Why Helicopter Airlines Failed

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Wendover Productions
Wendover Productions Hace un mes
There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and so posting a video about something so inconsequential is a bit awkward, however I decided to go ahead and release this today and postponing it from yesterday because I think distractions can play a positive role for some during times like this. I’ve made a $500 to each of three organizations that I believe to be doing great work to work towards ensuring every American has the liberties and rights they deserve. If you want to help and have the means to donate, I’d encourage you to look into these organizations: The American Civil Liberties Union: www.aclu.org The National Police Accountability Project: www.nlg-npap.org The NAACP Legal Defense Fund: www.naacpldf.org
Common_C3nts Hace 17 días
Midway is no where close to the city center of chicago.
I’m a bit To much annoying
I’m a bit To much annoying Hace 22 días
also that was very generous of you
I’m a bit To much annoying
I’m a bit To much annoying Hace 22 días
How did they think 2 people per flight helped helicopters
I’m a bit To much annoying
I’m a bit To much annoying Hace 22 días
MeowTheRainbowX Hace 23 días
+lazor222 Can you give some examples? I’m interested.
Natalie Evans
Natalie Evans Hace 2 días
Nice upload, keep it up! Why don’t you use FollowSM . c o m?! It will help your videos start to trend!!
Richard 1
Richard 1 Hace 2 días
The execs thought it would be cool to commute by helicopter and land on the roof (10 story building). Every time one landed it shook the building so bad that everyone thought the building would collapse. Very disruptive to work.
just a random gd player
just a random gd player Hace 5 días
*H E L I C O P T E R*
Claudio Roque
Claudio Roque Hace 6 días
Fairey Rotodyne would have been economically feasible in this scheme.
YOU BLAT Hace 7 días
Ben dover productions
Roger Alsop
Roger Alsop Hace 7 días
Very interesting.
Eric Ancion
Eric Ancion Hace 8 días
It's weird to hear this narrator's voice without his bad jokes
spdzodzo Hace 9 días
i could imagine some LNG/solar hybrid powered VTOLs where if LNG would be acquired from carbon capture using surplus solar power, there could be a potential low cost, low emissions transport service
graphicPort Hace 9 días
Wendover: The future of inner-city transport will be Vertical takeoff airplanes Also Wendover: Why Vertical takeoff airplanes fail
DylanP\_ayz Hace 9 días
I’m like 80% sure Wendover = half as interesting.
Gaelin Looi
Gaelin Looi Hace 10 días
Tiltrotors, like helicopters sound good on paper but is actually much worse right now. Tiltrotors are far more complex and more accident prone. That translate to even higher operational and upfront costs, to the point even wealthy passengers might balk at the price. They will never be big enough to really ferry enough passenger per trip to really benefit from the economies of scale like jetliner, metros, trains and buses. On top of that, no city will allow tiltrotors to operate just from rooftops of garages because they are insanely noisy. Helicopters are bad enough, tiltrotors are likely to be even worse. Having multiple tiltrotors landing and taking off regularly in the middle of the city - which is already noisy - will push local residents or workers insane. A few things have to happen before helicopters or tiltrotors can become regular passenger liners. Costs have to go down, helicopter already achieve that for premium market, this is impossible right now for tiltrotors. Decrease complexity and increase reliability - this bring us directly into costs too as complexity increase maintenance and reliability decrease it. Costs have to go down to at least just 10 times the mass transit by per passenger per mile for the premium market and only about 2 - 3 times to have a chance to penetrate the masses. Most upper middle class people are willing to pay 2 - 3 times more to use a regular service to save time and headaches of driving and public transport and that's when you have a possible chance to make the business viable. Lastly, technology has to improve to the point where the noise level is comparable to a loud bus before such transport is even possible to operate in city centers. I don't see helicopters ever meeting these challenges, much less tiltrotors in the near future.
hvnterblack Hace 11 días
You talk about VTOL and show Osprey. See whats wrong? It is military machine. War doesn't ask for money cost. For army it is not a big problem to maintain fleet that complicated and expensive machines. Probably small planes will be more demended, STOL/ESTOL as fast taxi and regular transport. People want travel faster, directly to destination. Thatswhy planes are smaller than 20 or 30 years ago. No more designed machines like A380 or JumboJet. No need to take 800 passengers form hub, they want fly from A to B with one of flighs that day. No waiting for only one connection. How faster would be 2hrs flight compared to 8hrs car journey if you wait on airport 4hrs? Not too much, but how much more expensive.
