Why Don't We - What Am I [Official Video]

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Why Don't We

Why Don't We

Hace 26 días

Why Don't We - What Am I [Official Music Video]
“What Am I” out now: wdw.lnk.to/WhatAmIyt
Daniel Seavey
Jonah Marais
Corbyn Besson
Zach Herron
Jack Avery
Atlantic Records

I met her on a Monday evening,
She was standing outside of the park and ride,
And I said “hey ma where you been,
been looking for woman like you for all my life”
And she said “hola talk to me, before I have to leave,
and one-day we could be maybe more than two lost souls just passing by”
Knew I was falling when I looked inside your eyes,
And she said “I know you are but what am I”
Tell me have you seen a sunset,
Turn into a sunrise,
Kiss right through the night,
‘Cause we should try that sometime,
Hold you ’til the morning,
And if I said I’m falling,
Would you just reply,
“I know you are but what am I”
Open the door to my apartment when we get in,
Kissing on my neck and throw my jacket to the side,
I know your heart is beating quick,
And if you put your head on my chest hear the same in mine yea,
And we’ll be making love,
Until the sun comes up,
But one-day maybe I, I could put a ring on your finger before you change your mind yea,
Tell me have you seen a sunset,
Turn into a sunrise,
Kiss right through the night,
‘Cause we should try that sometime,
Hold you ’til the morning,
And if I said I’m falling,
Would you just reply,
“I know you are but what am I”

