Why Japan's Geography Sucks

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TheUndeadBG Hace 4 horas
Care to explain why you refer to Japan and Germany as "her" ?
Zia RDS Hace un día
Video: Technically Japan and Russia have never actually ended WWII. 2020: Well, well, well. What *have* we got here. 😈😈😈
Demz coll
Demz coll Hace un día
idea for Japan: why wont they start using thermal energy through there 108 volcanoes and turn magma into eccentricities
Glacier Frost
Glacier Frost Hace un día
"Japan Geography sucks its home of Disasters" Philippines: Well...about that...Ur wrong!
Taro Hace 17 horas
Not really because every month there’s earthquakes, sometimes it’s really strong and it’s always magnitude 6
Pushyamitra Gurethia
Pushyamitra Gurethia Hace un día
Japan is it or he. Not she. No pok in Bharat, no subscribe.
Bacon Hace 2 días
You seem to have forgotten that the US occupied Japan from 1945 to 1952. The US even wrote their constitution. They were definitely conquered by a foreign power.
MaX VyRoS Hace 2 días
The Author: Why Japan's Geography Sucks Japan: Oh, so you are approach...I mean *TENNO HEIKA, BANZAAAAI!*
Tanzibea Hace 3 días
or are you salty that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and just didn’t get over it
クロエChloe Hace 3 días
"japan has always had to rely on trade to sustain it's status as a great power" but what if japan identifies as male? 🤔
jack khro
jack khro Hace 3 días
You got the map of India wrong,especially the Jammu and Kashmir part,..
Alexis gian Aquino
Alexis gian Aquino Hace 3 días
The 2.4K dislikes are JAPANESE,Japanese and.... JAPANESE
Gangley Tundra
Gangley Tundra Hace 3 días
Anime doesn't have to be always Japanese. CHANGE MY MIND
Jimmy De Santa
Jimmy De Santa Hace 4 días
usa carried japan and s korea so hard
bhstone1 Hace 4 días
Nuclear power is far safer and kills far fewer people than coal and gas.
Malphur Hace 4 días
Mother Nature has proven this video as accurate from all the earthquakes and tsunamis that the island has received BACK TO BACK. Yikes.
Cameron Taylor
Cameron Taylor Hace 4 días
And I saw one country with 12%, 12%! Now fill this country with resources, Mother Nature.
Manetitnaj Hace 6 días
Is nobody gonna talk about how he said "home to 7 BILLION" ar 2:06?
HaiLi Kuang
HaiLi Kuang Hace 6 días
Justin Wein
Justin Wein Hace 6 días
jugz2d Hace 8 días
omg what is the music in the background, I love it!
Malaysia da best
Malaysia da best Hace 8 días
Because of me squashed into pancaiks with 2 many peopel
kevindanielpg Hace 8 días
Chim Nee
Chim Nee Hace 9 días
Japan is the ancient Greece of this time
Mubzip Hace 9 días
Might as well make geography sucks
Yuemei Dong
Yuemei Dong Hace 11 días
Thereal Jakethekiller
Thereal Jakethekiller Hace 11 días
Japan has a giant robot
AlphaBlox Hace 15 días
Make a video about why ur life sucks
JOLLY GRAIL Hace 20 días
1:21 well, the sea of japan also sucks........... it is supposed to be east sea by Korea...............
-Omega Zero-
-Omega Zero- Hace 21 un día
RLL, can you talk about Canada’s geography
Nate River
Nate River Hace 25 días
moutains =clean water
leon leon
leon leon Hace 27 días
5:39 "Japan has never been conquered by any outside power" USA: hold my burger and beer.
The United States of America
The United States of America Hace 6 días
@xi jinping that's it. i'm nuking bejing, shangai, and nanking.
xi jinping
xi jinping Hace 25 días
@WhishiWhooshi ok how was American people how about racism there and what is present Corona condition ,
WhishiWhooshi Hace 25 días
@xi jinping First of all, I'm not going to go to India. Not only would I have no interest in going to a foreign country in the first place but also because that would be expensive. Secondly, I am from the United States of America.
xi jinping
xi jinping Hace 25 días
@WhishiWhooshi come to India your life will change U know I am just 18 and think what about all over India we have lack of media support so we can't discover anything Ok what's your country
WhishiWhooshi Hace 25 días
@xi jinping You're really showing me your big brain IQ intellect with that mess of a paragraph.
