Why You Never Learned Penny's Last Name On The Big Bang Theory

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If you're a big fan of The Big Bang Theory, perhaps you can answer this simple question for us: What exactly is Penny's last name? Well?
We imagine you're totally stumped right now. That's because unlike the other main characters Penny doesn't actually have a last name… At least, not a last name that we ever heard on the show.
Sure, she became Penny Hofstadter after she married Leonard … but her maiden name still remains a big mystery, even after the season finale aired in May 2019. Many of us waited and waited, but we never got the big reveal. And it's entirely likely that we never will.
This omission evidently wasn't an oversight at least, not through the entire run of the show. As it turns out, the creative minds behind the show made an executive decision to leave Penny's surname an unsolved mystery, evidently unaware that this is exactly the kind of thing that keeps us awake at night.
Chuck Lorre, the co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, once hinted that Penny's last name might be Barrington. But if that's true, it was certainly never mentioned on the program or anywhere else, for that matter so he may have been trolling his fans.
As executive producer Steven Molaro explained during a March 2019 WonderCon panel,
"[Eventually] we got nervous and superstitious about giving her [a last name]. It will always be [her married name] Hofstadter."
He said something similar to Vulture in 2013:
"What name could we possibly pick that would be satisfying at this point? You know, I don’t think we will [reveal it]. We’re kind of a superstitious lot here. We’ve made it this far without knowing Penny’s last name. I think we’re good not finding out." Keep watching the video to see why you never learned Penny's last name on The Big Bang Theory!
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Looper Hace un mes
Who was your favorite character on Big Bang Theory?
Forbiddenangel989 Hace 16 días
Sheldon, Penny is my 2nd favourite
Forbiddenangel989 Hace 16 días
@apar jith Wyatt is her dad's first name
𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐫𝐚 Hace 18 días
Bernadette :))
Gonk droid
Gonk droid Hace 18 días
The morlocks
Annisa Hasan
Annisa Hasan Hace un día
It would be a good idea for the last episode for penny to have her last name as Hennesy in memory of her on screen father in 8 simple rules. She could talk about moving out of their family home to live with the guys on big bang theory and talking about her father.
Brujx 4U
Brujx 4U Hace 6 días
Ashley Churchill
Ashley Churchill Hace 13 días
“Katie” was a music VJ in Canada years ago. Her personality is so far from the character’s, that it was funny to watch.
Sıla Buse Güler
Sıla Buse Güler Hace 14 días
I waited someome to answer my question for all my life lol UNIVERSR HEARS ME FINALLY
Greg Jay
Greg Jay Hace 15 días
Yeah puddle mudd blurry nickelback too bad
Greg Jay
Greg Jay Hace 15 días
Puddle mudd blurry tune loud crowed pass the strobes egdf
Greg Jay
Greg Jay Hace 16 días
Linkinpark crawling in skin
Greg Jay
Greg Jay Hace 16 días
Linkinpark divide
Greg Jay
Greg Jay Hace 16 días
Linkinpark one more light in the end
Forbiddenangel989 Hace 16 días
I always thought her last name was "Valentine"
Gary Wolkowitz
Gary Wolkowitz Hace 17 días
I won't live or die w/out knowing her last name. Jokingly or not, you guys made more out of it than anything. Though I would love to know it, if they want to keep it low key. I'm good w/that
James L
James L Hace 17 días
Penny Cooper?
Dror Klein
Dror Klein Hace 17 días
For me it has always been “Penny Lane”.
Sarah Star
Sarah Star Hace 18 días
Oh Ok 👌 I wondered why Penny's last name wasn't in the Big Bang Theory. And I think 🤔 it's hart. But not spelled for a heart ❤️emoji on iPhones and iPads.
void Hace 18 días
What’s obama’s last name? Wellll?
Hobbit Hace 18 días
Zachary Yan
Zachary Yan Hace 18 días
Theory: she’s Indonesian, there are no last names in traditional Indonesian society
hopik 512
hopik 512 Hace 18 días
I never noticed that. Untli now... FU!
Djorz Hace 19 días
Her name is Penelope ✊🏻 P. ✊🏻 Penny ✊🏻!
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Hace 19 días
Her last name is Gadget. She's Inspector's niece all grow'd up.
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Hace 19 días
Being concerned enough about Penny's last name to make a 4min video is pretty much the definition of superfluous.
Athrun Zala
Athrun Zala Hace 19 días
It's Cosmo :)
James Hartsfield
James Hartsfield Hace 19 días
I always thought that it would have been funny if her last name was Shatner and her father the brother or first cousin of William of Star Trek fame.Sheldon would have lost it.
ryan rossisgod
ryan rossisgod Hace 19 días
Penny sherboski
Darson Briggs
Darson Briggs Hace 19 días
Probably because it’s Palpatine or something
With a Critical Eye
With a Critical Eye Hace 19 días
I always just called her penny whoremonger
TheReelgrrl Hace 19 días
Major Brightwell
Major Brightwell Hace 19 días
This isn't game of thrones.. Who cares what her last name is?
timothyfloogle Hace 19 días
timothyfloogle Hace 19 días
Andrea Fiorentini
Andrea Fiorentini Hace 19 días
Ma che cazzo ce ne frega? Assolutamente niente!
forbiddencrisis Hace 19 días
It doesn't matter. Why can't people enjoy the show for what it is?
