Why Jeffree Star Is a BRILLIANT Businessman (Shane Dawson Docuseries Analysis)

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Andrei Terbea

Andrei Terbea

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Shane Dawson has recently started uploading his long awaited docuseries with Jeffree Star, called "The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star", documenting the entire process of launching his own eye shadow palette with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In this 9 part series he will be covering pretty much the entire year from the perspective of an insider into the beauty community and it certainly looks like they're going to offer a lot of insight. In this video I will be covering more of the business aspect rather than the drama, though in this case they go quite well hand in hand.
#ShaneDawson #JeffreeStar #ShaneXJeffree

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Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea Hace un mes
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Kevin Burrell
Kevin Burrell Hace 13 días
He's been in this for a very long time so of course.
Rasul Abdullayev
Rasul Abdullayev Hace 15 días
nord vpn got hacked lol
Darkblox Hace 20 días
I used the vpn to get a free membership (that was only available in London) in a video game XD
Jyoti Patel
Jyoti Patel Hace 23 días
Patnership is 30-70 30% from profit to jefree and 70 % to shane
Sh Hace 5 horas
I love this anime
Rosalía Miranda
Rosalía Miranda Hace 19 horas
That montage in the end killed me xD
kittenheart Hace 20 horas
jeffree & shane are literally the scorpio and cancer signs as people
Addison Alger
Addison Alger Hace 22 horas
i like how he draws shane and jefree keep it up Andrei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TGDRAW Hace un día
To be fair, every time Jeffree was "honest" about how sales work, or his passion for makeup, or how others do things unethically, he knew he was being filmed and that this would be seen by millions of people. I enjoyed the series, but it was clearly not just some genuine transparent documentary. We never really saw anything negative about Jeffree
Ioana Victoria
Ioana Victoria Hace un día
Shane and Jenna are two of the first youtubers who are still relevant and amazing as people, not just as ESwomenrs.
Adam Hsu
Adam Hsu Hace un día
Love how this video's thumbnail makes jeffree look like an actual alien tho
DPLoverness Hace un día
Honestly, Jeffree Star is very smart businessman as he's shown to not only understand and analyze what goes on in the industry around him, but also knows the ins and outs of that industry and how to not only use it to his advantage, but be able to create his art in a way that is both interesting to clients and improves upon his past achievements all while inventing on his own terms. (This is probably a run-on sentence but I'm tired so whatever).
Hashie Hace un día
"You can't put lipstick on a pig" Jeffery: Observe.
Lolita Subliminals
Lolita Subliminals Hace 2 días
When I try drawing Jeffrees faceshape: |.👀| \.👄 \/
Alin Boari
Alin Boari Hace 2 días
Esti roman?
Pretty Hot Tea
Pretty Hot Tea Hace 2 días
i really love jeffree & shane's relationship. can't explain it. its a vibe.
Pretty Hot Tea
Pretty Hot Tea Hace 2 días
ha ha. i love that his avatar holds an angry bird. just subscribed!
April Masias
April Masias Hace 2 días
Lisme Gloria
Lisme Gloria Hace 2 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-pPirTIud2ns.html This video is so fascinating given his new found talent.
Fed_ricco YT
Fed_ricco YT Hace 2 días
I've never seen an episode
RUSTY Hace 2 días
u know who got scamed ...its the dum fans who bought it ...makeup is the same shit..copy of a copy u pay for the brand not the makeup itself like gucci and prada cheap stuf ..the same makeup that jef has is in his makeup is the same in shanes ,its not magic powder ,its ever makeup power in it
grey Hace 2 días
Rusty, you're telling me you never bought anything worthless before? HAHA ok!
burnt f1ames
burnt f1ames Hace 2 días
This is what you call S T O N K S
M. G
M. G Hace 2 días
Also if you wanted to use that "strategy" and actually apply it... You do realize it's impossie to have such deep connection with all your clients for many reasons. Lack of time , time is money, rarety of so perfectly matching characters..
