WOW! George Zimmerman Sues Buttigieg & Warren $265M, Ninja's "Weak Mindset", Megan Thee Stallion, &

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Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

Hace un mes

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Lovers & Friends Festival Causes Confusion:
George Zimmerman Sues Warren & Buttigieg:
Ninja Sparks Conversations About Dealing With Gaming Losses:
China Expels Three WSJ Reporters After “Sick Man of Asia” Opinion Headline:
Outrage in Mexico:
88-Year-Old Crossing Guard Saves Children, Sacrifices Himself:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
#DeFranco #Ninja #LoversAndFriends

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Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco Hace un mes
hi! check out today's podcast with Sean: timecodes: Festival (00:41), Zimmerman (3:57), TIA (6:35), Ninja (7:52), China (12:14)
Darren Lachel
Darren Lachel Hace un mes
Phillip being a journalist you really need to watch We have been totally played by the media and Trayvon Martin's parents and lawyer. The whole trial was a deception, their key witness Trayvon's girlfriend who claimed GZ went after TM was a phony put in there to lie because Trayvon's real girlfriend refused to testify. The sick part is the prosecutors new this.
St. Trayvon
St. Trayvon Hace un mes
Like Zimmerman or not there is no denying Buttigieg & Warren did exactly what Zimmerman's suit claims they did.
St. Trayvon
St. Trayvon Hace un mes
Buttigieg & Warren do exactly what Zimmerman's suit claims that they did. Their tweets clearly are designed to bolster support from African American voters while at the expense of George Zimmerman, a man acquitted of all charges in relation to the even they are using to pander to black voters with. Considering DeFranco is basically a progressive I am guessing that he has an opposite perspective on the matter than my own even though what Zimmerman's suit claims they did clearly happened.
Sam Serrao
Sam Serrao Hace un mes
You should talk about the Dolan Twins' documentary about their dad. It's an hour long video about grieving and remembering a person you love. It's maybe the first time something like that has been uploaded to ESwomen, and it trended worldwide for days.
Brian M
Brian M Hace un mes
Phil, when talking about Trayvon why do you use the kiddie photo and not his most recent when he was older, NOT 9?????
Renni Hace 9 días
Any murderer who claims defamation should be locked up forever
infinite dragonbelly
infinite dragonbelly Hace 13 días
I love video games more than most things in life. But like, it is just a game. They are great escapes to this chaotic world -especially if we are forced to Isolate ourselves from society more. But it is just a temporary activity.
drummerman1206 Hace 23 días
Ok so you chuckled when you said the secret link of the day this time. Really made me wanna go watch it. It’s hilarious. 😂😂
Jennifer Henriquez
Jennifer Henriquez Hace 24 días
I'm surprised to see Ohm presented on this channel. I love when things I know and love combine with each other.
Ab Renos
Ab Renos Hace 26 días
flip flop defranco
Julian D'León
Julian D'León Hace 27 días
Why are you reading the comments from people? I want your opinion not Twitter. Wtf is this?
BaZERGer Hace 28 días
"the man who shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin" *shows picture of a small kid, who most definitely is not 17 years old*
fOxYgUrL7781 Hace un mes
Am I only one who got shook at Sean Paul's current pic @1:08? I literally had to go back cuz I was like wth was that?? Lol
Karen and Sam Briggs
Karen and Sam Briggs Hace un mes
As a regular person who lives in Florida, the worst headlines seem to start with "A Florida Man......". Zimmerman was one of the worst. He shouldn't even get the publicity about these lawsuits as that is what he wants. To be relevant. To be talked about. To be famous. Auctioning off the gun and then suing the family - just more time in the limelight. Any other state want him?
SamuelMM Hace un mes
He probably is just finally losing recognition from people on the street, and now these politicians bring him back into it, he probably wants to make these people stop accusing him without proper evidence.
Sam Berglund
Sam Berglund Hace un mes
On Zimmerman....for someone who “acted in self defense” he seems to like reliving the act a lot. I know if I accidentally killed someone I wouldn’t want to bring it up so much.
Troy AM
Troy AM Hace un mes
any chance we could put energizing devices on Philips wrists to power the room lol
Kevin C
Kevin C Hace un mes
Ticket sales may be lower... L&F Fest, sold out even with a second date added.
Anna Grace Travis
Anna Grace Travis Hace un mes
When will Zimmerman learn that absolutely no one is on his side anymore?
Robert Hace un mes
I did not agree with his suit against the family but I do with both of these.
Ryan Z
Ryan Z Hace un mes
Man, I hate that I'm writing this but Zimmerman has a case. Regardless of public opinion, he was legally acquitted of all charges. He won't get 260m but he'll get a nice payday settlement.
Tonatiub Hace un mes
At the end of the day wherever hes an ass or not Ninja is a pro player and most of the people criticizing him are nowhere near his skill level. You cant argue with results. The wholesome approach is not necessarily the more efficient.
