Why the XFL is Already A Success & Better Than AAF

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Why the XFL is Already A Success & Better Than AAF. The XFL kicked off this weekend with four great football games. Start listening with a 30 day free trial. Get one audiobook and two Audible Originals for free when you go to audible.com/thatsgoodsports or text thatsgoodsports to 500-500
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The XFL debut was a success. The star of the weekend may have been Houston Roughnecks quarterback Philip “PJ” Walker who threw four touchdowns against the Los Angeles Wildcats. That’s good sports breaks down why the XFL was such a success week 1.
Seattle Dragons vs D.C. Defenders 19-31
L.A. Wildcats vs Houston Roughnecks 17-37
Tampa Bay Vipers vs N.Y. Guardians 3-23
St. Louis Battlehawks vs Dallas Renegades 15-9
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Why the XFL is Already A Success & Better Than AAFXFLXFL 2020XFL Week 1

Ottop Scott
Ottop Scott Hace 6 días
I liked the video so my genitals don't fall off my body😀😀😀😀😀😀
Travis Kong
Travis Kong Hace 16 días
XFL: we back........Coronavirus: bet
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset Hace 20 días
Rooting for Houston roughnecks Loving the xfl so far
Jason Tidd
Jason Tidd Hace 24 días
The XFL is superior to the nfl just because of the rules and showing players to actually Hitting also there's no skirts in this game unlike the nfl so yes the QB can be hit its so much more exciting
CJ Dillon
CJ Dillon Hace 25 días
Just because the XFL is better than the AAF doesn't mean it is a success. I hope the XFL succeeds!
LeGoogle Chrome
LeGoogle Chrome Hace 26 días
Sounds cool but until NorCal has a team I ain't watchin
Andrew Simpson
Andrew Simpson Hace 28 días
I need my genitals!!!
Michael Mcardle
Michael Mcardle Hace 29 días
Want a team in chicago at half the price of the Nfl
Michael Mcardle
Michael Mcardle Hace 29 días
just glad they did it right no stripers and real names. NFL should be worried. And XFL needs a cusion so NFL can't steal its players.
Elena Martinez
Elena Martinez Hace un mes
the m.v.p. of the league should get a beautiful replica of a wrestling belt with a football and the x.f.l. logo on the big plate and x.f.l. on the side plates.
lakc72 Hace un mes
Is it just me or is this guy an idiot? You are not funny so stop trying to be
djbenzo Hace un mes
Just play the fucking video. I don’t want to hear about your Audible account.
Echo Alpha
Echo Alpha Hace un mes
The D-League for the NFL
Patren33 Hace un mes
Skip to 2:20 ummmm I guess I’ll try another video, that nonsense made me not wanting to watch the video 😐
Sneaky V
Sneaky V Hace un mes
Drink your milk shake... DRINK IT UP!
Keith D'Alessandro-King
Keith D'Alessandro-King Hace un mes
Dan Donovan
Dan Donovan Hace un mes
Go guardians
Mike Healy
Mike Healy Hace un mes
"Just look at who's President now?"....
Puknut Hace un mes
Well fuck, I better sub then eh!!!
Eric Highsmith
Eric Highsmith Hace un mes
I’d give this video and the XFL a “B-“ at best; however Congrats you have earned a Like and a new Subscriber! Only because I don’t want my genitalia’s to fall off
Steven Lightheart 11:11
Steven Lightheart 11:11 Hace un mes
Long live the XFL!!!
Yoboy Key
Yoboy Key Hace un mes
Another reason the xfl is succeeding is that they are killing it on social media’s... hundreds of thousands of followers
well my genitals aint going no where!!!
Green Ranger
Green Ranger Hace un mes
Don't speak of the President! You were okay till.
Daniel Mackie
Daniel Mackie Hace un mes
whats up with the scrolling numbers throughout the video.....distracting as hell. Hope it wasnt on purpose...otherwise the video was informational.
Oddros Gaming
Oddros Gaming Hace un mes
Can’t wait for XFL 2k21
Adrenochrome/ C9H9NO3
Adrenochrome/ C9H9NO3 Hace un mes
4 touchdowns in a single game you say.....🤔 There was only one man I'm familiar with who had four touchdowns in a single game he went to Polk High...
2002S40 Hace un mes
The jerseys are terrible, except Guardians.
Lovie Pittsburgh
Lovie Pittsburgh Hace un mes
XFL will go under again, just like last time. The question is, how long will it take this time? I give it 2-3 seasons and its done. Really, every alternative NFL product in the US has folded. There just isn't enough room for 2 major football organizations.
Dawson Depaula
Dawson Depaula Hace un mes
Boss Anova
Boss Anova Hace un mes
Since the XFL has virtually zero sponsors, likely will get none, and is amateur in presentation , its a matter of time before the bottom falls out.
Boss Anova
Boss Anova Hace un mes
XFL looks worse than a Texas High School League. Amateurs!
D.S. Red
D.S. Red Hace un mes
But more importantly, *If you're LEGITIMATELY curious about watching XFL football, it wont disappoint.*
achutha pai
achutha pai Hace un mes
The xfl broadcasts games on Sony espn here in India. First time watching live American football here. I now don't have to watch just the highlights. Good move. I hope they last .
Cian Dalrymple
Cian Dalrymple Hace un mes
Sophia Chang is one BAD bitch
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee Hace un mes
this guy just sold me on the xfl...
