Worst KARENS Who Went Too Far 2

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Worst KARENS Who Went Too Far 2! Which Karen do you think was the worst? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-8lolKVRHThY.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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SSSniperWolf Hace un mes
hellooooo friendsssss
Pacific Diver
Pacific Diver Hace 8 días
@vSpectix heloo
terri Mills
terri Mills Hace 17 días
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cupcake_the cloud
cupcake_the cloud Hace 20 días
hello sissss
Amanda Guerrero
Amanda Guerrero Hace 22 días
Jojo Hace 22 días
Hello queen 😌💅🏽✨
Katelyn Ramlagan
Katelyn Ramlagan Hace 37 minutos
The second Karen was just sad because she ain't got nobody to go home and love.
Pi corgi
Pi corgi Hace 41 un minuto
I thought it said I have a golf ball heeeeeeeeehhh
Allison Pierson
Allison Pierson Hace 3 horas
Plz make more Are you still scrolling Plz stop! STOP SCROLLING!!! Ok fine u can keep scrolling
iWillTakeTheL Hace 3 horas
I hate social distancing
Allison Pierson
Allison Pierson Hace 3 horas
Can you make Karen vids more often bc that is the only thing that entertains me
{S A B R I N A}
{S A B R I N A} Hace 3 horas
I’m not a Karen but.... I was an hour long waiting for my menu I had a mini burger (germany) and water! I was shocked I didn’t say anything -_-
toms face777•
toms face777• Hace 3 horas
1:41 She is only complaining about kissing cause she has no one to kiss
Shailen Briley
Shailen Briley Hace 3 horas
oof i hate it when i see ppl do that they blow up over nothing
Brooklyn Strode
Brooklyn Strode Hace 4 horas
Omg the First Lady wow with the phone call
Yung Oreo
Yung Oreo Hace 4 horas
“karen” Can i speak to your manager” Me: why do u need to miss Her: hell no LET ME SPEAK TO THE MANAGER
Nope Bob
Nope Bob Hace 5 horas
Ohh shoot That hobby lobby is by me
kimberly Bogle
kimberly Bogle Hace 6 horas
If I can breathe in a mask you can too
kimberly Bogle
kimberly Bogle Hace 6 horas
I'm 8 years old and I can wear a mask without without suffocating you can too
Scratch N' Spin
Scratch N' Spin Hace 6 horas
Corona is basically the uprising of the Karens And Susans (Susans are Karens over 50)
Dihan Villet
Dihan Villet Hace 7 horas
The Karens must stop to say no reason stuff and reporting is no reason but people must wear a mask or else they die
Dihan Villet
Dihan Villet Hace 7 horas
Not in home only outside you must wear a mask
Lusita Vazquez
Lusita Vazquez Hace 8 horas
me: kills all the Karens in the world
N.herne4 Herne
N.herne4 Herne Hace 8 horas
My mom is not a Karen but she’s a boomer Karen👌
vhanessa cruz
vhanessa cruz Hace 9 horas
Why does the mailman sound like peter griffen?
Ms. Me
Ms. Me Hace 10 horas
That 911 operator 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Syeid Truitt
Syeid Truitt Hace 11 horas
First Karen KAREN EXE
Bridget Smartt
Bridget Smartt Hace 11 horas
I am hooked on these women. Leave me alone to do my work. Oh ....its another one. Heeeeeeeeelp
Noobly. Doodles
Noobly. Doodles Hace 12 horas
I feel bad for the kids that have moms as Karen’s
Lemon Hope
Lemon Hope Hace 12 horas
7:17 no he’s not the mail man he is kermet the phrog
The Madhatter
The Madhatter Hace 12 horas
Me waiting for natural selection to take its course be like : 👁👄👁
ジャケイラほとんど ミルクティー
ジャケイラほとんど ミルクティー Hace 12 horas
Zoe Bassingthwaighte
Zoe Bassingthwaighte Hace 14 horas
the mail man sounded like kermit the frog....
scarlett peralta
scarlett peralta Hace 15 horas
5:23 “and you’re to stupid” looks who’s talking Karen 🤦🏽‍♀️
Audrey Alonzo
Audrey Alonzo Hace 15 horas
phone call, phone call, phone call... me be like: what da heck, you can just call later, common sense.
Smoke_blizzy Bacon
Smoke_blizzy Bacon Hace 16 horas
If literally ANYONE spoke like that in my store i would have nopqtience and shove them out
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie Hace 16 horas
William is a Karen ;---;;
Painted Dog
Painted Dog Hace 16 horas
Watch out there are black haired Karen’s my aunt’s one
たんじろかまどTanjiro Kamado
たんじろかまどTanjiro Kamado Hace 17 horas
karen: (trows something to me) Me: (Dosent get hurt) Try me bish
Bella Cook
Bella Cook Hace 17 horas
“We heard you the first time ma’am”.
