YBN Cordae - Broke As F**k (Official Video)

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YBN Cordae

YBN Cordae

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YBN Cordae - Broke As F**k (Official Video)
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Hector Roman
Hector Roman Hace 13 horas
Barrett Bear
Barrett Bear Hace 13 horas
Most rappers: Im rich YBN Cordae: Broke as fuck
LeguizaTV Hace 18 horas
Qué humilde, va en bici al kiosco.
Autistic Dragon
Autistic Dragon Hace 23 horas
His preformance at Chicago was amazing keep it up cordae
skizzler 123
skizzler 123 Hace un día
YBN-a DocTor smacked my ass when I fell out my mom Me- wait a min...
skizzler 123
skizzler 123 Hace un día
She was 62??! She was a BoOmER
Chancla Man
Chancla Man Hace un día
Cordae collab with Rich Brian. Please make it happen
Life with Toni
Life with Toni Hace 2 días
Great job young man
Saleh suliman
Saleh suliman Hace 2 días
jden Hace 2 días
Bruh I think I’m starting to prefer the beat change
David M
David M Hace 2 días
He doesn't the attention he deserves.
Ole School
Ole School Hace 2 días
They never do
Dullex - RED
Dullex - RED Hace 2 días
trapified_ toxin
trapified_ toxin Hace 3 días
Idk what to say anymore🤒🔥💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
onescity Hace 3 días
Xxx reference?
Jacob Romano
Jacob Romano Hace 3 días
You are PURE FIRE.
ynr bankss
ynr bankss Hace 3 días
If u dont know he the only one who response to j cole 1985
Jaylen Pizarro
Jaylen Pizarro Hace 3 días
ybn cordae is dope
Nathaniel Castro
Nathaniel Castro Hace 4 días
So who’s going to that tour?🙌🏼
marc Machain
marc Machain Hace 4 días
Sound like logic at the end
TheFinalSyn Hace 4 días
Def better than nahmir
Ole School
Ole School Hace 2 días
@TheFinalSyn I don't think ybn nahmir is street for real🤔
TheFinalSyn Hace 2 días
Ole School u guessed right
Ole School
Ole School Hace 2 días
🤔um ....I guess
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth Hace 4 días
“The doctor smacked my a** when I came out my mom” I swear bro they did the same to me they had to check my tonsils
Zewchaynz Hace 5 días
cHAZE Hace 5 días
Cordae x Denzel Curry x J.I.D >>>>
kolle rene
kolle rene Hace 6 días
This nigga ain't gifted his intelligent
leonardo lopez
leonardo lopez Hace 6 días
Who’s the video editor?
QUALIFIED Hace 6 días
Ninjaboy1200 YT
Ninjaboy1200 YT Hace 6 días
Shay Official
Shay Official Hace 6 días
How am i just finding out about this guy?! So talented. 🔥🔥
Hakiza Jackson
Hakiza Jackson Hace 6 días
Retro Vader
Retro Vader Hace 6 días
Very gifted sir.Keep it up brother.Stay blessed.
juju bro w.
juju bro w. Hace 7 días
Juice wrld x ybn in a freestyle
Can I get a 1,000,000 subs without any videos ?
Can I get a 1,000,000 subs without any videos ? Hace 7 días
That second part of the song hit different
Mr. Hill
Mr. Hill Hace 7 días
Trae Young didn't have to kill my guy for shoplifting tho
jerry ttv
jerry ttv Hace 7 días
This is my deppression song 😰😰😰😰😪
Dana Williams
Dana Williams Hace 8 días
Yo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
firefalk1982 Hace 9 días
Saw him in concert😈💯
Jason Lalramthanga
Jason Lalramthanga Hace 9 días
[Intro] Uh, yeah Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) [Chorus] I was broke as fuck‚ down up on my ass‚ had the lowest luck Used to ride the bike up to the store‚ I need a Rover truck A Bentley coupe, yeah, I'm wearin' Prada‚ I like Fendi too Grandma passed, had a heart attack, only 62 My cousin shot‚ got me paranoid, who to trust or not Gave my brother 25 years, that really sucked a lot Post-traumatic stress is building up, you niggas so dramatic Fuck these other niggas, I'm the illest, I'm the coldest at it (Yeah, uh) [Verse 1] Let me take you niggas back to a much simpler time Picture yourself inside a vehicle, a ship in my mind You'll see some childhood memories mixed with the cells of a don You'll see the doctor smack my ass when I first fell out my mom A Magic School Bus adventure trip inside my cerebral Back when I told niggas I'll make it, swear they didn't believe him Flashback to Brasstracks and we was playin' "No Problems" We