Why Japan's Geography Sucks

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ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی
ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی Hace 12 horas
When America was like Japan is hard to invade so let's just drop a bomb what a wonderful idea!
ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی
ಮೊಹಮ್ಮದ್ Ayãñ دکھنی Hace 12 horas
3:16 Sare Jahan se Accha
タカトモ Hace un día
I am a Japanese student. I hope have a friendly relationship with your country. Come to Japan for a trip! Welcome! !
Ryho KIM
Ryho KIM Hace un día
1:26 This is wrong. This is not the Sea of Japan, this is East Sea.
SHDW Hace un día
Japan might not have natrual resources but they do have the power of God and Anime on their side
イヌニャン Hace un día
There are many mistakes in this video.
neki0 playz
neki0 playz Hace un día
*weeb joke time*
orca Hace 2 días
Today's lesson. Keep Japan well-fed with natural resources, otherwise, you'll see apocalyptic disaster.
Japonicasian Hace 2 días
Our neighbors: China, North Korea, Russia
Vinny Booboo
Vinny Booboo Hace un hora
つー。 Hace 2 días
Yes, 10% of world’s active volcanos are in Japan.
지수김 Hace 2 días
having same amount of livable and workable land that South Korea has? 70% of South Korea is mountainous land, as I know.
Rick Allei
Rick Allei Hace 2 días
wonder why russia puts so much effort into military Japan haven't signed peace treaty
Clever Man
Clever Man Hace 2 días
Greenland: *hold my ice shield*
まきば乳牛 Hace 2 días
Why his explanation sucks
チャンネル710 Hace 2 días
yamato114514 Hace 2 días
jockejocke1 Hace 2 días
Why is Japan female in the narration?
jockejocke1 Hace 2 días
Wouldn't "it" be more appropriate?
Wonsuk Chung
Wonsuk Chung Hace 3 días
Korea has also sucking geography. More than 70% of Korean peninsula is mountains, no resources at all in Korea, and population density is extremely high (higher than Japan). Japan invaded Korea to solve their lack of foods and natural resource, but Korea was still suffering from the same problem. Japan had squeezed Korea, but it was not enough, so Japan invaded Manchu, China, , and Southeast Asia. The weathers are also harsh. Japan's summer is as hot and wet as Philippines, while North Korea's winter is often colder than Siberia. The differences are Korea seldom experiences natural disaster, but Korea has human disaster Kim Jong Un.
mattep74 Hace 3 días
Massive alliance in ww2? More like USA with friends
Death Star
Death Star Hace 3 días
No country in Indonesia when Japan invaded It ’s just a Dutch colony, Dutch East India. If you write the real thing that Japan invaded the Dutch colony and made Indonesia independent, the world would be rebellious against Japan. If you write a lie to fix a lie
pkm Hace 3 días
Dokdo is not japan's territory
0menchild Hace 3 días
If I can't make it. Take it!
115islands Compass
115islands Compass Hace 4 días
Sigh ... I feel fatigue with cruel misconceptions against Japan like this movie. ・ The Sino-Japanese War occurred in response to repeated attacks by China. ・ The expanding of Southeast Asia is to secure Indonesia's oil import route against the ABCD blockade (US, UK, China, Netherlands). Apparently you don't know that Roosevelt put Japan in the trap to save the UK.
Franco Chau
Franco Chau Hace 4 días
Islands:6,118 (Japan)
Franco Chau
Franco Chau Hace 4 días
Population: 650,441,660 Million (Japan)
Patrick Mittel
Patrick Mittel Hace 4 días
Japan's geography doesn't suck. It allows for mountain passes for you to drift your tofu delivery car on.
Lorenzo Gabriel Zacal
Lorenzo Gabriel Zacal Hace 4 días
RLL:why japan's geography sucks Japan:oh so my geography didn't help me survive against the mongols?
House of M House of M
House of M House of M Hace 5 días
Really? Japan and Russia never truced? Then why is Russia using Hitachi trains?
