Why People Are Freaking Out About H3H3, Joe Rogan, Mike Bloomberg Memes, Jim Carrey, Astros, & More

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Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

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Time Crane’s Conference:
Fans Defend Jim Carrey Interview:
Huawei Hit With new racketeering charges:
Bloomberg Campaign Uses Meme Accounts:
All Fires In New South Wales Contained:
Students Suspended for Controversial Snapchats Sue Over Free Speech:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
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Jimins jimjams
Jimins jimjams Hace 17 días
I only know of Bernie as the meme guy. They're so wholesome!
Random Namegen
Random Namegen Hace 22 días
Brian Hart
Brian Hart Hace 25 días
I follow you on Twitter, I think, maybe. I am offended now though, that I've seen this video. I missed the tweet. then again the only thing I use Twitter for is contest entries for gun giveaways. I hardly pay attention to Twitter as a social media platform. I think it's overrated.
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis Hace un mes
Click bait
DogOfHades Hace un mes
About Jim Carry, can't a guy flirt? Jeez
Taji Pershard
Taji Pershard Hace un mes
We are now living in a time when you can actually see and hear a person lie and they can try to make you believe that you didn’t
Ami M
Ami M Hace un mes
Don't forget H1N1
cameron fraser
cameron fraser Hace un mes
Yeah ok but why did phil just ace a monologue.
Nacho Monreal
Nacho Monreal Hace un mes
Leave Jim alone.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Hace un mes
As the video starts double tap backwards and you’ll have your own “sup” sound bite
Taryn Possible
Taryn Possible Hace un mes
Beyoncé with the Obama earrings caught my attention, I won’t lie about that.
ZowieFawn Hace un mes
Huawei has been doing it for years. Stay away
Joseph Carrdus
Joseph Carrdus Hace un mes
Lol watching this on a huawai 😂
Nycrosoft Hace un mes
When does he bring up H3H3 in this video? I mean it's the first thing in the title and thumbnail but I watched the whole thing, scanned through multiple times but can't find him even mentioning them.. something I'm missing?
TheGhostFisher Hace un mes
ooh what if all this anti-huawei thing is actually USA is PO'ed Huawei won't give up data to NSA, like huawei is actually more security focused than the backdoored bootlicker tech COs?
TY LOLO Hace un mes
Philip DeFranco u lil cute looking mouse thing u
Luna Ladyboy
Luna Ladyboy Hace un mes
I've only just been able to compose myself after losing Jake, the pain is still there, but I'm ready to watch again 😢
Aidan Tremblay
Aidan Tremblay Hace un mes
Holy shit dude these episode feel so much more full from a year ago! Great progress and thank you for doing all this for us :)
Frankie MATH Webster
Frankie MATH Webster Hace un mes
H3 guy endorsed Yang... just sayin 💁🏼‍♀️
~X~shadow193 Hace un mes
Imagine getting upset about sports
leo j
leo j Hace un mes
I don't agree of your read of Jim's comment there was definitely a romantic element to his tone. But who gives a fuck its obviously a joke and needs no defending. Are we all going deaf when the interviewer laughs at the joke orrr....
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 Hace un mes
Bloomberg is the worst candidate not named Trump.
KappaSmurf Hace un mes
Everyone clicks for Joe Rogan and H3H3 yet you don’t mention them until 12 minutes in. -___-
Games Until Dawn
Games Until Dawn Hace un mes
Nope! I never once voted because someone else said they support someone. I don't think the vast majority of people would vote that way. Unless they were obsessive lunatics.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Hace un mes
Bernie Sanders is America's sweetheart
Ana H
Ana H Hace un mes
I agree with you Phil! I think Carey's Comment was misconstrued.
Royal Hace un mes
Had me in the first half not gonna lie
Rayhaan Williams
Rayhaan Williams Hace un mes
I miss Jake
McDonaldsFreeWifi Hace un mes
Not gonna lie phil. You had me in the first half there bud.
Niko Loverso
Niko Loverso Hace un mes
Was that white Jake or black Jake?
epicjen Hace un mes
I don't think it's a contradiction. "Our opinion is it didn't impact the game" is very different from the REALITY of if it impacted the game... so I think it's possible it's that little loophole statement... but he also might have just been trying to cover his ass and throwing out whatever he thought would help
epicjen Hace un mes
Basically what I mean is there's a difference between having an opinion and what actually happened
Kristin Carter
Kristin Carter Hace un mes
A celebrity endorsement has never fully swayed my opinion but I will say long form pod casts with candidates such as Rogan with tulsi or sanders and been enlightening and provocative
Edwin Jonah
Edwin Jonah Hace un mes
Oh my goodness... If I wasn't subscribed I would subscribe again just for that first section 🤣
Rigo Mata
Rigo Mata Hace un mes
It’s not baseball without cheating it’s been happening since the beginning of the game
WhitGames Hace un mes
To be honest, I'd probably vote for whoever our King @PewDiePie said to
Joe F
Joe F Hace un mes
The biggest thing that convinced me to switch to Bernie was the answer that they all gave to the question of whether the individual with the most votes in the primary should get the nomination. I was a Warren supporter but every single candidate sans Bernie said that they should follow the rules of the democratic convention because they were behind. It’s very disingenuous not to support the voice of the people.
Cody Gammon
Cody Gammon Hace un mes
And best performance in a leading role goes to.... PHILLIP DEFRANCO!!!!
ConanSchmonan Hace un mes
I want that hoody
Drew LeMmon
Drew LeMmon Hace un mes
I agree with you that the joke seems like it’s being it’s misinterpreted. He immediately followed up with “we made it” implying it was the interview was what he was talking about, unless they just banged backstage.
