Why Jeffree Star Is a BRILLIANT Businessman (Shane Dawson Docuseries Analysis)

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Andrei Terbea

Andrei Terbea

Hace 7 meses

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Nicoleta Toader - Producer
David K - Assistant Animator
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Shane Dawson has recently started uploading his long awaited docuseries with Jeffree Star, called "The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star", documenting the entire process of launching his own eye shadow palette with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. In this 9 part series he will be covering pretty much the entire year from the perspective of an insider into the beauty community and it certainly looks like they're going to offer a lot of insight. In this video I will be covering more of the business aspect rather than the drama, though in this case they go quite well hand in hand.
#ShaneDawson #JeffreeStar #ShaneXJeffree

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Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea Hace 7 meses
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Team 742
Team 742 Hace 29 días
That is literally the best ad ever. I love when animators makes a whole bit about their sponsor. Makes it feel more personal
Tahia Rouf
Tahia Rouf Hace un mes
i loved it
Raissa Suwardhono
Raissa Suwardhono Hace un mes
Andrei Terbea 👍
Declan Waters
Declan Waters Hace un mes
These plugs are so smooth
Caoimhe Dunne
Caoimhe Dunne Hace un mes
Thank god it wasnt raid shadow legends
Lore D
Lore D Hace 28 minutos
why does Jeffery in the thumbnail look like Voldemort ?
Amanda Maloney
Amanda Maloney Hace un día
Andrew in the background in the beginning
MrKrabbyPatty Hace un día
I love watching Andrei, I will stop whatever I am doing to watch him. Love your stuff
a n
a n Hace un día
Noble gamer remade
Noble gamer remade Hace 2 días
5:53 / 11:42
KrabbyKakes Hace 2 días
Power duo
LuckyLouie Hace 4 días
The bird is confirmed simp
Pivot pictures
Pivot pictures Hace 5 días
Imagine being the camera man
Epic memes for cool kids
Epic memes for cool kids Hace 5 días
5:20 Jeffrey literatly looks like a skinnier version of the villain from Skyfall
Luke Kilshaw
Luke Kilshaw Hace 6 días
Jeffree Star is my favourite mob boss
tAsTe DiVinE fUry
tAsTe DiVinE fUry Hace 6 días
I’m getting strong Sinbad vibes from Jeffree
Kreacher Hace 6 días
This is like a jojo reference Let me explain: Jeffree is Bruno, Shane is Bruno's gangstar team/children.
the lion wooosher
the lion wooosher Hace 6 días
“Basically, Shane is all of us.” shane: *is gay*
Rat Juice
Rat Juice Hace 4 días
He isn’t gay, though. He’s Bi...
Tomas Dagum
Tomas Dagum Hace 6 días
anyone else watching old drama videos because you have nothing else to do during the quarantine.
Parker Stevens
Parker Stevens Hace 6 días
Jeffree Star looks like a alien in the thumbnail
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Hace 8 días
Celestian Draws
Celestian Draws Hace 8 días
Am i the only one who has never seen a single video from shane and never heard of him until i started watching commentary videos
chaimaa garos
chaimaa garos Hace 8 días
''It's like baptism by fire'' lmaooo
The Other Guy #2
The Other Guy #2 Hace 8 días
that is the biggest plugin i have seen ever...
Julius Jaugelis
Julius Jaugelis Hace 9 días
Who is Jeffrey star?
AS Hace 9 días
9:09 Parashock’s intro xd
Yash Hace 10 días
9:06 Did anyone else notice the parashock x outro?
purple goat Llama
purple goat Llama Hace 10 días
Why isnt this guy more famous ? Salut Andrei cum esti ?
King Gook the Autistic king ewgewgwegwe
King Gook the Autistic king ewgewgwegwe Hace 10 días
There's nothing to admire about someone who dresses and carries themselves like a degenerate freak of nature.
TJ Hace 10 días
Anybody gonna mention how 9:08 sounds like parashockx’s outro
Roee Avisar
Roee Avisar Hace 11 días
Jeffree star seems like he has connections to the mafia because the boss's daughter loves his product
Rom Lom
Rom Lom Hace 11 días
Jeffree is a literal Jojo character
Noce Epic
Noce Epic Hace 11 días
I don’t watch them. And don’t care but liked the vid
ping spoofer johnson
ping spoofer johnson Hace 11 días
Jeffree is male
HakureiReimu Ls
HakureiReimu Ls Hace 11 días
he or she????
The Keeganater
The Keeganater Hace 11 días
I can start a fire with cheese it’s call matches and patience
Nom Nam
Nom Nam Hace 12 días
