Worst Haircut Ever

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another FANTASTIC episode of Overtime!
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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Hace un mes
1 LIKE = telling Coby you love him and that he'll bounce back from this 😂 ⬇️
2 Gaming
2 Gaming Hace 15 días
O great people, i want views thank you...
MattUnGaming Hace 16 días
Dude Perfect coooooool
honey coves
honey coves Hace 23 días
Jack Anker
Jack Anker Hace 23 días
At least him and Garrett have the same hair
Scorch428 Hace 23 días
what a group of fags....i mean jesus...
Po Yen Oscar Leung
Po Yen Oscar Leung Hace 10 horas
Watch my video po yen Oscar Leung
Joshua Tang
Joshua Tang Hace 12 horas
More get crafty!
Ae z
Ae z Hace 13 horas
Tyler Papy
Tyler Papy Hace 13 horas
4:55 me cutting my hair during quarintine😂😂
Mateusz Graczyk
Mateusz Graczyk Hace 15 horas
18:00 Isn't that the spaceship they used for the Rage Monster in Quarantine Stereotypes?
Alexis Leon
Alexis Leon Hace 18 horas
0:00 when it hits😔 ifykyk
Casper Nettesheim
Casper Nettesheim Hace 19 horas
Why does coby has a dent in de front of hi's head???
Cool Spike
Cool Spike Hace 19 horas
Hey TT
Leigh Ane Moore
Leigh Ane Moore Hace 19 horas
I really don’t think ty did 75 pull ups ( like if u agree)
TXTER 2k _
TXTER 2k _ Hace 19 horas
Y’all should show the wheel hat like inside and shake it then pick it so we truly know Cory is just unlucky 🤣
WaterBottle Blue
WaterBottle Blue Hace 20 horas
cody and ty both have only been picked once
Charlie Bennett
Charlie Bennett Hace 20 horas
I really like the hair cut thing
Manoj Deodhar
Manoj Deodhar Hace un día
Coby looks like a villain in this look 😂😂. Anyways feeling sad for him.
Jaden Fernandez
Jaden Fernandez Hace un día
6:32 This video has a word called betcha
imnot monkey
imnot monkey Hace un día
When you skip at tall guy..it will be tall guyyyyyyy
Football Brothers
Football Brothers Hace un día
Hi please subs end like on BMX BOYS 🚵‍♂️👍♥️
Shibu Kunnakkad
Shibu Kunnakkad Hace un día
Coby no way what how can you shave your head .... love you guys
Blue Probossxx
Blue Probossxx Hace un día
Cody should get a 2 game suspension as he is selfish and he broke Cory's item for cool not cool.
Beck Taylor
Beck Taylor Hace un día
Me(at1:16 am) almost starts singing the theme song out loud
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed Hace un día
i hate them
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed Hace un día
take your likes bake
Gabriel Kovács
Gabriel Kovács Hace un día
Tyler paints the mountains like Bob Ross 😯
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi Hace un día
next who ever is spinning that wheel he will definitely land on {TP YOUR OWN HOUSE }
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi Hace un día
In overtime 17 i said
Jonathan Willbanks
Jonathan Willbanks Hace un día
tall guy, bacon, egg yes I’m hungry.. when is breakfast stop starrrrving me
Jonathan Willbanks
Jonathan Willbanks Hace un día
tall guy, bread, egg yes I’m hungry.. when is breakfast stop starrrrving me
Jagger Dallman
Jagger Dallman Hace un día
i hate that
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma Hace un día
2020 Bob Ross: Tyler Toney
Artic_dragon52 Hace un día
when is it not the twins for wheel unfortunate
youtrashdogy Hace un día
that's right
Trevor Thwing
Trevor Thwing Hace un día
My name is T.N.T
James Wisener
James Wisener Hace un día
We need wives vs chad
Allison Faithfull
Allison Faithfull Hace un día
Cody only got pick 1
Leslie Ford
Leslie Ford Hace un día
😀😃😬😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😬 coby
Best Shahbain
Best Shahbain Hace un día
hows Cody lactose intolerant even though he ate cheese on a pizza ?