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Hace un mes
Don't Ninja throw a fat all the time he losses and called the game devs to ban the people that piss him off, seems Ninja needs to learn from his own words he stole from someone else.
Kong Wubba
Kong Wubba Hace un mes
Another, forgive us China because we need your money :*( Lol WSJ lol
Dakota Stone
Dakota Stone Hace un mes
& WHAT? this title bothers me lol
dorkly derk
dorkly derk Hace un mes
Ninja was quoting Kaiba from Yu Gi Oh. He’s still lame but like shit was funny
Jared Stollar
Jared Stollar Hace un mes
Maybe someone should sue Zimmerman for trying to profiteer off of contorting stories that say he murdered a kid....which he did
Bob Hace un mes
The phrase “the sick man of Asia“ may be referring to the Ottoman Empire as before World War 1 it was considered a great power but the other great powers believed it was in decline. The writer may be saying that China, although powerful, is in decline and could collapse.
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson Hace un mes
Watched this for Sean evens. Can't believe he's fired 😂
Samantha Robertson
Samantha Robertson Hace un mes
how many jobs DOES he need?
Sue Battle
Sue Battle Hace un mes
China story actually starts at 11:00
Cash Hace un mes
No guest openers!
Alex Manuel
Alex Manuel Hace un mes
“Weak Mindset” lmao. Accused someone of stream sniping and use his influence to get him banned if he didn’t leave. Now that’s a weak mindset.
carly c
carly c Hace un mes
That gun auction literally makes me sick to my stomach.
Angela Lovell
Angela Lovell Hace un mes
Side mention of the Uyghur or Türk people reminds you that the Chinese government doesn't just throw tantrums using legitimate hate speech as an excuse to dismiss valid criticism, they also abduct and hold people in "re-education" camps. I love the Chinese people, I absolutely despise their previous and current government.
killa_koala_ Hace un mes
Ninja literally stole the quote.
Lady Sugarquill
Lady Sugarquill Hace un mes
Totalitarian government gets angry at criticism, news at 11
Arcavian Empri
Arcavian Empri Hace un mes
Zimmerman will win a settlement for a few hundred thousand dollars because the allegations are true and would hold up in the court of law. The two candidates are silent because they want to settle as quietly as possible with NDAs...
Qs RandomRantz
Qs RandomRantz Hace un mes
Zimmerman should not be a loud to be on this planet
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Hace un mes
Darth Phil: "Use your anger!"
jobriq5 Hace un mes
George Zimmerman probably genuinely believes that he’s a persecuted hero. He was declared not guilty in a court of law but he’s being treated as if he is guilty
ethan vranic
ethan vranic Hace un mes
China: hey calling us sick man makes us sound unclean and sickly Coronavirus: well ....
Michael Acevedo
Michael Acevedo Hace un mes
Ahhhhhh the great COD classic
Dragon101201 Hace un mes
Ninja is a role model to many and he should've known better but at the same time it is a game its there for enjoyment if you enjoy just the ability to play a game fine if you enjoy winning if you enjoy losing to learn to get better fine but dont push that on others not everyone cares if they win or not I personally I'm just happy to play the game win or lose I'm learning and growing knowingly or not
Bloxxer Plays
Bloxxer Plays Hace un mes
I don’t think Zimmerman should be trying to go for 360 MILLION DOLLARS, not to mention it is horrible he sold that gun too
Severed Coil
Severed Coil Hace un mes
Good on Zimmerman
Adi Hace un mes
I thought that was Justin Timberlake
Richard Zetina
Richard Zetina Hace un mes
What song does Phil use in the joke right before the China story? I’ve been wondering for a while now
Sean Green
Sean Green Hace un mes
Sean should actually host an episode
badmojo79 Hace un mes
The "Firing Joke" is getting pretty dam old now.
giant the world ender
giant the world ender Hace un mes
I think it's ridiculous for Zimmerman to of claimed self defense against a young child who was unarmed.... however I'm glad he's sueing, as a biracial person with white and native american heritage, I've always hated the political use of non white people and biracial people being claimed as white, simply because they're not black. I hope this sends a message that there are more races then black and white to politicians.
Amir Boroumand
Amir Boroumand Hace un mes
Imagine killing a child and having the audacity to sue the family of the child that you killed. What a great man.
