Why It's Almost Impossible to Hit a 160 MPH Tennis Serve | WIRED

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Some of the best tennis players have incredibly fast serve speeds. The fastest official serve is 157 MPH, but could it be even faster? WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez looks into the science and skill of sizzling serves.
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Why It's Almost Impossible to Hit a 160 MPH Tennis Serve | WIRED

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xiaoran mo
xiaoran mo Hace 13 horas
Faster than a lot of trains
Tiny Valkyrie
Tiny Valkyrie Hace 3 días
My goodness people are really missing the point here. This series is all about showing the difference between Robbie and a top of their game professional. One guy can’t be expected to be perfect at sprinting, heading soccer balls, juggling, speed rock climbing, stone skipping and all the other myriad sports he covers here, but he does all of them with a shocking amount of competency. Heck, he even SAYS his form is terrible... that’s what makes the comparison interesting. Come on, appreciate what is being done here, don’t nit pick a person who doesn’t play tennis for not having perfect form.
Paul O'Reilly
Paul O'Reilly Hace 3 días
Do one on boxing next!
Salvador Nobre Veiga
Salvador Nobre Veiga Hace 3 días
If the host serve was almost 80 mph mine is easily into the 110s probably or more. The frying pan form is awful for speed and accuracy/consistency. And lots of energy being wasted.
Sune Anderson
Sune Anderson Hace 4 días
They really tricked you quite a bit here... roll across the strings?! Check it out in slo mo.
Sune Anderson
Sune Anderson Hace 4 días
You can’t store energy.
István Sipos
István Sipos Hace 4 días
great! please, make a handball episode. it would be nice + it would be useful because Americans usually don't know that sport at all.
Evi Bobtail
Evi Bobtail Hace 4 días
Tennis looks so unhealthy
kat undmaus
kat undmaus Hace 4 días
When someone eventually does hit a 160 MPH Tennis Serve, post another video about Why It's Almost Impossible to Hit a 170 MPH Tennis Serve.
Paul Soms
Paul Soms Hace 5 días
Would be nice if this article was made by someone who had somewhat of a serve, at least.
mr slick
mr slick Hace 5 días
Dude uses 80 yr old grandpa grip on his serve.
Daniele Messina
Daniele Messina Hace 6 días
what is a *senior* writer?
DeltaSh0ck9666 []
DeltaSh0ck9666 [] Hace 6 días
wired: imma go look for a world record and add +1 mph and say its almost impossible
kevin shelly
kevin shelly Hace 6 días
The guy in the black shirt has never played tennis in his life.
Michele Cozzarin
Michele Cozzarin Hace 7 días
I've been playing tennis for 12 years and watching Robbie's serve physically hurt me lmao. Good video tho
Liam Brinton
Liam Brinton Hace 8 días
1:40 must have been a fake go pro. A real one would disintegrate the tennis ball
Mike Koz
Mike Koz Hace 8 días
Years ago they said no one could throw a baseball over 100 mph and yet now a few guys can, that no one could break the 2 hour marathon but soon they will. No difference with a 160 mph serve
조상민 Hace 8 días
OMG, I CAN`T stand with his grip. I just can`t watch this.
Ian Stodard
Ian Stodard Hace 8 días
Love these videos and often show them to my Elementary students. I can correlate science and sports, and the students love them. With this being said, occasionally the words like "a$$ and d$$$" are in the videos. While I am personally not a prude, I don't fancy my 9 year old students hearing those words. The tennis and jump video are fantastic because there is clean language, a great point, and students can relate. Thank you for making a positive impact in kids and adults lives.
Ani A
Ani A Hace 9 días
Tennis pros also use heavier racquets so they have the ability to take harder serves and deliver more force with shots. Also many pros play with racquets at or under 100 sq in, try to get something right wired. You couldn’t even try to teach him the proper grip, come on guys i was so excited about this one.
J Hace 10 días
“Because its really fast” - there. Saved you some time
Jaqen H'Ghar
Jaqen H'Ghar Hace 10 días
haha I was about to say, "well Andy Roddick isn't that tall and he served at 155mph" but then he literally brought him up right after that.
MXSH 3098
MXSH 3098 Hace 11 días
Coming out of area 51 with someone who can hit the ball with 161 mph
John Smith
John Smith Hace 9 días
haha so funny
lovesgadgets Hace 11 días
thank you for covering tennis!
Warren Esma
Warren Esma Hace 11 días
I’m 60 mph and I’m 10 years old not to brag.
Bahamut Ali
Bahamut Ali Hace 12 días
0:09 ik you flinched
Monk Hace 12 días
For you.
Mr.Tennis Hace 13 días
Amazing video!!
Leomerya12 Hace 13 días
14:10 No, she doesn't. She HAS 11 (I guess), but she might use 3-6, depending on how many time they use new balls.
Tano Espo
Tano Espo Hace 13 días
for god sake..!! use the metric system!!
Adam Wensten
Adam Wensten Hace 14 días
Spin and placement are more important than speed tbh
João Dantas
João Dantas Hace 14 días
you're garbage and shouldnt be making tennis vids
UFOlici Hace 14 días
2:18 SO the fastest was 163.8 MILES/HOUR ! so there you go! it is not impossible you already did it!
Vincent Chak San Li
Vincent Chak San Li Hace 15 días
Badminton smash is far faster.
