Woman Needs Emergency C-Section Due To Pelvic Injuries From Car Crash | I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

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tlc uk

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Erin was told that she could never deliver a baby vaginally after a serious car crash damaged her pelvis. After finding herself in hospital after falling down some stairs, she is told that she is pregnant and going into labour.
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Angelina Rodriguez
Angelina Rodriguez Hace 3 días
Omg the baby is so cute can I have him do a part 2
Jacki Sears
Jacki Sears Hace 4 días
Ladies I can't be alone thinking this.How great it would be if Drs. Remove excess fat for C-section before stitching us up. 😉
Stacie Kennedy
Stacie Kennedy Hace 4 días
The first one WHAT
TERESA RIOS Hace 23 días
congratulaysions erin on your newborn baby i am so happy for you thats fantastic you can teach her or him new things when hes 3 or 4 years old he begins to speak and go to preeschool after that he goes to kindergarten that will be amanzing
Noa TRUTAT Hace 23 días
Félicitation pour le bébé
ava esariyaumpai
ava esariyaumpai Hace 24 días
Jolanta Urnieziene
Jolanta Urnieziene Hace 25 días
This is soo fake a baby wont open its eyes the first time it comes out this is soo fake
Dareen Awawda
Dareen Awawda Hace 25 días
I'm so happy you got a baby 😍
꧁mini Wolfie꧂
꧁mini Wolfie꧂ Hace 26 días
Congratulations!!!! Ur baby is sooo cute omg!
Loki Ta
Loki Ta Hace 27 días
Yeah whatever i dont care
Liluver Vera
Liluver Vera Hace 27 días
That’s why I don’t marry boys
AA A Hace 27 días
Go to 7:19 mins in ????
cookie Annie
cookie Annie Hace 29 días
4:14 I have one kidney 😅
Kelly Favors
Kelly Favors Hace un mes
Did you know you were having a baby instead of taking pills
Rosie Vasquez
Rosie Vasquez Hace un mes
He looks like the grandfather he's a handsome little baby
GalaxyFnaf Hace un mes
Maybe this is why if i want a kid ik adopting
Mia Brown
Mia Brown Hace un mes
They won’t let “Richard” in but they would let a camera in. What?! I know this isn’t real but based on a story
Ivery Moss
Ivery Moss Hace un mes
You can do this
When you find the perfect profile picture.
When you find the perfect profile picture. Hace un mes
Its amazing how the mom did not think "The feeling of getting kicked in the stomach" is ok.
Nate Conner
Nate Conner Hace 22 días
My wife didn't feel our daughter kick until she was 31 weeks pregnant and 3 weeks after that she had her.
Kathryn Williams 94
Kathryn Williams 94 Hace un mes
How’s she having sex with a broken pelvis? It must’ve been a fairly fresh injury if she was still on antibiotics for it
Anna Gainer
Anna Gainer Hace un mes
okk that’s the cutest baby i’ve ever seen 🥺🥺
shawn bling
shawn bling Hace un mes
Baby girl are baby
shawn bling
shawn bling Hace un mes
filippo vecchio
filippo vecchio Hace un mes
Tha Sung
Tha Sung Hace un mes
The baby boy is so so cute eek
Nao Wright
Nao Wright Hace un mes
If you don't want a baby, be with a man.
Hillary Hace un mes
My sister had to have a c-section because she stopped dilating and then Hazel got stuck. That little angel will be one in just over a month on April 28th
GamingsisterL GamingsisterD
GamingsisterL GamingsisterD Hace un mes
I had a pelvic injure when I was 4 or 3 and I’m 11 does that mean I need a c section
GamingsisterL GamingsisterD
GamingsisterL GamingsisterD Hace un mes
Fedra Anastas are you a boy or girl
Fedra Anastas
Fedra Anastas Hace un mes
Whats a pelvic injure 😅
Samuel Solano
Samuel Solano Hace un mes
Oh my God when this baby came out it was super Duper cute
Fallon Thomas
Fallon Thomas Hace un mes
The baby is the most cuties thing I’ve ever seen💝
Nada Torino
Nada Torino Hace un mes
that is very scary and very ☹️ sad
ScReE PIzZA Hace un mes
ScReE PIzZA Hace un mes
Sundy He
Sundy He Hace un mes
You look way different
Dara And Bunny
Dara And Bunny Hace un mes
That's not real!!
Cupcake girl Kim
Cupcake girl Kim Hace un mes
This freaks me oit
Makena Oliver
Makena Oliver Hace un mes
I feel like this is the mom like being reborn CRAZY
Susanna Guzman
Susanna Guzman Hace un mes
That is awesome!
Noa TRUTAT Hace un mes
Félicitation pour le bébé
jame D
jame D Hace un mes
Shana Gilford
Shana Gilford Hace un mes
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Jasmin Bautista Venancio
Jasmin Bautista Venancio Hace un mes
Aren’t baby’s small not HUGE😐
Melanieanne forbes
Melanieanne forbes Hace un mes
No not always all my siblings and I in the hospital bassinet at a few days , me 22 inches 6 oz my brother 24 inches 7 lbs 9 oz . My brothers god daughter was about 21 inches and 9 lbs 3 oz at birth. And now everyone asks why she's not at school . Problem she's almost 2 and is as tall as her 7 year old sister and is 43 lbs and her sister is in grade 1 and is 34 lbs . So no not always.
