Why Young Woman Claims She Lied To CPS About Where She Got Bruise

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Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

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A teen claims she lied to CPS about what was going on in her home.
Dr. Phil uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people.
The Dr. Phil show provides the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television. For over a decade, Dr. McGraw has used the show's platform to make psychology accessible and understandable to the general public by addressing important personal and social issues. Using his top-rated show as a teaching tool, he takes aim at the critical issues of our time, including the "silent epidemics" of bullying, drug abuse, domestic violence, depression, child abuse, suicide and various forms of severe mental illness.


Mary Scott
Mary Scott Hace 3 días
Chloe is beautiful
Someone On the Internet
Someone On the Internet Hace 11 días
"Deception Detection" 😂😂
Nicole Neuts
Nicole Neuts Hace 11 días
Def wearing wigs
Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Hace 11 días
Why would you go on national television?? Get a divorce!
recordsoup Hace 12 días
the way her smile dropped at 1:08 is so crazy
Alfred E Pluribus Numan
Alfred E Pluribus Numan Hace 13 días
Can we just roll this criminal in prison
Vincent Lopez
Vincent Lopez Hace 13 días
Why does Dr Phil have one Japanese eye? Botched face lift?
Owen Borg
Owen Borg Hace 13 días
he looks like sid from toy story
ma wee chickadee
ma wee chickadee Hace 15 días
That "father " is a monster and that mother let her kids down badly by staying with this piece of 💩 she failed badly!!!....
Leila Isidor
Leila Isidor Hace 17 días
The father is a child, not a man
Corri Bischer
Corri Bischer Hace 17 días
And this is why I'm gay 🤷🏾‍♀️🏳️‍🌈
Petal Blossom
Petal Blossom Hace 7 días
Because all gays are perfect, domestic violence doesn't happen in gay relationships and all gays are perfect parents?
IFFYx3 Hace 18 días
This guy is a master manipulator. Disgusting narcissist
WeatherWifey Hace 18 días
"That's why I'm here! I want the kettle to know she's a kettle"....... sooooo.... you agree your the pot... and you're not here to help your son or your family.... Can we put this guy on an island somewhere with some food and water b/c there is no way he's a productive member of society
Jonna Lynn
Jonna Lynn Hace 18 días
Their daughter is so witty 😍
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Hace 19 días
1:06 lol why does her face change so fast
Kiera M. Smith
Kiera M. Smith Hace 19 días
he definitely a narc
Liz P
Liz P Hace 20 días
This poor girl. This guy is ridiculous.
evanpetersz Hace 20 días
The father acts like a Netflix character who is trying to be funny but failing, miserably.
MXFT Hace 20 días
She’s so beautiful what’s her Instagram 😂
Reality Check
Reality Check Hace 20 días
Wow 😯
D J Hace 20 días
If only Dr.Phil could make my ex husband go on. He is still getting away with bigamy.
J Buerk
J Buerk Hace 20 días
He has never heard "The pot calling the kettle black". He calls her the peddle at the end.
Don’t mess up my tempo
Don’t mess up my tempo Hace 21 un día
Brah just admit that u do all that then talking nonsense back to dr.phil. This episode is definitely a comedy, it’s so obvious that he has done all that stuff but he just won’t admit it lmaooo 💀😂
love yourself
love yourself Hace 21 un día
Idk how she ended up like this from these two parents, mentally and physically.
Neon Majora
Neon Majora Hace 18 días
love yourself Yeah. lol
Quintin Callaghan
Quintin Callaghan Hace 22 días
No cap I don’t need to see this
ToastyMango 85
ToastyMango 85 Hace 22 días
this guy is terrible at lying 🤦🏻‍♀️
KteaBee Hace 23 días
Dr. Phil's ability to stay calm is impressive
Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee Hace 23 días
I like how people that are losing are still trying. It's...... funny
ՐԹՇɧȝʅ Ր ՏʍԹʅʅՇԹՌՎԾՌ Hace 23 días
He’s getting triggered over the truth
deranged nun
deranged nun Hace 23 días
The daughter is literally one of my favorite people. Seriously.
Brandon Fact
Brandon Fact Hace 23 días
This guy is so irritating, I absolutely hate this guy so much.. the daughter needs to chill on the “try hard” stuff it’s whack
TTVDlimon6 #TTV
TTVDlimon6 #TTV Hace 23 días
No... no I called her my beauty queen since the day I met her
