YBN Cordae - "My Name Is" (Eminem Remix)[Official Music Video]

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Hace 2 años

As I said before #YBNTAKEOVER seems like the whole ybn gang trynna take the industry by storm first YBN Nahmir then YBN Almighty Jay Now YBN Cordae, WHO NEXT????? I don;t know they bringing some heat on me!!!!!
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RAP MUSIC Hace 2 meses
Check This Out Guys 🔥 "8 24" By CarterBeatz X PXP.....RIP KOBE 🙏 open.spotify.com/album/3TVRewx8T14XmmJBlph3iM?si=GK1He6z-Tz2gD9wNNfbEeA
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Hace 7 días
He going crazy he had a hopsin flow 💯🔥
Holes Vageeta
Holes Vageeta Hace un día
Funny how this his first big video n he was already low key dissing the other ybn dudes
Michael Hace 4 días
Times were better when this came out
NoLifeLuis Hace 5 días
don’t know he’s in ybn he’s so much better then all of them
Muhammed Tjinder
Muhammed Tjinder Hace un día
NoLifeLuis I think Cordae and jay left
Khalil Young
Khalil Young Hace 6 días
Kontekst Hace 7 días
damn what skippa doin in this video
Steven Alshouse
Steven Alshouse Hace 8 días
I bet EM would give mad respect to this. I heard him mention cordae in an interview before. I think it was with sway and he was asking EM who he likes in hip hop lately, if I remember correctly cordae was one and young ma was one
Iwilldoyes Hace 11 días
What all know about that "Raising Canes"
Charlotte Arthur Gonzales Anderson
Charlotte Arthur Gonzales Anderson Hace 12 días
mark lake
mark lake Hace 14 días
Sounds better then Eminem himself🥱😂
NoersElite Hace 7 días
Yeah sike
Chrispy Boi
Chrispy Boi Hace 16 días
Finally a rapper that actually plays on Xbox
Josh Infinity
Josh Infinity Hace 18 días
He a goat to me
transformerkid830 Hace 19 días
Not just anyone can go in on this beat. That’s why very few rappers have tried their hand at it. Cordae is a top tier rapper. Regardless of old or new but definitely of the new school
GhostVibezz Hace 19 días
People sleep on cordae🤯
EC Newbie
EC Newbie Hace 23 días
꧁鬼殺し屋꧂ Hace 23 días
Who still here in 2020? Btw I luv the remix! :3
datboitrey Hace 26 días
Not eliah
Not eliah Hace un mes
he need to drop the ybn and just be Cordae
El Gato Gangsta
El Gato Gangsta Hace un mes
Make your own instrumental don't use a old school Beat whit a new school rap that sounds like a big shit men don't use Eminem's beat please. 😑
Evan Evans
Evan Evans Hace un mes
bring out the 45 like Michal Jordans back :) slick
Joseph S
Joseph S Hace un mes
975th comment
Quinn Davis
Quinn Davis Hace un mes
OG fans/ listeners
Chidu Gameing
Chidu Gameing Hace un mes
Declan The Celebrity
Declan The Celebrity Hace un mes
all of these new wave dudes aren’t doing it. i’m glad to see someone who appreciates lyricism and wordplay! cordae rocks!!
prod. hxktxk
prod. hxktxk Hace un mes
Every like is a petition for "get this on spotify"
James Johnson
James Johnson Hace un mes
"In a pathfinder but the path can't find my dad" hahahahahaa
HallowKoSteppin Hace un mes
1:48 when you and the bros get put in a group assignment together
Jr Beina
Jr Beina Hace un mes
My name ith
Kervin Ebanks
Kervin Ebanks Hace un mes
Yessss ss eminem has taught the lyricist's how to destroy entire genres of music. Mumble rap is dead!!
MV7PITBULL 1 Hace un mes
Em gave him a shout out when talkin to the goat wayne....cordae on the way
RunDJRun_TV Hace un mes
Bruh.... I went to Cordae’s show back in February a month before the pandemic started and he started performing this song and nobody knew it but me. I started rapping the lyrics back to Cordae in the crowd and he pointed at me during his performance. I never felt so proud in my life to know song lyrics.
Comixathome92 Hace un mes
His name is Cordae And he drops fire
ItsJasper Hace un mes
Harlow Diamond
Harlow Diamond Hace 2 meses
I like this but jid was better.
Sheila Zachetti
Sheila Zachetti Hace 2 meses
owen shroyer
Chicken Joe
Chicken Joe Hace 2 meses
Can we say that hes fell off yet? Still gifted hope he come back with a bang
Tevin Thomas
Tevin Thomas Hace un mes
Working on his 2nd album.. Not cause u haven't put something out 4 a few months mean u fell off. Lots of pressure on him after eminem shout outs etc, his manager said he's taking his time 2 make even better music. He is a quality over quantity artist.
Roshunda Franklin
Roshunda Franklin Hace 2 meses
on my way
flyingnoodle Hace 2 meses
Wow yall really way overhype this song i mean it aint terrible but yall actin like this is anywhere close to the original My name is
Bloodyheaders Hace 2 meses
This still my favorite Cordae song
DeejayLeaks Hace 2 meses
Cordae the most lyrical and smartest out the group but they all 🔥
Jon M
Jon M Hace 2 meses
Perfect person to rap over My Name is , he ain’t no mumble rapper,
_x11 Hace 2 meses
why can’t music videos be like this. the actual artist &’ friends. a cute ass dog. not just a bunch of guns &’ drugs &’ money. this is perfect.