Who's Jeffry star
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani Hace 12 días
Shane is so fragile so cute
snowinhaler420 Hace 12 días
nice end animation
Alberto Giavani
Alberto Giavani Hace 12 días
I knew he was a mob boss
idk Hace 13 días
Why does he have no nose in this your animation
Saucy Yikers
Saucy Yikers Hace 13 días
Why does the thumbnail make Jeffree Star look like Voldemort?
Mr Alpato
Mr Alpato Hace 13 días
Mr Alpato
Mr Alpato Hace 13 días
Mr Alpato
Mr Alpato Hace 13 días
Orange DoGGle
Orange DoGGle Hace 13 días
Say anything offensive to it expect yo ass going to jail
Hankrius Hace 13 días
Is seriously no one talking about how well the ad at the end was made
Sameera Faisal
Sameera Faisal Hace 14 días
4:32 - 4:39 O////O -
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace 14 días
9:40 S I M P
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace 14 días
Jeffree feels like that one super strict teacher that the majority of the class is scared of and sometimes hate, but is actually cool and chill when you get to his good side, and when you listen to what he is teaching, ends up making your studies *a whole lot easier*
neverunknown Hace 14 días
Jeffrey star is 100% a bond villian
The Grim Gaming Channel!
The Grim Gaming Channel! Hace 15 días
9:08 parashock fan?
Yasin Milos
Yasin Milos Hace 15 días
Lillian Bujoll
Lillian Bujoll Hace 16 días
* is in a coffin dead * Alright guys, I have to pause this video to mention our sponsor NordVPN
Horror House O_O
Horror House O_O Hace 17 días
Shane Dawson is a ditto
Hakman Tim
Hakman Tim Hace 17 días
He’s homosexual. There’s only one thing to say to him: go to hell
Mitch Clay
Mitch Clay Hace 19 días
Shane: (bumps into someone by accident) Jeffree to Shane: YOU MUST BE PROTECTED!!!!
Exotiic-_-Reaperr Hace 25 días
jefree star looks like a gay albino lizard
123dumb.u.b Willywonkashillbilly
123dumb.u.b Willywonkashillbilly Hace 25 días
I Hope they pay u Good That was art
Sheerspeechcraft Hace 25 días
I personally do not give one crap about some bajillionaire makeup artist and his giant advertisement collaboration. And that was actually pretty rude of Shane to be like "I'm poor" when he is living better than 99% of the people on this planet
Francisco_Suffers Hace 25 días
This has the best sponsorship skit of all time
Powdered Sugar
Powdered Sugar Hace 25 días
Actually, I believe Shane was going to be getting the 75%.. which is crazy.
1 3
1 3 Hace 27 días
i love how you drew shane lol
L. Pallidus
L. Pallidus Hace un mes
A covert and an overt narcissistic making business deals.
Husein Mammadov
Husein Mammadov Hace un mes
Shane made out with his dog and cat I guess him being represented as a pig is surprisingly accurate
Steven Joel
Steven Joel Hace 27 días
Husein Mammadov Plus I 'make out' with my cat I just love to kiss him he's such a sweetheart 🥺🥺🥺 also pretty sure he didn't say he made out with his cat he said...
Steven Joel
Steven Joel Hace 27 días
Husein Mammadov That was like 8 years ago.. I bet everyone has said something horrible.
NYXIE Triformas
NYXIE Triformas Hace un mes
I love both these guys...I’m not naive about either of them...or the industry...but I find them likeable , warts and all. Big respect for these two ! ☺️
Jethro Teece
Jethro Teece Hace un mes
I feel like Jefree doesn't actually care about Shane he is just using him.
Steven Joel
Steven Joel Hace 27 días
Jethro Teece Nooo! I think it's true friendship.
Lisa SCOTT Hace un mes
2 adds and I haven't even watched more than 4:30 mins ? damn.
Sejal Hace un mes
Love him or hate him, you can't deny that he's a pure marketing genius. (This is coming from someone who hasn't watched a single video of him)
jonskjersven Hace un mes
Little did these people know Jeffrey star supported about three pedos, hit on a 17 year old and posted revenge porn. Yea this is true go look it up.
Denham Junior
Denham Junior Hace un mes
did you just say man mmmmmmmmmm lol jk
Darkvoid 29
Darkvoid 29 Hace un mes
lol the ice cream truck had the parashockx outro music
Siddhi Chopra
Siddhi Chopra Hace un mes
We stan
darious kilgore
darious kilgore Hace un mes
Jeffrey Star = Funny Valentine
Pineapple Thingy
Pineapple Thingy Hace 9 días
Honestly he does kind of look like him.
Mean Ingful
Mean Ingful Hace un mes
Naaaah not me
Light-Lyric Soprano
Light-Lyric Soprano Hace un mes
Jefree’s that one loud extrovert who adopts you
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