YBN Cordae "Old N*ggas" (J. Cole "1985" Response) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Hace 2 años

Watch the official music video for "Old Niggas" by YBN Cordae.
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Directed by: @PplCallMeAce
Shot and Edited: @SimonDavid__
YBN Mixtape Vol 1. “Young Boss N*ggas”
Coming Soon
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Jay Moore
Jay Moore Hace 12 horas
U still ass
Geo Gomez
Geo Gomez Hace 22 horas
This actually has structure. Keep making music like this, this is good. You might bring lyrics back!
William Handy
William Handy Hace un día
Funny how a old nigga, got you to abandon new nigga shit, to diss a old nigga, with a old nigga style. Oddly my friend you just confirmed that mumble rap cant actually compete with the effort of true lyrics, the way you just so awesomely produced in what I guess you would consider a defense of mumble rappers. Try again my friend, no seriously try again this was ironically fire
Flaw Ash
Flaw Ash Hace un día
Dis song aged so well
Bloopie Hace un día
So basically this means : old niggas need to stfu🤔...I agree
Double V
Double V Hace un día
He got a point
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Hace 2 días
I just heard this but lil homie ain't CAPPIN
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson Hace 2 días
Bruh so close to cutting of his hair bruh
Doop Poop
Doop Poop Hace 3 días
I think that both disses were trash
Danny Nguyen
Danny Nguyen Hace 3 días
Why he gotta do d rose like that 😂
Jae Paul
Jae Paul Hace 3 días
He spits fire with a concept and gets 14M His posing ass nigga Nahmir spits trash about being a shooter and gets 117M Shame.
Mohamedissavage Hace 3 días
Mumble rap doesn’t exist. It’s either people rapping in a way that old people don’t like or it’s people who have something to say. So when someone is trying to say something, they’re gonna use “lyrical” rap.
Lost -Tracks
Lost -Tracks Hace 4 días
At this moment corodae fucked up his chance with dreamville
Gato 008
Gato 008 Hace 4 días
His lyric..... Feel tht 💯💯💯Litty not shitty ✨✨✝️✝️☯️✝️🔯☪️🕉️peace
Gato 008
Gato 008 Hace 4 días
Thts right youth 🎶🙋use ur mind,🤔🤔👁️ not ur muscle.... Anyways the track SD dope &👁️ show ur intelligence., capability💁💁👁️
Hubert Spitholt
Hubert Spitholt Hace 5 días
All I wanna say is that one day he's gonna be old too if he's lucky
ilyes elgares
ilyes elgares Hace 5 días
yo just stfu
Bryce Wilson
Bryce Wilson Hace 5 días
naw this is wild
Armando Beltran
Armando Beltran Hace 5 días
Logic make this guy your kid and destroy him
kayla barkie
kayla barkie Hace 5 días
He sounds like logic
MakingKids Mad
MakingKids Mad Hace 6 días
He was the only rapper who defended his gerneration
MakingKids Mad
MakingKids Mad Hace 6 días
I never changed this comment and that’s why I have no likes
R.A.G Gaming
R.A.G Gaming Hace 7 días
I expected some shit but this mans is lyrical yeo nbs
jesse perez
jesse perez Hace 7 días
He better than j.cole
Sqisho Hace 7 días
See this is decent and all but he is using lyrical rap to defend up and comers mumble rap... that's not representative of the new people in hip hop.
ann wawira
ann wawira Hace 7 días
i never thought id see a young lyrical rapper in the mainstream again so i choose to support this young guy
Jr 07
Jr 07 Hace 3 días
I mean there are plenty of them out there even better: Denzel Curry, Earl Sweatshirt, Joey Badass
Pathyo 77
Pathyo 77 Hace 8 días
Bruh the barber was like sit ya ass down so I can give you your damn haircut 🤣
Tone Loco
Tone Loco Hace 8 días
Great job young one. You did that homie.
Jonny Will
Jonny Will Hace 8 días
Funny because this flow is like j coles lol!!
