Why This Will Keep Happening (2020)

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Prince Ea

Prince Ea

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The world needs to see this. Man Teaches Police a Lesson
After doing tons of research I believe that Campaign Zero has the most comprehensive solution to the issues we face. Check them Out here. www.joincampaignzero.org/
I also Recommend EVERYONE, especially police officers read the books
1 Broken Badge by Col KL Williams
2. Verbal Judo by George Thompson
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Lil Crow
Lil Crow Hace 47 minutos
Its honestly so disgusting when a white police officer attacks someone over their color, and i feel like black people also need to change their ways whenever ive worked with black people they are so full of themselves and act like everyone is scared of them racism needs to end and black people need to stop being so cocky
Stray Melody
Stray Melody Hace 2 horas
Police dont even need to go to law school
Xmas Ss
Xmas Ss Hace 5 horas
i can't believe it is still going on
Get me to 100k subs pls
Get me to 100k subs pls Hace 16 horas
Racism is not important let’s say somebody is in the hospital in his death bed and one day they die well they don’t die do they? Because their body is still there his gender and race is still there but we call him dead because the energy INSIDE the body is wasted away and we call it dead that means that we were supposed to care about the inner of people’s bodies not there outer like their race and gender.
Christian Estrada
Christian Estrada Hace 21 un hora
Prince I am one of your biggest fans, I am African American and I understand the message. But I must disagree with some of the statements used. Being in law enforcement there should be a lot more training. There are situations in this world that won’t change that need to change, but some people put themselves in situations that they should not be in. We fight the police and make there jobs hard and then complain when we need them and they are not there. Everybody has an opinion about law enforcement until they need them. Everybody sees the ending result and tries to piece together everything they assume. May god be with our African American people. But may god also be with our law enforcement. Everyone fighting in our African American community is fight against the law instead of fighting with. It was once said by an AFrican American that once you put on the badge you are blue. Why does the color of there skin change because of a badge? My point it we can’t say stop violence if we are causing violence. Law enforcement and all communities need to come together as a whole and break bread.
Christian Estrada
Christian Estrada Hace 21 un hora
There was a video of African American people upset that people of a different race was marching with them and labeling walls BLM. They was doing the same thing many other African American was doing. How can we sit and say there against us and when people try to fight with us they get mad. It makes no since.
Aubrey Garay
Aubrey Garay Hace 21 un hora
The names gave me the chills because there was so many...
Lillianna Rooney
Lillianna Rooney Hace un día
We need to stop the racism there good and bad people every we go it doesn't matter what color we are. Most kids these days think it's okay to say things it's because of all the parents who are teaching the kids. WE NEED TO STOP IT NOW! One question we all might have "Am I Next?"
Nevely Urdaneta
Nevely Urdaneta Hace un día
I would like to what is the real problem kid's go to the school and they're so happy with them friends any race for them race doesn't exist, but as soon as the leaves the school is gone, they have no more love for others, why???
Hugo wu
Hugo wu Hace un día
Person: *WHO WANTS CHANGE!?* Everyone: *WE DO* Person: *WHO WANTS TO CHANGE!?* Everyone: *Nope.*
Rohit Saini
Rohit Saini Hace un día
Love from India🇮🇳
xARCEUXZz Hace un día
Police do that to white people too and no one gives a f**k since everything is about white killing black, even though thats the police not us for gods sake Respect anybody no matter what skin tone, sexuality, ETC.