Bryce Wilson
Bryce Wilson Hace 2 meses
this is fire. happy he didnt disrespect the beat lol
Daniel Burow
Daniel Burow Hace 2 meses
His flow is very reminiscent of chance in this song
Joshua Mendivil
Joshua Mendivil Hace 2 meses
I was there when he played this at Rose bowl for logics coadm tour
endien guy
endien guy Hace 2 meses
jerry Hace 2 meses
Michael Pacheco
Mebanteiskhem Basaiamoit
Mebanteiskhem Basaiamoit Hace 2 meses
He is the truth
Bailey Hace 2 meses
Like to see lil homie doing his thing giving tribute to the legend,track fire too
Adrian dash
Adrian dash Hace 2 meses
Eminem 🐐
Dreams N Fiends
Dreams N Fiends Hace 2 meses
Best thing to do is do his own thing, one day this new flow will go out of style. Cordae by himself can be legendary and immortal.
Mercy Hace 2 meses
Why didnt it say ft drake?
Paradox R.N.O
Paradox R.N.O Hace 2 meses
Damn this man is lyrical
Mac P
Mac P Hace 3 meses
J.i.d's version is better
James Wedlock
James Wedlock Hace 3 meses
not on spotify
Christopher Nawrocki
Christopher Nawrocki Hace 3 meses
This shit hard, He snapped.
TDG DoberMike
TDG DoberMike Hace 3 meses
To be honest, this is more lyrical than the original. Though that’s obvious since slim shady LP was meant to not really focus on lyrics.
Tom O
Tom O Hace 3 meses
how did I only just discover this legend! 😄
HN Rizumu
HN Rizumu Hace 3 meses
that was cordae, ,nahmir, jay, and glizzy in one video
Coldrr Hace 3 meses
Wooh! Alright, alright Now listen, listen loud and clear, you dig? This is uh, this is history For real nigga Yo, yo Yo, yo, yo Now check me out, listen Why everybody change on me? While I remain the same, that's why I'm bringing major payne Like mothafuckin' Damon Wayans And now you chickens is toast, this ain't Raising Cane's It's clear we wasn't raised the same, rappers lame with fame I'm known to kill a wack rapper like a bad hobby I smash hotties and stash bodies, then cop lil' boats Like that's Yachty, and that's probably Why I'm so fly that I crash lobbies and after it slap thotties I'm a rap fanatic who rap fantastic without the platinum status Why I'm blastin' the maddest 'cause most of these cats is average (uh) I swear to God that I never lie to avoid a fact A terrible hairstylist, as I'm destroying tracks I don't bust guns but my niggas deploy the strap Then bring out a fucking .45 like Michael Jordan's back I wanna give these niggas hell if heaven was grant The best thing from PG since Kevin Durant Hah, my name is, my name is, yeah Oh yeah, YBN shit Don't doubt my name, I said, I tell 'em what my name Nigga better know the name, yeah, YBN shit Better know, my name is (yuh) See, a nigga was skippin' class, damn I rather attempt the raps Said fuck it I'm missing that, when I blow go tick for tack I'm a boss on my Diddy shit, my flow is too hideous Dropped out of school, senior year, a true idiot You see, I wear designer bags, I don't carry minor cash I'm trying to find the stack, big as Blac Chyna's ass Oh you wack rhymers, trash climbers, that's kinda sad In the pathfinder, but my path couldn't find my dad Now my soul dented, pulled up in a Ghost tinted In a drive-by, where niggas shooting shit like Cole Bennett You ho's finished, in this rap shit a cold menace But I'm flowin' gold liquid, damn I'm so vicious Uh, my name is Cordae, but don't forget the YBN I used to get high with friends off grandmama's vicodins And mix it with a percocet, damn that really worked a sweat My verse is just perfect, yeah, fuck it go and search the net Hah, my name is, my name is Nigga's be the lamest, YBN shit My name, you nigga's know his name The nigga's flow is lame, nigga, hah Man, these niggas whack as fuck in This music shit, bro, like what the fuck You niggas suck like shit bro, like damn you niggas fucking suck Man
Kozy_03 Kozy_03
Kozy_03 Kozy_03 Hace 3 meses
Cordae is the the best rapper that has lisp no cap and subscribe to me or u will have the Corona virus lololol
marcus blixky
marcus blixky Hace 3 meses
best bar of the song is 2:18 better go hide in the county
Lygonis Hace 3 meses
I wish this was on Spotify 😢😔
DOC The Prodigy
DOC The Prodigy Hace 3 meses
If you rap “My Name Is” is one of the songs you have to remix
Shabbih Waiz
Shabbih Waiz Hace 3 meses
No wonder Eminem praised him
Mera The
Mera The Hace 3 meses
This is good and all but jid killed it with the my name is remix...
Dane Woodard
Dane Woodard Hace 3 meses
April 24th 325 pm hit 1 milli bud
TDC J0RDAN Hace 3 meses
1m views ayyy
Jay z Fat Biscuit Lips
Jay z Fat Biscuit Lips Hace 3 meses
Biggie flow goes hard
Alex Acosta
Alex Acosta Hace 4 meses
Dam 💥🔥🔥
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