YBN Cordae - Bad Idea (feat. Chance The Rapper) [Official Video]

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YBN Cordae

YBN Cordae

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YBN Cordae - Bad Idea (feat. Chance The Rapper) [Official Video]
Pre-Order The Lost Boy, the debut album from YBN Cordae here:
"Bad Idea" (feat. Chance the Rapper) available now!
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June 25 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer (Tickets)
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June 27 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club
June 30 - Anaheim, CA - Chain Reaction
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Lint licker
Lint licker Hace 6 horas
Panda God
Panda God Hace 8 horas
Is it me or does the melody sound the similar as “on my block” by Scarface
L and J Nation
L and J Nation Hace 8 horas
This hit me hard good job on some real shit keep it going my G
Takiree Williams
Takiree Williams Hace 15 horas
SONG WHEN YOU HOME SICK FOR REAL 😭😭😭😭🇲🇼🇲🇼🇲🇼🎹🎹🎹📷📷📀📀📀😎🦁🦁😤
swush Hace 15 horas
Funny story, this song is actually written by chance about The Big Day.
Silkysmooth420 Hace 19 horas
this reminds me of My Block so much and I love this song for that :) Takes me back to simpler times.
Ryan Schmitz
Ryan Schmitz Hace 20 horas
Is there any reason this doesn’t have more views?
Sam Hace un día
Honestly this guy has biggie vibes
Seung Hun Ha
Seung Hun Ha Hace un día
its gon itll be alright
Full_Send _17
Full_Send _17 Hace un día
Why Chance look like he had arm day before the video shoot
Bruh Nation
Bruh Nation Hace un día
Cordae should join Dreamville
Musi Kal
Musi Kal Hace 2 días
I have huge respect to rappers that still do 90s-00s style songs.J Cole also does this.I mean i get it,sound has changed,they do modern tracks but hey have also many songs that keep it old school and that's amazing.
Toce Hace 2 días
for sure top 3 albums of all time
klgonz Hace 2 días
Flow and skill and meaning > hype and mumble and no talent
Sharif Akash
Sharif Akash Hace 2 días
Is it me or that tune resembles Scarface - " on my block"
Sharif Akash
Sharif Akash Hace 2 días
❤️ it anyway
Oliver Gonzalez
Oliver Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Levi Woodall
Levi Woodall Hace 2 días
Did Cordae sing on some of the hooks? If so he was pretty good at singing too.
Jackson Ross
Jackson Ross Hace 3 días
2 corniest rappers in the game
DebrisZ Hace 3 días
This better get played at my funeral
Roman Spataro
Roman Spataro Hace 4 días
who they? they robert goulet. they nazi cuckoo goofyyy my wifey yellin who they. my daughter yellin hooray
William D.
William D. Hace 4 días
Mad love youngin hold it down keep it real i checked yo other shit fire too but the fact that you can flow on a beat like this and vybe is the best def not seen within your generation, they can learn alot from you keep it 100
J Harper
J Harper Hace 5 días
Good vibes had to listen to “my block “ by Scarface again, stay humble and keep the real music going!!!!
King Boat
King Boat Hace 5 días
2000s type beat ... ooofff😶🔥
Bdice Hace 6 días
Circa vibes
Melissa Curbelo
Melissa Curbelo Hace 6 días
Thank you Cordae and Chance y'all are inspiring to keep your confidence and to keep life going and to think about positive things we need more rappers like you that would care for things,and for people all of us are grateful for you to be here on this earth as an inspiring rapper with chance
IcyIsom 21
IcyIsom 21 Hace 6 días
The Next Tupac
REXx_207 Hace 6 días
I never noticed he was like genuinely a lyrical rapper, definitely now in my playlists.
Rubikx Hace 6 días
No need to put chance in the title, it’s clear he’s a feature from the beat alone
joe afu
joe afu Hace 7 días
Cordae reminds me a little of Kanye, Nas and Qtip
It's really game time
It's really game time Hace 7 días
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥beast mode
Rod Isler
Rod Isler Hace 7 días
stole a line from Gil Scott Heron
Ramon Robinson
Ramon Robinson Hace 7 días
Fajrul Islam
Fajrul Islam Hace 7 días
he def brought us the rap shit back
Andy Hace 8 días
Cordae is always giving me the chills, this is really good music
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson Hace 8 días
Young brother Cordae giving me that curren$y feel. Keep reaching for the stars. Thank you for more real music!!
Bruh Nation
Bruh Nation Hace 9 días
Wish he had more songs like this
Da Kidd
Da Kidd Hace 9 días
Wise souls 🙏🙏
James Hace 11 días
The Chance verse was better than anything he did in The Big Day
Aj _plays cod
Aj _plays cod Hace 11 días
Who else tried sharpie on a dry erase
Chris Clement
Chris Clement Hace 12 días
this is what new aged rap should be !!!!! thank you chance and ybn !!!
IWILLPOKEYOU - Hace 12 días
Beat is from surface on my block
Matthew Alejandro
Matthew Alejandro Hace 12 días
This sounds a lot like on my block by scarface
telusgame6 Hace 13 días
please come to edmonton
TheChosen KVNG
TheChosen KVNG Hace 15 días
Damn almost forgot about this banger🙏🙏
Rowan Hace 15 días
This video deserves more views.
Derek Morrison
Derek Morrison Hace 16 días
I’m I the only one that here’s growing pains by ludacris?
Jeffrey B.
Jeffrey B. Hace 16 días
So raw and brilliant. And the production is NEXT LEVEL!! ☝️☝️
Alyssa McKee
Alyssa McKee Hace 17 días
My World History teacher listens to YBN Cordae... no joke, it's awesome lmao
Yasin D