Vincent Chak San Li
Vincent Chak San Li Hace 15 días
Highest speed 493kph
Chicken Nugs
Chicken Nugs Hace 15 días
His grip is atrocious
Tom 123
Tom 123 Hace 15 días
Lol when the ball hit the GoPro I flinched
Rallow Wallow
Rallow Wallow Hace 16 días
Junior Grand slam players hit 200 km
Liam aka the annoying gacha guy
Liam aka the annoying gacha guy Hace 17 días
*a l m o s t*
Noot noot Toot toot
Noot noot Toot toot Hace 18 días
He did not even go into trophy position
Garrettõ Sánchez
Garrettõ Sánchez Hace 18 días
That’s the best continental grip I’ve ever seen...
Jimbo Hace 18 días
The host, while meaning well, is the cringiest "tennis player" ever 🤣😂
boundertube Hace 18 días
So the reason we won't see 160mph is because it is hard to do - great.. I was assuming there was some Physics calculation based on terminal velocity or something..
KnightOlin Hace 19 días
Seriously, you visited all these places and not a single one told you the biggest problem with your serve is you were using the semi-western grip not continental? Maybe you just edited out to make the video seem more interesting. Because, I can guarantee your serve will never get better if you don't switch to continental.
George Platis
George Platis Hace 19 días
For starters FIX your grip!
Yo Pappy
Yo Pappy Hace 20 días
Sam Groth-163mph
Dylan j
Dylan j Hace 22 días
Well that impossible is possible thanks to sam groth
Brooke Zielke
Brooke Zielke Hace 22 días
Can we also talk about pronating your wrist outwards? Changes the pace and topspin of the serve
Notorious N
Notorious N Hace 22 días
Being too tall is not too good for tennis though, you win in the serve department but not so helpful in everything else. Tall people usually have weaker kness and a higher center of gravity which is harder for tennis. That's why all the great tennis players are usually about 185cm (6.2 feet): Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Sampras)
haradin1337 Hace 23 días
So when in this 16 min video do they actually answer the question, im about 10mins in and its just a guy attempting to serve
Cody ???
Cody ??? Hace 23 días
1:34 who else blinked?
Matango Hace 24 días
It's crazy how Novak can return all those big serves. He get's rarely aced.
Mysterious Hace 6 días
And today he got aced over 10 times by medvedev
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho Hace 24 días
Sam Groth fastest serve 163.4 mph
Kevin Hace 24 días
du bist so ein körperklaus unglaublich
Nathan Wurtz
Nathan Wurtz Hace 24 días
Great idea for what to search. Why it’s almost impossible to rap X words in a minute
NickEvershedMusic Hace 25 días
Playing with your balls makes them fluffy
erhector Hace 26 días
I jumped at 0:08
eRmaC Hace 26 días
The serve didnt shatter your go pro lol it probably broke when it hit the court.
Kiwi Chicc
Kiwi Chicc Hace 25 días
My boi a 120/mph object flying towards a glass panel is kinda gonna crack that glass panel-
M. Hamza
M. Hamza Hace 27 días
seriously, where is the answer for the question in the title?!
Sonny Lim
Sonny Lim Hace 27 días
Main takeaway: Professional tennis players can hit serves a lot faster than people who don't play tennis. Got it
Sunjay Murali
Sunjay Murali Hace 27 días
Respect for Novak that he returns so much of those monster serves
smittyzx Hace 28 días
JUST FYI - The court surface type doesn't affect your serve speed measurement because they measure the speed right when the ball leaves your racket. P.S. I've been waiting for this video for a long time. Good job, once again!
Brooke Zielke
Brooke Zielke Hace 22 días
smittyzx they did mention this, they just meant that the fastest serves will come out of players during certain conditions !
Jakub Wrzosek
Jakub Wrzosek Hace 28 días
I dont get it the guy cant play tennis at all looking at how he tries to serve and then is suprised that he cant make do any return :D
Travis Downs
Travis Downs Hace 29 días
Feared servers: Richard Krajicek, Marc Rossett, Goran Ivanisevic, Michael Stich, Andy Roddick, Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras, David Wheaton(especially wearing the flag headband) Guy Forget.
Ashtray HD (2000&late)
Ashtray HD (2000&late) Hace 29 días
I can’t find a single comment to see how smart or not smart it is to actually play tennis in those Nike 4% Vapo fly marathon shoes? They are one of the most expensive and best shoes for running, as much as i heard. But how smart is it for side motion and sudden stops? I’m actually super curious. Someone plz relpy asap.
McplaysBatman Hace 29 días
10:08 Now that was a pretty good transition👏
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace 29 días
Players only use about 50-60% of their power when serving, maybe 75. If they go at full strength, they will be "boxing themselves out" and wont have enough energy for accuracy and consistency throughout the match. Look at the service speeds during the 5th set. Players are still hitting 3 digit speeds several hours into the match.
Mikael Dahl
Mikael Dahl Hace 26 días
Definitely. If Karlovic or Isner were actively trying to set a record speed they would be able to.
Rafael Araujo
Rafael Araujo Hace 29 días
If you understand the body movements related to the this service you're able to learn master Lee's one inches punch.
F M Hace 29 días
Sam groth did it
BossMan k
BossMan k Hace un mes
Do a hockey video
Drewstackscups Hace un mes
“Why can’t I serve more than 77 mph” “Because you’re serving with a forehand grip”
Salvador Nobre Veiga
Salvador Nobre Veiga Hace 3 días
@master 0393 its not the grip but the motion itself as well.
master 0393
master 0393 Hace 28 días
Drewstackscups 😂
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