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Why Don't We

Why Don't We

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I Don't Belong In This Club with Macklemore out now:
Directed by: Jason Koenig
Produced by: Honna Kimmerer
Executive Producer: Jenny Koenig
DOP: Ryan Brown
Editor: David Franklin & Jason Koenig
Commissioner: Phil Botti
Label: Atlantic Records
Written by: Jason Koenig, Honna Kimmerer, Jenny Koenig
Daniel Seavey
Jonah Marais
Corbyn Besson
Zach Herron
Jack Avery
Special Guests:
Cliff Avril: Bouncer
Jennie Pegouskie: DJ
Production Designer: John Lavin
Wardrobe & Styling: Therese Lefebvre
WDW Styling: Taylor Brechtel & Therese Lefebvre
Choreography: Anna Matuszewski
Production Manager: Nicola Kirkpatrick
Production Coordinator: Hannah Benson
Associate Producer Jennie Pegouskie
Casting: Tami Wakasugi & Anna Matuszewski
Executive Producers: Jenny & Jason Koenig
Production Company: Studio JKOE
Locations: Honna Kimmerer
Gaffer: Vince Klimek
Key Grip: Collen Newberry
1st AC: Coty James
Specialty Camera op/tech: Justin Brown
DIT: Thatcher Kelley
Assistant to Mr. Koenig: Ethan Scoma
Special thanks to:
Trinity Night Club, Seattle

Jimin'sWifeu Lol
Jimin'sWifeu Lol Hace un hora
Ok, i have to say that this song is Lit... I've heard of this guys but never searched them. I guess they have a new Fan ☺😋 Where are the Armys?
Dezere Mata
Dezere Mata Hace 2 horas
0:26-0:34 is soooo cute like i can’t with corbyn. idek why i think it’s so cute. bean is just adorable
Tomas Alvarado
Tomas Alvarado Hace 2 horas
We love your videos on ESwomen
GIU Hace 3 horas
everytime i hear the chorus i listen justin bieber’s voice lol am i the only one?
Zoro _266
Zoro _266 Hace 3 horas
Play it on speed *×1.25*
psyco kayla
psyco kayla Hace 4 horas
anyone going to the show in allentown ??
Kimberly Pasqua
Kimberly Pasqua Hace 4 horas
How dare ppl thumbs down this! WHY DONT WE IS THE BEST
ぼんぽんぽん Hace 4 horas
Dakota Cameron
Dakota Cameron Hace 4 horas
Why don’t we is the best man band ever
Dance Legacy101
Dance Legacy101 Hace 4 horas
0:56 Corbyn is literally me at a party😂😂
Person Person
Person Person Hace 4 horas
Who else notice Zach looking at that girls boobs????❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ma. Arvie Joy Escote
Ma. Arvie Joy Escote Hace 5 horas
Who's here before don't change mv release?
gamer_wolf Hace 6 horas
Zack looks funny when his mustush if his wearing it 😂😂😂😂 Does it hurt when you split😂😂😂 And when they were dancing daniel looks funny his shirt and pants😂😂😂 I hate carbys shirts
Wdw-Zach,Corbyn,Daniel,Jonah&Jack Hace 6 horas
I litteraly cant stop listening to this song!
Jackleen George
Jackleen George Hace 6 horas
2:06 corbyn can shuffle 😍😍😘😘💓💓 2:42 Daniel can shuffle 😍😍😘😘💓
Jodie Ellesse
Jodie Ellesse Hace 6 horas
why does daniel look so- ugh idk how to explain 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖
Shiku Kungu
Shiku Kungu Hace 6 horas
To Why don't we....this is the best song like 8 letters especially the high notes in the chorus💕💕💞💖💖💖💖💖
Dreilan Hace 7 horas
One Direction 2.0 lul
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover Hace 7 horas
Does anyone else just really wish they could be so lucky to spend their life with those boys
Josephine Martha
Josephine Martha Hace 7 horas
Is this a boyband?
Choles ace
Choles ace Hace 8 horas
1:56 he did that just dance on em🤪
P L29
P L29 Hace 8 horas
corbyn !!!!!
Olivia B
Olivia B Hace 9 horas
Hmm So every song from Wdw has been so family friendly until you know they bring in another singer and it’s not that I don’t like the song it’s that they’re still younger than most singers. So to let another singer swear in one of their songs really surprised me.
