Why Don't We - Don't Change [Official Music Video]

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Why Don't We

Why Don't We

Hace 4 meses

Don't Change out now: whydntwe.co/DontChangeYT
Directed by: Henry Lipatov & David Loeffler
Label: Atlantic Records
Daniel Seavey
Jonah Marais
Corbyn Besson
Zach Herron
Jack Avery

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Karrie Gritz
Karrie Gritz Hace 4 horas
What are you doing jack avery
Nellie Gonzales
Nellie Gonzales Hace 7 horas
I watched the movie and I didnt hear the song eneywhere.What am I missing?
Emily Hurtado
Emily Hurtado Hace 11 horas
they oh always have the facts
Emily Hurtado
Emily Hurtado Hace 11 horas
i love them
Emily Hurtado
Emily Hurtado Hace 11 horas
the song is to good
Eb Lou
Eb Lou Hace 18 horas
I'm vexed BC I spent my time watching the movie and don't change wasn't in it???!!!!!!!!!
Ella Is awesome
Ella Is awesome Hace un día
My cockatoo legit stared at the phone for 20 seconds starting at 1minute and 34 seconds and looked me in the eye and said “pretty boys”
sksksk rip
sksksk rip Hace un día
Alex BlindMaster
Alex BlindMaster Hace un día
Those Guys Are So Cute! Make This Blue If You Agree 👇🏻
Ian Henderson
Ian Henderson Hace un día
Anyone else will forgive us business video of dead go got ugly dolls and didn't hear the music at all at what the heck
Love Hugs12
Love Hugs12 Hace un día
Delete this song before my therapist plays it💕xX
Kimberly Salyards
Kimberly Salyards Hace un día
daniel,corbyn,zach,jonah: wear matching colors for the background of your color jack: *wears white* ooop wrong color
siyamthanda mafika
siyamthanda mafika Hace 2 días
I love them so much😊🔥❤. LOVE FROM SOUTH AFRICA!!😄😍
Midnight Limelight
Midnight Limelight Hace 2 días
I remember when this came out and i was pissed because the live comment only let me do one comment per minute😂
Itzel Herrera
Itzel Herrera Hace 3 días
Daylonna Deane
Daylonna Deane Hace 3 días
This is motivational to me because kids talk crap about me because they are to scared to come say it to my face
Yanelli White
Yanelli White Hace 4 días
Corbyn you are my favorite because you are cute,funny,nice,and a great singer😍😍😍😍
Mercy Smith
Mercy Smith Hace 4 días
I love you Jonah 👦 💗 😇 😚 🔥 😍 😘 💜 🌹 💓 😭 ❤ from a big fan my name is leilaniLUIS.
Lyndsie acap
Lyndsie acap Hace 4 días
im going to there concert and litening to there music
Jill Holdway
Jill Holdway Hace 4 días
The cutest eye roll ever!!
Graci Rose
Graci Rose Hace 4 días
This is how many ppl are limelights since taking you ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Hit the like if you are a limelight and have been since taking you
Adele Hannan
Adele Hannan Hace 4 días
Don't change why don't we
RaG3 IanZ
RaG3 IanZ Hace 4 días
This song is like better than the actual movie “Ugly Dolls”
Evangeline C
Evangeline C Hace 5 días
What I actually hate is that Don’t Change ISN’T actually in Ugly Dolls!!!! It’s like they used Why Dint We for more views!!!
Pian Macapagal
Pian Macapagal Hace 5 días
Did you guys notice that UNBELIEVABLE and dont change, daniel started it then corbyn then jack then jonah and lastly zach. And then this one just observing it!
ShiAnne L
ShiAnne L Hace 6 días
They all need to smile more! The smiles make me melt!
ashley vandenberg
ashley vandenberg Hace 7 días
JACK'S MAN BUN IS HAWT!!!! And at 1:56 that's my fave part😁 AND JEEZ CORBEN THAT FACE 2:32 😍
WDW_Lover 07
WDW_Lover 07 Hace 7 días
1:29 OMG Jonah's smile is EVERYTHING
Edna Northcutt
Edna Northcutt Hace 7 días
If anybody likes zach herron like this comment so I like him so yeah but on the scale of 1-10 how cute is zach I say 10
Coldcatlover3000 Hace 8 días
0:47 jack roles eyes Me: woah woah woah I didn't know jack had that much attitude
Heidy Rojas
Heidy Rojas Hace 8 días
Dad corbyn
Heidy Rojas
Heidy Rojas Hace 8 días
I love you jonah its me /y/n/
Gacha By Klara