Cold Water
Cold Water Hace 28 días
the view on history is distorted by europeans in such a way that i can just laugh about this absurdity
Cold Water
Cold Water Hace 28 días
still it is Japan the best country in the world :)
Anurag Saini
Anurag Saini Hace un mes
Reallifelore:-Throughout it's entire history, japan has not been conquered once by an outside power! America:- laughs in 1945!!!!!!
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh Hace un mes
Still amazing how such a small country invaded such a large area of Asia
Timothy Gao
Timothy Gao Hace un mes
yes japan is the best it created Nintendo sushi and gave us anime manga pokemon and yea ya get it
Sam McConnell
Sam McConnell Hace un mes
RealLifeLore: "There's really only 4 Japanese islands you need to know about: Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu." Okinawa: _cries_
Taro Hace 17 horas
Okinawa was owned by America
mrwhostheminty Hace 19 días
Ryukyu: Hol up
SylkaChan Hace un mes
The land challenges actullay make them stronger. Americans eat up the world fuel supply just to get to work.
Atheist Deity
Atheist Deity Hace un mes
The moment I think of moving to Japan when I'm older, suddenly my feed is flooded with reasons I shouldnt go
Ryuji Hachimura
Ryuji Hachimura Hace 20 días
It is nearly impossible for foreigners to migrate here unless you can benefit the country in a huge way. A visa is extremely hard to get and you cannot cultural appropriate
Warisdisu Hace un mes
Why does he call Japan "she"?
Robert Tanksley
Robert Tanksley Hace un mes
What can't we afford to him.
Gil Ho
Gil Ho Hace un mes
Korea has been invaded by both China and Japan for the same reason: the gate to each other
Raymond Chow
Raymond Chow Hace un mes
Too bad the food sucks even worse.
Random Being
Random Being Hace un mes
Here in Philippines the people and government are sucks and full of noobs
Carl Kearse
Carl Kearse Hace un mes
Why not go full green power. Solar and wind. It's an island, shouldn't that fix there fuel problems?
Camaraco Hace un mes
the dude on the video saying japan was never conquered by any nation , so you forgot about usa conquering japan
xzemiyl Hace un mes
lol usa didnt conquer japan they just bombed the shit out of them
Jammooly Hace un mes
They got a lot of fish though
Wavygeronimo Hace un mes
Will someone pleaseee tell me how he makes those thumbnails?
1000 EOY
1000 EOY Hace un mes
2.4k weebs disliked this video
Sascha Lehmann
Sascha Lehmann Hace un mes
they are such a forward thinking country when it comes to technology. They should think of more sustainable ways to generate their country. They've probably be great at it, and it would lower the need for natural resources and their need to import. Would last longer and be better for the environment. Especially in a country where natural disasters happens. Earthquakes release a lot of energy. Wondering if there's a way to utilise that energy and convert it.
Doctor Jones
Doctor Jones Hace un mes
wait they shut down all nuclear plants because of fukushima? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ "japan has never been conquered" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Andy Dyer
Andy Dyer Hace un mes
Small correction: at about 9:10 you say 'Japan claims the Southern Kuril Islands', but your map highlights the whole Kuril Islands chain. Japan did once control all of this after the Russo-Japanese war, but now only claims the Kunashir, Shikotan, Iturup and the Habomai Rocks. The agreement between Japan and Russia prior to the Russo-Japanese War had the demarcation line in the strait between Iturup (Japan) and Urup (Russia). Everything east of Iturup (the second of the big islands to the east of Hokkaido) Japan no longer claims. Great video as always, though.
Unko Toire
Unko Toire Hace un mes
Typhoon, earthquake, China
Airbourne Jd
Airbourne Jd Hace un mes
Japan: we are unstoppable The USA: hold my nukes
Audairevonetta Hace un mes
Japan's Natural Disasters are still more stable than the Political Tension in the West.
