World Health Organization under scrutiny for not acting fast enough

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Fox News

Fox News

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MDStaffers Chief Medical officer Dr. Dan Field joins Jon Scott to discuss the coronavirus pandemic. #FoxNews
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world health orgworld health organizationWHOworld health organization china

the Game lovers
the Game lovers Hace 16 días
Plzzz stop calling he is doctor he is killer of humanity Dr tedros 😠😠
VASU DEVA RAO Hace un mes
Who so whole world corupte and non qulified organisation
Erik Rogers
Erik Rogers Hace un mes
punk scared to say the truth about his business partenrs at the who what whare when WHY
DADDY HO Hace un mes
FAKE NEWS. The World Health Organization warned, in 2019 and Trump was briefed, in 2019. Are you really going to believe Trump this time? Right is Right. What you must realize, is that IVANKA and her father Trump, have several Trade Marks, in China and does business with China, on a personal level. AP- China grants Ivanka Trump 5 trademarks, amid trade talks. By Erika Kinetz Jan 21, 2019. We are being taken by Trump. Did anyone of your relatives' contact COVID19, in the US? Remember, Trump was thinking the cases of COVID19, will go down from 15 to 0. We cannot continue pretending, we cannot see, while our loved ones are dying. Do you love your relatives? I actually, was rooting, for Trump; a long while, unto I started seeing, so much wrong, he was doing and in good conscious, I cannot continue supporting a man, that love to do evil. God will hold us, accountable.
Antonio Perales del Hierro
Antonio Perales del Hierro Hace un mes
Surprise surprise the Chinese Government, *capitalists whether you like to admit it or not,* corrupts what it touches.
Rofern Fernandes
Rofern Fernandes Hace un mes
W.H.O = we hurt others
The Law
The Law Hace un mes
BOOM! Defunded.
Alejandro Aparicio
Alejandro Aparicio Hace un mes
Who and china should be destroyed.
peace2ol Hace un mes
Most Ethiopians opposed Tedros's election for WHO back then,because Tedros of WHO is a mass murderer in Ethiopia he was a top minister under TPLF which committed the Amharan Genocide and many more crimes against humanity as well as big corruption.
Peter Stark
Peter Stark Hace un mes
look whatever the reason , the fact is clear , the WHO is borderline useless and may be compromised, in either case its a waste of money and authority and thay did gave bad , late advices and with that thay are responsible for this mess....... so 1. thay have to be closed and 2. thay need to be investigated and punished in some form , this was high neglegence
Jay Cee
Jay Cee Hace un mes
Doesn't naming the World Health Organization, WHO, just scream out for an Abbott and Costello routine? "WHO is a liar!" "Not me." "Not you what?" "I'm not a liar." "I didn't say you were." "You said who is." "That's right." "So, who's a liar?" "Correct." "What?" "WHO's a liar!" "I don't know." "Third base!"
Peter S
Peter S Hace un mes
How does a country that allows unspeakable animal cruelty, exports viruses, causes global ruin and catastrophe, and maintains a proxy state which openly murders millions of its citizens get to be called civilized. The people of China need to rise up and claim their freedom.
Ben Betterman
Ben Betterman Hace un mes
Time to protest the “World Health Organization” they’re corrupt. Pray for us. We are strong when we are many.
Digi tal
Digi tal Hace un mes
Roger Daltrey... is the only WHO you should be listening to... 👍
willy santana
willy santana Hace un mes
WHO is an international disgrace alongside the place of the virus' origin.
chris gilbert
chris gilbert Hace un mes
Corruption by China this organization is a joke stop sending our money to support these clowns....
Bert G
Bert G Hace 2 meses
Make China pay.
Javier Castro
Javier Castro Hace 2 meses
In my opinion, WHO and China should both get nuked.
Carolyn Barney
Carolyn Barney Hace 2 meses
There seems to be a lot of misleading information going on ! Why can't we get some accuracy, on these misleading? Of DIFFERENT organizations? What's going on ?...🗣❤❤❤🗣👣🕊👊🌠
Young Vices
Young Vices Hace 2 meses
I have medical masks I already owned I use them when I go out so deal with it
Sam Bart
Sam Bart Hace 2 meses
WHO: We love Chinese money!