Cheezeburger Walrus
Cheezeburger Walrus Hace un mes
I can't figure out what is more annoying, your face, your voice, or your lame attempts at humor.
auzzipride2502 Hace un mes
Bruh the video actually starts at 2.30 what the actual fuck
SUSAN Arnold
SUSAN Arnold Hace un mes
Too bad they can't knickname the xfl the spring league...awesome football hope it does well
Jj Reigles
Jj Reigles Hace un mes
5:46 Holy shit that was great
Ali Desch
Ali Desch Hace un mes
I’m just happy for the people of America that they might finally have a decent football product to watch. The NFL has been atrocious for decades. In The Great White North, we have this beautiful thing called The CFL, so we don’t need to watch The NFL (No Fun League).
Ali Desch
Ali Desch Hace un mes
It’s even easy to watch up here in Canada. It’s been all over major networks.
Kenneth PECK
Kenneth PECK Hace un mes
it sure beats everything else on tv for sat and sun
Ken P
Ken P Hace un mes
The AAF played a good brand of football.... the problem was they only sold opening day television rights to over air networks and the rest of the season was locked into NFL network and other pay to watch networks ... Where the XFL is on ABC and Fox weekly EXPOSURE is everything.
isaac delange
isaac delange Hace un mes
i did not want my balls to fall off so i liked
Habslayer Hace un mes
I enjoy your entertaining style of giving the sports news...keep the fun going!
William Apple
William Apple Hace un mes
I still miss some of those AAF teams like the Iron, Apollos, Express and whatever the Arizona teams name was, but the XFL is pretty fun to watch! I hope that if they expand to new cities they'll consider having a team in Birmingham and Orlando again. Edit: I think the interviews will get better as the league ages. Guys will realize the interviews are a great opportunity to show maturity and grit to a national audience. As the league is taken more seriously guys will make sure they're prepared to give good interviews.
The big epic awesome Mike Duncan
The big epic awesome Mike Duncan Hace un mes
aaf You mean nfl
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Hace un mes
I died when I saw the Xbox controller 😂😂😂☠☠☠ I always thought that I did a better job reviewing my plays in madden than the officials in the NFL, and that just proved my point. That was great.
Nuvas Hace un mes
My favorite interview after a touchdown was “what did you see during that play?” *out of breathe* “uhh..open..touchdown :)” and then he just walks away
Troy Lindsey
Troy Lindsey Hace un mes
I am gonna try watching this weekend.
Joshua Haskins-Beard
Joshua Haskins-Beard Hace un mes
2 mins and 24 seconds to get past advertisements. lol bye
Michael Moore
Michael Moore Hace un mes
I am hooked on xfl....faster games....love the kickoff....no goofy wrestlers...no vince mcman......man i hope it stays....you got my vote....i like how vince does not put up with nonsense....don't stand for anthem....you dont play.....very straight forward.......i love this stufffffff
ajs1031 Hace un mes
Go Dragons.
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki Hace un mes
Bro does the host look like the groove ring dude
Scott Bond
Scott Bond Hace un mes
Love Spring Time Football!
Dewrdman Hace un mes
Attendance at games got bigger the following week, with 29,172 showing up for the Dragon's home opener.
f o
f o Hace un mes
"That's the way I remember football" ...are .... are you ok?
Nothing Left
Nothing Left Hace un mes
🇺🇸 Trump 2020 🇺🇸 Sorry, but you brought politics into it!
Alfred Gomez
Alfred Gomez Hace un mes
I think it’s great that they let middle school boys and girls play professional sports. They are so cute running and jumping and hitting. I have a question. Why were the helmets so disproportionately larger than the normal size I am accustomed to seeing.
memiguelito Hace un mes
Just read dude
Burho Brate
Burho Brate Hace un mes
hope the XFL will be prolongated into the summer since it really is interesting to watch
Fire Montana
Fire Montana Hace un mes
AAF was the LG phone XFL is the Samsung phone NFL is the Iphone
jim cricket
jim cricket Hace un mes
The games have been very good. The NFL should invest in this league and use it as a dev league. Stop exploiting college athletes and practice squad players.
Cohaagen90 Hace un mes
It's almost as if Vince Mcmahon noticed everything people were complaining about in the NFL and made smart changes to make fans happy with his league.
Superballs' Supervids
Superballs' Supervids Hace un mes
Not only that but he looked back at his old failed league, found things that worked, kept them, found things that didn't work, and actually practiced self-reflection enough to not make the same mistakes. I haven't watched football since Barry Sanders played for the Lions. This league is great from what I've watched.
Cohaagen90 Hace un mes
Also adding the yard line background to avoid copy strikes is fucking brilliant man
Cohaagen90 Hace un mes
I am fully onboard with the XFL. Gives more players a chance. Puts money in their pocket, more coaches, more refs, more entertainment. The NFL season is way too short, so why not have another football league? It could end up being a good recruitment pool for players second chances in the NFL. I support the XFL and am very happy to have more football. The games were REALLY good this weekend too.
Toledo Seahawks
Toledo Seahawks Hace un mes
I liked the AAF
Tempest Fury
Tempest Fury Hace un mes
The best book you ever listened to......huh. The XFL is good football nobody watches.
austin teutsch
austin teutsch Hace un mes
The way I see it is the league is between college and the NFL. It is entertaining and I liked it. I sure hope they make it cause I can't watch golf, tennis, and under water basket weaving. Go Houston and San Antonio and Dallas.
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