Wild ’N Out | Snoop Dogg Clowns Nick Cannon's Rapping Skills | #Wildstyle

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Wild 'N Out

Wild 'N Out

Hace 4 años

New episodes of Wild 'N Out Season 8 on Thursdays at 10/9c, now on MTV! Snoop Dogg serves Nick Cannon and the Black Team multiple bars (causing Emmanuel Hudson to faint), Arsonal Da Rebel battles against veterans Conceited and Hitman Holla, and Arsonal uses DC Young Fly's catchphrase against him.
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Wild 'N Out is your home for freestyle comedy. Watch as Nick Cannon and an A-list celebrity lead a team of improv comedians in a battle to see who’s the best.
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King Von
King Von Hace 6 horas
Lemme tell you sum Patna 🤣
Виктор Ныч
Виктор Ныч Hace 7 horas
Ебать, смотрю эту хуйню и ахуеваю. Шо там белая тёлка делает?
Giorgi Chocelidze
Giorgi Chocelidze Hace 19 horas
Ou is this arsonaal? From the rapbattles?
Champa Rabha
Champa Rabha Hace 22 horas
2:32 nick is like idk how this rap shit is done.
Lovesong tv
Lovesong tv Hace un día
Yow guys please help me to grow my channel.. still watching Eminem videos eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-pvjksu4gJkQ.html&feature=share
Extreme Gaming
Extreme Gaming Hace un día
We need pac back
TheMagicGuy Hace 2 días
Snoop tall as fuck
Harley Scruggs
Harley Scruggs Hace 2 días
At 1:32 u could tell hit man got mad when that dude brought up his sister
Chris Abrams
Chris Abrams Hace 2 días
Where did pour little cannon go after snoop dogg buried him
Tircia Lynch
Tircia Lynch Hace 2 días
I love me some Snoop
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez Hace 3 días
This was probably one if the most intense episodes I have ever watched 🤣
Journee NiaNia
Journee NiaNia Hace 3 días
Snoop killed it
james brumgard
james brumgard Hace 4 días
nick cannon sucks
Khadija Abi
Khadija Abi Hace 4 días
sasanumaism Hace 4 días
Amxteur Hace 5 días
Mans was so mad when he said sum bout his lil sister
buddy a
buddy a Hace 5 días
arse in that 1v3 and still can hold his own true goat
Austin Agee
Austin Agee Hace 5 días
@ 2:17 in the video someone farts like wtf
Notably ._. VHS
Notably ._. VHS Hace 5 días
Omggg, look at conceiteds little legsss
Alodia Dasovi
Alodia Dasovi Hace 6 días
Evan Morales
Evan Morales Hace 6 días
If snoop dog says your rap is wak just give up hes king
Dogged Black
Dogged Black Hace 6 días
So this basically WWE ?
Maurice Clifton
Maurice Clifton Hace 6 días
This is legendary wildstyle
Nathaniel Live
Nathaniel Live Hace 7 días
Yo This blessed my night 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💯
Donald Bishop
Donald Bishop Hace 7 días
2020 baby!
Мики Кристос
Мики Кристос Hace 7 días
Snoop 💪💪💪💪💪
Carmen Hutcherson
Carmen Hutcherson Hace 7 días
Emmanuel passing out is so hilarious to me 😂😂
Reyna Delgado
Reyna Delgado Hace 8 días
When are they gonna put jordan or some big sport star or like some huuuuuuuuuge celebrity
Doremus Coffee
Doremus Coffee Hace 8 días
Snopp dogg is a rapper you guys are forget
Nah'sira Masri
Nah'sira Masri Hace 9 días
Erry one was exited at first Arce or watever came out cause they thought it was T-Pain 💀💀 I KNOW I WASNT THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT SO ALSO!!
MiniBlue Gaming
MiniBlue Gaming Hace 9 días
SSnoopDog is the most respectable chill human ever EXIST
Dee Harvey
Dee Harvey Hace 9 días
Arsonal is the biggest pile of s#&%e ive watched n heard. Hes off his head on something. On about little sisters. All kinds of wrong. I would have put him flat on his back
Sery Hace 9 días
It was hell on stage🔥🔥🔥🔥😂
Local Mechanic
Local Mechanic Hace 9 días