Cryz Fox
Cryz Fox Hace un día
Not all cops are bad
Ka chun Ng
Ka chun Ng Hace un día
My brother all day hit my life and he call the cop under and did nothing I hate my brother
Jack Mário Nguenha
Jack Mário Nguenha Hace un día
wauuu its deep
SoftiDove New
SoftiDove New Hace un día
I think the reason im not racist is two reasons: 1: i grew up with black people 2:i respecc 3:i protecc 4: i attacc And thats why im not racist
Carter Brown
Carter Brown Hace un día
What is the best way to end racism Dont talk about that's it -Morgan Freeman
᥊ ꧁פ Ꮪακυrα פ꧂ ᥊ Sταʏ Ηᴇαʟτʜʏ ᥊
᥊ ꧁פ Ꮪακυrα פ꧂ ᥊ Sταʏ Ηᴇαʟτʜʏ ᥊ Hace un día
R I P *Eric Garner* *Eziel Ford* *Micheal Cusseaux* *Tanisha Anderson* *Tamir Rice* *Natasha McKenna* *Walter Scott* *Bettie Jones* *Philando Castile* *Botham Jean* *Atatiana Jefferson* *Eric Reason* *Dominique Clayton* *Breonna Taylor* *George Floyd* *John Crawford lll* *Micheal Brown* *Laquen McDonalds* *Mya Hall* *Micheal Sabbie* *David Joesph* *Christopher Whitfield* *George Mann* *Paterson Brown* *Jerame Reid* *Terril Thomas* *Micheal Lorenzo Dean* *Marco Loud* *Jonathan Sanders* *Wendell Celestine* *Aaron Bailey* *Alton Sterling* *Botham Jean* *Willie Tillman* *Kevin Hicks* *Freddie Gray* *Kevin Matthews* *Calin Raquemore* *Terence Cruchers* *Troy Robinson* *Jordan Edwards* *Mary Truxillo* *Alteria Woods* *Ronell Foster* *Aura Rosser* *Stephon Clark* *Alton Sterling* *Akai Gurley* *Gabriella Neverarez* *Tanisha Fonville* and *More..* #blacklivesmatter Sources : www.npr.org/2020/05/29/865261916/a-decade-of-watching-black-people-die And interactive.aljazeera.com/aje/2020/know-their-names/index.html
Chea nguonheng
Chea nguonheng Hace un día
Its our fualt cuz they are dying while we just stand there and record we shouldnt help so its our fualt -🥀
Apparent Ly
Apparent Ly Hace 2 días
This shouldn’t be a race thing people of of races get killed by police
Gaming Turtle
Gaming Turtle Hace 2 días
So we have to have an iphone to record
egg Hace 2 días
Worst part is it's a 95% chance we have a relative that is a cop. They could be getting hate right now
The Flippin’Chicken
The Flippin’Chicken Hace 2 días
every time you make a video like this i just expect a rap to break out. we are the same
Sakura Hace 3 días
it isn't about who you are but the body you are in
yves ruzindana
yves ruzindana Hace 3 días
Prince u are the bast brooo
DJ Ponto
DJ Ponto Hace 3 días
how many times are your color crayons are used for something white how many are used for something black?
Glenn Herron
Glenn Herron Hace 3 días
Shaking my head
Thunderlight42 Hace 3 días
If I was there I would probably be arrest because what I would do is push the police off of him and check if he was ok because cop or not u still a person and that’s it there is nothing more or less
Super Smash Revan
Super Smash Revan Hace 3 días
"What is it was YOU on the other side." Damn...
Lil Miss Purple Flames
Lil Miss Purple Flames Hace 4 días
People aren’t born with racism they learn it.
cant think of a name cant think of a name
cant think of a name cant think of a name Hace 5 días
Now matter there will always be racism it would never go away there are bigger things like climate change but no humans will start killing themselves with wepons and viruses
RobyCa Hace 5 días
I'm white and I don't know why a lot of people are racist. We are the same , we are humans , if someone is black that doesn't mean he is alien or shit , he is a human like us . Everyone who is racist , please take a moment and imagine , if you was that nigga .
