Will It Grilled Cheese? Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

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Takis Grilled Cheese? Popeye's Chicken Sandwich Grilled Cheese? Febreeze Grilled Cheese?! Today, we ask the age old question, Will It Grilled Cheese? GMM #1690
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gmmgood mythical morningrhettandlinkrhett and link

Daydreaming. _Diana_
Daydreaming. _Diana_ Hace 2 horas
They hired a whole Gordon Ramsay to their crew! I haven’t watched GGM for so many years but wow so much has changed yet also stayed the same. Rhett and Link are still as hilarious as ever
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Hace 7 horas
ok now they're just making videos to feast
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin Hace 9 horas
ive never craved anything more than the funnel cake grilled cheese
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin Hace 9 horas
i like how josh is always asked *what has he done*
VIVIAN HUDSON Hace 10 horas
5:34 “BIG BUCKS” “Big Bucks”
Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper Hace 13 horas
Marsupials of Mars
Marsupials of Mars Hace un día
If the squid one was just tentacles I'd be SO into it that is SO my aesthetic
Nom Nom Nom 022307
Nom Nom Nom 022307 Hace un día
Rhett: starts talking Link: Makes taki samich monster go BURRR BURRR BURRR 🤣🤣🤣
Nom Nom Nom 022307
Nom Nom Nom 022307 Hace un día
Link: Oh I got a knife here Rhett: I'll take that.... Link: *dies a little inside*
P FII Hace 2 días
It’s kinda hard to make grilled cheese bad
Lauren Shaw
Lauren Shaw Hace 2 días
Have you tried tuna fillets instead of bread filled with spicy mayo and cream cheese and for the butter, butter in the pan and the fillets buttered with mayonnaise. Sliced semi thin
Lauren Shaw
Lauren Shaw Hace 2 días
fried fillets would be tasty too maybe? Fried with panko bread crumbs
Penny Lover
Penny Lover Hace 2 días
Can I borrow josh every day right about supper time?
An Oreo is technically a desert sandwich
BlueMasteress2012 Hace 2 días
Future episode: "Will it pasta sauce?"
arkofblakes Hace 3 días
I wanna try the popeyes chicken sandwich grilled cheese. It looks so gooood. Josh should have done a video on that one😭
Ceaser coe
Ceaser coe Hace 3 días
The funnel cake would’ve been great without strawberries thoo
Jay Low
Jay Low Hace 3 días
Chicken and waffles
Tyra Z
Tyra Z Hace 4 días
That little Link smirk at 13:13 gets ya everytime
wolffetrooper Hace 4 días
What ever happened to Tokyo
Kamryn Brinegar
Kamryn Brinegar Hace 4 días
I would have used Brie
Gordon Terry
Gordon Terry Hace 4 días
Compliments to the chef
Jere Hoover
Jere Hoover Hace 4 días
Monte Cristo is a dessert sandwich
Jere Hoover
Jere Hoover Hace 4 días
And Oreos
Jere Hoover
Jere Hoover Hace 4 días
And smores
Asian Jalapeño
Asian Jalapeño Hace 4 días
Who puts ketchup in grilled cheese?
X F Hace 5 días
Varu X
Varu X Hace 6 días
A dynamic-duo? How about Rhett and Link?
Jenna Harmon
Jenna Harmon Hace 6 días
Haha Link isn't trusted with any weapon, including knives
JeylinRocksOut Hace 6 días
Venom took over that sandwich
Ezi Hace 6 días
does monte cristo count as a dessert sandwitch?
Devin M. Luna W.
Devin M. Luna W. Hace 7 días
Why didn’t they just put a NY - CHEESEcake in between the funnel cake?
