Worst Haircut FAILS

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Worst Haircut FAILS! Have you ever seen someone with a really bad haircut? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch last video eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-Qahzhw5AItA.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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ayla the vampire
ayla the vampire Hace 7 horas
damn jo jo siwa got some serious bad hair competition
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hace 7 horas
5:36 this guy dropped out of school for his dream job as a brush
MoviesSeriesMe Hace 10 horas
The second video, where the girl gets this brush stuck in her hair, actually happened to me 2 years ago, i spent 5 hours trying to get it out, and then i had to get a haircut😂
LongRead9 Hace 11 horas
8:21 Josuke's hair looking on fleek
Alice Stewart
Alice Stewart Hace 20 horas
i have a six head
Marley Rose
Marley Rose Hace un día
why does the girl in the title kinda look cute...it's just me?ok
zailyn cooke
zailyn cooke Hace un día
Wow those haircut are stopped
LeAnn Apachito
LeAnn Apachito Hace un día
5:15 that's called a government handle haha that's how you got handled back in the day when you didn't listen grabbing you by that patch of hair
LeAnn Apachito
LeAnn Apachito Hace un día
5:02 that's Mike Wazowskis chick from Monster Inc. Or nah hahaha
Mariah Weatherspoon
Mariah Weatherspoon Hace 2 días
Whatever the girl got a hairbrush stuck in her hair I have done that before it hurts
Xx ice playzxX :3
Xx ice playzxX :3 Hace 2 días
1:08 dosnt she look like Joey from friends but the girl version....anybody XD
plutotears Hace 2 días
8:35 my dude be looking like mondo
BOOGIE YT Hace 2 días
5:37 Why his hair look like a Reeses cup😂😂😂
Ruben Master
Ruben Master Hace 2 días
9:30 All I can say is THAT'S OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOP. Cummon Lea u dumb for that😂😂
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak Hace 2 días
3:52 is a lizard
Yara Saffarini
Yara Saffarini Hace 2 días
Lea is going to need that hair in green for a drink
Jsjs Jaotx
Jsjs Jaotx Hace 2 días
5:42 ceo of Reese’s peanut butter cups
Jaycee Joudrey
Jaycee Joudrey Hace 2 días
Nobody: Not even a single soul: JoJo Siwa: "WAiT yoU gUyS HavE HAiRliNeS?!?!"
Anna Jansome
Anna Jansome Hace 3 días
I got 5 head finger
Amy Balmer
Amy Balmer Hace 3 días
I have a five head
Lola Lines
Lola Lines Hace 4 días
Lola Lines
Lola Lines Hace 4 días
dares channal
dares channal Hace 4 días
hey sniper wolf its me again you're biggest fan... I love youre videos so much and make my day … im going through a rough time right now and you are always making it better thank you so much x
Ella AGK
Ella AGK Hace 4 días
I have a.... five....head?
Puthitivea Hace 4 días
i feel bad for these people
Leila Linares
Leila Linares Hace 4 días
Hi Lia,Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your videos.I watch you everyday,and I enjoy every video.Hope you continue what you do best.I was wondering...Do You watch My Hero Academia?It's one of my favorite animes.
Клара Капричева
Клара Капричева Hace 5 días
1:00 this happened to me
Dorito Nugget
Dorito Nugget Hace 5 días
Mom: I have eyes on the back of my head Mom: 5:00
UnElora Gacha
UnElora Gacha Hace 5 días
That happened to me a round brush and it got stuck
Stephen Hesketh
Stephen Hesketh Hace 5 días
Good afternoon to the most gorgeous goddess of them all queen Lia. Wit woo you are just so tantalisingly beautiful honey. I think you look absolutely stunning in that chocolate jumper that your wearing for this video it makes you look like a heavenly angel and show off those twinkling eyes of yours babe. Aww you always look hella cute with your glasses on. I do love it when you wear your glasses just wish you would do your hair more often angel. To me you will forever be the most beautiful woman in the whole world and you always melt my heart everytime I see you honey. Ooo so we are going to be watching some of the worst haircut fails in today's video I am so looking forward to this I need a good laugh. Ohhh my gosh so many of these haircuts was epic fails they were awful I think to myself why would you embarrass yourself like that. I admit I do feel sorry for anyone that does have to walk around with there hair looking ridiculous babe. I felt so bad for the chick that had to cut the hair brush out of her hair i bet she had some lush long hair too sweetie. I was absolutely howling at the two dudes who had there hairline half way up there head. There