mic called "Rode nt usb" that cost less than the Snowball but Its better
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
ON GOD BRO I just made a comment about this, but Imma get the Samson G Track Pro
M.A.K BOY MENACE Hace 2 días
When dis came outt this was a Bangerrrrrr stil is to be real
Charlie Burnett Jr
Charlie Burnett Jr Hace 2 días
0:40 dis dude had ones in his "stack" but its ight smh lmao 😂
Mercuqrc Hace 2 días
Tay-K, KA$HDAMI, and Lil Loaded sent me
Jay'son Robinson
Jay'son Robinson Hace 2 días
Pabsfrombsk Hace 3 días
Saim Black
Saim Black Hace 3 días
На моём аккаунте,на моём аккаунте,я прибав пару нулей на своём аккаунте!
Spirit Spyro
Spirit Spyro Hace 3 días
the dad lost his gun and the daughter lost her backpack and that money was stolen but who’s the trump supporter they stole that truck from 👀
6ex 9ine
6ex 9ine Hace 3 días
“He still running”
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz Hace 3 días
July 2020?
Александр Пильгун
Александр Пильгун Hace 3 días
Бит у Кизару спиздил
Диван Подушка
Диван Подушка Hace 3 días
Нет,бит в открытом доступе
DXPRXSSXD Hace 3 días
last time i listened to this I was going 170 km/h and i nearly died, lmaoo EDIT: 2:00 to be exact
Batboy Jacob
Batboy Jacob Hace 3 días
0:40 wassup with the one dollar bills 😂😂
TheQuietKid Hace 20 horas
There's some 20's and 5's in there, up your Quality
Jacob Slaughter
Jacob Slaughter Hace 3 días
Don't mention Mozzy if you not about it lil dude, if you don't have bodies stop rapping like you do.. smh that's weak shit Mozzy gotta rap sheet do you?? Or is this a school project for music class😂😂
Jacob Slaughter
Jacob Slaughter Hace 3 días
You need a real bodyguard and not these little fuck Bois hmu none of them mfs got bodies or heart
Jacob Slaughter
Jacob Slaughter Hace 3 días
You really bout murder or you just singing about it while u send goons??
K Love
K Love Hace 3 días
Who else is watching this during quarantine?
Golden 77
Golden 77 Hace 3 días
degenerates from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Riot flickz Young
Riot flickz Young Hace 3 días
He look like my brother
Alan PlayzRoblox
Alan PlayzRoblox Hace 3 días
0:56 spam it
Ilya SSaber
Ilya SSaber Hace 3 días
на моем аккаунте
Oliver Oliver
Oliver Oliver Hace 3 días
New school: gucci gang nigga gang chicken gang Eminem: Fuck these. And listen KAMIKAZE
Matthew Kohmann
Matthew Kohmann Hace 3 días
Smh these fools talking ab his age thinking he aint hard. They just dont know that when you grow up innat lifa u gon grow up acting like it, dont expect for him to act like a middle class white boy when he aint😂😂
Inuyasha Gaming
Inuyasha Gaming Hace 3 días
Billie eilish makes the craziest music videos YBN hold my pink bag
YBN Coordae
YBN Coordae Hace 3 días
Ik this song by heart😂
JAY TAYLOR Hace 4 días
Im late but this shit GO!
Sander Emil Kvia Rasmussen
Sander Emil Kvia Rasmussen Hace 4 días
dude this is fire but alot of blurry scenes
RaPTurE-ICY Hace 4 días
Now we can a remember times were good when this came out
Kevinbichi11 Pelotas
Kevinbichi11 Pelotas Hace 10 horas
2020 ??? 🔥🔥
N1X Hace 18 horas
Real Breelz
Real Breelz Hace un día
We thought they were bad then to
SnowyGreened Hace un día
darrell myers
darrell myers Hace un día
Bigg facts
IlyasAkyol0911 Hace 4 días
Anyone noticed how often he said the n word 😂😂
cool cringe
cool cringe Hace 4 días
Quiet kids be like:
Charli.dunkin.5 Urbina
Charli.dunkin.5 Urbina Hace 4 días
I love u so much ☺️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Руслана Нингулова
Руслана Нингулова Hace 4 días
Ей ей ей генг генг
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