Enos Hann
Enos Hann Hace 7 días
I like how Rhett said no sharp cheddar. Josh grating a lot of sharp cheddar
Sarah Jane Sings
Sarah Jane Sings Hace 7 días
Will it milk or drink or liquefy
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Hace 7 días
Monte cristo
Larry Pizana
Larry Pizana Hace 8 días
vampirepunk Hace 8 días
takis are so good i want it
Noneur bisness
Noneur bisness Hace 8 días
The squid one looks like a lovecraftian horror
Noneur bisness
Noneur bisness Hace 8 días
From GMM to Joe rogan. Huh things have changed
Kristina Langlais
Kristina Langlais Hace 8 días
LMFAO mustaches -N- serial killers
DoTz Hace 8 días
you forgot about pb n j
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Hace 8 días
Monte Cristo could be a dessert sandwich
Sophia Blair
Sophia Blair Hace 8 días
3:03 Link: You don’t get a lot of dessert sandwiches. Me: KFC DONUTS AND CHICKEN SANDWICH.
SuperMinecrafter Hace 8 días
Who remembers The "Rhett & Link" Channel
J Hace 8 días
They still post weekly on there so why would we forget
Greer Trefethen
Greer Trefethen Hace 9 días
Josh saying "I did something bad" should be the slogan.
Soap Suds
Soap Suds Hace 9 días
*"this is the sandwich that bites back, neal"*
Manucu Claudiu Mihai
Manucu Claudiu Mihai Hace 9 días
the monte cristo sandwich guys :)
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear Hace 9 días
I really wanna see a will it oreo
GamingBrother Hace 9 días
I want to know how to make squid ink grilled cheese! Perfect Halloween meal.
Sam Perez
Sam Perez Hace 10 días
That looks like a sick goth sandwich and I'm living for it💯
Funtime Army102
Funtime Army102 Hace 10 días
I want to know how to make the takis grilled cheese
Wyoming outdoors
Wyoming outdoors Hace 11 días
I love how link shakes his head when taking a big bite
Existential Crisis
Existential Crisis Hace 11 días
Josh is definitely a wizard.
jennise hernandez
jennise hernandez Hace 11 días
The squid cheese looks like venom lol. The anti hero
Ethan Gardner
Ethan Gardner Hace 11 días
Monte Cristo!
Loly Hace 11 días
Its been years since i’ve watched them.. Rhett.. your h a i r
Raze Nerf
Raze Nerf Hace 12 días
Rhett: Bitting very softly Link: *Bites like a Indominus Rex*
Rioshaad RioRio Rio'binson
Rioshaad RioRio Rio'binson Hace 12 días
11:14 Jojo reference Joseph Joestar
Melanie Horowitz
Melanie Horowitz Hace 12 días
When the first said one had febreeze I was really worried, but Josh explained xD I just don’t want anything actually bad to happen to them xD
Elliot Davis
Elliot Davis Hace 12 días
Frecheese sandwich
Janey Wilson
Janey Wilson Hace 13 días
Will it spaghetti??
William Taylor
William Taylor Hace 13 días
Link.......you be struggling with that cheese sprayer man.
Ella Adams
Ella Adams Hace 13 días
Rhett: Eats the taki sandwhich in like 4 bites Link: Takes the tiniest little bite possible
off road guy gavin
off road guy gavin Hace 13 días
You guys should try asmr foods
Efrain Diaz
Efrain Diaz Hace 14 días
3:55 what u came for. Thank me later
Gabriel Noon
Gabriel Noon Hace 14 días
“Your not eating a squid your eating a squad” Beautiful
Lubna Stevenson
Lubna Stevenson Hace 14 días
you should do a : will it fried rice?
The minivan Clan
The minivan Clan Hace 14 días
I love how I was eating a a grilled cheese sandwich while watching this
jordan o’laughlin
jordan o’laughlin Hace 15 días
i want josh as my personal chef
Imhighrn Hace 15 días
Rhett looks like Bob Ross in this video
Dr. TNT123HD
Dr. TNT123HD Hace 15 días
i miss rhetts hair
Taylor Beaugard
Taylor Beaugard Hace 15 días
They need to stop taking the knife away from him , he still is a grown man y’all be little boying him !
J Hace 8 días
Look up Link being a danger to himself and others and you will change your mind
Shannon Fassler
Shannon Fassler Hace 15 días
For the funnel cake, they should have used cream cheese! Duh!
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