Wizards of Waverly Place was a weird show...

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Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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Wizards of Waverly Place Animation Reaction
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The Incredible Bray
The Incredible Bray Hace 7 horas
Considering most of the TV Sitcoms for kids back then, I think WOWP's is better than the others. I give it an 8/10 (by the standers of Kids shows)
AceDaHedgehog Hace 7 horas
If I were Alex, I wouldn't be so pissed off about Gigi since I could go Voldemort on her anytime
That One Guy From That Thing You Like
That One Guy From That Thing You Like Hace 13 horas
I just finished this show on Disney+, and my god it was insane!
Aidan Scheffert
Aidan Scheffert Hace 14 horas
This video was made on my b-day
Tea Spilt
Tea Spilt Hace un día
This is how the show goes : The Russo kids Learn Magic Alex uses the magic without permission Gets in trouble Learn the lesson *next episode same thing*
agent 312
agent 312 Hace un día
Can you react to the movie called "Shorts" PLZ
melodramatic dragon
melodramatic dragon Hace un día
I really want to see him tackle later episodes of this show. I feel like he'd have a field day with the vampires/werewolves arc or the arc with the angels.
kim m
kim m Hace un día
u should do Every Witch Way
Andrea’s World
Andrea’s World Hace un día
This me fave show
Vivienne Hace un día
I used to walk around in school with a magic wand in my boots just like Alex.........
LittleMissMermaid Hace un día
Hey Alex, you really should do the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie!!!
isha jain
isha jain Hace un día
Ik I’m late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyways 🎉
Johnathan-Carroll Ravenell
Johnathan-Carroll Ravenell Hace un día
lol “when’s gigi’s gonna heal” 😂😂😂 alex
Inez Chong
Inez Chong Hace 2 días
Little Big Fish
Little Big Fish Hace 2 días
I have a Gigi 😡
Asa Ludwig
Asa Ludwig Hace 2 días
3:20 I am a middle child too. But with one difference: I have only one sibling
Lumko Ngubo
Lumko Ngubo Hace 2 días
7:59 - 9:21 Alex Meyers Commencement Speech for the class of 2020 - [You’ll] figure it out 🏆❤️
glittertearrss Hace 2 días
6:25 am i crazy or did he never say “little weird” when i watched this show before?? i just remember him saying let’s do it
thecatlover55t Hace 2 días
I know that meme wasn't meant to make me laugh but like-
Skatin Kate
Skatin Kate Hace 2 días
I never even watched this show but this was entertaining lol
Willxcx Hace 2 días
Well happy birthday 🥳 sorry I was a bit late
Ella Nettling
Ella Nettling Hace 2 días
Alex's friend was annoying. I prefer every episode she isn't part of. Or she only is to be seen once.
Eva Dijkstra
Eva Dijkstra Hace 2 días
Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says "I don't know" in the outro
Sudip RoyChowdhury
Sudip RoyChowdhury Hace 3 días
I was born in 2007...
• SteamedRiceNoodles •
• SteamedRiceNoodles • Hace 3 días
Does he actually watch the all the episodes 😹
Harper Hale-Gibson
Harper Hale-Gibson Hace 3 días
Alex remains one of my biggest fictional crushes of all time. She was my (and almost everyone else's I know) gay awakening.
Farnes Family Scrapbook
Farnes Family Scrapbook Hace 3 días
32? I always assumed you were younger. I turn 30 this year, thanks for the hope I'll figure out what I'm doing. 😂
Cooperstar12 Hace 3 días
He’s taking about all these shows but HE FORGOT ABOUT HANNAH MONTANA
Cooperstar12 Hace 3 días
Actually Max is the cool one
iTz Bato
iTz Bato Hace 3 días
Wizard of Waverly place is one of the best shows Disney shows imo
Sonam Doima
Sonam Doima Hace 4 días
Happy birthday 🎂🎂🎂
Julio Barahona
Julio Barahona Hace 4 días
Loved the video but i really hated that show specially the Alex character part
AlpacaWithoutHat Hace 4 días
My biggest pet peeve in this show is them forgetting spells they used in an earlier episode that could easily solve the problem they are having. Like when Justin gets his leg stuck in the rock on the asteroid. You could just shrink him. Or turn back time. Or teleport him out of the crevice. Also the Wizard Tournament in the movie was way better than the show.
QueSeja Hace 4 días
“Obviously this is a very high stakes show” ...You would be surprised
Elaina Dela Cerda
Elaina Dela Cerda Hace 4 días
Happy late birthday Alex you are doing good dude
Hun Lim
Hun Lim Hace 4 días
Alex is a better character than tori times 6000.
Joe Bielecki
Joe Bielecki Hace 4 días
Sungti Jamir
Sungti Jamir Hace 4 días
I'm using my sisters phone to write this also 8 am a middle kid 😓😓😓
nick perry
nick perry Hace 5 días
Their spells were always like a joke that meant something else. Like edge bono U2sis. The edge and Bono were both members of the band U2. I always had to figure out what their spells meant. Most of the time i knew it.
Roxanne Garland
Roxanne Garland Hace 5 días
gosh does anyone remember the warewolf vs vampire fight. It was a huge deal at my school, we talked about that episode for a month
Dat weirdo Under your bed
Dat weirdo Under your bed Hace 5 días
Alex was a mood 24/7. I haven't related to someone more than her lol
Sydney Voorhees
Sydney Voorhees Hace 5 días
BAHAHAHHA the how i met your mother reference is so great
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez Hace 5 días
SaRCasm princess
SaRCasm princess Hace 5 días
Do Hannah Montana
S R Hace 5 días
You're the middle child and no one noticed! Here! I'm the youngest child still no one notices 😖😖😖😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chan B
Chan B Hace 5 días
that life speech at 8:00 🥺 I turned 22 this year and feel like my life is going nowhere so that gave me hope.
