YBN Cordae - Have Mercy (Dir. By @_ColeBennett_)

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Lyrical Lemonade

Lyrical Lemonade

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Lyrical Lemonade Presents
YBN Cordae - Have Mercy (Official Video) [Path A]
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Flippa & Kid Culture
Dir. of Photography by Taylor Randall
Ex. Produced by Salvatore Tarantino
"Have Mercy" available now!
Stream/Download - YBN.lnk.to/HaveMercyID
Watch Path B here:
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YBN CordaeHave MercyOfficial VideoLyrical Lemonade

Lorenzo Yoichi
Lorenzo Yoichi Hace 9 horas
Song 8/10 Video 4/10 it doesn't keep up with the hype of the song
jonahpaz Hace 10 horas
best YBN member by far
MENSA Hace 20 horas
Cameron Ragland
Cameron Ragland Hace 21 un hora
"got the juice you e-lemonade-d" this dude is too fucking lyrical
Dio Lafontan
Dio Lafontan Hace un día
2:30 Goku's Spirit Bomb
Mini James Charles
Mini James Charles Hace un día
His lips are so big
TheRussianOne Official
TheRussianOne Official Hace un día
This song sounds like a song I know but I can’t think of the name anyone know the song In thinking of (it. Or this song I know that)
Musab Hashi
Musab Hashi Hace un día
0:19 When you wake up somewhere else
TheeMacifyy Hace un día
karma coming, BEWARE
brother forever
brother forever Hace un día
Have roaches by ybn cordae 😂
Bitch the Fuck
Bitch the Fuck Hace 2 días
I know he was scared when they pour those roaches on him.
Dr eliahhh
Dr eliahhh Hace 2 días
Fuck ybn he should go solo and change his name to just Cordae
Nexiid Hace 2 días
Why is his mouth so uncomfortably big
Daniel Ibarra
Daniel Ibarra Hace 2 días
If Earl Sweatshirt and Lil Yachty had a baby
Loraki749 Hace 3 días
Cole Bennett: So what do you want in the music video Cordae: Cole: Cordae: R O A C H
周大維 Hace 3 días
If Busta Rhymes and Stanley from The Office had a baby 💯
Hoodwurkz Hace 4 días
Can we get a remix with Earthgang
Lexie RSe
Lexie RSe Hace 4 días
Can someone tell me what race cordae is
I Do Basketball
I Do Basketball Hace 4 días
Cordae might be the only one who can actually rap to trap
Marvin Moore Jr.
Marvin Moore Jr. Hace 2 días
That’s a negative bro
Raymundo Quintanilla
Raymundo Quintanilla Hace 4 días
its nice how i can understand what he's sayin in the video
Jir Tax
Jir Tax Hace 4 días
All I can say is damnnnnnnnnnn😶
Julian Salgado
Julian Salgado Hace 4 días
Watch in 144p if u want vintage version
David Alexander Gomez
David Alexander Gomez Hace 5 días
I'm going to take the trash out.
I'm your Real Sensei
I'm your Real Sensei Hace 5 días
Yetti Man
Yetti Man Hace 6 días
I was in Seattle at logic concert and ybn cordae did this song, it was lit.
Haki Hace 6 días
Ugly and trash obviously a industry plant
dead chicken
dead chicken Hace 6 días
Nice to see my favorite song has a vid now
Jeronimo Jr
Jeronimo Jr Hace 6 días
0:14 How Marvel Superheroes comes to their houses.
Tinn Finzz
Tinn Finzz Hace 6 días
Thus is doo doo
sp0t Hace 6 días
Dudes literally carrying the whole ybn crew
Samba Batarah
Samba Batarah Hace 7 días
Baby jesus
Dnz K
Dnz K Hace 7 días
Naomi is dating this douche ?
PanduArt Hace 7 días
not what i imagined the music video would be...
Tevin Thomas
Tevin Thomas Hace 4 días
There is a path B video that suits the song more on Cordae's channel
tar shoes
tar shoes Hace 7 días
Easily the best in YBN
Peter Bracamontes
Peter Bracamontes Hace 8 días
the song is GOD but wtf is this video
Blue Penguin
Blue Penguin Hace 8 días
April 2019 "its aight" October 2019 "SWEET LORD HAVE MERCY!"
Joseph Gonzalez
Joseph Gonzalez Hace 9 días
This is the best song by cordae In my opinion
Vítor Costa
Vítor Costa Hace 9 días
You shit
Jameson Jones
Jameson Jones Hace 9 días
0:18 face shop fuckin killed me
F*ck Fortnite
F*ck Fortnite Hace 9 días
Catchy as fuck
Hussein Hussein
Hussein Hussein Hace 9 días
Shit bro you will get fukt you can't just say fuk all the negas
Raymus FN
Raymus FN Hace 9 días
Them lips bruh
Moneyy Mike
Moneyy Mike Hace 9 días
Raymus FN look at my channel
Hanafee Azmee
Hanafee Azmee Hace 9 días
1:07 when your brother asked you to buy him a snack at the supermarket but you really busy with your game
Tyler 20Frank
Tyler 20Frank Hace 9 días
his mouth is wider than his jawline lmao :)
Dominic Maiava
Dominic Maiava Hace 9 días
Good rapper and he raps with his bottom teeth showing if you didn't notice already 🤫👌
kurse. Hace 9 días
This remind me of typer the creator
Gage Gadberry
Gage Gadberry Hace 10 días
Ybn cordae: beby jesus Billie elish: title all good girls go to hell Xxx: cypher: I am a demon imma son of a serpent
DrippyVolture Hace 10 días
This du mouth big asf look at the thumbnail....
Izaiah W
Izaiah W Hace 10 días
Trippie redd: *Snake skin* 🤨🤔
Konso Kop
Konso Kop Hace 11 días
why do theese people look like oompa loompas
Sauce Hicks
Sauce Hicks Hace 11 días
I’m telling you if this dude was in revenge of the dreamers that album would have been better! Even though it was fire... I’d love to this dude get with Cole, J.I.D, and Earthgang
Gaming Boy ian
Gaming Boy ian Hace 11 días
This is lit this video was right after my birthday
NATURE CLIPS Hace 11 días
I love the fucking beat man 👌
10.kchrisツ Hace 11 días
Like or u will have to put ur cereal in ur refrigerator because of roaches jk 😂 🤦🏾‍♀️
10.kchrisツ Hace 11 días
Song too hard I even got it on SoundCloud
Kamil dla przyjaciol pączuszek
Kamil dla przyjaciol pączuszek Hace 11 días
sit on my face
Gad Bikombo
Gad Bikombo Hace 11 días
Coulda done more with the music video tho, i don't do the song justice...
TGotHeatt Hace 12 días
Seem like this the only one puttin on for YBN rn
Kaila Magee
Kaila Magee Hace 12 días
Todor Popov
Todor Popov Hace 12 días
just gimme those two their igs
Lord_VEVO_ Hace 12 días
👀 👄
Name Hace 12 días
👁️ 👁️ 👄
Snoop Catt
Snoop Catt Hace 13 días
I’m lost
87Coin Hace 13 días
I feel like the other music video was better, sorry cole but this is not what the meaning is.
i saad
i saad Hace 13 días
What accent is this?
JAY THE BOSS Hace 14 días
👁 👁 👄
Jaden The Rapper
Jaden The Rapper Hace 14 días
He has a lisp but he doesn’t lisp
Woven69 O’Neal
Woven69 O’Neal Hace 14 días
If you hate this you have no soul
James Taylor
James Taylor Hace 15 días
Path B is better
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