Audairevonetta Hace un mes
Morons in the comments getting triggered about the fucking pronouns of a fucking Country. And it's not a coincidence they're all western
Rozq Hace un mes
So why my country is weak ? We dont have vulcanos tsunami and earthquage, We have land to grow but we don't becouse our politics are weak. We have natural tresure and resourcres but we dont use them. Greetings from Poland :(
Myler Wilson
Myler Wilson Hace un día
The reason is that the flat plain and communism destroyed the country
commentor silensor
commentor silensor Hace un mes
Thrre are couple typos. Japan did send the military expedition and killed native Taiwanese. That massacre did not end with annexation. Japan fought with China in 1894 and 1895. China lost. To save China, China ceded Taiwan to Japan. Japan did not occupy Taiwan by invading Taiwan although Japanese military had to fight with Taiwanese militias for resistance of occupation. Technically, the first Japanese outward expansion was 663. A Korea Kingdom, Baekje faced invasion of the alliances of neighboring Kingdom, Silla, and Chinese, Tang dynasty. Japan sent the navy to help Baekje. Of course, Japan wanted to use this opportunity to influence Korean Peninsula n took opportunities to invade Korea. Japan faced major defeat. Technically, Mongolia was the only outside force invading Japan. However, Jurchen pirates were the first one invading Japan. Jurchen resided around Korea and Manchuria and southern Siberi. They were good warriors. In 1019, Jurchen pirates invaded Japanese islands plundered n ji and ed Japanese. It caused major headaches in the coastal area. Eventually, Japanese military forces eradicated the invaders. Jurchen was good in fighting. It later conquered Khitan and Northern China in early 1200. Jurchen was defeated by Mongolia. However, Jurchen descendant Manchuria conquer China again in 1644. For some reasons, Chinese never bothered to talk about this invasion. Japan did not want to. You mentioned Japan occupied the whole China in second Sino Japan war. That is wrong. Japan occupied the eastern China. Your map did indicate that. However, the map is still wrong. Japan controlled Eastern part of China motor just part of coastal area. More than 50 % of Chinese fell to Japan. Japan faced major defeat in Changsha. The battles were brutal, but China was able to take control of Changsha. Then, Japan started facing defeat in Pacific n two atomic bombs were dropped. That was the further Japanese had advanced in China
Josh Howe
Josh Howe Hace un mes
How dare you assume Japan's Gender.
Florida Man
Florida Man Hace un mes
There are earthquake proof buildings and there are many places without active volcanos. It is a very good spot to be in geographically of course the us gets toyota vehicles from them and this helps their cause. South Korean has Hyundai and Kia. Fast growing car companies... again they have a really good spot. They have very beautiful areas and lands. I wish that all of the countries south east of China would of joined or let me be a citizen there! New Zealand is awesome along with the countries and islands right north of Australia. Australia it self it far from a lot of things.
Mikael Johansen
Mikael Johansen Hace un mes
Narrated by butthead
PewPew Hace un mes
Idc I’m still moving there
PewPew Hace un mes
lisa thaxton no but I lived in Japan for 5 years and want to move there again
lisa thaxton
lisa thaxton Hace un mes
Are you like 11
Andrew Zhao
Andrew Zhao Hace un mes
yeah that's true, sorry
Andrew Zhao
Andrew Zhao Hace un mes
how dare u
Andrew L.
Andrew L. Hace un mes
6:00 Kami kaze!
Zico Bantawa
Zico Bantawa Hace un mes
Imagine if Japan had Brazil or even Mexico's natural resources!
I Am Haru
I Am Haru Hace un mes
Low natural resources
drmodestoesq Hace un mes
I wonder why Japan with her volcanic geology hasn't been to exploit what I would assume would be her vast geothermal resources.
Nacho Supremo
Nacho Supremo Hace un mes
If global warming still going, in about 50 years it won’t suck anymore 🙈
pritpal singh
pritpal singh Hace un mes
Japan is a really very good country they are good at Technology, Japan has less natural resources but still, they know how to utilize limited resources in an excellent way. According to the Henly Passport Index, their Passport is the most powerful. Its rank is No. 1. Love from India
mysterious miz
mysterious miz Hace 8 días
@Gaunter O'Dimm I thought Finland was number one
Gaunter O'Dimm
Gaunter O'Dimm Hace un mes
Germany is number one, I believe.
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