YBN Cordae "Old N*ggas" (J. Cole "1985" Response) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Old Niggas" by YBN Cordae.
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Directed by: @PplCallMeAce
Shot and Edited: @SimonDavid__
YBN Mixtape Vol 1. “Young Boss N*ggas”
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John Ries
John Ries Hace 23 horas
A god saw him last night
Ridgeway Ndudzo
Ridgeway Ndudzo Hace un día
" Plz don't complain without a plan"
Conor Lalis
Conor Lalis Hace un día
He reminds me of Dillon cooper
Andrei Strugaru
Andrei Strugaru Hace un día
damn..what a mature and knowledgeable/logical response from a young rapper..don't confuse it with a diss cuz it aint.
Nellz Williams
Nellz Williams Hace 2 días
Then D Rose Drops 50....
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis Hace 2 días
Most young rappers can't rap, don't even care about the art form. Cordae has skills on skills. His bars show that he is more than the current mumble tune wave.
jtreynol Hace 2 días
cristian garcia
cristian garcia Hace 3 días
Dizzy wright flo
Keith Mcgriff
Keith Mcgriff Hace 3 días
Dez 21
Dez 21 Hace 3 días
Who still here in 2019😎😎💯?
Jason Cabrera
Jason Cabrera Hace 2 días
Xavier Gray
Xavier Gray Hace 3 días
He didnt have to do d rose like that lmao
Christina Singson
Christina Singson Hace 4 días
Eddy Fuggit
Eddy Fuggit Hace 4 días
This is the tuffest youngster I've heard,nowadays.keep that 🔥...e.
William D.
William D. Hace 4 días
The only youngin talkin some sense and not on that mumble shit and actually has depth
Olajide Lucas
Olajide Lucas Hace 5 días
This boy is alright, he aight, and he’s fucking with Naomi Osaka so he is definitely alright. His rap is alright.
Konfiusedd Jee
Konfiusedd Jee Hace 5 días
Uh, old n----- and new n-----, now what’s the difference? All in the same boat in a stuck position So when an old n---- talkin’ I don’t f-----’ listen They don’t know every day we make tough decisions It seems though we is at a generational gap Which bring conversation and a statement in fact We can agree none of us is ‘posed to make it in rap I understand both sides, let me break it in half Let’s take it back when hip hop originated And old n----- said it was wack, they couldn’t take it And called it a little trend, said it wouldn’t last Now it’s the number one genre as the time passed Young n----- won’t listen and we know it But old n----- always talk and never show it You gotta practice what you preach and the classes that you teach Will eventually listen, my mind mentally prison, uh Lately all my idols they been failin’ me Catchin’ sexual assaults and some felonies Then you want me to listen what you tellin’ me And wanna hate when we sing our little melodies And other idols they be broke, get your funds in order And Kanye West is a Trump supporter Then we got R. Kelly and Bill Cosby Who still probably got lil girls in the Hills lobby And these supposed to be our heros? negro please Old n----- unreliable like D-Rose knees Only man I can trust is G-O-D Not to mention Mos Def and Talib Kweli Now I get it, y’all think new n----- really s--- And white kids f-----’ love it, lil silly ducks But I know it’s a lot of bullshit goin’ on, I understand But please don’t complain without a plan Ironically I wrote this whole song off a xan, nah I’m playin’ I’m just tryna be a f-----’ man We see you old n----- as a lot of clowns Not to mention our father figures was not around So we all on tours and we hoppin’ towns We just need to sit down and find common ground And it’s soon to come, soon to come Hip hop need balance like the moon and sun It feel good when I wear Christian Louboutins So I gotta drop music to accrue some funds And I get it, that’s the mindset that’s killin’ the rhyme-fest But feedin’ our families, lowering the crime yet You want us to be separate and make a contest Rappin’ to stay up out the streets, shouldn’t mind that Stayin’ out of prison and we sayin’ f--- the system man Rappin’ is an outlet to go and get our dividends Rather than out robbin’ n-----, sellin’ Ritalin Old n----- bitter, y’all should love it when a n---- win ‘Cause we came from the same struggle like Diddy and Dame Russell Was teachin’ and gained hustle, got rich, remained subtle See I listen, see I listen But Lil Dae-Dae water whippin’ in the kitchen Ready to flip a pack and bring it back, no submission Gotta just go attack Lil Pump when you’re dissin’ I understand both sides of the Ziploc Y’all old n-----’ time is comin’ n----, tick tock I’ma still wear all my Gucci flip-flops And the f-----’ diamond chain with the big rocks And I’ll be the greatest ever n----, just watch Cardi B got rich from Love & Hip Hop, haha
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Hace 6 días
He right tho
MKS Gaming
MKS Gaming Hace 6 días
Everybody who thinks this is a Cole diss is hella stupid
alexis hunt
alexis hunt Hace 6 días
Ybn dont mean young black nigga?