ED Murray
ED Murray Hace un día
I would pay for ty picture any time
Breakfast King
Breakfast King Hace un día
Who agrees that Ned Forrester should spin his own wheel ⬇️
Amr Ishaqq
Amr Ishaqq Hace un día
Looks like Vsauce
Nadia Enriquez
Nadia Enriquez Hace un día
I hate cody
Jonathan Lyon
Jonathan Lyon Hace un día
3:18 the coin that stays hurts my mind
Thlezuka YT
Thlezuka YT Hace un día
When will someone get own a cat
RazorGames Hace un día
Coby is such a sport about this
Neelam Tripathi
Neelam Tripathi Hace un día
The next thing on Wheel Unfortunate should be two more spins...and the spinner has to do both the things that he lands on to. I leave the rest to you guys to decide or think more. BTW Stay Safe
Bill Hanafin
Bill Hanafin Hace 2 días
Who remembers TT from overtime 13?😂😂😂
Nudli Mákos
Nudli Mákos Hace 2 días
Pizza is easier to tell apart from burger and coffee because there is less to change but 5/5 is incredible.
Maral Charyyeva
Maral Charyyeva Hace 2 días
Sean Wong
Sean Wong Hace 2 días
Is that pain?
Peanut Butter Jeans
Peanut Butter Jeans Hace 2 días
Well if it’s not perfect we’ll he not perfect and that’s the channels called >:(
Jack Daly
Jack Daly Hace 2 días
I respect how they made us think from the thumbnail that Ty is gonna be the wheel spinner.
Sachet Prakash
Sachet Prakash Hace 2 días
CORY: Get Crafty Episode 1-:” My father is a phenomenal woodworker” Get Crafty Episode 2-:” My sister is a professional painter” Get Crafty episode 3-:???
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma Hace un día
Prediction for Get Crafty Episode 3: I am a professional failure
Karen Wang
Karen Wang Hace 2 días
I would buy Ty’s masterpiece Who would do the same? 👇👨🏼‍🎨❤️
Karen Wang
Karen Wang Hace 2 días
Let’s be honest cool not cool is one of the most entertaining segments Who else agrees? 👇❤️
flixvibes Hace 2 días
now we know the difference between coby and cory
Aaditya Sakaria
Aaditya Sakaria Hace 2 días
kampot qq
kampot qq Hace 2 días
Coby Look Bald!
Erik Tang
Erik Tang Hace 2 días
ty's painting is the clear winner, why did he say it was close
Samuel Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence Hace 2 días
When you win the lottery 1:49 (Look at cory)
King Yogang
King Yogang Hace 2 días
I felt so bad for Cory in Cool not cool!
Kayla Warren
Kayla Warren Hace 2 días
When is overtime 17
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky Hace 2 días
Can I buy Ty's painting?
Neelam Bakshi
Neelam Bakshi Hace 2 días
That's un-fortunenate
lohan jordao
lohan jordao Hace 2 días
Does that hurt coby
PlasmaRewind Hace 2 días
Y'all should make a full version of the overtime song and put it on Spotify
Jacob Swanson
Jacob Swanson Hace 2 días
Can you do can you do more betcha
Piper Mays
Piper Mays Hace 2 días
Ok thet forgot a pizza place when testing if he was the prince of pizza they forgot little ceasers and tyler could sell that for money id buy it XD
MD The Gamer
MD The Gamer Hace 3 días
Okay now he looks like Vsauce
Agnieszka Sz.
Agnieszka Sz. Hace 3 días
if you have steam test kerbal space program game and do a challange who build the best spacecraft
Alfie Games
Alfie Games Hace 3 días
Cody has to a green for me
Arham Wajahat
Arham Wajahat Hace 3 días
When is ot17 coming
I miss diss
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