Will These Plumbers Properly Fix a Water Heater Leak?

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Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Hace 8 meses

Can these repairmen fix a simple water heater leak or will they try to sell us an expensive replacement? Inside Edition rented a house in Montclair, New Jersey, for an entire month, tricking it out with cameras and then calling the fix-it guys to see what happened. The footage was transmitted in real time to a remote command post. In Inside Edition's second installment in a special series of investigations, we created a simple water heater leak, then called a variety of different plumbers to see what they would do.


Elizabeth Estrada
Elizabeth Estrada Hace 13 horas
We have one of those
binny dinney
binny dinney Hace 3 días
That isn’t something that just comes loose. But it is a decent way to test someone.
Coale Hace 3 días
We need Lisa G to team up with Brad and Sara from Radiant Plumbing & Air down here in ATX to expose others who rip off
GM Hace 4 días
1:49 Time to pull the plug on a plumber? That makes no sense.
Lee Hace 4 días
The dude at 1:40 seemed so stage bruh
Natasha Washington
Natasha Washington Hace 5 días
Love you Lisa
Mason Barrett
Mason Barrett Hace 5 días
Better than most prank channels
Aaron Betancourt
Aaron Betancourt Hace 7 días
He a cute ass plumber, unfortunately kinda dumb 😔 1:26
Brandon Lavilla Live Streamer
Brandon Lavilla Live Streamer Hace 7 días
Lisa gurrreo:can you fix a thunderstorm Plumber:yes I can. I can fix anything. I can fix a leak Lisa gurrreo:wow u did
Chris Scerbo
Chris Scerbo Hace 8 días
this reminds me of a job I went too. the residents basement got flooded and the water level reached the gas valve but didn't get as high as the burner chamber in the boiler. the first company came out and said it would cost 2,000 to fix. the boiler was only 3 years old. only needed new gas valve and pilot assembly. repaired for under 900. it was a carrier boiler and the gas valve and pilot assembly was a little pricey . definitely was clearly able to see the water level didn't damage the boiler
aman agrawal
aman agrawal Hace 8 días
Wasn't Steve siara an electrician in one of the episodes
Dark underground 1
Dark underground 1 Hace 10 días
Vikashar Hace 10 días
Lisa: *plays fart sound on phone* Repairman: Someone just farted Lisa: Nobody farted. Did you just try to rip me off?
Isabella N
Isabella N Hace 12 días
I love Lisa Guerrero
cognitive_player Hace 13 días
at least most of them were honest
Potatolover 9191
Potatolover 9191 Hace 13 días
Lisa: “all you have to do is twist this, shouldn’t you have just done that” Plumber 1: I am C O N F U S I O N
Kwangmyongsong 4
Kwangmyongsong 4 Hace 11 días
Joe dirte
Joe dirte Hace 14 días
I got a question they keep saying hot water heater. So why do u need a device to heat hot water if the water is already hot??
Gangster Prankster
Gangster Prankster Hace 14 días
I mean I get where that last one is coming from it did look old
Hollow -99
Hollow -99 Hace 14 días
How did some of these plumbers pass plumbing Test
O FSET Hace 14 días
It think that guy that said he was new was really just making a mistake and didn’t know what he was doing
Kay Playz
Kay Playz Hace 15 días
My mom doesn’t call a plumber She calls my dad because he teaches plumbing 🤚🏾😭😂
Parker Hein
Parker Hein Hace 15 días
Honestly it could be improper training or none at all like it may seem like an easy fix but u still have to find the fix and if u can’t do that well...
Logan Shimabukuro
Logan Shimabukuro Hace 15 días
Most of Theese guys probably know it's Lisa Guerrero and just don't try to scam at this house
Brice Maloy
Brice Maloy Hace 15 días
To catch a plumber
Crystal Hace 15 días
Respect to the guy who didnt charge a service fee. Great guy, hope his business is succesfull.
krosw Hace 15 días
“I didn’t wanna fidget with anything” BRUH THATS UR JOB 😂😂
dane dookie
dane dookie Hace 16 días
Lisa you an American Treasure!!!
Jason Rosati
Jason Rosati Hace 16 días
Couple things. Who was the HACK that installed the water heater, home owner?( not hot water heater) A flex line to the cold water supply, 4- 90* elbows leaving the heater, vent pipe does not have enough vertical venting. Looking at the video again, before they loosen the flex line and water got on the floor. There is a stain on the floor under the relief valve pipe. Looking around at all the plumbing in the home, I don’t have enough time or care to point all the HACH plumbing and violations that the expert plumbers didn’t mention. Not sticking up for the lying plumbing techs. Someone should of pointed out everything else the home owner did on his own. Just saying
Vapor Discusses
Vapor Discusses Hace 16 días
The news always confronts these people and use there name and face without there permission there kinda ruining there lives