Dee Hace 5 días
Racism is playcism
One Banana Boi
One Banana Boi Hace 5 días
Finland is the best... Again... AAAAA
Sophie Proulx
Sophie Proulx Hace 5 días
You barely need any training at all to be a police in the US
Sophie Proulx
Sophie Proulx Hace 5 días
And they’ve killed so many people
Juan juaa
Juan juaa Hace 5 días
SAM LUNG Hace 5 días
Fantastic video man, my deepest respect!
heintz256 Hace 6 días
Am I the only one wondering what the music is?
yahoo Apia
yahoo Apia Hace 6 días
Gibson Burt
Gibson Burt Hace 6 días
you say that the black lives matter movement is important. the thing is that it has been hijacked to the point where it is now basically a cult. people are told that this is the only way ford and to follow us and we will change the world but they are then told that anyone who stands "against them" like riot police and people like me. they are told that we must push through these people and that starts riots, and when you say that they are peaceful protests, that is incorrect as there has been propaganda floating around urging people to go against the government and riot in the streets that actually ruins more lives either by looting their home or business, and in some cases killing them, and why does this happen. because these people have been indoctrinated into thinking that this is the right way. and something else that I found the other day is that when you donate to the black lives matter website the money goes straight to Donald trump or other parties so that they can have more funding and more chance to be elected. and the people that think that they are doing good by rioting are selfish idiots who just listen to the media, (whose job is to exaggerate so people look at their articles) and think that they are doing good by being a complete and utter idiot. but do I think that black lives matter, yes of course I do but the riots are completely unnecessary and will not change anything as you can't stop racism. racism is going to be in every society as people think differently and you can't change that and that's a good thing we all need your own thoughts. and racism sadly is here to stau as there will be some mentally disabled person who can't think logically and might go around saying racial slurs and we have to just suck it up a move on, no one I perfect and everyone will say many racist things in there time no matter what race black white Asian etc. we just have to deal with and not make a big deal over it.
Get me to 100k subs pls
Get me to 100k subs pls Hace 6 días
Racism is not getting worse, it’s just that cops are doing it. ✊🏿✊🏾
Jay B
Jay B Hace 6 días
Prince Ea should do a collab with Dax
Soraya Saraswati
Soraya Saraswati Hace 6 días
LEGO Productions
LEGO Productions Hace 6 días
That list at the end made me cry
Foobar Yorozuya
Foobar Yorozuya Hace 6 días
Do you support BLM? but they're communist!
Banks b Vloggin
Banks b Vloggin Hace 7 días
You are horrible!They are protecting us and what you are saying is just not true.Police need more respect in our country and it is very depressing to see them get hurt and killed in the line of duty and just get called racist.They need a country to fight for and one that is on their side.Not one who hates them.Thank you police for all you do.
Stuff Hace 3 días
@Banks b Vloggin there's still corrupt police officers. There have been people who peacefully protested (wich is a human right to peacefully protest) and they got attacked by police officers. Hell, police even used tear gas, wich had been banned in actual war. And if you pick that tear gas canister thing up and throw back at the police officers in self defense or just to get rid of the gas you could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. People have even been attacked on their front yards during peaceful protests. It's essentially illegal for you to protect yourself against a cop. If you want to, I can link a few videos of cops assaulting peaceful protestors
Banks b Vloggin
Banks b Vloggin Hace 4 días
I can confidently say 99.9 percent of cops aren’t racist. Which says we do not need to be on this topic as much as we are. Especially now when left radicals are wanting to demolish our police force and leaders of our country are taking away billions from the police bugget
Stuff Hace 4 días
@Banks b Vloggin obviously not all cops are racist all Prince WA is saying is that there should be more training for police officers so less of the racist people become cops. He pointed out that it takes more tiem to become a barber in the us than becoming a cop wich is a problem. One job requires you to know the law, how to use weapons, how to save lives etc... Whilst the other requires you to know how to use a pair of scissors and combs. I have searched it up for you. The license requirements to become a barber vary by state, but on average it takes around 1500 hours of instruction in a barber school to be permitted to sit for the exams. To earn a badge in California, you'll need at least 664 hours of academy training.
Banks b Vloggin
Banks b Vloggin Hace 4 días
Stuff You have heard of Jorge Floyd,everyone has,but what about the police who are dying for our county every day risking their life for you. And what is their thanks?Being called racist. Thus is terrible and it is sad that Americans think this way
Stuff Hace 5 días
Thank you police for being racist and killing people.
ybn omar
ybn omar Hace 7 días
yes im recist .......but to the recism.