M. G
M. G Hace 2 días
There is a lot wrong with the video, first things first is the way you put it it makes it look as if Jefree did all of this consciously having a business purpose in his mind. And that's not true. There is more psychology going on here than anything else. Their friendship started some years ago with Shane wanting to do short series on him. We all know Jefree was a lonely person bathing in his money, whereas Shane is extremely empathic and accepting. Jefree found an emotional support and shelter in Shane and that sparked an honest and odd friendship. Jefree has never treated Shane as a client. If anything I do believe this is more than a business plan
3mer4ld_mooon 14
3mer4ld_mooon 14 Hace 2 días
I'm not really a fan of jeffree star but jeffree *is* a business genius.
Monique Addn
Monique Addn Hace 2 días
So let me get this straight, you just learned of Jeffree Star just a few months ago?
Winona Daphne
Winona Daphne Hace 2 días
Yes I'm watching the series to learn the business side. It'd fascinating and I LOVE HOW transparent Shawn has been
William E
William E Hace 2 días
I have more money than jeff star
Scarie Mel
Scarie Mel Hace 2 días
Shane is so cute 😭😭💕
Sans Ryuji
Sans Ryuji Hace 3 días
Nobody: The hashtags: Shane X Jeffree
Marinna Rado
Marinna Rado Hace 3 días
Jefree should see this vid!
Marinna Rado
Marinna Rado Hace 3 días
So you're romanian! :)))
FallingStary Hace 3 días
Baptism by fire, nice
Top5Favorite Hace 3 días
I think you are a better business minded than Jeffreestar just like the way you promoted that VPN.
Romana De Bruyne
Romana De Bruyne Hace 3 días
I love them both, but the business strategy behind it is very clear. It takes a long time to convert a prospect into a client. As for my opinion, I really hope their friendship is mutual and not only a one-way street coming from Shane. To me it looks that Jeffree is just holding a carrot in front of a very naive rabbit while calling it friendship. Jeffree shows Shane everything he has not. He takes him on luxurious trips, spoils him (and his friends) with expensive gifts, gives information that sound promising to gain trust and so on and BOOM: not only do they create a brand-new pallette (which is the best marketing partnership ever thanks to the docu series) but Shane takes his merch to Jeffree. I really hope I'm wrong, but to me that sounds like a toxic friendship. Look how easy it was for Jeffree to turn against James Charles before knowing the story first (which we as lurkers on ESwomen don't know either) and they were friends and business partners as well.
Rohan The Movie Maker
Rohan The Movie Maker Hace 3 días
Andrei ridding a jet pack and jumping into a building is literally a scene in a bollywood movie not kidding. Is andrei copying bollywood?
vin kat
vin kat Hace 3 días
SAME I started watching jeffree on april or may 2019 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natalie Holiday
Natalie Holiday Hace 3 días
Brilliant video!
Eggo Mego
Eggo Mego Hace 3 días
Is anyone gonna say that shane changed his channel fully
B r u H
B r u H Hace 3 días
4:31 that’s actually very cute..🥺🥺🥺
Lara Prelac
Lara Prelac Hace 3 días
This is a true Hufflepuff-Slytherin friendship and I love it so much
Alan Munguia
Alan Munguia Hace 4 días
Jeffrey Star should run for president and create a cross country horse race.
Mojtaba Otoukesh
Mojtaba Otoukesh Hace 4 días
I do not no what the seris is about and do not know where is it
【sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ】 OwO
【sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ】 OwO Hace 4 días
;-; i kinda stopped following the series cause idk
Nico Capitan
Nico Capitan Hace 4 días
idk if im the only one that did not watch one episode or at least 1 minute of an episode
xXC_ Eilish_420Xx
xXC_ Eilish_420Xx Hace 4 días
Your point of view of Jeffery and Shane's relationship reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. Anyone else?
cookie Studio and game room
cookie Studio and game room Hace 4 días
Drama:*starts* Me: welp I'll be playing Minecraft
JokesInBase13 Hace 5 días
The best relationships (be they romantic, platonic, business, etc) aren't based on similar personalities, so much as similar values. That's why people like Shane and Jeffree can work well together, their focuses are on family and art, they'd both be doing exactly the same thing acting exactly the same way even if they never "made it".
pieburger Hace 5 días
this video made me want to check out jeffree star, i've heard his name but i never really know his work
Tiffany Houston
Tiffany Houston Hace 6 días
fuck the rest of the video the ad at the end was lit af!