ScotInTheDot Hace un mes
If I ever get invited on to do "AConvoWith", be sure to run a trailer so I can tweet about no deposit hitting my account for this gig... 😂 Zimmerman is a new level of shit-piece to still be gaining traction and potentially earning off the back of Trayvon's death - tho, let's be candid here, 2 Democrat nominees tweeting about his birthday is, at best, questionable. Ninja? He's a bit of a twat. And not the good bit. And we ALL (including the WHO) need to be incredibly wary over the CCP's growing influence in the world. They've already overtaken Russia on their "influence by stealth" tactics...
tazmon122 Hace un mes
you can tell George Zimmerman is a complete douchebag cuz he's using tweets the neither mention him directly, nor indirectly as basis for defamation. like no one mentioned him, no one said anything about his actions, no one no one even wink/nod in his general direction. just that it would've been a dead kid's birthday, and his death shines a light on systemic issues of injustice. it's about celebrating Trayvon Martin, not even thinking about George Zimmerman. if Zimmerman shut the fuck up and stopped trying to sue anyone that says Trayvon's name he would become just as nameless as the pigs that fucked up the O.J. case....but no, since Zimmerman is a complete douchebag that thinks everyone who says Trayvon's name is also bad mouthing him, he's gonna continue to be a douchebag. just like Trump acquittal doesn't mean innocence. just shut the fuck up.
symbolsarenotreality Hace un mes
Tens of thousands of people die of the flu in the USA each year but yet that is never mentioned and somehow its only china that has a problem with flu deaths. The problem is double standards, irrationality and opportunistic attacks on china while ignoring ones own nations flu deaths.
Kevin Chan
Kevin Chan Hace un mes
China doesn't like people pointing at its insecurities. What a concept!
Sam Zuckerman
Sam Zuckerman Hace un mes
So Zimmerman kills their son then attacks there wallets. THEN he attacks the politicians who say anything about it. Only in America.
shibnibs Hace un mes
George Zimmerman disgusts me. What kind of sociopath sues the family of a boy he killed? Far as I’m concerned, whoever takes him out should get a damn award.
Jimmy The Stinkstick
Jimmy The Stinkstick Hace un mes
Damn, what is it about the way Phil speaks with his hands that makes you want to punch him in the face and tell him to fucking quit it!
J Repo
J Repo Hace un mes
Some people play for fun, its ok. If your dream is to become pro, or you already are, you always should try to improve, is it football, soccer or chess.
J Repo
J Repo Hace un mes
In intro, You should have go to Evan saying:“you’re worst, get ouuut of here” while holding coffee cup. And then holding your hand next to your mouth whispering to camera:” He was too good”
Ryan Sam
Ryan Sam Hace un mes
He is actually SUED the family of the boy he KILLED!!! WTF!
Polex411 Hace un mes
the man was innocent, and those people shouldn't have shunned a man. people should not be judged by the wrathful mob.
ilikenerds554 Hace un mes
Zimmerman is a POS
Cailey Rose
Cailey Rose Hace un mes
I think it will hurt rather than help sales, I wouldn't buy a ticket in this situation because it seems like risking my money
Kela Vakuya
Kela Vakuya Hace un mes
I've been downvoting his recent videos only because of the annoying kid at the end. I do not care if it is his, it is annoying.
Elon Dizer
Elon Dizer Hace un mes
Well China is the sick man of Asia no doubt,
Pete S
Pete S Hace un mes
Click Bait
soinu foig
soinu foig Hace un mes
"Of course an old... kisses fingers COD classic" LMFAO. Holy shit, your kids are so lucky to have you as a dad.
Cookie Mitchell
Cookie Mitchell Hace un mes
I have more fun playing games laughing on how I lose, if I the one happy and laughing and get enjoyment from this beautiful art someone made for me to enjoy, I really really really really really really really really don't feel like I loss.
Cookie Mitchell
Cookie Mitchell Hace un mes
@soinu foig thank you pretty
soinu foig
soinu foig Hace un mes
Zimmerman did his job appropriately, if you just read headlines then you'd think he didn't, but he did. I think it's weird Zimmerman sold his gun and sued travans family, but a
Crab Jr
Crab Jr Hace un mes
China is one of my least favorite countries right now. I feel like they React rather than Respond. Meaning irRESPONSible in a way. They wear their feelings in their sleeve and lash out at what they don’t like. Something they need to understand is that this event with the C virus has made an imprint on China and has effected peoples views of them, they are in denial that such is the case, that they can deny any repercussion. Shit happens, if someone gets in a car accident, may not be their fault, but some people may think that person is somewhat a bad driver. Face reality and stop trying to fix things by not taking responsibility thus far
Jarrit Ricard
Jarrit Ricard Hace un mes
Philosophy Major Phil is the best Phil
Timothy Rabey
Timothy Rabey Hace un mes
Funny how China doesn’t want to be called a dirty country meanwhile the children are free to basically piss and shit anywhere they want. they collect the piss of young boys to boil eggs with it. To say the China is a dirty country is a understatement it is a cesspool of fucking depravity and disgusting cultural habits and this recent outbreak just proves it more.
winterlover89 Hace un mes
Zimmerman is a piece of shit. How someone hasn't taken him out by now is incredible. Its so hard to believe that it was so long ago that Trayvon was killed.
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