Rui Duarte
Rui Duarte Hace 5 días
Japan is not a she it's an it. It's hurting my ears
مبارك امیر
مبارك امیر Hace 5 días
Im japanese
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet Hace 5 días
*Angry Weeaboos joined the chat*
CoD mobile with DoubleYou3D and more!
CoD mobile with DoubleYou3D and more! Hace 5 días
Japan should have kept korea under their control
A Certified Weeb
A Certified Weeb Hace 5 días
I bet there’s nothing but weebs here or am I alone
Gấu Chó
Gấu Chó Hace 5 días
Japan: I dont have Oil, gold, iron, enegy. But I have Fuking Fish and Beef Wagyu Dont worry its VERY CHEAP!!!!!
kentalovedoge Kawashima
kentalovedoge Kawashima Hace 5 días
I hate you YOU SAY THaT JAPaN SuCk
Klaus Gartenstiel
Klaus Gartenstiel Hace 5 días
if you had put japan into the atlantic, ww2 would have turned out rather different.
Hace 6 días
Japan has never had a war with Korea for the last 100 years.
Bertrand_Sushibar_Russell Hace 6 días
俺のコメントを消すのが何とも・・・・ Plz don't delete my comments. This video is full of misleadings esp. in history part.
harahoro hirehare
harahoro hirehare Hace 6 días
平気でデタラメ言わないでくれる? 本当に日本の歴史勉強した?
アージドグラースソレイユルージュ Hace 6 días
20km of wall along beach, upgraded weapon/armor, pirate navy, night raid, bacteria, etc. The typhoon happened when Mongols are doing retrait. not miracle, their ship was much fragile.
TheFamousMockingbird Hace 6 días
It would not have cost the allies millions of casualties. Japan was extremely weakened and the Soviets had swept through manchuria and absolutely dominated them
Ailan the Bins toy bin fan
Ailan the Bins toy bin fan Hace 6 días
Population of china and india: were bigger than you Me in america: HIPPITY HOPPITY BOTH OF YOUR POPULATIONS ARE NOW AMERICA'S PROPERTY!
Caroline Japanese Evans
Caroline Japanese Evans Hace 6 días
In reality, China and Russia have sent a large number of spies to invade Japan, and have repeatedly entered Japanese territorial waters by military planes and ships.
baggin bilbo
baggin bilbo Hace 6 días
Japan fought against China and Russia,but has no history of fighting with Taiwan or Korea,I want to correct the mistake.
M Saw
M Saw Hace 7 días
I'm Japanese, and you mustn't tell lies. First, the reason why we quit the national isolation was not because we needed natural resources or economical improvement but because USA forced us to open the ports (threaten with weapons). And then in 1858, US, UK, Russia, France, Netherlands forced unequal treaties on us like other Asian nations. We struggled to escape from their colonization. Of course, I don't want to glorify our imperialism. I don't want to be accused wrongfully. I want you all over the world to know the true history.
neki0 playz
neki0 playz Hace un día
What colonization
supply497 Hace 2 días
Perry: "open the country stop having it be closed"
aceofaces18 Hace 4 días
I’m well aware of this but resource wars probably would’ve occurred whether or not the western powers intervened it would’ve just been a matter of time. Though the terms may have been a bit more favorable for Japan had the leaders at the time sought out the western powers first rather then being forced to open up. (I doubt this but it’s nice to hope for) Either way my initial point stands in that Japan as a nation would’ve needed to go one direction or the other in order to secure what it needs for its people
master key
master key Hace 7 días
There are some mistakes in the video. Japan does not war with Taiwan and Korea. With the merger of Korea and Japan in 1910, Korea became officially a Japanese territory. This was not enforced in the war, and was formally done in the treaty under the agreement of both countries. I hope you learn history correctly.
somewhere Hace 7 días
I really cannot understand why people easily believe such a false propaganda..
gh51 Hace 7 días
嘘ばっかり。日本はかつて世界最大の金産出国だった。江戸時代の鎖国のころは経済的に繁栄していた。朝鮮は国が立ち行かなくなって日本に助けを求めてきて併合した。インドネシア を侵略していたのはオランダだろ。ほんと嘘ばっかり。
754test Hace 7 días
野うさぎ Hace 7 días
This video cuts the history that the West wants to hide and packs lies there. Japan in the Edo period was rich, until America came. So Japan in the Edo period traded with the Netherlands.