Louie R.
Louie R. Hace 2 meses
WHO is paid by the chinese government... both are responsible for keeping the world in the dark and downplaying the pandemic. Shameful and disgusting. WHO should be disbanded and the leaders jailed. China should also be charged for crimes against humanity
Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith Hace 2 meses
Worse than the UN and just a political. They do not represent 'world' health, they won't recognize some countries and are in bed with China. Countries should be looking to remove themselves from CHO.
Rick Anthony
Rick Anthony Hace 2 meses
The more tests, the more infected. If CV is as contagious as the common flu, 20 - 70 million could be infected, in the US. So, of course the infected rate will go up, especially if more and more test are done. I'm curious, at what point if you already had CV, how long would it be before you show negative on a test? 2, 3, 4 weeks.
deadmanslastwish Hace 2 meses
Bought and paid for the by CCP
the avenger
the avenger Hace 2 meses
WHO get paid by china ccp so we dont need these Clowns that Made by China
Susan Auger
Susan Auger Hace 2 meses
At the WHO Dr. Taco refused to call it a pandemic due to some liberal racist silliness. Putting lives at risk over offending??!!?? Anyone see a problem with that like me?
4esthetics Hace 2 meses
I wonder when the World Health Organization will finally change their name to China Health Organization
Scott Newcomer
Scott Newcomer Hace 2 meses
they should be under scrutiny for being in bed with china..they dont care
Rita Todd
Rita Todd Hace 2 meses
Worthless Heathen Organization
John Pachenga
John Pachenga Hace 2 meses
The world health organisation is corrupt. They refused others countries to put a travel banned on China, now the virus spread all over. They should be called THE CHINA HEALTH ORGANISATION. ENOUGH OF CORRUPT
Mario M
Mario M Hace 2 meses
U.S. Virus now....
The Drake
The Drake Hace 2 meses
ray rose
ray rose Hace 2 meses
cant blame trump for your job fox..
Stephen H
Stephen H Hace 2 meses
WHO is $$ Beholding to CCP > Therefore gave CCP Time to Clean Up and Cover Up !
danmar007 Hace 2 meses
The Who sang "Won't get fooled again" yet we constantly get fooled by the WHO.
Tammy Cornejo
Tammy Cornejo Hace 2 meses
The WHO is to blame for this!!! WAKE UP WORLD
[Arjuna] Hace 2 meses
Event 201
Vyguard Elite
Vyguard Elite Hace 2 meses
Hope2020, feel the Bern!
Arjun Arjun
Arjun Arjun Hace 2 meses
*security Tips: dont be too cocky only write title correctly
Michelle D Williams
Michelle D Williams Hace 2 meses
🇺🇸Army brat Marine Corp wife. Many people used the excuse they did vote for Hillary because she supposedly killed someone. How many people have Trump killed so far because he didn’t take this seriously from the beginning and still isn’t. Don’t making excuses and make America great again by not voting for someone who doesn’t care about you!!
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Hace 2 meses
Covid-19 is a democrated hoax. Is Obama fault, it will disappear like magic. According to orange dotard pathological liar. Psychopath clown.
Armnel Angeles
Armnel Angeles Hace 2 meses
What?! The WHO has been sounding the alarm very early about the spread of the pandemic! The US administration DOWN PLAYED the spread, even saying that 15 cases will soon turn to ZERO, now, Trump is saying that it could have been 2 MILLION, but thanks to him, it will be DOWN to 100,000 to 200,000 deaths. Donald Trump is running your country just like most of his ventures, bankrupt, in to the ground. Only this time, there is so much cost in human lives. 😩
STEF CAZO Hace 2 meses
let's all go local and finally drop GLOBAL !!!!
Just One Man
Just One Man Hace 2 meses
Fox News calling out WHO is an interesting concept given Trump and Fox News have put so much effort into creating and spreading misinformation like calling the pandemic a liberal hoax and less dangerous than the flu. We continually hear from irresponsible Fox viewers comparing to the flu and refusing to support social distancing. Be patient! Fox News, WHO, Trump, Governors and CDC will be investigated and judged when this is all over.