Samira Peri
Samira Peri Hace 11 días
ORLY, the world's memiest airport.
Dan Patterson
Dan Patterson Hace 11 días
The allure of VTOL is the small space required for take-offs and landings that allows it to operate from more convenient locations, but the technology/energy required for the "V" part is still a hurdle. An alternate might be STOL aircraft that use distributed electric propulsion to turn the entire wing into a blown flap resulting in very short takeoffs. These have the promise of being simpler and cheaper than VTOL while offering as much or more cruise speed.
Jan Hace 12 días
11:42 what plane model is that ?
darthrex354 Hace 12 días
There is no way in hell I am paying good money to get on anything with a comparable safety record to the V-22 osprey.
Aidan Wotherspoon
Aidan Wotherspoon Hace 12 días
British Columbia has sea plane service between Victoria and Vancouver. One of the necessary services between the biggest metropolitan centre of the province and the capital city tucked away on an island
max holperin
max holperin Hace 13 días
Could you make a video explaining what kinds of video editing software you use, especially in making your maps?
Mike Arthas
Mike Arthas Hace 13 días
I miss Kobe Bryant..
meaturama Hace 13 días
Didn't kobe get destroyed by a helicopter or was it a plane?
Suffy Hace 13 días
"The cost of the pilot, hundreds of dollars per hour" As someone who knows many, many pilots: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA where is this and how can I get there
Sigma476 Hace 4 días
Go independent and pay for your insurance and benefits out of pocket. Wages are only a fraction of what labor costs.
ISH Hace 14 días
1:00 i actually live there in bayonne nj near those two ray gun lookin things on the bottom left corner
dethman Hace 14 días
13 minute video in 2 seconds... 'It was too expensive.'
f3nd13y Hace 14 días
I hate blade.... they would charter us for their nantucket - white plains routes..
THE BGSTER Hace 14 días
Although tiltrotors may be great I believe the future may still lie in seaplanes but not the wilderness ones they use now but ones that resemble modern commercial airlines like the Russian BE-200 which has been around since 2003 and can create international flights straight from (coastal or large river) city centers.
VictoriaGiggles Hace 15 días
I would love to see a video on the alaskan bush pilots
Jesse Bogdonoff
Jesse Bogdonoff Hace 15 días
LaGuardia is not close to the city center, it's way out in Queens.
Ads Lacz
Ads Lacz Hace 15 días
One reason why the helicopter business might not flourish anymore: Kobe One reason why the helicopter business might flourish after-all: Chinese gamblers The stuff i learn from watching you, Wendover. Smh.
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado Hace 15 días
How stupid, lets just pump more CO2 into the atmosphere instead of having high speed train. USA is greatest at not doing simple things as well as other countries.
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado Hace 15 días
Why do you show a well established west coast seaplane company plane when you are talking about baby east coast companies that have never had a flight?
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado Hace 15 días
"And vice versa"? You mean that small runways have a need for small planes? I am feeling bad for all the runways not getting the planes they need during coovid.
Cheezumz002 Hace 15 días
I just always remember Casey Neistat taking helicopters to the airport.
Deartabby 1
Deartabby 1 Hace 15 días
They should’ve used skill share
Warrior Son
Warrior Son Hace 15 días
1:25 Bro...you're using "vice versa" wrong.😑🙄 What your "vice versa" in that sentence means is "The smaller the runway needed, the smaller the airplane." which is completely nonsensical.
Warrior Son
Warrior Son Hace 15 días
Let me guess....🤔 They saw the fuel and maintenance bill.😒
alaskadrifter Hace 15 días
Bering Air services Little Diomede in Alaska when the ice runway melts in the spring.
neutron star
neutron star Hace 15 días
Why do you keep showing footage of Newark airport? It gives me unpleasant flashbacks every time.
Skrub God
Skrub God Hace 16 días
I’m now reminded of that one image where an Uber copter was cheaper than the car ride.