MOESKI Hace 16 días
Effenn karens out here just looooove getting people fired.
iDoComments Hace 17 días
1:54 lmao she’s too weak to even tighten it a little bit
Jacob Baugher
Jacob Baugher Hace 17 días
As a plumber these flexible lines leak all the time because the only thing that's sealing the nut and the tank is a rubber seal. Hard minerals in todays water eats those rubber rings up and makes them very brittle. The more you tighten down and loosen up the that nut, the more you break that rubber seal. I'd tightened down the nut, inform her it may still leak, and highly advise replacing the flexible handyman special waterline with good ole hard pipe copper and a dielectric union so the copper and steel tank nipple aren't touching each other (can't mix dissimilar metals or you'll get electrolysis)
Mike Spence
Mike Spence Hace 18 días
Calls for a repair man, he fixed, then repairman recommends replacing unit based off age. Inside edition: surprise pikachu face.
Juan Hace 18 días
“Hundred percent”
antcallaway Hace 18 días
Notice both were Puerto Rican’s who look like drug dealers not plumbers lmfao
Young Estrada
Young Estrada Hace 18 días
I don't call a plumber I just call my dad lol
Black Mamba 789
Black Mamba 789 Hace 18 días
Sean Hace 19 días
Ok to be fair, in no normal circumstance would that nut loosen itself. Thats not a normal scenario. Also, even if the plumber knew, i dont think its a scam to sell them a new water heater. If they agree to have a new one installed and its done properly, there is no scam.
Dylan Gacovski
Dylan Gacovski Hace 19 días
It's not broken
Bro buzzo btw you have a curse sub to undo
Bro buzzo btw you have a curse sub to undo Hace 19 días
Where’s Mario when you need him
NightcaP 4-3
NightcaP 4-3 Hace 19 días
I wanna slap Lisa
Unicorn pro
Unicorn pro Hace 19 días
Lisa Guerrero is so stupid she’s just wasting peoples time and she is confronting people in front of the camera what if people cannot be shown for work like if you also think this is not right
Andriy Shevchuk
Andriy Shevchuk Hace 20 días
Look at Lisa man so inspirational
FakeTheWizard Hace 20 días
"we called the experts" I'm sorry I don't see Mario or Luigi around
CW Productions
CW Productions Hace 21 un día
CraziestSheep Hace 21 un día
Yes hot water heater...right
tbb winter
tbb winter Hace 21 un día
I feel bad for those plumbers the news reporter threw them under the bus for no reason
Jamir Gordon
Jamir Gordon Hace 21 un día
“This thing is cracked” When he said that, that made me laugh and die, lmfao.
Namrud Fessehaye
Namrud Fessehaye Hace 21 un día
Who watches this in quarantine?
Eduardo Saint Lo
Eduardo Saint Lo Hace 21 un día
can we trust anyone these days?
BVBSEAN Hace 21 un día
Oh how I loved Lisa in playboy💜💕
Prahvz FN
Prahvz FN Hace 21 un día
*Tsm MythLims has entered the chat*
Joe the Vlogger
Joe the Vlogger Hace 22 días
3:17 Then it was on to his next job to charge $1,500
Sean Hace 19 días
So what, all he did was suggest a new water heater, if she agreed and he installed it properly, there is no scam in my opinion.
Omvrios Zeus
Omvrios Zeus Hace 22 días
0:59 *dis nut*
Pasto2 Frio
Pasto2 Frio Hace 22 días
Funny how the good technicians were never appreciated
Connor Holtzendorf
Connor Holtzendorf Hace 23 días
Syphtrex _
Syphtrex _ Hace 23 días
Lisa’s got good nice looking bangs
Sense Fire
Sense Fire Hace 23 días
What I don't understand id how the huge microphone isn't putting them off.
David Hossebian
David Hossebian Hace 24 días
If a customer is dumb enough that they couldn't just tighten a screw and had to call a plumber, you deserve to get ripped off
merch darkness
merch darkness Hace 24 días
Love how she said “we” created a leak
bigsoapyman Hace 24 días
I know a bald headed plumber who also resides as a fire fighter, police man, astronaut, doctor and teacher. Boy will he clean your pipes well
Eric Ranger
Eric Ranger Hace 24 días
Reading internet reviews always helps
Bread Hace 24 días
Potatoes Hace 25 días
me: hey can you fix my water heater? the guy: sure but i dont want to touch it me: why? the guy: cuz i dont wanna fidget with anything me`: your job is too fix the water heater by touching it and ajusting it him: yeah but its lame
Malik Ahmad
Malik Ahmad Hace 25 días
You should name those honest plumbers
Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf Hace 25 días
In my opinion Lisa gerarou is one of the worst reporter
Traze Hace 25 días
She is the CEO of harassing people
Coaster Workbench
Coaster Workbench Hace 25 días
The thing they should do is test the employees of these companies that say everything is right.
รм¡ł¡หgмσ Hace 25 días
*Plumbing and heating*
Rylan Hansen
Rylan Hansen Hace 25 días
maybe the people who were being honest knew it was Lisa, so they faked everything.
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