Who come here after Eminem&Vlad&Jamar&Nick Cannon situation😂
Caner Özdemir
Caner Özdemir Hace 10 días
Imagine Eminem freestyling 11 mins and killing whole show and everybodys carreer 😂
klsk inkubus
klsk inkubus Hace 10 días
Hitman holla conceited and legendary ars with snoop on stage. Soooo fire. Nick cannon ruin the stage maaaan
Dre Jones
Dre Jones Hace 11 días
🔥 🔥
kylie milano
kylie milano Hace 11 días
i love snoop 😭
lóvély manîî
lóvély manîî Hace 11 días
"He boutta see how many nicks this Mariah Carey"
Dog Face
Dog Face Hace 11 días
Arsnal really got destroyed by DC hit man and Con 😂😂😂
Andhika Raihan
Andhika Raihan Hace 13 días
The moment Snoop start to freestyle the shit out of them, they looked at him like they're seeing the god of smooth and clean freestyle to ever exist.. Uncle Snoop might get older but no one could ever got colder
MysticXL3gend Hace 14 días
*video in 1080p* Hitman: I split them canon up like Divorce papers. *Video in 720p* Conceded: Na, stop Hitman! Hitman: I ain't stopping shit! *Video in 360p* Me: What the fr- Comceded: I bop and click! Blast off! Hitman: Rocket ship *Video in 240p* Conceded: Flap shot! Hitman: Hockey stick! Me: what is going on!?? Hitman: Cop the 5th! Pit yor head on stage. Conceded: And give it a soccer kick! *Video in 144p* Me: They broke my phone...dear lord..
vikranth v__
vikranth v__ Hace 14 días
Wild n out show Before Snoop:🌼 After Snoop:🍁
Samoan_L0C0 Hace 14 días
Emmanuell hudson 0:42 😂😂😂
Bibek Shrestha
Bibek Shrestha Hace 15 días
The first thing they decide to comment on snoop’s appearance. 🙄
Jh Gaming
Jh Gaming Hace 15 días
It's like lvl 5 vs Max lvl legend lmao
Dion Hace 15 días
The double team was hellla annoying
Deathmouse 206
Deathmouse 206 Hace 15 días
Damn 😱 he said “Take off your head and put it on stage AND ILL GIVE IT A SOCCER KICK”🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jester Duque
Jester Duque Hace 15 días
I can’t wait EMINEM in this show
Ivan Aqqaq
Ivan Aqqaq Hace 16 días
Fuk the dark side
Jeremiah Herrington
Jeremiah Herrington Hace 16 días
nick sucks. em #1
RussellPlays Mods
RussellPlays Mods Hace 17 días
Biggie Smalls on this.
Kafson Hace 17 días
god damn filthy nikkas
Kornik Hace 17 días
0:41 that ricochet
Angelo Lott
Angelo Lott Hace 18 días
Season nd episode?
abdi badal
abdi badal Hace 19 días
I could tell you and your family from St. Louis cause your lil sister showed me how to arch her back 😂😂😂😂😂 Holla was big mad
Hammond Dio
Hammond Dio Hace 19 días
Snoop really went and deleted everyone
Xoxo Xoxo
Xoxo Xoxo Hace 20 días
I didn’t like the oil sister joke sorry
Dimas Aji Anugerah Pratama
Dimas Aji Anugerah Pratama Hace 20 días
0:41 that guy in the middle 😂😂😂
Aaqib Bakht
Aaqib Bakht Hace 21 un día
Snoop Dogg can out class 100 wack emcees like Nick Cannon in just one verse.
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck Hace 21 un día
Imagine biggie vs tupac
Derren Jackson
Derren Jackson Hace 21 un día
Snoopppp is the bomb
George Gilliland
George Gilliland Hace 21 un día
0:41 Eman absolutely killed me with that reaction
chauncei leigh
chauncei leigh Hace 22 días
Sammy Ncube
Sammy Ncube Hace 22 días
Aleem Bandali
Aleem Bandali Hace 22 días
The best one
Micah Vuki
Micah Vuki Hace 23 días
Rule Number 753 of Life: Under mo circumstance do you mess with anything that begins with the word Snoop. You will lose.
lblayde Hace 23 días
Arsenal sound just like his rap battle.....wack
Spring Reign
Spring Reign Hace 23 días
Definitely worth checking out!!! eswomen.com/women/UCvKlfgJbV3z1u3rQuHfdtyg
Rihanna Simmons
Rihanna Simmons Hace 23 días
dont do him like thet.
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