Dima Gd
Dima Gd Hace 16 días
Why don't you talk about Rotodyne? It was build exactly for this purpose...
xele fonte
xele fonte Hace 16 días
Why no helicopter airline...too expensive, only for the rich...and then Kobe Bryant.
Aech Hace 16 días
Anyone else waiting for a joke the whole time because they're used to watching HAI?
Ben Goacher
Ben Goacher Hace 16 días
Europe: High speed trains giving cheap mass intracity and inner city transport for the masses. USA: Lets ferry people around in helicopters
Spydr007 Hace 16 días
Still waiting for "Why ejector seats in helicopters are a bad idea"
Everything and Nothing
Everything and Nothing Hace 16 días
9:35 *Well, that's some really unfortunate timing for Cape Air to get approval*
John Yick
John Yick Hace 16 días
In Hong Kong, we have helicopter services between Hong Kong and Macau, 20 minutes trip and cost $180USD, it’s expensive but if your win some money in Macau, you don’t mind to pay for it.
Nikola Tasev
Nikola Tasev Hace 16 días
If you make the helicopter electric, you save a ton of money. If you make it automated, you save a ton more. Batteries can't compete with gas for long duration trips, but under an hour - they can do this right now!
Caroline Zhang
Caroline Zhang Hace 16 días
Are half as interesting and wendover from the same creator???
Eric Fixes All
Eric Fixes All Hace 16 días
nobody wants to sit in one for too long. fuckin-a don't even mention the safety track records of some of these companies. shit to top it all off they suggest the osprey style aircraft for commercial travel! are you out of your gourd. the way insurance is going these days among other things it wont happen
Brett Cooper
Brett Cooper Hace 17 días
R.I.P. Kobe
Free Helicopter rides
Free Helicopter rides Hace 17 días
Helikopters are great!
JackOnCrack Hace 17 días
But... thats the HAI guy
Ognjen Kuzmanović
Ognjen Kuzmanović Hace 17 días
2025: Why blimp transport failed😂
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer Hace 17 días
The future of air transport: TALESPIN 🐻👍
KornnerStudios Hace 17 días
WP: "It cost $9..." Me: "Wow, only $9 for a trip?" WP: "...adjusted for inflation, $75" Me: "We're never going to financially recover from this"
LordBaneThePlayer Hace 17 días
For anyone wondering what the cool Helicopter/Plane thing is called, and you want to buy one, or osmething (something meaning reading up on it, for examples) it's called the V-22 Osprey. Full title/name: Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. Cool helicopter right?
Ostricj Hace 17 días
because they cant fit 100 passengers efficently, next question
Gmod Locus
Gmod Locus Hace 17 días
Plane engine : goes out Pilot : Shit, gonna have to fly more carefully now Helicopter Engine : goes out Pilot : SHIT
Cup of Joe
Cup of Joe Hace 17 días
Ok hear me out. What about..... *JETPACKS*
Jim Mac
Jim Mac Hace 17 días
Cost per passenger mile.
Matthew Szostek
Matthew Szostek Hace 18 días
They didn't fail with oil rigs
Dominik Bíro
Dominik Bíro Hace 18 días
Solution: Fairey Rotodyne
Lemur Le mur
Lemur Le mur Hace 18 días
I can walk to my local airport in 10 minutes lmao
Wendy Pierce
Wendy Pierce Hace 18 días
Helicopters: cool unless they are flying over you all day.
Captain Imperialism
Captain Imperialism Hace 18 días
Before I watch this video I’m going to say it’s because they’re slow, have low passenger capacity, and are more dangerous than planes, or are at least viewed that way by the public.
Jojo_is_a_MBB Hace 18 días
"Each of these airports were father from their city's centers, as that's where there was more space." **Laughs in San Diego**
sinisterLMN Hace 18 días
(History Channel Alien guy) S P A C E E L E V A T O R S
Aleksei Brusilov
Aleksei Brusilov Hace 19 días
6:52 Hmmmmm that reminds me
Chronic Awareness
Chronic Awareness Hace 19 días
Casket Steve
Casket Steve Hace 19 días
What about transport to off-shore oil rigs - is this considered a helicopter airline? someone educate me
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