Sir Charles
Sir Charles Hace 23 días
Who’s mans is this? Come get yo mans
Ameisha Allen JA
Ameisha Allen JA Hace 23 días
This is my father
iiMarley20ii Hace 23 días
What word did he call her?
M Foongage
M Foongage Hace 24 días
It's hard to be mad at this guy's failings because he's pretty funny in a kind of goofy way.
Sherry28YHDF victoriHGHs
Sherry28YHDF victoriHGHs Hace 25 días
yeah he is gonna murder everyone 😫 this aint even funny
Grace Whitene
Grace Whitene Hace 25 días
Drashawn Clay
Drashawn Clay Hace 25 días
Ok, I don’t watch this show that much but do you think they will stop putting 3-4 minutes clips I’m sure people are tired of clicking on parts. Just upload the entirety please.
Aaliyah G
Aaliyah G Hace 25 días
you can tell how unstable he is he’s like shaking
Nathaniel Alpajaro
Nathaniel Alpajaro Hace 26 días
They could easily put him in jail by just calling the police. But i’m happy they put him on national TV to get revenge and embarrass him
Mi amors Channel
Mi amors Channel Hace 27 días
That guys the definition of a psycho......
Emily Davidson
Emily Davidson Hace 27 días
“I call her my beauty queen”
VioletKalico Hace 27 días
He “doesn’t remember”
Devon Cristina
Devon Cristina Hace 27 días
Ohhhhhhh I fcking hate this man !!!!!
gircakes Hace 27 días
Narcissists behave so strangely. They sound like cartoon villains sometimes.
ofonime Hace 28 días
He’s a narc...
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki Hace 28 días
the best thing to do if youre a child in america with abusive parents is either leave or if possible set up an independent system of accountability and stability within the family by inviting third and fourth party groups like parents friends and neighbors to negotiate. you must resolve all issues in the household including what you can and cannot be prosecuted for, asset ties, telecom rights, chores, grades, academic accountability, and ordnances.
Sean Sohr
Sean Sohr Hace 28 días
I can't believe people like him exist.
Google Mailbox
Google Mailbox Hace 28 días
Awful awful parents...tbh the mother is just as bad...you can tell by her...an absolute idiot.
daniel harkin
daniel harkin Hace 29 días
That guy is a psycho.
Jayden Crilley
Jayden Crilley Hace 29 días
Their both disgusting parents. Especially the wife.
Janet M.
Janet M. Hace 29 días
This child has been emotionally and physically abused period. Society lets white families get away with this type of behavior.why are the police not being called?
kiana wilson
kiana wilson Hace 29 días
Every statement he says contradicts the other. Ive dealt with this before and let me tell you ive never felt more isolated because of a narcissistic and abusive man knowing how to charm his way out of being confronted.
Maya Hace 29 días
He’s a disgusting waste of space and oxygen
EVL X ZTR Hace un mes
Chloe knows Dr. Phil wont let her Abusive parents hurt Her.
Brock - Kingdoms Hand
Brock - Kingdoms Hand Hace un mes
Everyone needs God!
Arun Bains
Arun Bains Hace un mes
Man child
wztannig Hace un mes
The girls are actually worse than this man
I’m stupid but
I’m stupid but Hace un mes
3:14 he says “closer” with air quotes
Interesting Channel Name
Interesting Channel Name Hace un mes
What a upstanding father , reminds me of my own pops
JReady Hace un mes
Mom letting daughter have dudes over at 13...hmmmm.
Big Stonks
Big Stonks Hace un mes
Emily Hanson
Emily Hanson Hace un mes
Why is this man even on Dr. Phil? He should be locked up.
Ruby Bogonia
Ruby Bogonia Hace un mes
Parents always act like they dont remember.....
Anastaciacl18 Hace un mes
"Budy talk" calling women a prostitute. This is a perfect example of toxic masculinity. He feels small and impotent so he tries go control his wife and kids . There are so many guys like that outhere is disgusting.
Fillatron Hace un mes
idk what was more funny the fact that he said "i call her my beauty queen since the day i met her" or when the daughter said dr.phil is taught is deception detection LOOOOOOOOL
MaKayla Joy
MaKayla Joy Hace un mes
He never said he didn’t punch or hit her 😂 he never denied it 😂
Kaspleen Hace un mes
Does the father have some sort of condition or mental issues? ( i am not trying to be derogatory) I am just curious due to the way that he is acting through this interview.
Aiden Pierce
Aiden Pierce Hace un mes
Why can’t these be full episodes
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