Gacha By Klara Hace 8 días
Why don’t we is littrely the only boyband where all of the members are cute af🌍
Saelmo Silvah
Saelmo Silvah Hace 9 días
parabéns 😍😍😘😘
Heidy Rojas
Heidy Rojas Hace 9 días
I love you jonah 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙its me /y/n/
Jordyn A Smith
Jordyn A Smith Hace 9 días
Co Hace 10 días
People: Every band needs a bad boy! WDW: Umm...yeah...we have Corbyn =)))
Autumn Wakonabo
Autumn Wakonabo Hace 10 días
0:48 jack rolls his eyes😂😂
Timothy Moglia
Timothy Moglia Hace 11 días
daniel seavey i love you i was at the mohegan sun concert making hearts with my hand
Timothy Moglia
Timothy Moglia Hace 11 días
daniel seavey i love you i was at the mohegan sun concert making hearts with my hand
Haley Majors
Haley Majors Hace 12 días
I need this song...I’m really insecure...I love you guys!
Kayla w
Kayla w Hace 12 días
I am mad bc this song isn't even in the movie:(
Syptex Hace 12 días
Who agrees that this song is underrated? COME ON! WE NEED TO BEAT THE ARMY! LIMELIGHTS FOR LIFE!!
Corbyn_sivan Hace 12 días
That movie is gonna lose a lot of money since wdw is not in the movie😶
brooklyn anderson
brooklyn anderson Hace 12 días
is anyone TRIGGERD about the fact that at 2:28 Jack is the ONLY one that is not wearing the same color clothes as his walls?
Midnight Limelight
Midnight Limelight Hace 13 días
Idk why but Jonah parts hits me in a different way😥💜💛💜💛❤
Stephanie A
Stephanie A Hace 13 días
I'm in love honesty 😭❤❤
Aminah Khan
Aminah Khan Hace 13 días
y'all make me so happy u dont even know
Aminah Khan
Aminah Khan Hace 13 días
im literally having the worst day ever rn and just listening to their voices makes me feel a hundred times better
Bʟᴜᴇʙᴇʀʀʏᴊᴜɪᴄᴇ Hace 13 días
it isn’t in the movie, why is this even a song then what’s the point
Chloe Ewing
Chloe Ewing Hace 14 días
AhHhhHHHhhhhhh,i love this band soo much :D
Charlie Fisher
Charlie Fisher Hace 14 días
This is the best way to get a gf
Sara Halliday
Sara Halliday Hace 14 días
this realy helped me i thought about my flaws and well i felt better about them!
Ryan Temporim
Ryan Temporim Hace 15 días
I love this song she's great
Fine Just Grace
Fine Just Grace Hace 15 días
Dude me and my best friend were going to go see this movie and it's going to be sick with this song
ッAlxtech Hace 15 días
Anyone gonna talk about the "BoB" on Jonah's shirt? No? Okay
The Garbetts
The Garbetts Hace 16 días
I absolutely ❤️ Why Dont We they r such an inspiration!! ❤️😍🥰
beautychikee 1
beautychikee 1 Hace 16 días
When jack rolled his eyes.for some reason he can do it better than any boy I know.love u jack
beautychikee 1
beautychikee 1 Hace 16 días
Hi zach,your soooo cute.All limelights give u the best of luck.ps.God bless you.😁😁
Corbyn Is amazinn
Corbyn Is amazinn Hace 16 días
Jonah: Ive decided that we can all wear colours to match our background! Rest of band: Sounds cool *On shooting day* Jack walks in with white Jonah: Tf did i say!
Isabella Thornburgh
Isabella Thornburgh Hace 17 días
Made me cry it's so beautiful
Irene Godina
Irene Godina Hace 17 días
Omg i love this song👍
slime sapphire
slime sapphire Hace 17 días
I love this song and love why don't we so much like big fan and this song inspired me to be who I am and I am
Seriously Logic
Seriously Logic Hace 18 días
I went to this because of a On Demand post...it was the best move I ever done
Luin Pongen
Luin Pongen Hace 18 días
Listening over n over💕💕..
Fatimazahra saiad
Fatimazahra saiad Hace 18 días
jack s eyeroll is my everything
Sinclair Sinclair
Sinclair Sinclair Hace 19 días
i watched the movie but i never heard this song
gautam khattri
gautam khattri Hace 19 días
one of my favorites
Morgan Cooke
Morgan Cooke Hace 19 días
im from Alabama....they're going to Birmingham....and I can't go...
nur shahifa
nur shahifa Hace 20 días
omggg my corbynn😍😍😍😍🧡🧡🧡🧡
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