YBN Cordae "Target" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Target" by YBN Cordae.
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Directed by: PplCallMeAce @PplCallMeAce
Shot: Simon David @SimonDavid__
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420tripping_on_da_cid bfl_shit
420tripping_on_da_cid bfl_shit Hace 4 horas
Hard af
BLUEFACE 9INE Hace 5 horas
money dont sleep
xkingelix Hace un día
👌🏽🔥🔥🔥still fireeeeeeeeeee
Psalms Wiz
Psalms Wiz Hace 7 días
Bro is that Joey fatts in the beginning?
alexis martinez
alexis martinez Hace 7 días
This song hit different now #RIPFLOYD
Go Away
Go Away Hace 3 días
@Just a WARLORD Fuck you Adolph! That man was strangled to death while face down in handcuffs. I know why don't you March up to the state capital and protest social distancing etc. So a bunch of disabled, senior citizens, elderly and racial minorities can all die to ensure your ability to get a haircut.😳😲🤬🤯🙄😒
Go Away
Go Away Hace 3 días
I watched this video for the first time while video footage of the riots were Being broadcasted on tv. Without any previous exposure to cordae I would still have to agree with you. #Agreed
Just a WARLORD Hace 6 días
fuck your shit floyd is a criminal
#1hero Hace 7 días
Minneapolis be like: this goes hard
FGC Moe Hace 8 días
who made this beat
Not Your Dad
Not Your Dad Hace 9 días
CEO XxTryHardslayerxX
CEO XxTryHardslayerxX Hace 9 días
What are you now a off brand polo g
Aidan Rodriguez
Aidan Rodriguez Hace 10 días
Its like cordae is a parent and he has a child and explaining what not to do when ur parenting
Armando Beltran
Armando Beltran Hace 10 días
He ight but I’m sure he gone fall with all his nigggahs and krystal
Austin Lodell
Austin Lodell Hace 16 días
Wow i wasnt really paying attention but i dint see ass, cash, or too many guns, is something new being born?
Kyle Myers
Kyle Myers Hace 28 días
😅😅 booo why yu giving game for freeee.... let'em pay for it. Yu got it!!
Waves Galore
Waves Galore Hace un mes
Why does it look like the cop is rapping Cordae is rights at 1:42 😂😆
Jogendra Mehta
Jogendra Mehta Hace un mes
Tom O
Tom O Hace un mes
loving the homage to jay z
Daniel Burow
Daniel Burow Hace un mes
He's a great storyteller. Like damn, you don't get that often nowadays
I shit myself
I shit myself Hace un mes
My life confirmed. Tru story
That Kid Ken
That Kid Ken Hace un mes
Y’all remember Franklin from Beyond Scared Staright.....this is him 💀
Joeski Staaf
Joeski Staaf Hace 2 meses
that multi scheme he opened with was fantastic
G59 Hace 2 meses
Listened to this song so many times
Brandi Simmons
Brandi Simmons Hace 2 meses
YBN Manny look like a FIFA Player
King Kyd
King Kyd Hace 2 meses
i wish i could go back to 2018-19 so i can listen to cordae for the first time
Yost Thomas
Yost Thomas Hace 2 meses
🔥 fiiiiiiiiiiiier 🔥
Mohamedissavage Hace 3 meses
*He’s like a New School Eazy E on this song*
Era Gone
Era Gone Hace 3 meses
Love shopping at target hell yea bout time they made a song about that store
Orovista The account
Orovista The account Hace 3 meses
He kinda sounded like Chance the rapper in this song
BigJake_1991 Hace 3 meses
Nicholas Spencer
Nicholas Spencer Hace 3 meses
This song is still fucking amazing. Imagine Eminem jumping in on this. It's coming shady and cordae. Leta go
xfficixaltre Hace 3 meses
Still think it's funny, nun of em got durags on
Aløne FN
Aløne FN Hace 3 meses
This song slaps
zhyen daaf
zhyen daaf Hace 3 meses
Weon feo xd
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Hace 3 meses
cordae is like the new eminem like if you bumpin in 2020
Ben Munoz
Ben Munoz Hace 4 meses
Had no idea Cordae was cool with Joey Fatts.
saint mbm
saint mbm Hace 4 meses
i feel dat hair
Surillium ツ
Surillium ツ Hace 4 meses
Any here in 2020. I rapped this who,e song to my class and impressed them.