Alper talha Metin
Alper talha Metin Hace 9 horas
Hadi burayıda istila edelim 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Mary Did it
Mary Did it Hace 10 horas
Who’s here before 10 million
yuwani perera
yuwani perera Hace 10 horas
Me- spamming my bf with these videos Bf- *blocks me*
Xanthe Shields
Xanthe Shields Hace 10 horas
Lilly Lps
Lilly Lps Hace 10 horas
1:45 is one of my favourite times dat face XD lol
Wdw-Zach,Corbyn,Daniel,Jonah&Jack Hace 11 horas
My boys are all grown up 😭😭😭😭 hanging around with girls now making fake id’s 😭😭😭staying in clubs omg your so grown up now 😭😊😭😭😭🥰
Fat Kid Terio
Fat Kid Terio Hace 12 horas
That chorus!🔥🔥🔥
Emmi Stevenson
Emmi Stevenson Hace 13 horas
The best music of the world
Saga Rosehn
Saga Rosehn Hace 14 horas
Wayyyyyy underrated🤔🤔🤔🤔
Saga Rosehn
Saga Rosehn Hace 14 horas
Omgosh Finally some good music in this industry👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Ocean Gacha x
Ocean Gacha x Hace 15 horas
So, when I was in the life chat here, like a couple hours before it started, and we saw the thumbnail. Then a girl said something that literally made me laugh out loud. ‘Is Zach trying to show us a boner?’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ocean Gacha x
Ocean Gacha x Hace 15 horas
0:05 ok, so people are saying lately that this girl is Tatum. Does someone know if that’s true?
fuck me
fuck me Hace 15 horas
holy shit this was filmed in my city
Hailey Mak
Hailey Mak Hace 15 horas
I’m latez
Loved the dance step at 0:55
Emzy besson
Emzy besson Hace 15 horas
can please have choose music vidoe
Nitya Walker
Nitya Walker Hace 15 horas
My favorite music video 😂
M3RdUrS 1
M3RdUrS 1 Hace 15 horas
two directions
汽車灑上此處內褲 Hace 13 horas
kirstyn samuels
kirstyn samuels Hace 16 horas
corbyns shades tho
Vicki Wheeler
Vicki Wheeler Hace 16 horas
0:58 - 1:02 is it bad this is legit me. No, seriously my BFF and I do this all the time, it’s the only dance we can do lol
MrOneZion Hace 17 horas
MrOneZion Hace 17 horas
MrOneZion Hace 17 horas
Mannnnnnn what's up
MrOneZion Hace 17 horas
What drake song now who care god plan
MrOneZion Hace 17 horas
Xenion purple again
Suga Kookies
Suga Kookies Hace 17 horas
Why am I here ?😑
Suga Kookies
Suga Kookies Hace 39 minutos
汽車灑上此處內褲 😂😂
汽車灑上此處內褲 Hace 13 horas
Boy if you don't like the song, leave
Autumn-Sky Paul
Autumn-Sky Paul Hace 17 horas
This is so inpiring. I love you guys And your songs
nia Glover
nia Glover Hace 18 horas
Oommgg best iv ever herd love it never change corben
Camila Silva
Camila Silva Hace 19 horas
Ícones do pop
Thomas 6171
Thomas 6171 Hace 20 horas
Zach does'nt even look like he only 17 like for real Lmao😂😂😂
Amanda Tyrrell
Amanda Tyrrell Hace 20 horas
@intodeepwdwx on insta! I’ll follow you back!! Love teh song! A def bippity booop!
emily raye
emily raye Hace 20 horas
Ghost_ Puffi
Ghost_ Puffi Hace 21 un hora
Girlfriend: Me:I don't belong in her house
Tatyana Wong
Tatyana Wong Hace 21 un hora
Finally they’re doing group choreography in an mv
Pumpkin Hace 21 un hora
WDW who?
Certified Pinoy
Certified Pinoy Hace 21 un hora
wow I missed macklemore
Karen Fraley
Karen Fraley Hace 21 un hora
My friend nina loves this band.