Muhammed Sayyed
Muhammed Sayyed Hace 5 días
Josh Radnor not Jason seagel
tapasya rao
tapasya rao Hace 6 días
In a different scenario Harper:- what happened to you two pick your noses so hard they fell off Gigi they got nose jobs When they heal they will be just like gigi When is gigi's going to heal Harper:-tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.c50edd15f724d240dd30b5f109a59afd&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fx6P6mUdWqA2ek%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=vQ1ajt6xxa6QQQEJWS9CIOoYWrLxkSwoKyCKw%2fYj79I%3d
S. M.
S. M. Hace 6 días
Happy birthday! Im super late, but you deserve a great year! thanks for making me laugh :)
Sean Elitz
Sean Elitz Hace 6 días
Like the best show ever to exist for sure... Selena Gomez 🥵 🥵 🥵
Gabby Dark moon
Gabby Dark moon Hace 6 días
Helga Hace 6 días
* josh radnor
walter hank
walter hank Hace 6 días
selena gomez as a singer is GREAT wizard
Jan van Gerven
Jan van Gerven Hace 7 días
ur old
Porcelánek Hace 7 días
To be fair. It seems like you consider every show and movie weird. 🤔🤷
obori Hace 7 días
Tudor Pelin
Tudor Pelin Hace 7 días
Remeber that werewolf boyfriend damn
wilderac Hace 7 días
Wasn’t David Henrie arrested for carrying a gun in his luggage At an airport once?
Om Nom Zom
Om Nom Zom Hace 7 días
3:16 to 3:23 F
Charles OConnor
Charles OConnor Hace 7 días
On "Pair of Kings:" In case you did not watch it, 2 brothers inherit an island kingdom; Ryan Ochoa plays their cousin who schemes to get rid of them so he can be king. Again, just as a test, I wrote to the producers and suggested they bring out Ochoa's character, Lanny, more. Again, like 2 months later, he starts to get, like, twice as many lines, more time on camera - and he even talked first in several episodes.
Charles OConnor
Charles OConnor Hace 7 días
I had a hobby of writing fan letters about TV shows. I, too, enjoyed "Suite Life" and "Wizards of Waverly Place," especially since that show took place in New York City. I noticed that the youngest kid, Max (Jake T. Austin), was not getting that much attention. I wrote a letter with 2 ideas for episodes: A, Do an episode which focuses on Max; and, B, Make better use of the fact that the show took place in New York City. Several months later, there was a brand new episode which focused on Max getting a girlfriend (his first) and the mom takes a ride over New York City on the magic carpet, greeting all the Manhattan neighborhoods. So, I kept writing letters about shows, and very frequently, I saw signs that my ideas got used. I wrote to Pamela Eells O'Connell about "Suite Life" and suggested 2 ideas: A, A spoof of "Titanic," which they did; and B I wrote saying, "why have you not done this yet?! Spoof "The Shining!" That would be great. Much of that flick was about kid twins haunting a kid in a hotel!! Seriously, if twin girls could be spooky, think about twin boys on the deck of a ship - at night!! They finally used that idea - but on "Jessie." Wasn't it awful that that boy from that show died out of nowhere - Cameron Boyce? As for Jake T. Austin, on "The Fosters," his character was so edgy. Funny, his character on "Wizards of Waverly Place" was so goofy, but when I saw interviews of him, he comes off very serious. Anyway, I learned very soon that it was apparent that my letters got read. In fact, it is my recollection that "Suite Life on Deck" was only supposed to be a one-shot movie; I wrote them some letters - and it apparently evolved into a whole spinoff! Of course, it must have been very clear from my writing that I was not exactly a grade-schooler, so they may have figured, hey, if our shows can hold the attention of adults - we must be doing something right! Right now, I cannot stand any of the newest shows: "Coop and Cami Ask the World;" the newer "Bunk'd;" "Raven's Home;" that show about the babysitter of creatures from space - Gabby Duran? I was so pissed one night when there was something on TV about pedophiles - this dame said she learned somehow that a man she knew liked kids' shows - she immediately accused him of being some kind of latent pedophile. So, if one watches, say, "The Sopranos," that means they want to screw gangsters?! I also enjoyed "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide." There is a lot of stuff on social media about that right now. Maybe they want to finally do a high school show! On pedophilia: Wasn't is awful that that guy on "Andi Mack" ruined everything by going to some appointment where he apparently thought he was meeting a kid for sex.
Danny McC
Danny McC Hace 7 días
Jason segal doesn’t tell the story in how I met your mother. Jason plays marshal
IncredibleKeenan 15
IncredibleKeenan 15 Hace 7 días
Can you do Ravens Home
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Hace 7 días
3:32 Cybergirl
Dunyah Mahmoud
Dunyah Mahmoud Hace 7 días
love that this guys life is a continuous plot line in his videos!
Kylee Trenton
Kylee Trenton Hace 7 días
"the last thing any teen wants is to live out their harry potter fanfic" me three years ago: ......shut up
Griffith Patricia
Griffith Patricia Hace 8 días
Csn u do Hanna montana asfhjkl
kost4060 Hace 8 días
Selena Gomez was all our childhood Hollywood crush
Dolly7542 Hace 8 días
The wizards of waverly place movie was so freaking good. I legit cried during it. The acting was *chef kiss*
Abigail Kaptain
Abigail Kaptain Hace 8 días
I'm the middle child as well and when he said that about being a middle child i felt it so hard.
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