Tiger Zero
Tiger Zero Hace 2 meses
The W.H.O just admitted they're under control of the Chinese Communist party. Look at the interview they did with a Taiwan, the W.H.O is a complete joke and a disgrace and they don't have no shame, what a bunch of useless lowlifes.
j mac
j mac Hace 2 meses
World useless organization.
Gene Burrell
Gene Burrell Hace 2 meses
Bin Jin
Bin Jin Hace 2 meses
Trump Under Scrutiny for Not Acting Fast Enough. That's okay, we love the president anyways.
junjun reyes
junjun reyes Hace 2 meses
That's a stupid doctor you just interviewed you stupid moron.
Bflo Joe
Bflo Joe Hace 2 meses
People who say lets look forward are usually guilty of something. I say the virus got into this country, not by the winds, crossing vast miles of water to enter our country. People brought it here, and the powers that be allowed them to enter the U.S..
Daniel Alveo
Daniel Alveo Hace 2 meses
Oh please Fox people. Stop trying to find scapegoats. The WHO did their job. If they had declared a pandemic in January, you guys would have been like “hoax by the deep, deep state and why they want to wreck the stock market”. They sent test kits and the CDC wanted to create their own while the president was looking for an opportunity to cash in. So nah! Total horseshit on your part. The WHO could never win with you nutjobs! Dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t.
Van Lee
Van Lee Hace 2 meses
w.h.o = corruption
J F Hace 2 meses
WHO did not allow Taiwan to join because of China. Taiwan have done the best in this crisis. Go figure.
verdecitron Hace 2 meses
Oh pleaszeeeee....unbelievable how far you guys go to support his propaganda.. it’s nauseating
Larry Wayne
Larry Wayne Hace 2 meses
Anybody else notice certain words blocked out? Typical.
Felicia Murphy
Felicia Murphy Hace 2 meses
The more you test the higher the numbers will be. That's just common sense.
Felicia Murphy
Felicia Murphy Hace 2 meses
Funny how these doctors don't care about where it came from and bashes the malaria drug that is proving it is 100% effective with recovering from Covid-19.
Bert G
Bert G Hace 2 meses
You know this how?
Santhosh Sukumaran
Santhosh Sukumaran Hace 2 meses
Ushave two months before the first case y talking about World Health Organisation president se this is a democratic Hawk .and ignore it
Random Meg topics #MAGA #KAG Random site
Random Meg topics #MAGA #KAG Random site Hace 2 meses
In the beginning it was only in China I don't remember any other countries or States concerned. President Trump 100% shut the border at the right time. People still didn't take the virus serious after the President did that. The President can't control individual people that's ridiculous.
splugereport Hace 2 meses
WHO suggested travel ban 4 weeks before tRump did anything... Never go full trumptard.
Dustin Gunderman
Dustin Gunderman Hace 2 meses
China lied. People died. WHO regularly covers up outbreaks. People die. Dont forget this in future. Neither of these organizations are to be trusted.
Stuart Jonez
Stuart Jonez Hace 2 meses
Trump & FN.... Cowards of the county..
Trevor7775 Hace 2 meses
Worst Health Organization
Mitra Sookram
Mitra Sookram Hace 2 meses
I thought Trump and Fox news said this virus was a hoax! Now they're saying a different story! I am really confused!
Ranjit Pelia
Ranjit Pelia Hace 2 meses
didn't Fox News say Coronavirus was a hoax one month ago? Do I look at that? or do I believe this?
the Game lovers
the Game lovers Hace 2 meses
wTO World most stupid organisation
Malie Quizhu
Malie Quizhu Hace 2 meses
WHO and CCP should take the responsibility of this terrible pandemic! Definitely!!!
Duane Dibbley
Duane Dibbley Hace 2 meses
The WHO is bought and paid for by China, a reporter from Taiwan asked a WHO official about Taiwan and he wouldn't answer and eventually just hung up Skype.
Duane Dibbley
Duane Dibbley Hace 2 meses
Funny that USA is worst affected, did China inflict this on the USA on purpose? Wouldn't have been hard to send loyal communists into the USA to spread the virus intentionally
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez Hace 2 meses
WHO on the Chinese Payroll
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