Halie Ireton
Halie Ireton Hace 21 un hora
Everyone’s talking about everything else but I’m more worried about the fact that they let Zach drive the really nice car and not worry about him crashing it
Salaurex Salaurex
Salaurex Salaurex Hace 22 horas
You guys are so cute, no matter what genre your in😘💜❤❤❤💜 I'm such a big fan, I wish I could have came to one of your tours but I couldn't. Love u boys
Asher Dossetter
Asher Dossetter Hace 22 horas
This is definitely one of the greatest songs in music history!
Sierra Horsey
Sierra Horsey Hace 23 horas
TTV-SKK_babbitt Hace 23 horas
Why is it that Jonah is the oldest and he got kicked out
Maddan Tys
Maddan Tys Hace 23 horas
ew this stinks
Sofia Rivera
Sofia Rivera Hace 23 horas
Why the heck is Zack looking at that girls boobs 1:04
Leliandforever Hace 23 horas
Damnnnn that's a long time ago I felt so high by a song 🤙🏻👅
Got2 lovedogs
Got2 lovedogs Hace un día
It has 6 mil views Great job guys Read more
Serenity Armoney
Serenity Armoney Hace un día
Maklemore got his outfit from the Thrift Shop 😂
Doramanesia Vids
Doramanesia Vids Hace un día
Salwa Azzahra
Salwa Azzahra Hace un día
wooo 6M viewssss !!
lola milad
lola milad Hace un día
I just love how the one who's going to be old enough to be in the club in like two months is the one that did it get into the club #sorrymarais
Emily Courage
Emily Courage Hace un día
Corbyn had to make a meme even in this 😂
Lily Marak
Lily Marak Hace un día
I'm like lowkey streaming bc I want this song to reach 10 million lol
Mayrin Ramirez
Mayrin Ramirez Hace un día
Macklemore: And what do I do with my hands?( it’s awkward) Me: i don’t know ;) ask jack 😂 1:52
Kenzie Gatewood
Kenzie Gatewood Hace un día
The girl walking in the beginning is Tate!!!😂👾
Mayrin Ramirez
Mayrin Ramirez Hace un día
Still watching it over and over since it came out OOF I was feeling myself (god dame) got the polo with the bolo Okay i should stop LMAO (donut like)
Heather Villneauve
Heather Villneauve Hace un día
It's ok
Miel Pascual
Miel Pascual Hace un día
1:02 don't look at her boobies, zach
Jessica Tran
Jessica Tran Hace un día
Isabella Hace un día
Idk Corbyn and jack @ 2:47 is SO satisfying
Yamileth Franco
Yamileth Franco Hace un día
Is anyone going to talk about 0:55 to 1:00❤ Corbyn and Daniel❤😘
Savanna Morrison
Savanna Morrison Hace un día
hell no you dont! get your lil ass outa there!!
Laura Canchola
Laura Canchola Hace un día
Can you guys make a music video with Billie Eilish that would be everything
Aubrey In A Small World
Aubrey In A Small World Hace un día
1:03 umm Zach her eyes are up there😶
Christina. Thach Thach
Christina. Thach Thach Hace un día
Savannah Gilinsky
Savannah Gilinsky Hace un día
Crazy E
Crazy E Hace un día
Bow Co co
Bow Co co Hace un día
I'm only giving idbitc because of Macklemore OK I hate wdw
Grayson Warrick
Grayson Warrick Hace un día
Mom:stop listening to that on your phone Me:why I lov-- Mom: the big speaker is downstairs go hook the song up Me: 😁😁😁😁
Jif Hace 16 horas
you stole that comment from somebody
katie chavez
katie chavez Hace un día
who make better music?¿? why don’t we=comment ;) jake paul=Like i commented ;))
katie chavez
katie chavez Hace un día
Amy Vlogs
Amy Vlogs Hace un día
Who else noticed that Corbin was at the end of the line but he didn’t go in
Ryder Vermillion
Ryder Vermillion Hace un día
I Love why don,t we
Doom And Spider
Doom And Spider Hace un día
Damn macklemore
Doom And Spider
Doom And Spider Hace un día
I like your songs
Chatarina Azzahra
Chatarina Azzahra Hace un día
Oh gosh!!!
Peyton St Germain
Peyton St Germain Hace un día
Does anyone like why don't we but hate this song because it feels like it's not them.
Sophia Gilmer
Sophia Gilmer Hace un día
1:55 is my fav
Addison Hinthorn
Addison Hinthorn Hace un día
I getting your merchandise you guys are so awesome I want to meet you guys so much it would be the best thing to happen to me
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