was crankin' all the classics from the spring to the autumn And I said motherfuck, need a bad bitch with a tummy tuck How I make a million from a dollar? It was dummy luck Need a new Lam', no sedan, fuck a Hummer truck I'm aiming for the top, I'm steady climbing, fuck a runner-up [Chorus] I was broke as fuck, down up on my ass, had the lowest luck Used to ride the bike up to the store, I need a Rover truck A Bentley coupe, yeah, I'm wearin' Prada, I like Fendi too Grandma passed, had a heart attack, only 62 My cousin shot, got me paranoid, who to trust or not Gave my brother 25 years, that really sucked a lot Post-traumatic stress is building up, you niggas so dramatic Fuck these other niggas, I'm the illest, I'm the coldest at it, ayy [Interlude] Uh-huh (Hey) Yeah Woo Uh, yeah, uh [Verse 2] Mom and dad never had a damn thing, damn shame Now I'm poppin' champagne on a private jet, fuck an airplane Order Bossa Nova, eating plantains Presidential Rollie, fuck a campaign Impeach, nigga, ten deep, nigga Remember days we was wearin' J's And a gold chain, only had three figures So fortunate, proportionate Lost Boy, nigga, no coordinates Remember Christmas? We was giftless Three foot tree, no ornaments Pull my dick out, hoes swarmin' it Flow cold, nigga, no warmin' it Mama couldn't afford AAU So we couldn't hoop, nigga, no tournaments I remember days sippin' lemonade Ice cream truck gettin' plenty paid Candy lady had Jolly Ranchers I don't really have a lot of answers I'm just searching for the same shit Same niggas that I came with Premonitions over reminiscing Lam' truck how I lane switch (Ah
fkylw Hace 9 días
Dude's good as hell
Dullex - RED
Dullex - RED Hace 9 días
Best beat ever
Keegan Parry
Keegan Parry Hace 9 días
Jude Trujillo
Jude Trujillo Hace 9 días
Finally some good fucking music.......
Chili _boi
Chili _boi Hace 9 días
The best 2019 rappers are ybn cordae, Megan, and nle choppa
TheReclessReviewer Hace 10 días
The dislikes were from the people that work at corner stores...
Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman Hace 10 días
He should totally join roc nation he'd be a great fit
Mr. Furious
Mr. Furious Hace 10 días
Bethuel Matheere
Bethuel Matheere Hace 11 días
He aint even rockin with chains around his neck,nigga so real
DJ TYRE Hace 11 días
this song turned my dog into a jet...
Clerkz Hace 11 días
That sample in that beat.....Metroid to the snes?
Miles Bizon
Miles Bizon Hace 11 días
The “yeah” at 0:35 sounded like logic
Edson sauceda
Edson sauceda Hace 11 días
Best song ever
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming Hace 11 días
this song smacks
Niklas Satosaari
Niklas Satosaari Hace 12 días
We need cordae in dreamville
лИл мУмстЕр
лИл мУмстЕр Hace 12 días
_Cordae is the best YBN member_
TheEnderHuman 2
TheEnderHuman 2 Hace 12 días
Nizar Ali
Nizar Ali Hace 13 días
Udum broke af more like underrated af
Zerew Hace 13 días
slept on track right here?
Micro Monkey
Micro Monkey Hace 14 días
cool noob21
cool noob21 Hace 14 días
Why is lips so big?
DubbyCub GD
DubbyCub GD Hace 14 días
Best YBN member and this song should be more popular
Pixel Pudding
Pixel Pudding Hace 14 días
When you can’t pay tax at the book fair
ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ Hace 14 días
does anyone know where his chest rig is from?
Daywon Gutierrez
Daywon Gutierrez Hace 14 días
Very trash
xBrrr Hace 14 días
Shiiii pro era is back lololol imagine a Cordae and cap. STEEZ collaboration. Rip.
Sxuce Lord
Sxuce Lord Hace 15 días
He need a Song with J.I.D and kendrick
Alex Alejandre
Alex Alejandre Hace 15 días
2:15 best part of the song IMHO
ABR Trapz
ABR Trapz Hace 15 días
Saw this in concert last night it was so good
MurGrif457 Hace 15 días
0:37 kid voice: ooooooo he stealinnnnn
Kylen Cofield
Kylen Cofield Hace 15 días
Omg so sick I love the beats it sounds Like a robbery UvU But it's still 100% good 🔱THE BEST🔱
alian ollo
alian ollo Hace 16 días
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang Hace 16 días
listening to YBN cordae censored is like eating wet bread
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