alexis hunt
alexis hunt Hace 6 días
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui Hace 6 días
1:00 the barbers mad because he keeps moving his head when they tryna cut his hair......... on a saturday
Zoo Loco
Zoo Loco Hace 6 días
First of all, leave D Rose knees out yuh rhymes. #BullsNation
Jalen Kirk
Jalen Kirk Hace 7 días
2:57 The realist line
Abel Taylor
Abel Taylor Hace 7 días
Check this out kids eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Cydu-0jBIBE.html
Cyrus Hawkins
Cyrus Hawkins Hace 7 días
"Cardi B got rich from love and hip and hop hehe"... I'm dead
edu martin
edu martin Hace 8 días
YBN CORDAE OLD N#ggas j cole......!!)))) TEMASO.
edu martin
edu martin Hace 8 días
2pac BABY DONT CRY,,,,,,,,!!!
Keisha Renae
Keisha Renae Hace 8 días
This one going far!!!!!
TedTheGamer Hace 9 días
Terrible, honestly very terrible. Only reason I'm here is because of "(J. Cole "1985" Response)"
ACE_BOOGY618 Hace 9 días
okay old niggas need to make a respone. I fw this shout out the young generation i fuck w yall im newly in my thirties and still love this rap/hiphop shit. but since im not a rapper imma put it like this. niggas in their late 20s to early 30s we can still sorta relate to the music because think about it the generation gap aint that far off some of yall youngins watch the same shit we was watching as teens its still parts of the youth in us alot of style that caught on in my High school days are still in style now. My generation molded you lil niggas not always in the best way but we did the best we could yall gotta remember our moms and dads werent around either so we(my generation)did the best we could to show yall the way. Hip hop has evolved and i fuck wit it just not all of it even in my generation we had artist that were just trash and even in this generation there are rappers that are just garbage but they making money i wanna see them win regardless because thats just the type of nigga i am. all i ask is uphold some kind of integrity towards the craft, lyrics are getting out of hand like niggas aint even trying no more. Its good to see young cats like ybn cordae uphold lyricism in hip hop. And also dont be so quick to shit on old niggas just because we not hella young late 20s and early 30s niggas still got these hands and they work lmao. soak up a lil game from the older generation we not all haters,. oh yeah and let kid buu live, just because he 30sumn he tryna make money too, danny brown is another older rapper who i see young niggas hate on. some of the best rappers right now are in their early 30s late 20s . my top 5 25. and younger rappers right now 1. vince staples 2.ybn cordae 3.trippy red 4.joey badass 5.roddy rich honorable mention because they shit turnt, Playboi carti ski mask city mourge sob x rbe
ACE_BOOGY618 Hace 9 días
and i get plenty of ass fro women in yall generation lol
xTheNameisEthan Hace 10 días
Respect, shits actually hip hop, just beats and rhymes no whack shit no annoying hooks no auto tune no mumbling no inaudible shit, I didn't expect this
Edwin Mendez
Edwin Mendez Hace 10 días
Oct 2019?
Cross Creeks Farm
Cross Creeks Farm Hace 10 días
So ironic. This is the only new rapper who is the same as these “old niggas” i mean thats how he spits. Its the same. Hes nothing like these new age mumble rappers
Poubilung Pamei
Poubilung Pamei Hace 13 días
Cordae if u got some real shit to say diss Eminem I dare u....
Shark Boss 555
Shark Boss 555 Hace 14 días
Why does he care it's a fight between j Cole and lil pump not u
El Duro
El Duro Hace 15 días
He lost me when he said Kanye is a Trump supporter! Fuck him now! Only mf trynna save us Trump 2020!