Alika Hace 4 meses
Tellin a story when he rap
DatNigga Jeezus
DatNigga Jeezus Hace 4 meses
This shit fire
Typical Girl
Typical Girl Hace 4 meses
This song only furthers the reason why cops pull over young black males .. but fuck them right lul
LilPickleVEVO Hace 4 meses
Grammy nominated 🙌
BLUEFACE 9INE Hace 4 meses
This shit fire cus he came into it tryna make it a movie
Drake Julian71
Drake Julian71 Hace 4 meses
Young Esco
Young Esco Hace 5 meses
This nigga said they all got Durags on but ain’t nobody got durays in the video
Cici Hace 5 meses
so nobody gonna talk about the fact that only half of his hair is done😭😂
Edd without Y
Edd without Y Hace 5 meses
nowadays it is hard to find newschool rappers who actually say a word in their musics
thatsvenny music
thatsvenny music Hace 5 meses
YBN manny in the back tho
Isaiah Vasquez
Isaiah Vasquez Hace 5 meses
J cole needs this kid.
Thetragicprelude Hace 6 meses
That’s a 63 tho.
dabby dabby
dabby dabby Hace 6 meses
Cop got better bars lol 🤣
Philosophy Topic
Philosophy Topic Hace 6 meses
Fuck this I’m going to McDonald’s 😂😂😂
BLUEFACE 9INE Hace 6 meses
Dem jedi archives tho
hayden hershey squirt
hayden hershey squirt Hace 6 meses
graminated 🤫
Carroll Hatesmodays
Carroll Hatesmodays Hace 6 meses
YBN manny
DJ Metoyer
DJ Metoyer Hace 7 meses
Cordae was the only nigga who could rock tf out of that hairstyle😂💀
FiddyFamily Hace 7 meses
Shiiit...had a smile on my face from the jump off. Dope...old school meets new
Bob Pickleson
Bob Pickleson Hace 7 meses
Was not expecting actual good storytelling from a trap song. Tapped this by accident and decided to give it a try cuz he’s one of them YBN fools. Came out surprised. Dude’s more than his homies.
kxmxgxzt Hace 7 meses
0:15-1:15 strait fire
kxmxgxzt Hace 7 meses
what in tarnation hit the gas im car racing aye
Saron Fenta
Saron Fenta Hace 7 meses
Bro wtf is this intro oOOOOOoooOOoOoo
Praya hh
Praya hh Hace 7 meses
How is Cordea so smooth
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III Hace 7 meses
Pay yo taxes!
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III Hace 7 meses
Evzide Hace 7 meses
"New bitch named Crystal" Now that, my friends, is a stripper name
Cristian Ortiz
Cristian Ortiz Hace 7 meses
he just said what in tarnation
Flora Nallo
Flora Nallo Hace 8 meses
cordae forever!!!!!!
Brandon McQueen
Brandon McQueen Hace 8 meses
“All y’all were suspects , you knew that homes. Five niggas in the car and y’all got due rags on.”
Majima San
Majima San Hace un mes
Logan Allen
Logan Allen Hace 8 meses
1 year later🔥🔥🔥🔥
Snxke Hace 8 meses
In a Chicago school, this is how they teach the Amendments.
RTF PLAYZ Hace 8 meses
Maybe you can put a old mind in a young person.
Darius stone
Darius stone Hace 8 meses
Ice cube..crack baby Temazo
SoyTreyFN Hace 8 meses
this song reminds me of gucci mane and eazy E
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