SPIRITUAL Tito Hace 8 días
am i the only one who hates when someone says “this new era of rap is trash there just rappers like lil pump” it’s not all bad 🤷🏽‍♂️just my thoughts
Gynis Carolus
Gynis Carolus Hace 5 días
xjkae Hace 9 días
this flow
ben tallent
ben tallent Hace 9 días
only got 14mill views thanks to j coles name being attached
Saurav Silwal
Saurav Silwal Hace 9 días
YBN Cordae is a old nigga
Cali Gee
Cali Gee Hace 10 días
It’s his lisp that gives usth (us) that feel
MXRDER 8 Hace 10 días
He’s not even a mumble rapper so he came in this for what clout chasing shit 😂😂😂
J Taylor
J Taylor Hace 11 días
Yo he dumb asamf this my first hearing dis but he not even rapping bout old rappers
Mr. Clout
Mr. Clout Hace 11 días
He acting like Cole dissed pump
Akayo Kalumba
Akayo Kalumba Hace 11 días
This guy murked jcole. No reply I know ure hurt
Hussein 2.0
Hussein 2.0 Hace 11 días
Worst song in history
Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera Hace 11 días
“The Fall Off” coming , cole gonna show you something 💯🤫
Jr 07
Jr 07 Hace 3 días
Most overrated rapper in history
Anei Malong
Anei Malong Hace 11 días
Imagine Cordae and Cole on a track🔥🔥🔥
Dubeast 1213
Dubeast 1213 Hace 12 días
I feel like XXX and cordae would have shredded a track
Chevane Authers
Chevane Authers Hace 12 días
He went ham 🔥🔥🔥
jacob sweat
jacob sweat Hace 12 días
honestly nobody really nailed anyone, this reads like a respectful conversation
K Dizzle
K Dizzle Hace 13 días
corbae hard yo sickest young en out there in the US
Nsan jaga
Nsan jaga Hace 13 días
Thanks for coming to my TED talk - YBN Cordae
Deminus Hace 13 días
YBN Cordae is too ahead of his curve to represent it, so this doesn't really click for me.
Jmusic96 Hace 13 días
I just peeped he gotta Catholic University hoodie on. Thats where i went to school at
Chakma Nation
Chakma Nation Hace 14 días
J Cole was right doe and this nigqa ain't tripping
Litlil Chasey
Litlil Chasey Hace 14 días
You know this Maryland stop at 1:11 ravens sticker on the mirror😂
Moses Gbagbe-sowah
Moses Gbagbe-sowah Hace 14 días
I’m here for the barbershop 😪
Kolombex Hace 15 días
He should've just shut the fuck up and listen to his elders
zion Lee
zion Lee Hace 15 días
"Cardi b got rich from lovenhiphop". That was Guinness
Jester Arts
Jester Arts Hace 15 días
O this is so fire.
f1zz Hace 15 días
Me in 2018: wtf he’s in a barber shop? Me in 2020: how tf he in a barber shop?
Dumb Comments
Dumb Comments Hace 11 horas
justin parallag it’s called a joke bud
justin parallag
justin parallag Hace 7 días
Cuz this was shot in 2018. 😑
Wronik Hace 11 días
Lame joke
rene melgarejo
rene melgarejo Hace 15 días
Only black rapper who’s lyrics I can actually understand
Nate Martinez
Nate Martinez Hace 16 días
That shit was surprisingly really good
Sharah Hace 16 días
Yeah I hear u but damn i just wanna wipe this nigga bottom lip off..
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane Hace 16 días
Darrin Harris
Darrin Harris Hace 16 días
The irony is j cole wouldn’t even have an issue with ybn Cordae cause he can actually spit
Tevin Thomas
Tevin Thomas Hace 13 días
J cole loves him they cool, cole produced a song on his album 😎 all the old heads & heavy hitters like Cordae and show him hella love
keysta75 Hace 17 días
Wu-Tang Forever!
Rxb Lxx
Rxb Lxx Hace 17 días
this kid dope ..smart
A Ba
A Ba Hace 18 días
This guy is an idiot......this new gen are so stupid...we are dooom......bro u will never surpass any old Gs or new Gs...u just an idiot with a mouth that’s it...
A Ba
A Ba Hace 15 días
@Otogun yet you dumb if you think they care about him ...he just another money slave for them...if you think he waste his time to find him bro you just another dumb sheep...he has people working for them to see which new rapper can dumb down more this new gen...stop listening to stupid music...
Otogun Hace 15 días
Yet he got put on by dre and cole. Old hating ass nikka yo idols dont even fw you but they fw him
SJ Hace 18 días
It's more of an oldhead diss rather than a Cole diss if you ask me. Still a dope song tho.
bsmi1361 Hace 18 días
J Cole wasn't even talking to him
YoungKingsTv Hace 19 días
Why he had to say “ old niggas unreliable like d-rose knees “ BRUH 😭🤦🏽‍♂️ the disrespect
Christian Smith
Christian Smith Hace 19 días
this is trash
Prod by. MARS!
Prod by. MARS! Hace 19 días
YBN Cordae: And white kids f***ing love it, silly ducks White Kids: I'm gonna say the n word!
Hank Mccoy
Hank Mccoy Hace 19 días
As an old nigga, i support this message
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