Tardy G
Tardy G Hace 16 días
Future rap King
Erica Kane
Erica Kane Hace 16 días
Real rap right here lets go
braulio19 h
braulio19 h Hace 18 días
Cordae is a young rapper that spits more bars than any classic rapper
Finerk LP
Finerk LP Hace 9 días
Thlee Jayden
Thlee Jayden Hace 18 días
Michael Moya
Michael Moya Hace 18 días
I'm not saying that this song is bad and it doesn't make good points, but I think corde missed the point of 1985
Team 3LiTe
Team 3LiTe Hace 19 días
This Nigga Woke Fr
Bigger DURTLE Hace 19 días
"Cordae has more views!" Dummy you missed the point of both songs. PS. JCole has his song on 3 separate videos. Add those up, and they beat cordae by 4 million views.
Wes Manoff
Wes Manoff Hace 19 días
J cole the goat for not responding with another diss song but instead he decided to help homie out and produce some fire for him.
Sound Surfer
Sound Surfer Hace 20 días
unreliable like drose knees lol
im not here
im not here Hace 20 días
The drose line tho😷🔥 🔥 🔥
Mario Portillo
Mario Portillo Hace 22 días
J. cole should've sat down and found a middle ground with this guy instead of lil pump
YTK JAY VLOGS Hace 22 días
jesi strickland
jesi strickland Hace 22 días
This dude serious bruh
HAIRICOME Barber Hace 22 días
Man he’s dope! And I’m oooooold school and don’t really get down with some of these youngsters. This guy got bars tho.
Jay Pierre
Jay Pierre Hace 22 días
YBN Cordae: Yeah sorry I can’t make the shoot today cause I gotta get a haircut Director: Actually, that gives me an idea...
The Relic
The Relic Hace 22 días
Oof... That's all🤷🏾‍♂️ nothing more need👌🏾
Karime Corona
Karime Corona Hace 22 días
First off you sound wack
T3 Hoopz
T3 Hoopz Hace 23 días
I like how he used the beat from a tale of 2 citiez from J cole while he dissing j cole I now realize he was jhst responding to him not dissing him
Lachie Gilchrist
Lachie Gilchrist Hace 21 un día
T3 Hoopz it’s not from the tale of 2 cities tho. But good point
Walt B.
Walt B. Hace 25 días
He nice because he doesn't sound like the new niggas. I would've guessed Dreamville..
Joeseph Nalley
Joeseph Nalley Hace 25 días
Boogie all day
Damien Semens
Damien Semens Hace 25 días
Unreliable like D ROSE KNEES😆😅
birk Hace 25 días
Cordae is actually the only good one in ybn
DaBaby's Adlibs
DaBaby's Adlibs Hace 26 días
Those 22k dislikes are from bill cosby and R Kelly and their burner accounts
Kyri3 1rving
Kyri3 1rving Hace 8 días
And D Rose
ツSkixz Hace 20 días
And Kanye!
Mario Portillo
Mario Portillo Hace 23 días
Like for name
Hippoew FTW
Hippoew FTW Hace 26 días
the kicks 😮
Chozen xTragic
Chozen xTragic Hace 27 días
who else realized that cordae got his cut in the barbershop that makes funny barber youtube videos
Bill Nigh II
Bill Nigh II Hace 27 días
I don't care where he fits in. This is rap
Robert Santana
Robert Santana Hace 27 días
this is trash
Lou Ferigno
Lou Ferigno Hace 28 días
Old niggas unreliable like D Rose knees 🔥
Jokerman Gaming
Jokerman Gaming Hace 28 días
"Unreliable like d rose knees" thats bogus asl but that bar was still fire asf
Ariel Harris
Ariel Harris Hace 28 días
Great ... amazing rapper. But clearly he didn’t listen to the song with out putting his emotions to the side
money_kidd y
money_kidd y Hace un mes
Went phyco 😈💊💊
thug8200 Hace un mes
Young bull rebuttals the fuck out of Cole
Vance L. Gilmore
Vance L. Gilmore Hace un mes
Get out of this world.
They Soiledit
They Soiledit Hace un mes
Who tf was talking to you 😂
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