William White
William White Hace un mes
Regarding celebrity endorsements - "has anyone who has ever done that ever influenced you in some way?" Regarding who I'm going to vote for - Not since I was a 'child'. Meaning, not since I was around 18... maybe 19. Regarding if it still influences me in some way - Yes. It tells me whether the celebrity is a sleazebag, or un-informed/informed, or if they are using their Hollywood status to try to influence young and/or stupid people to vote for Hollywood's Liberal preference.. or maybe it's because they are in desperate need of a job in Hollywood and they come out saying that so some producer will see it and throw them a bone - it happens all of the time. When a celebrity does this, it never influences me towards a candidate or away from a candidate. It only influences me to distant myself from them as I can only see them trying to use their influence to try to sway otherwise un-informed people/voters (usually kids who can't vote, but these days, it's working on 18-25 year olds) who don't know politics or policies and the potential fallout of those policies.
Noah Correia
Noah Correia Hace un mes
Good lord do I love salty Phil 🤣
Graphluid Hace un mes
Melissa Wolf
Melissa Wolf Hace un mes
I don’t pay much attention to celebrity endorsements because I do what many people really should do and what the election should be about, which is pay attention to what the candidate stands for what they wanted to do for the country not how charismatic they are or how liked they are by celebrities that’s part of the reason we ended up with who we have now and how’s that working out ( hint pretty bad)
Russell Sousanis
Russell Sousanis Hace un mes
Why is Ethan in your thumbnail
Russell Sousanis
Russell Sousanis Hace un mes
You talked about him for like 6 seconds
mmm Nuts
mmm Nuts Hace un mes
Phil is quite the comedian
sarah jane
sarah jane Hace un mes
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Hace un mes
Wait Jake Paul unfollowed you? Or just Jake.
Connor Armstad
Connor Armstad Hace un mes
Joe Rogan is simply a good interviewer, who is aware of and admits what he doesn't know. His opinions are his own (though most are well thought out and articulated effectively). I think if everyone listened to his podcast the world would be a better place.
BaldingClamydia Hace un mes
Maybe you're right. I don't agree with everything Rogan says, but he lets his guests talk without trying to drive the interview, and I really like that
Connor Armstad
Connor Armstad Hace un mes
Jim was definitely referring to being interviewed by her.
Eli Gutman
Eli Gutman Hace un mes
The Bernie sanders campaign website page almost collapsed because of all the people looking at it in the hours/day after Joe Rogan's own statement was stuck it in the proverbial digital microphone. I don't know this because I support Bernie, (i think i will vote for him if he wins the primary *shrugs* ) I know this because they pay my brother to keep up the website. This doesn't instantly translate into votes. But Bernie is clearly the presumptive nominee now... I don't think joe rogan single-handedly did this but i do think it changed a lot of moderate minds.
Adam z
Adam z Hace un mes
People have time to watch baseball these days?? Bliss Why do people always create a false interpretation by trying to add a deeper meaning to things? Jim is just being silly. love his unique personality because he doesn’t say the typical lame garbage most people say. She laughed and played along with his silly awkward moment he created for fun. If you are offended by this you, it says a lot about who you are. A sad person that is searching for negativity and pathetic enough to establish meaningless opinions to the internet. Shut up and move forward.
Hadi Karaki
Hadi Karaki Hace un mes
Money is the root of all evil. The soil has all the good nutrients.
Hadi Karaki
Hadi Karaki Hace un mes
I unfollowed you too 😏
Clementine Hace un mes
I watched the entire video and still unsure why people are "freaking out about h3h3" lol
That Guy
That Guy Hace un mes
and people are suprised that china is trying to steal info... :/ NOT A SUPRISE!!
adamishaw Hace un mes
Why is H3H3 in your video title Phil?
Shadowmist909 Hace un mes
oh no jake
fn1187 rayless
fn1187 rayless Hace un mes
Jim was clearly flirting and didn’t push it nor was creepy so what’s the big deal? Looks like he got a positive response as well Attempting to flirt isn’t okay anymore it’s 2020 He was shooting his shot like come on guys 😩? Imma just start handing out note cards saying “do you like me or not yes or no”
Nick Dyer
Nick Dyer Hace un mes
The more people try to make big deals out of celebrities not actually saying or doing something wrong the more people will ignore it when they do actually do or say something wrong.
Chief Executive Manager
Chief Executive Manager Hace un mes
Even if Jim Carey meant that in a “sexual way” why’s it so bad? Is he not allowed to hit on girls? It wasn’t a creepy sexual slur. It was harmless.
Equanox214 Hace un mes
Damn had me in the fist half not gonna lie
J Hitchcock
J Hitchcock Hace un mes
I'm sick of presidents being elected by bye memes and infomercials. With serious problems in and it's going to take more than SpongeBob and The bachelor to solve.
John Halsall
John Halsall Hace un mes
I didn't realise Huawei is pronounced the same as Borat saying Wowee. Can't take them seriously now and definitely wouldn't trust them with my data for this reason alone. :-P
Flygon Kick
Flygon Kick Hace un mes
Lol for half a second i thought you were actually seriously apologizing 😂😂😂
Harlowsimms99 Hace un mes
For two seconds you had me going lmao!
Patrick Speight-Guzman
Patrick Speight-Guzman Hace un mes
It’s not inappropriate what Jim Carey said, it’s just him being nice.
Elizabeth Curtis
Elizabeth Curtis Hace un mes
This is NOT Why everyone is freaking out about h3h3...
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace un mes
People getting offended for someone flirting. What a world we live in.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace un mes
You had me in the first half, I’m not gonna lie.
CakeChell Hace un mes
Sounds like a certain candidate watches SciShow. Jk.
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