why dont wewhy don't wewhat am ied sheeran

Why Don't We
Why Don't We Hace 26 días
we’re so damn excited to share this song with you guys… believe us when we say this one hits different. #WHATAMIOUTNOW wdw.lnk.to/WhatAmIyt
Golden Rose
Golden Rose Hace 18 días
Love you guys and Daniel love you soooooo much
Full billie stan UwU
Full billie stan UwU Hace 21 un día
yup 🥺💙🦋
Christopher 1995
Christopher 1995 Hace 25 días
Why Don't We ,I think it really turned out great and I love ur video s, I'm from NJ n was wondering if you could help me get back on my feet, I suffer from failed back surgery and nerve damage and arthritis i lost everything I had from helping someone n it's been so hard trying to get another place to live again if you can help me please god bless
Madi Seavey
Madi Seavey Hace 26 días
it really does hit different.. i cried so much because #1 it's freaking amazing and your voices are angelic and #2 its so relateable!! i'm so proud of you guys and i love you more than you could ever know ❤💕💚
Kolby Arnold
Kolby Arnold Hace 26 días
Why Don't We ahhhhhh I’m so exited!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emily Sutton
Emily Sutton Hace un hora
Synaire Mollejon
Synaire Mollejon Hace 2 horas
Why dont we???
eni helaha
eni helaha Hace 2 horas
I came here because of MAMAMOO'S Moonbyul recommend. Whos with me?
WFlower Hace un hora
Debbie Boukoura
Debbie Boukoura Hace 2 horas
I don't know why but this song makes me cry every time. I mean I love it and sooo sweet but for some reason it reminds me that time passes and we grow and summer after summer ends and I'm just there like😭😭
Nur Haziq Irshad Nor hisham
Nur Haziq Irshad Nor hisham Hace 3 horas
I really love this song, what am i hah
Ross Lynch
Ross Lynch Hace 3 horas
It’s like R5 song, pass me by .
Bruno Crispim
Bruno Crispim Hace 3 horas
Primeira música que escuto do grupo e estou sem palavras
Bruno Crispim
Bruno Crispim Hace 3 horas
Alguém do Brasil kkk
Dani Cv
Dani Cv Hace 4 horas
Tell me have you seen a...
@2EEZUS Hace 4 horas
Thumbs up for only SOUNDING like Ed Sheeran. #PedoCandy
b m
b m Hace 5 horas
MAMAMOO moonbyul recommend
BarkingAddiction Hace 6 horas
Why dont we - the new 1D
CORBYN BESSON Limelight! Hace 6 horas
Corbyn gets me every time ❤️😊😱
Laura Stather
Laura Stather Hace 7 horas
Mom limelights anyone? I'm one
Abhijeet Shrivastava
Abhijeet Shrivastava Hace 8 horas
This is going to be my propose song ... One day
lily jane
lily jane Hace 10 horas
can one u sing rap god?
Ada Samsaraji
Ada Samsaraji Hace 11 horas
Been hitting the replay button for the nth time!!! 🥰
Terminally Blonde
Terminally Blonde Hace 12 horas
Ok, so I REALLY mean NO disrespect, but I have to be honest in saying that this song leaves me completely torn about it. Because on one hand, the verses leading UP to the chorus kinda sucked for me tbh, BUT that being said, the chorus is PHENOMENAL! The chorus almost sounds like a sweet country song with an awesome melody and a catchy tempo. And the main reasons that I KNOW that the chorus is so awesome, is that: 1) I usually can't STAND country, yet I immediately fell in love with it from the first time that I heard it. 2) It manages to linger in my mind and I find myself humming the chorus over and over again HOURS later. 3) It makes the rest of the song bearable just to be able to hear it between verses. And finally- 4) I very RARELY ever write any comments about videos and i've NEVER written one regarding a song, ESPECIALLY one that sounds like a country song, lol. I just wish that the REST of the song had the same style and sound as the chorus did, and possibly with some violin during the chorus, and yeah, I know that would maybe make it just a little cliché, but to me, it'd at least be worth trying. Anyway, I realize that I'm pretty much a nobody and I don't really know Jack shit about music, so my opinion is probably insignificant at best, but I just had to get that off my chest, lol.
Emilia Leppälä
Emilia Leppälä Hace 12 horas
I totally forgot WDW for a while because I fell into kpops world. *what am I?* Well, a limelight
Lucy Frederick
Lucy Frederick Hace 16 horas
* adds to playlists *
Lucy Frederick
Lucy Frederick Hace 16 horas
The music video gave me MAJOR what makes you beautiful music video vibes . But hey this is great don’t get me wrong
Dulce Flores
Dulce Flores Hace 16 horas
I love your music video and i love y’all so much ✋🏽❤️💕😍
Tony Orellana
Tony Orellana Hace 16 horas
no one: limelights and wdw:listening to what am I
Rainbow Feet
Rainbow Feet Hace 17 horas
Did Corbyn just start the song??❤️❤️
Gangdta Hace 18 horas
Youare so incredible wish one day see you
Mrs.Besson the Limelight
Mrs.Besson the Limelight Hace 19 horas
danngggggg it now has 7.4million views LETS MOTHER FREAKIN GOOOOOO!!!!!!
estrella estrella
estrella estrella Hace 19 horas
what am i was just on the radio!!!
Rose Rae
Rose Rae Hace 19 horas
love you so much
Dr. Butosky
Dr. Butosky Hace 19 horas
Im gonna sing this too my school Give me good luck (you can just ignore this im not asking for like) :)
Daniella Castro
Daniella Castro Hace 19 horas
I wish i was one of thoes girls
Heather Smith
Heather Smith Hace 20 horas
so dang beautiful lyrics.
Iron Clapz
Iron Clapz Hace 21 un hora
Every teen song group that a vsco girl listens to
McC77 Hace 21 un hora
homeboy does not have his own apartment
Gabi Marie
Gabi Marie Hace 21 un hora
Corbynnnnmn my heart just had a seizure
sudharshan ms
sudharshan ms Hace 23 horas
Awesome song guys keep it up👍
the potato
the potato Hace 23 horas
Ahhhhhhhhghghhh it’s sooooooooooooooo gooooddddddd ahdbfbsis dbjsks
this is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee extreamlyyyyyyyyyyy goood
ian hankins
ian hankins Hace un día
i love the song
khrystian daniel
khrystian daniel Hace un día
Who's that girls?
Mpho Pierreux
Mpho Pierreux Hace un día
Why is CORBYN sooooooo mf hot
Aulia Farhani
Aulia Farhani Hace un día
Sude Arslan
Sude Arslan Hace un día
Elisa Ottavi
Elisa Ottavi Hace un día
Beautiful song
Nabila Ardelia
Nabila Ardelia Hace un día
Hands up limelight 1!1!1!!1
Yvonne Warnack
Yvonne Warnack Hace un día
Why are they so cute when they sleep
Raimalin Guerra
Raimalin Guerra Hace un día
Guys, i love you too much, you inspire every day of my life .... you diserve all love and happiness in the world.
임채연 Hace un día
song is very good-!!💜 Love ❤️
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Hace un día
So this song pops up in an ad before a COUNTRY music video that I WANTED to watch and it's one of those !@#$ ads that you can't skip... So I spent at least 10 minutes online trying to find out who the hell this was...and while I'm typing this I'm hearing the song for the 5th time in a row. Nobody tell my homeboys
Cameron Medina
Cameron Medina Hace un día
Jack has a baby lavender!! Awww she’s so cute
Hailee Hace un día
0:57 your welcome for Jonah’s smile 😁😁
Check the last number of likes there are.Their the cutest to you.😍 1-2 Corbyn 3-4 Daniel 5-6 Jack 7-8 Jonah 0-9 Zach
Nurul Aqilah Binti mohammad nasir
Nurul Aqilah Binti mohammad nasir Hace un día
This is awesome song that i had listening 😥
SAM. Hace un día
I think this song just got stuck in my head hahaha overall, good job! 🔥🔥
ariana_ Jungkook
ariana_ Jungkook Hace un día
But what am i to have you
videosbyalimelight Hace un día
I’m not crying you are 🥺😭
pikachu sj
pikachu sj Hace un día
I love Why Don’t We
Shehnaz Tariq
Shehnaz Tariq Hace un día
Daniel is smart🤗🤗😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎
Shehnaz Tariq
Shehnaz Tariq Hace un día
I love u so so so so so so so so Sooooooooooo much💓💓💞💞💞💓💞💓💞💓💞💌💌💌💕💕❣️❣️❣️👸🤴so i love u
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo Hace un día
Berta's Hit Chart 9/17/2019 Top 1 Last: 2 Peak: 1
Vivian Cuevas
Vivian Cuevas Hace un día
Why don’t we
Raiza Canizares
Raiza Canizares Hace un día
Can’t wait to see you guys here in manila! 💗
StKcobra Yt
StKcobra Yt Hace un día
Im not gay but corbyn has a special part in my heart and when he started the song i cried dont judge me 😂
Bella’s Blogs
Bella’s Blogs Hace un día
Jessi Garcia
Jessi Garcia Hace un día
In love in love!!!!💕💕
Niang Nuam
Niang Nuam Hace un día
honestly cringing seeing our babies w/ other women 😪
Jachary.besson Hace un día
its been a month and im still streaming daily
looplelup Hace un día
3.5k dislikes??? Wtf
Taylor Skinner
Taylor Skinner Hace un día
My baby sister falls asleep or stop crying when I sing and play this song
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