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HOT 97

HOT 97

Hace 2 meses

YBN CORDAE drops some heat with FUNK FLEX.
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kaycee stephen
kaycee stephen Hace 19 horas
The young king woke and got wicked bars
Mikayil Lubin
Mikayil Lubin Hace 20 horas
Kick push beat so fucking fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
I0sweeper0I Hace 20 horas
He's a fucking a beast!
EGToasty Hace 22 horas
How do I fire emoji on the computer.
Julian Nyene
Julian Nyene Hace 23 horas
Peep dude in the back just grooving to Cordae flow😂🤘🏾🔥
Sliced dion
Sliced dion Hace un día
3:27 My man went Daimn
GJ2k god
GJ2k god Hace 2 días
What beat?
DePree-tha-Aborigine Hace 2 días
Bro this kid and dna the best freestyles I’ve hear those far on here. Them other guys are trash or the snitching to much and not rapping period.
Joseph Fung
Joseph Fung Hace 3 días
this guy listed big l as one of his biggest influences...i can see it.
Tevin Thomas
Tevin Thomas Hace 2 días
Yup he said it in interviews 😎
Pnw Adds247
Pnw Adds247 Hace 4 días
Hello 👋
Evans Mudavadi
Evans Mudavadi Hace 4 días
Cordae got bars🔥🔥🔥
Coppafill. PHILLY.
Coppafill. PHILLY. Hace 4 días
Sounds like da goat up there.
Sam Williams
Sam Williams Hace 4 días
Justin D
Justin D Hace 4 días
DaLand Tv
DaLand Tv Hace 5 días
i threw my phone 💯📱🐐🐐
Gracie Reyes
Gracie Reyes Hace 6 días
I love #freestyle
geor Hace 6 días
He will be remembered as one of the greatest... Also he used some lyrics from the "lost boy"
Elemento Hace 6 días
the thing i like about Cordae is that he's so 𝑳𝒚𝒓𝒊𝒄𝒂𝒍, if all of his songs were to be freestyles it would make people believe he actually took time to write that song. And that's one reason why in my 𝑶𝒑𝒊𝒏𝒊𝒐𝒏 he is one of the best rappers in this generation.
ProDiGy xxx
ProDiGy xxx Hace 6 días
who wishes cordae could have done a track with X
Colin Xiong
Colin Xiong Hace 6 días
Cordae a crip ? I caught that
Cameron Woods
Cameron Woods Hace 7 días
Y’all can’t lie he is spitting fire ⛽️
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui Hace 7 días
Zombie SBM Leader
Zombie SBM Leader Hace 8 días
If it’s new he still already know the beat
Hiei Hayes
Hiei Hayes Hace 8 días
I'm the nigga in the back bruh
chewymoviereviews Hace 8 días
Cordae has been my favorite for years now.
Steven Jemison
Steven Jemison Hace 8 días
🔥 🔥 🔥!!!!!!
GoatedWitDaSticks •_•
GoatedWitDaSticks •_• Hace 9 días
Y’all sleepy on the boy 💤
Tavaris Smith
Tavaris Smith Hace 9 días
"Rappin fast, but what did you say?" - ass nigga... 😂 Didn't see that cadence flip coming. The kidd layed down some fire! 💯
Spurcy Hace 9 días
When juice wrld raps for hours straight YBN Cordae: I can do this in five minutes or less
Joshua Marda
Joshua Marda Hace 9 días
starts at 1:40
Sarlicia bish
Sarlicia bish Hace 9 días
Yho 😯
TheExoticGamer G
TheExoticGamer G Hace 9 días
TheExoticGamer G
TheExoticGamer G Hace 9 días
Leo Gracia
Leo Gracia Hace 10 días
Cardae and juice would make a good ass song
full throttle 2
full throttle 2 Hace 10 días
Instead of sipping lean he's drinking tea respect 💯
Anu Bizz
Anu Bizz Hace 12 días
Dat brotha got off! Respect
Jamie Bryan
Jamie Bryan Hace 13 días
That look from flex when Cordae hits jetson made another one
kaylin southon
kaylin southon Hace 14 días
MVTT DAILY Hace 15 días
Last freestyle gave me chills no lie
Troy Nixon
Troy Nixon Hace 15 días
Wtffff dawg lyrical🔥🔥🔥🔥
purify kexky
purify kexky Hace 16 días
super young but such a lyrical genius
Big Mush
Big Mush Hace 16 días
Cordae is so great cuz you know he’s not spittin writtens like some other rappers
Anibal Jesus Delgadillo
Anibal Jesus Delgadillo Hace 16 días
👌 freestyle
Ishani Brinson
Ishani Brinson Hace 16 días
A kinnnng
Chris Hace 16 días
Damn YBN Cordae comin in hot!! 🔥🔥
ya boi Steve Rogers
ya boi Steve Rogers Hace 16 días
This man gonna bring back rap
Jakob Fellbane Key-Maginnis
Jakob Fellbane Key-Maginnis Hace 17 días
my mans jus humble af sippin tea spittin sick frees to flex
Conn175 Yt
Conn175 Yt Hace 17 días
Damn who did it better? Dababy on suge or ybn cordae? Like for cordae , comment for dababy 👍
JerseyMusic Hace 6 horas
yorkinmi98 Hace 17 días
Actin like he ain't stole a bunch of styles. oh wait yall ain't ready for that convo yet
Reece d
Reece d Hace 18 días
First time I even heard of this guy. Great spitter 👌🏽
kvng acey
kvng acey Hace 19 días
Lost boy no coordinates omg that’s crazy‼️
James Curry
James Curry Hace 19 días
800 old niggas dislike this videos
Africankid3 Hace 19 días
I thought he was a mumble rapper🤔
Tevin Thomas
Tevin Thomas Hace 19 días
Nope 😌😎
Terrance Sueing
Terrance Sueing Hace 19 días
Cordae Looks Like Homer Simpson
Daleon Evans
Daleon Evans Hace 19 días
Whts the name of the first instrumental....anyone ???
Terry Pack
Terry Pack Hace 19 días
This nigga a poet 🌹
Shhiner Hace 20 días
Ybn can I get some of this lyrical heat on Spotify please thanks
James Kelly
James Kelly Hace 20 días
Dude went in on the second beat fasho
Yeah simple
Yeah simple Hace 20 días
I'm mad how Flex stopped the flow midway smh lol
1hard2findbro Hace 21 un día
Jorge Malone
Jorge Malone Hace 21 un día
CzAr ODriego
CzAr ODriego Hace 21 un día
Naasiah Tune In
Naasiah Tune In Hace 21 un día
fucking snapped
Dominique Janelle
Dominique Janelle Hace 21 un día
why doesn't this have more views whattttt this was fireeeee
Larry Mack
Larry Mack Hace 22 días
Just seen a video on IG of him rapping at like 12 years old...
Peter Joo
Peter Joo Hace 22 días
Am I the only who finds that 808 in Suge beat annoying to hear? Why couldn’t they use to original 808 from the actual song..
David Rendon
David Rendon Hace 22 días
I lost respect for the channel after realizing its edited to sound better
CREELEY Plays Hace 22 días
Cordae lowkey has a face of a turtle. Save the turtles
Jhayden Cofield
Jhayden Cofield Hace 22 días
hmm ok.. this kid can flow
ITz 420
ITz 420 Hace 22 días
still mad he cut him off
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