Yasin D Hace 17 días
wish we got this Chance on the album, was a very dissapointing project tbh
Memes Daily
Memes Daily Hace 18 días
This is the best collab plus this like old-school Tupac rap
Marcus Mclean
Marcus Mclean Hace 19 días
Where he sample this from
Warren Mayes
Warren Mayes Hace 20 días
0:56 Add some seasoning and some hot sauce for a better touch.. Me: YESSS!!!!
Dr1zzye Hace 21 un día
Chance look weird without his 3 hat
Jabari Mustafa
Jabari Mustafa Hace 22 días
I Really Hate To Compare, But Am I The Only 1 That Thinks Ybn Cordae And J. Cole Are Pretty Similar In Many Ways?
King Beast
King Beast Hace 22 días
The beat kinda sounds like on my block by Scarface
Buttered Cocunuts
Buttered Cocunuts Hace 22 días
I love this song
R E D Hace 23 días
Ooh (Ooh) yeah, uh (Bongo ByTheWay) I know myself all too well to be a stranger of pain Despite it all, we remainin' the same, I'm just changin' the game Heart pure, never tainted with fame Straight ahead, I'ma stay in my lane Never switchin' courses, life's amazin', shit is gorgeous Lookin' at the bigger picture, portrait, and I smile wide Performed the song and the crowd cried How can I lie? I'm tearin' up as I'm startin' to stare in y'all eyes I know the shit you goin' through the last month You stressin' as you hittin' on that glass blunt A nigga prayin' to get lucky like Daft Punk You can't even stomach the pain, now that's a bad lunch Uh, ramen noodles on the regular Add some seasoning and some hot sauce for a better touch Peanut butter, jelly and syrup sandwich, ectcetera And we just flyin' in the Nebula And it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again See, it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again So don't you cry, little baby, little baby (don't you cry, don't you cry, don't you cry) It'll be alright So don't you cry, little baby, little baby (don't you cry, don't you cry, don't you cry) It's gon', it'll be alright I done been around the world four times, lookin' for parkin' Finally found a condo, that shit still feel like apartment Out South, my foul mouth started soundin' like Cartman Roundabout like cartwheels, hopped inside of a U-Haul Confused where all my art went, monsters in a quiet place Some of these decisions is like Sharpie on a dry-erase I know they thought I wouldn't, but I'm a fireplace I had my cake and ate it too, that shit is an acquired taste I promised I would buy a place, I got my favorite roommates They used to never see me, like when you zip up a new Bape Do that shit 'fore it's too late, don't ever drink the Kool-Aid Don't ever think it's sweet, that's that crème de la brûlée Who they? They Robert Goulet, they Nazi, cuckoo, goofy My wifey yellin', "Who they?" My daughter yellin', "Hooray" I see it clear like Blu-Ray, I park it in the sky I keep 'em on my block, 'round the corner of my eye Like a stye (uh) So don't you shed a tear 'Cause there'll be better years I live life by faith, nigga, instead of fear God cryin', thunderstorms is Heaven tears The feelin' of lost hope, shit is never here 'Cause we gon' make it happen by any means A young nigga, dawg, but I done witnessed many things Age thirteen, wearin' hand-me-down skinny jeans You know they a little extra faded around the knees With the grass stains in 'em I really wish a little extra cash came in 'em, 'Cause a nigga really needed it Pain, I defeated it, and brought back Soul survivor, nigga, what you call that? And it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again See, it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again So don't you cry, little baby, little baby (don't you cry, don't you cry, don't you cry) It'll be alright So don't you cry, little baby, (don't you cry, don't you cry, don't you cry) It's gon', it'll be alright And it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again See, it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again So don't you cry, little baby It'll be alright So don't you cry, little baby It'll be alright
Capoochinmonkey Hace 23 días
this dude a real one man.
andre delancy
andre delancy Hace 23 días
How does this song not have more views??
B3TRAYAL Hace 24 días
This nigga can sing too...just like me. How talented...We need to keep him in the rap game💯
Stop it Get some help
Stop it Get some help Hace 24 días
When chance rapped I thought it was ybn cordae
Timothy Kolstein
Timothy Kolstein Hace 24 días
Gheto Boyz - On my Block
Zoe Banks
Zoe Banks Hace 25 días
Go listen to my new song on ESwomen. Zoe Banks- Can’t let you go. If you like it subscribe to my channel for more show support to a Younging 🎶🔥🎶📶🖊🖊💰📶🎶🔥🔥🔥
Buttered Cocunuts
Buttered Cocunuts Hace 25 días
Yo this song touched me my guy I really felt this.
Shane2982 Hace 26 días
spongeaang98 Hace 26 días
Really getting some Acid Rap vibes from this. Chance still has the spark that made him such a great artist in him, I hope he finds it again.
Little Chance
Little Chance Hace 26 días
Is it the sample of scareface - my block ? :)
M E M E Goats
M E M E Goats Hace 21 un día
Little Chance Yeah
Itz Hamrz
Itz Hamrz Hace 26 días
Cordae looks like a fun guy
Coolio Smoolio
Coolio Smoolio Hace 26 días
I've never seen a guy look like a fat 25 year old lesbian and a fat 13 year old boy at the same time
beat kidd
beat kidd Hace 27 días
Why does good music have less views? Can anyone explain
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