InfinityGaming Hace 17 horas
ι ѕωєαя ιf ι єνєя мєт α кαяєи ιи ρυвℓι¢ αи∂ ѕнє/нє ѕαу ѕσмєтнιиg тσ мє ιммα ѕтяαιт υρ вє ℓιкє ВΙТ¢Н Gσ Fυ¢К УσυЯЅЄℓF ℓιкє fя
sara bolick
sara bolick Hace 18 horas
These poor employees who have to deal with these people :( :( :(
Sofie Gueyikian
Sofie Gueyikian Hace 18 horas
Karen: I HUNG UP THe PHONE CALL Me:ok- Karen:I DID WHAT YOU SAID Me:what in the- Karen:I HUNG UP THE PHONE CALL Me:damn ok I get it- Karen:I FINSHED THE PH- Me:*slaps as hard as I can*I FRICKING GET IT,SO STOP!!!!!
Lunanightwolf Hace 18 horas
The Karen's are taking over
Snow -
Snow - Hace 18 horas
The first part was actually a parrot in a karen suit say the same phrase.
Lizards Lair
Lizards Lair Hace 19 horas
2:57 expecto patronum!!!!!... The cop is the Dementor 😂
Emma Coneys
Emma Coneys Hace 19 horas
Know don’t take me the wrong way but i hope all the Karen’s get covid
Bailey Boo
Bailey Boo Hace 19 horas
the first karen sounds like siri when you tell her to say your name and you put your name as what she said
Killer_twichki gamerworld
Killer_twichki gamerworld Hace 20 horas
Dont be shy calm down!!!!
Timy Hace 20 horas
He was the star wars he was posh the police hahhahaha!!!!!!!
SunnyGirl Hace 20 horas
"You kicked me! I'm calling 911!" ... bruh r u an 8 year old?
Music_Freak !
Music_Freak ! Hace 20 horas
These people are crazy -
aftab hassan
aftab hassan Hace 21 un hora
I love how the operator is like "Stay calm, BUT I can't send anyone out....... That would be twelve."😂👌
Nevaeh Miller
Nevaeh Miller Hace 21 un hora
May the force be with you
Nevaeh Miller
Nevaeh Miller Hace 21 un hora
Shes just jaelous cause shes single
Donovan Steele
Donovan Steele Hace 21 un hora
I think about all the compromises and sacrifices logical people have made.... then watch the insane shrug logic, and i become so sad.
Hope Nelson
Hope Nelson Hace 22 horas
Why use the words : That legal
Gacha Ivy
Gacha Ivy Hace 22 horas
my cat:i dont like wot they say to me me: dont listen to karen they mean
neocityculture Hace 22 horas
I hate when Karens have something to say and when the person who is being a “problem” says sorry they don’t say “oh well it’s okay just learn from it next time” NOPE they just keep going and going. Like for what?! 👁👄👁
Maddog Productions
Maddog Productions Hace 22 horas
She said phone call 24 times (yes i counted).
Ashley Schaefer 101
Ashley Schaefer 101 Hace 22 horas
Ok bye!!!! Cus I don’t wear one never will and you can’t convince me sooo ya byeeee
Chessa Haines
Chessa Haines Hace 22 horas
How many times did she say phone call
jason bouvier
jason bouvier Hace 22 horas
I freaking love your animation!. You get to say everything I'm thinking!
Glitchy boi
Glitchy boi Hace un día
Karen VS couple Worker: watches and doesn’t even do anything about it*
Shadow Wild
Shadow Wild Hace un día
Poor mailman the the Karen said he’s “stalking” him
sun shine
sun shine Hace un día
You’re my favorite yTuberou tuber human first favorite you tuber
At 5:11 I would have grabbed her arm and pulled it to make her hit her head on the glass 😂
Pretty LidiBug
Pretty LidiBug Hace un día
She said” phone call” so many times more than James Charles can say hi sisters
Gina Hace un día
Rebecca Blake
Rebecca Blake Hace un día
Why are all the Karens in America? Why can't we have funny people?
L Ahmad
L Ahmad Hace un día
F u karen
kitten gamer
kitten gamer Hace un día
That mail man looks familiar
Juju Hace un día
Me watching SSSinperwolf’s video es during my online class: 👁👄👁 😌💅
Martial ARts bro
Martial ARts bro Hace un día
use reddit to destroy karens and their weird theories
Gaming Brayden
Gaming Brayden Hace un día
100,000 people dead in America Me:I’m pretty sure that more than 50 percent of the people are Karens
•HunBun• Hace un día
2:56 i can't 😂
kitten gamer
kitten gamer Hace un día
itsKitty Queen
itsKitty Queen Hace un día
I hang up the call LOL 😂 😝
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