Leucaria Hace 2 días
Devakram Dehariya
Devakram Dehariya Hace 4 días
Typicall westys
Elgeko k
Elgeko k Hace 7 días
surroundings were always difficult for humans to live on *has the highest human population anyway*
アカウント Hace 7 días
Aokl Konaka
Aokl Konaka Hace 7 días
The reason why Japan stopped the isolation was because the whites came on warships and said “Trick or Treat”. "Today is neither Halloween nor invited you." Even though our ancestors told them, they didn't turn back.
sannzann Hace 7 días
Do not say Bullshit
anti LDR
anti LDR Hace 7 días
Japan : we have 6000 islands Indonesia : hold my map !
saitama your daddy
saitama your daddy Hace 3 días
Phillippines: *laughs*
HipsTer_Miraak 63
HipsTer_Miraak 63 Hace 3 días
*laughs in phillipines*
Leon Eden
Leon Eden Hace 7 días
Why Japan has invaded Korea and China? Because they always ignore international law for example boycott Japanese products, and terrorism. Japan has wanted them to be western style modern countries for trade.
russell zauner
russell zauner Hace 7 días
Japan: our geography is rough Joseph, Oregon: let me show you why we're a flyover state
Agusorgen Hace 8 días
bill wurtz taught me this before
Ken Gabriel Manalo
Ken Gabriel Manalo Hace 8 días
Oh japan, as much as i love it I'd never ever in my right mind wanna live there mainly because their's no SUBTITLES
OUFF MAN Hace 9 días
*anime power!*
afwa Hace 9 días
We are prepared. I still love our country.
rahmanov abdullah
rahmanov abdullah Hace 9 días
the reason why us dropped atomic bombs to Japan is because alies wanted to intimidate stalin incase he didn't give the country he took from hitler back to the people who own it previously or he wouldn't stopped at berlin and push toward west so little misinformation you got there you welcome
Robert Kemp
Robert Kemp Hace 9 días
"Every single nuclear reactor was closed by 2012. Today in 2019, 4% of Japan's energy comes from nuclear" What?
Kohan kye
Kohan kye Hace 5 días
Yep my ears pricked up at that
you'll never know me
you'll never know me Hace 6 días
That confused me too
Caillou 69
Caillou 69 Hace 9 días
And yet Japan defies all odds.
Caleb Miller
Caleb Miller Hace 10 días
I HATE that you only use kilometres now...
beatDPJ Hace 10 días
Islands nation = Hard to invade, Lots of good ports, Full of sea resources, Lots of nice views, Open access to blue ocean anywhere Mountainous nation = Hard to invade, Lots of mountain resources, Lots of nice views, Lots of water resources, Lots of places for animals, Lots of earth if needed Volcanic nation = Lots of hot water resources (can be used for Onsen and renewable energy source) Earthquake&Tsunami = Forcing the construction technology development, Humble and Unite the people Typhoon = Hard to invade, Brings lots of water, Forcing the construction tech development, Humble and Unite the people Few plane land = Forcing the industrial development Wind, Wave, Solar, Ground heat energy can be produced in and around the island Lab meats will be available in less than 50 years so not much land needed for meats, animal skin, feathers, etc. Wheat, vegetable and fruits and mineral resources can be imported Sometimes, Japanese geography is beneficial and sometimes not But the most benefit Japan has is that it's HARD TO INVADE.
_ TIMNIE Hace 10 días
creepachan Hace 11 días
good video i poor kid fro,,n idinia
werth master
werth master Hace 11 días
Why your youtube channel sucks?
Robert Baratheon
Robert Baratheon Hace 11 días
Can u do the japanese music under every video
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