was a few cool hair cuts that I did like though honey. I thought that the one almost reminded me of Krusty the clowns hair. Well they were so very strange and wonderful choices of haircuts there I am still thinking to myself why would you want to have your hair like that for sweetie. I think that my favourite one would have to be the dude that looked like he had Goku's hair and my least favourite hair cut was the dude that looked like he had a spider on top of his baby. I hope that you have a wonderful day and a fabulous evening tonight. I love you with all of my heart and soul for all of eternity queen Lia. You are quite simply the most beautiful woman in the whole entire universe and I think that you are the definition of perfection in every single way possible princess Lia. You are one in a million and just such a wonderful and amazing woman. Please never change who you are, you are just perfect the way you are sweetheart. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Blaze Child Of Hestia
Blaze Child Of Hestia Hace 5 días
8:21 so that is where the Titanic went
Blaze Child Of Hestia
Blaze Child Of Hestia Hace 5 días
Some of these are in Reddit thumbnails
DATASS 6 Hace 5 días
I got a four head
Suzanne Beck
Suzanne Beck Hace 6 días
She works at Willy Wankas factory
Hard Boiled Eggs Are good
Hard Boiled Eggs Are good Hace 6 días
_ Asare
_ Asare Hace 6 días
8:08 NGL that’s mad sick
im a 5 head
Felicia Richard
Felicia Richard Hace 6 días
You are funny 😄 I
SadHelicopter Hace 6 días
The person with the lumpy hair had that hair cause they probably haven’t taken a shower in a long time that’s what happens to hair
Kimoya Dunkley
Kimoya Dunkley Hace 7 días
why they all want rumplestilskin hairlines im a girl and i have a better hairline thats sad
Salazar Kids
Salazar Kids Hace 7 días
How many of you girls wake up and your hair is all tangled like a bird is living there
Kayla Raeanne
Kayla Raeanne Hace 7 días
What happens wen they sleep
Wii And stuff
Wii And stuff Hace 7 días
4:05 ONION -snifferwolf
LUIS BERRIOS Hace 7 días
wow this is so!!!!!!! stoped
Madison Jablonski
Madison Jablonski Hace 7 días
Good night 🌙
April Pelletier
April Pelletier Hace 8 días
that E-boys hair is super silky
PixelCats_ Hace 8 días
8:09 how do you do that
Michael Mahan
Michael Mahan Hace 8 días
Alliecat ice cream
Alliecat ice cream Hace 9 días
All you do is say lalalala your a chaterbox and you always talk and talk 🖓🖓😠😠
Big Coley Productions
Big Coley Productions Hace 9 días
They be looking like mega mind
Farah Majid
Farah Majid Hace 9 días
My mom is an hair dresser and when she saw this she freaked out😆
Itzroxy playz
Itzroxy playz Hace 9 días
Bts Rap monster 2013 😂😂😂
Itzroxy playz
Itzroxy playz Hace 9 días
8:22 why he look like sweetpea from riverdale???
Candice Ruiz
Candice Ruiz Hace 10 días
I think your hair is pretty beautiful I think your hair is pretty beautiful😁😁😁
yo'lan'da wang
yo'lan'da wang Hace 10 días
love figit spiner
Salazar Kids
Salazar Kids Hace 10 días
That girl that got her hair stuck in the brush the blondy. That was me one time because I was laying down and when I got up it was stuck as hell.comment what happened to you if the same thing happened to me.
Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez Hace 11 días
Austin Harris
Austin Harris Hace 11 días
venessa lopez
venessa lopez Hace 11 días
I brushed my hair and when I took out the hair brush a small chunk of hair came out and I cried
Amulet Coraline
Amulet Coraline Hace 11 días
Worst haircut=worst nightmare to most of the woman Fine to me I think
kawaii girl
kawaii girl Hace 11 días
At 2:22 I thought his hairline was receding, 😂😂😂😂
Wtf Amy
Wtf Amy Hace 11 días
Don’t wanna mess with my hair during this pandemic 😬 🦠 💥 🥊 😷
Sky I’m a banana
Sky I’m a banana Hace 11 días
imma 5 finger head 😰😰😰
Jenny Jeon
Jenny Jeon Hace 12 días
Search Redline
Wendy Do Napier Valeska
Wendy Do Napier Valeska Hace 12 días
8:34 is that Elvis Presly?
s a c h i m i
s a c h i m i Hace 12 días
5:43 his haircut b lookin like the reeces buttercup lmao
Melissa Verostek
Melissa Verostek Hace 12 días
Who thinks the Flan is a Reece’s cup
Melissa Verostek
Melissa Verostek Hace 12 días
andre peinado
andre peinado Hace 12 días
Complete fails of hair
Hazel Cayanne
Hazel Cayanne Hace 12 días
I can't understand how these haircutters aren't getting fired from their jobs
lillian barber
lillian barber Hace 12 días
i have a 3 head 😁
Sadana Sala
Sadana Sala Hace 12 días
I got Ino Yamanakas hair. Exact color, style and length.
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