A&R Pressure Washing
A&R Pressure Washing Hace 7 días
Diamond Hace 7 días
Victoria Whitehead
Victoria Whitehead Hace 7 días
I watched the Doll Test today after watching this video. It was very sad. But it also may depend on what the children thought the questioner wanted to hear. So maybe the same children with a different adult, would have different answers.
Septic Shock collar
Septic Shock collar Hace 7 días
How many people died in Chicago, New York, Seattle. If so know, find out.It may shock you how many got shot in one weekend. Let’s defund the police, and call your neighbor when your daughter or mother gets beat. Let’s defund the police so the fresh prince can tell you what to believe. Celebrity’s say let’s get change but you never see them in marches or toppling statues. I’ll give these celebrity’s more notoriety and homage when they walk shoulder to shoulder with. They won’t because it’s cheaper for you to do it. Your doing their work and not evening getting paid..GET PAID YA ALL GO TO MALIBU.
Isaac Ollarsaba
Isaac Ollarsaba Hace 7 días
Look at statistics stop being ignorant 🤦‍♂️
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Hace 7 días
We need more people like this. People who see almost both sides of the argument. I mean, I just can’t wait for the public to find out that George Floyd, held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach. They refuse to believe the facts. As this one guy said (forgot his name) facts never cared about your feelings.
Dontreadmyname Hace 8 días
This guy could talk sense into Hitler
Tea Hace 8 días
I really like his videos
Delaney Payne
Delaney Payne Hace 8 días
You said it perfectly. 🙏🏽
IcY 200
IcY 200 Hace 8 días
being a hero is one thing - but being a good citizen is better...... quoted by me 2 minutes ago
Send Help
Send Help Hace 8 días
It's because they forget the meaning of "polices protect humans" Right now they care about their perspective.
Richard Antunes
Richard Antunes Hace 8 días
Thanks for the content IOL .I´m from Brasil and this keeping hapenning here .
James Gastagno
James Gastagno Hace 8 días
I agree there are bad police officers but the problem is people say defund the police yet they don’t understand restraining police funding leads to even worse police officers. They dont have that training because they do not have the funding and actually need increased funding for better training and these terrible things to happen but also realize no system is perfect and never will be if human.
Jekep Hace 8 días
it's funny when the ones that supposed to protect us became the ones that is dangerous for us.
TonyIs NotDead
TonyIs NotDead Hace 7 días
They do more good then evil
SimPle 101
SimPle 101 Hace 8 días
This still affects me after watching it for the 4th time nad Racism i just, crazy to think because you may be darker you have to be harassed, Judged,Called names abuse and for what just to get what you want your way? Huh and to think George could have just been put in the car instead of killed by one of the worst person on earth he shall hopefully face his punishments
DarkGhost_ Gamer
DarkGhost_ Gamer Hace 9 días
The way I see it, this will keep going on. Because people are just dumb. They have no logic. Humans need to restart and they need to erase the world of these evil ideas.
Chris James
Chris James Hace 9 días
George floyd was a criminal not that he deserved to die but he was no hero
Chris James
Chris James Hace 9 días
I'm say it again he wasn't racist it was a personal problem
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Hace 9 días
I can't breathe in a world filled with hate.
bro welo
bro welo Hace 9 días
Levi Andrew Coovert
Levi Andrew Coovert Hace 9 días
As long as racial stereotypes persist there will never be an end to racism.
Morgan Tayyy
Morgan Tayyy Hace 9 días
Gosh this hit deep I wish this didn't have to come to this
Golden Owl
Golden Owl Hace 9 días
After George floyds death i have lost my trust for white cops.
TonyIs NotDead
TonyIs NotDead Hace 7 días
Can't fight racism with racism
Javan Heidebrecht
Javan Heidebrecht Hace 9 días
I need this for my kid
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