Pam Wied
Pam Wied Hace 6 días
i LOVE Shane and Jeffree!
Benito Villalpando
Benito Villalpando Hace 6 días
Did you get paid by Jeffrey
give and take
give and take Hace 6 días
your video so addictive like watching anime, i'm gonna wasting my time watching your video
So Hyun Park
So Hyun Park Hace 7 días
wanna see shane's reaction when he sees that he might have ended up with the upper hand (being a wanted client) but didn't because jeffree is a freaking business genius
isabelle Farrell
isabelle Farrell Hace 7 días
Jeffree and Shane aren't polar opposite personalities they're extremely similar, that's obvious in their first series together
Amir Sezar
Amir Sezar Hace 7 días
7:18 he said 70 % you 30 % us you moron
•Blue Skys•
•Blue Skys• Hace 7 días
After this I don't wanna see Shane complaining about being poor cause you know he made BIG bucks with that palette and collab 💀
•Blue Skys•
•Blue Skys• Hace 7 días
That jawline in the thumbnail damnnn!That's the finest jawline 😍😂
Sydney Vargas
Sydney Vargas Hace 7 días
I love you for being the only one to analyze the beauty industry like you continue to do. From a beauty business student in 2019- IT’S GENIUS and helping my professional career
Pivot pictures
Pivot pictures Hace 8 días
Andrea made me interested in businesses so much like holy shit
Steven Lara
Steven Lara Hace 8 días
Anna Sole
Anna Sole Hace 8 días
Are two genious. Jeffree charismatic and intelligent. Dawson kind and creative, an explosive mix. I LOVE BOTH.
ᴄᴀᴛᴀʟɪɴ ɪᴏɴᴜᴛ
ᴄᴀᴛᴀʟɪɴ ɪᴏɴᴜᴛ Hace 9 días
Are you Romanian?
leo dinalah
leo dinalah Hace 9 días
The first day they met: Shane:*NERVOUS* SEND HELP jeffrey:HONEY! after like weeks or months: Shane:hi........ Jeffrey:WHO DA HELL BULLIED THIS SHANE I WILL FRIKIN KILL'EM. *I W I L L P R O T E C C A T A L L C O S T* *trigger noises* XD Shane: erm... :/ XD
VOLightPortal Hace 9 días
This whole thing started with the first collab between Shane and Jeffree in Shane's vid "The Secret World of Jeffree Star" and its sequels. Then you'd fully understand the context leading up to the successful business "partnership" and launch of their product collection.
Marisol Jimenez
Marisol Jimenez Hace 9 días
I love how you animated Shane.
sheyla lopez
sheyla lopez Hace 9 días
First of all Jeffree doesn't always ditch his friends, sometimes they're the ones trying to throw him under the bus. Second of all, I think it was partly business partly something done because he truly cares about Shane. I doubt he'd just talk about % without proof cuz then brands would come after him. But yeah he is brilliant
Raven Antonia-Marie
Raven Antonia-Marie Hace 10 días
I've been saying that J.Star and Nate adopted Shane as their adult manchild. :P
J H Hace 10 días
@Andrei Terbea make another Jeffree Star video like this one!
mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe
mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe Hace 10 días
I like how your character’s eyes look like pac-man
The Renaiva
The Renaiva Hace 10 días
Dion Lee Andrew
Dion Lee Andrew Hace 10 días
It was 70% to Shane 30% to jeffree
Tayla Edwards
Tayla Edwards Hace 10 días
love how you made jefree look like a girl voldemort in the thumbnail
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