Lenny Silva
Lenny Silva Hace un mes
OMG it's the cutest babie
Laila Cruz
Laila Cruz Hace un mes
How did she not know she was pregnant did she not see any signs like no period, peeing randomly, cramps, bigger belly and more😧
Jailene Ramos
Jailene Ramos Hace un mes
Prican Girl I never pee randomly
cheeerpa Hace un mes
Haha! The three or four month old baby in the incubator cracks me up.
Queen Akira
Queen Akira Hace un mes
What they putting on the baby? That’s the real question.
Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson Hace un mes
Your mom was with you and still is. Don't ask me how I know these things, I just do.
cray ldshadowlady
cray ldshadowlady Hace un mes
OMG ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jyoti Shrestha
Jyoti Shrestha Hace un mes
I wonder how these woman don't realize their pregnancy as there are many sign and symptoms during this time. Can someone explain me about these sorts of videos like they are real or fake???
Rica Ivory
Rica Ivory Hace 23 días
They are very real and very common. All these symptoms can literally be anything other than a baby. Literally anything else. If you aren't trying for a baby, you can easily think about the other things you were doing that could lead to the symptoms.
Mari Diaz
Mari Diaz Hace un mes
I lost my mom when i was pregnant month 4
Max Murillo
Max Murillo Hace un mes
Dammm that baby came looking like a model like🤯
Mackenzi Laredo
Mackenzi Laredo Hace un mes
The fact that you can tell this is fake
Boutique Bitcoin
Boutique Bitcoin Hace un mes
It's sad that I'm giving birth in four weeks. 😭 Going to be sooo painful
M1SS R1NA Hace 25 días
It's very painful but it's amazing too
Chelsea Allsop
Chelsea Allsop Hace un mes
Awww I gice u very food luck
Star Light
Star Light Hace un mes
Respect ai hope it goes well
reabeca swarts
reabeca swarts Hace un mes
I fell do bad take deep breaths
Yosry Gamel
Yosry Gamel Hace un mes
Bnvbvbbbvbgvhgbvvhgg have a great weekend vcv?????!!!!!
Teresa Little
Teresa Little Hace un mes
Some Newbie Artist
Some Newbie Artist Hace 2 meses
Oof this feels so fake
Gxcha Cat
Gxcha Cat Hace 2 meses
..Idk if this is normal, but I can’t have *anything* touch my spine- I get chills and literally start shaking... *is there something wrong with me..?*
Michael Gray
Michael Gray Hace 2 meses
Soooo sorry your Baby Died....Jesus loves you...
TRUE BEAUTY Hace 2 meses
pause 5:28 baby has no umbilical cord anymore 6:31 again no abilical cord pice in belly button which all newborns have untill it falls off on its own usualky that take a month or so sonthis baby isnt new born but atleast 1 month old
Craftsyle and cooking
Craftsyle and cooking Hace 2 meses
Amazing story between the mother of the child its miracle
Shaqwandria Ward
Shaqwandria Ward Hace 2 meses
Ok I love you
Amirah Joseph.S
Amirah Joseph.S Hace 2 meses
Didn’t she realize when her period didn’t come ???)
Melanieanne forbes
Melanieanne forbes Hace un mes
But some women get spotting during pregnancy and that can be mistaken for a period my sister in law is over 30 weeks and she doesn't come across any different in the glow, and doesn't eat anymore than she did before and she only craved putine and that was was once . She's a larger framed woman so it's harder to even tell she's pregnant . So if it wasn't for the fact I've been to her ultrasound to find out if she was having a boy or a girl you'd think she and my brother were lying . But my baby neise on the way looks like my brother on the ultrasound . Funny though, April 28th is my brothers birthday and the 30th of April is their due date .
Jailene Ramos
Jailene Ramos Hace un mes
sky shot I didn’t eat more with both my pregnantcy
Jailene Ramos
Jailene Ramos Hace un mes
Not everyone get their periods
sky shot
sky shot Hace un mes
And that she would eat more
Craftsyle and cooking
Craftsyle and cooking Hace 2 meses
That's big question
Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez Hace 2 meses
Woman was driving a saab, not sure how she got hurt
Evie Hughes
Evie Hughes Hace 2 meses
She provably needed her mum
Xi Yu Shi
Xi Yu Shi Hace 2 meses
5:27 😭 what is that white/grey thing that looks scary!
chloe_ random10
chloe_ random10 Hace 2 horas
Thats the cord when you were out too
Melanieanne forbes
Melanieanne forbes Hace un mes
That's how nutrition gets from mommy to baby in the womb
Yoli Monty
Yoli Monty Hace 2 meses
The umbilical cord so the baby can have a belly button
julia Robert
julia Robert Hace 2 meses
He looks so cute! I couldn't stop looking at him in the thumbnail. Cutest baby I've ever seen
jaime lopez
jaime lopez Hace 2 meses
This is her:well I have not have my p this 9 month
Plumpy Hace 2 meses
How FUCKING FAT was she??? 9 months??? REALLY?
Ocean Jelly Gacha!!!
Ocean Jelly Gacha!!! Hace 2 meses
HOLY MOTHER OF CHICKEN GOD!!!!!!! This is crazy! Oh mah GAWD!
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