Bastian Heinrich
Bastian Heinrich Hace 19 días
Village Blunder
Village Blunder Hace 19 días
Ask Sheldon. He knows. He filled out her hospital form.
James L
James L Hace 17 días
Sheldon cooper
Randomizer Hace 19 días
She was married to Zack, so her second name would be Johnson.
Dusk Kitten
Dusk Kitten Hace 19 días
They're talking about her maiden name
Travis Smith
Travis Smith Hace 19 días
Of course you never learn her maiden name, at no time in the show was she a maiden
Carson Hace 19 días
Garbage ass show
Megan Reilly
Megan Reilly Hace 19 días
I'm ho estly really surprised penny let lenord date her with out the classic question of "what my last name?"
Libertarian Exodus
Libertarian Exodus Hace 19 días
Her last name is Hitler
FrogZ Hace 19 días
Gary Cameron
Gary Cameron Hace 20 días
Not knowing Penny's last name is simply one of the running gags like the elevator not working or the knock knock jokes
Dale Martin
Dale Martin Hace 20 días
Fez, now Penny. Who's next?
Anxo Fernandez
Anxo Fernandez Hace 20 días
I remember once Penny came back from an audition and she didn't get the part because she was too Midwestern, which she didn't understand. Sheldon explained there was a lot of people with German and Scandinavian origins there and that meant a specific type of features were common or something like that. This would indicate that Penny most likely would have such origins and therefore she would probably have a German or Scandinavian name. It could not be a funny one because she wasn't picked on as a kid. Jensen, Scmidt or something simple like that would be the most obvious options.
jon gibson
jon gibson Hace 20 días
Somone ask Sheldon, everyone knows he cant keep a secret!! 👍😮👌🇺🇸
Syahmi Dinie
Syahmi Dinie Hace 20 días
Her name is PennyWise
Jen Haganey
Jen Haganey Hace 20 días
Tres Den
Tres Den Hace 20 días
I would have enjoyed Parker.
Steve Phelps
Steve Phelps Hace 20 días
It should have been Nickels
Aiman Syazwan
Aiman Syazwan Hace 20 días
its Penelope Wyatt
Czobi Hace 20 días
I think I know her surname. Yeah I definitely know it. It’s Skywalker, Penny Skywalker. And she’s the grandchild of the Emperor... oh wait that’s an other story. But it’s definitely Penny Skywalker
Krzysztof Kolodziejczyk
Krzysztof Kolodziejczyk Hace 20 días
i can't imagine nothing more irrelevant than this question. And yet i clicked the video. And even bothered to leave a comment. What's wrong with me?
Happy Horse
Happy Horse Hace 17 días
Krzysztof Kolodziejczyk you miss Big Bang Theory
Nuclear Hace 18 días
You aren't a fan of big bang are you?
Jannis Zimbalski
Jannis Zimbalski Hace 19 días
Krzysztof Kolodziejczyk Same here. :D
Joshua Kimble
Joshua Kimble Hace 20 días
Check out head lights at 1:52...
Portia Matthews
Portia Matthews Hace 20 días
Penny was from Nebraska so I would guess that her last name would be Miller. Based on the 2010 census this is one of the common name for the state of Nebraska the other two are Smith and Johnson.
Prasad Sawant
Prasad Sawant Hace 20 días
she is penny-wise (the clown)
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson Hace 20 días
A similar situation happened on Star Trek (TOS). Mr (Hikaru) Sulu never had a first name until Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
A K Hace 21 un día
When you forgot to do something, and then it’s a bit late, and you are thinking about fixing it but just can’t... ‘cos it would open a can of worms, and then you do nothing. And if anyone asks later, you lie that it was your intention all along 😂
leslie bell
leslie bell Hace 21 un día
Penny Lane...
Vader Hace 21 un día
I bet they drop her last name in Young Sheldon just like they dropped Amy and Sheldon have a child.
Mel B
Mel B Hace 18 días
Big Bang Theory ended way too soon.
Andrew Eckel
Andrew Eckel Hace 21 un día
Penny's last name before she married Leonard was Johnson; from her first marriage to Zack it is anybody's guess what her name was before that.
Ryan Corrigan
Ryan Corrigan Hace 21 un día
Because shes hot and no one cares 😁
Dana Church
Dana Church Hace 21 un día
Penny lane
Facepalm Jesus
Facepalm Jesus Hace 21 un día
her last name is Bond...Penny Bond
borjastick Hace 21 un día
Penny Lovelytits. Or Penny Stamp.
Mike Plus
Mike Plus Hace 21 un día
What, Penny`s last name ? Never even thought about that
mattep74 Hace 21 un día
Why its hennesy - ritter of course
crwmike0 Hace 22 días
Penny Farthing
Matteo Gagliardi
Matteo Gagliardi Hace 22 días
Some people just don’t get the beauty and art of Penny’s last name not being known
Gibson Rickenbacker
Gibson Rickenbacker Hace 22 días
i could swear i saw an episode where Leonard was on the phone with Pennys dad and said something like "thanks Mr Wilson"...idk maybe i imagined the whole thing
drew c
drew c Hace 22 días
Sheldon knows. First name, PENNY (Knock knock knock) Second name, PENNY (Knock knock knock) Last name, PENNY
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