YBN Cordae - Broke As F**k (Official Video)

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YBN Cordae - Broke As F**k (Official Video)
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orlander robinson
orlander robinson Hace 4 horas
Here after cordae left the ybn
PR0_GGRAMM3D Hace 9 horas
This song slaps hard
osqar Hace un día
imagine a tyler cordae collab
Inga Michalski
Inga Michalski Hace 2 días
Notorious Ufc
Notorious Ufc Hace 3 días
Bro your outro change up reminds me of mac miller self care!
Flex TheKid
Flex TheKid Hace 5 días
song is fucking hype whole album is a banger
christopher gearwar
christopher gearwar Hace 5 días
Man the end should be its own song.
TrinityM5 Hace 6 días
Who else hated this beat and searched for the Part 2 Beat
Peterson Theodore
Peterson Theodore Hace 6 días
justin treadwell
justin treadwell Hace 7 días
him and mac Miller woulda made crazy tracks together I could've seen that being a crazy collaboration
Burberry Boah
Burberry Boah Hace 7 días
1:17 im too young to get a car but at least i can flex on bitches with my bike at the liquor store too
IIIcy Friez
IIIcy Friez Hace 8 días
Who else listening to this in 2020?
Unti C9
Unti C9 Hace 8 días
Cordae you're awesome dude keep the lyrically flow coming there will be no fall for you
XmasCUH Hace 8 días
He says only 62 like heart attacks come after 100
Professional Disappointment
Professional Disappointment Hace 8 días
Added to the very rare collection of kendricks and j.cole’s
Unti C9
Unti C9 Hace 8 días
Cordae underrated
Daniel Rios Jimenez
Daniel Rios Jimenez Hace 9 días
Fire ass song ngl
Tobi Obe
Tobi Obe Hace 9 días
2:00 Wakes up in the middle of no where and starts singing lol.
Michelle Thomas
Michelle Thomas Hace 9 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-MXVEEJCiuOE.html THIS is dope! Hit him up!!
qtbeast Hace 9 días
Yo what happens to cordae
BasicallyShort Hace 10 días
whats that bike cordae used in the very start
Isaia Martinez
Isaia Martinez Hace 11 días
Who else waiting for the next album 😭
Loud Visions
Loud Visions Hace 11 días
Thought it would have 100m views by now...
WieruX Hace 11 días
Mr Kill
Mr Kill Hace 11 días
2:03 I lowkey kinda wish the whole song was that beat 😂 still fire tho
Buffalo Bills 💰
Buffalo Bills 💰 Hace 11 días
What a bust
FlamingFist Hace 11 días
This song reminds me of m.A.A.d city because we out here turning up to this mans struggles and losses
Joel Afuola
Joel Afuola Hace 12 días
Rip a dead nigga😔🙏 all he wanted was a raspberry brisk tea
Lee Uhrig
Lee Uhrig Hace 12 días
this song is so lit the background music is so good ybn cordae you are good
Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari Hace 12 días
Cordae and J.I.D would be a perfect duo
Alison Marquez
Alison Marquez Hace 12 días
Why did he stop making music
Thomas Young
Thomas Young Hace 14 días
Every time I listen to this song I just skip to 1:58🤷🏾‍♂️
haziq barrett
haziq barrett Hace 17 días
Gave me scarlxrd vibes, but actually rapping
Decentize 7
Decentize 7 Hace 17 días
Anyone know what bike cordae is riding in the video?
HOMEBOY Hace 17 días
best transtition since frank ocean
BadYT Hace 19 días
The music video is...... Cool.
Hyper Eric
Hyper Eric Hace 20 días
It hits hard when talked about riding a bike to the store .
Zack Wolpert
Zack Wolpert Hace 20 días
Who coming back to his clasics cause he didnt drop in soo long😭😭
jackie chu
jackie chu Hace 21 un día
i got dizzy watching this
Joseph Merritt
Joseph Merritt Hace 22 días
If we could get a feature from JID, Kendrick, or Denzel. 🔥 🔥 🔥
mike green
mike green Hace 23 días
Real Thug Shit👽
Unknown Hace 23 días
"The doctor smack my ass"
Ali LATU Hace 23 días
I keep thinking of my crush when I listen to this because she always sings it
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb Hace 24 días
The song i listen to when i get my tax return
King Cinco
King Cinco Hace 24 días
Give King Von back his flow
King Cinco
King Cinco Hace 15 días
@Bugi Molina Evidently..
Bugi Molina
Bugi Molina Hace 15 días
We have different opinions and preferences
King Cinco
King Cinco Hace 15 días
@Bugi Molina that's cool but imo you trippin
Bugi Molina
Bugi Molina Hace 15 días
Cordae is way better imo
Rxlls Rxyce
Rxlls Rxyce Hace 24 días
i honestly love the lisp
Jed Cruz
Jed Cruz Hace 25 días
Emmanuel Martinez
Emmanuel Martinez Hace 27 días
The doctor smacked my ass
BIG.E GAMING Hace 27 días
bro wtf thats crazy thats a liquor store in tujunga and my grandparents house is up that long ass road on the out side lol always speeding through there now but damn thats crazy i would always stop by for some monsters n some munchies from school
Joe's Hyper
Joe's Hyper Hace 28 días
Don’t like the end
WavyCarlos Hace 28 días
holy shit i just found out ab this
Nob ody
Nob ody Hace un mes
This dude dipped
Dino velvet
Dino velvet Hace un mes
Sean Scanish
Sean Scanish Hace un mes
I would tell this young man to start learning philosophy. He already seems to understand life more than most. He isn't blaming anybody for the bad things that have happened to him in life. He is only thankful for the good things. This is something that his generation has trouble with but he seems to comprehend it with ease.
yotam levy
yotam levy Hace un mes
This is your second best song.
Dreamzer Hace un mes
I’m not going to SLEEP until there will be Cordae x Eminem Collab.
aLPHa Verse
aLPHa Verse Hace un mes
The way he gets you hype about his childhood trauma is beyond me🤯
Ntando Shadow
Ntando Shadow Hace un mes
so dope
Kakuzu '
Kakuzu ' Hace un mes
Good vibez Throughout...❤
Bamassacre Gaming
Bamassacre Gaming Hace un mes
If anyone hates on Cordae, I have an argument that counters all y’all. Mumble or Cordae. Mhm that’s what I thought.
I_AM_BAD _2_
I_AM_BAD _2_ Hace un mes
Mans got the magic tiles fail sound on his track
Nivek & Blajo
Nivek & Blajo Hace un mes
Try to listen to this while riding your bike🔥
Chicken nugget rhino raid aka rhino4k
Chicken nugget rhino raid aka rhino4k Hace un mes
This needs 100 mil views
Domain Music
Domain Music Hace un mes
Willy cordiac so he listens to you
fAntoinette Bowser
fAntoinette Bowser Hace un mes
Who thinks that ybn nahmir
Epixploits Hace un mes
@fAntoinette Bowser no one
fAntoinette Bowser
fAntoinette Bowser Hace un mes
Is better than ybn cordae
zero Zion
zero Zion Hace un mes
This song hits different when you don’t sleep on the floor anymore
Abigail Aiko
Abigail Aiko Hace un mes
Wooww I mess with this big time😍😭😭
Jessica Gibson
Jessica Gibson Hace un mes
macdabluepanther Hace un mes
How did I sleep on my man! Dude is sick wit it! Whewww!!!
weluvjav Hace un mes
this is good
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