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Argentina is one of the few countries in the world that is experiencing chronic inflation, inflation that they can’t get rid of. Argentina has lived under inflationary processes for at least the last five decades.
In fact, since the Central Bank of Argentina was created in 1935, the average annual inflation rate has remained above 60%... that’s for over 80 years!
Now, why can’t Argentinians get rid of inflation? What role does the political class, businessmen and citizens play in all this? Why is the dollar so present in the minds of Argentines?
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goldassayer93555 Hace 3 días
Simon How can you say that the metalic system of money is impractical? The USA was on a gold standard with no central bank from 1835 to 1913 and had marvelous economic growth. It was the profligate printing of the Federal Reserve Bank that caused the inflation of the 1920's and that in turn caused the deflation of the 1930's. We could still be on a gold standard and have balanced Federal Government budgets by eliminating the social programs or raising taxes until the taxpayers decided they did not want to pay for the spending that the Federal Government was doing. Hard money puts control of the government back in the hands of the taxpayers where it belongs. The examples you give for the bad effects of money created out of nothing shows that Fiat money is the impractical system. The US dollar is not the solution for long term savings as it is created out of nothing and continually being inflated. The Federal Reserve Bank when it inflates the Federal Reserve Notes steals the wealth of every person on the planet who is holding Federal Reseerve notes. A theft of huge proportions. The only money for long term savings is gold and silver metal stored where you can reach it when the banks declare a holiday and bail in their customers savings.
Pedro Ghiguly
Pedro Ghiguly Hace 4 días
Hi, in Argentina, populism is indoctrinated in elementary school. So, to pull prices down, the offer must increase, or the demand must decrease. There fore, since improvement in production requires investiment and discipline in work, and investors are affreight to be robbered by populism, and people does not like discipline in work, the demand is forced down with speculating monetary politics, with insane interest rates. In conclusion, capital invest in those interest rates, and at end keep a inmense profit in dollars that goes away when the interest rates festival ends. But at this time, production structure decreased, and goods offer does not increase, so, prices grow, and inflation also
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren Hace 6 días
Capitalism is a cycle of boom and bust!....so just enjoy the ride argentina!
yoppindia Hace 11 días
Sweet shop owner, will give sweet , bad teeth, diabetics and heart attack.
Elias Santana
Elias Santana Hace 12 días
Jjj no sabia que tenias un canal en ingles, good accent dude
Alitoh Hace 13 días
I find it hilarious how everyone talks about "having to pay the price to do things right", when it basically means we will be subjecting millions of people to the most absolute of miseries. I mean, I guess it's easy to morbidly expect to do that when you assume you won't be the one _actually_ suffering through it, but still, fucking hilarious how they say this so casually and with absolute confidence.
Susana Granda
Susana Granda Hace 15 días
Qué vergüenza!! Y este pueblo no aprende lamentablemente. Saludos cordiales
Sue Coccaro
Sue Coccaro Hace 15 días
a few measures could include (1) adopt usd and kill the peso, (2)privatize all public companies and (3) go into austerity.
Sue Coccaro
Sue Coccaro Hace 13 días
@Alitoh It could keep Argentina and its governors from creating money out of thin air. I don´t have a fetichism for the dollarization of the economy but I do have family who undergoes crisis after crisis. Even their groceries were stolen in the parking lot of the supermarket as they left. People in Argentina already dollarize. Pesos are worthless.
Alitoh Hace 13 días
Remind me again of a success case for a dollarized economy? Because for all your fetichism on the dollarization of the economy, I still fail to see if your expectations are more aligned with Zimbabwe's dollarization process or Palau's.
TOXO REED Hace 16 días
I voted YES and then saw the results........88% says NO
Gustavo Alves
Gustavo Alves Hace 17 días
Inflation is not due government "printing money" but due consumers expectations and indexation. Reducing public debt will not solve the problem because is a matter of trust in future value, not a problem of government or ideology.
Craig Barnes
Craig Barnes Hace 17 días
“We continue today with our nonstop ridicule of Argentine ways”, hosted by an Englishman. Go figure....
1queijocas Hace 4 días
Well when a country manages to do the same mistakes over and over again, for almost a century, they deserve it 😆 cheers from Brazil
AGEDFDG Hace 18 días
Argentina is not allowed to print the amount of money the EU, USA and CHINA get away with it- And we will not talk about the negative interest rate the EU allows itself . Just ask GREECE with 170% debt to GDP , get its loans through the ECB at 2% today. WOW !!
Lance Rexington
Lance Rexington Hace 19 días
Argentina deserves inflation and recession for what they have done to the indigenous Indians in that country.
Kumar Ranjeet
Kumar Ranjeet Hace 20 días
Soon they will dump thier peso n use dollors as Ecuador.
Canal Oval
Canal Oval Hace 21 un día
Argentineans simply love left-wing governments. That's it. Don't forget that the mur d erer che gue vara was argentinean.
Cáceres Mauro
Cáceres Mauro Hace 21 un día
Funny Argentinian fact, we are in a default right now. The difference is that is a "selective defalut" where Argentina is "restructuring" debt. It is a lame way to say that we fkd it up. Let me tell you that in less than a year we will fall in an hyperinflation within an open default. I will be watching at first hand how everything will consume in fire. Cheers.
Zhu Bajie
Zhu Bajie Hace 22 días
When I worked with building power stations in Argentina in the 1990s the Peso was fixed to the U.S. dollar and the economy seemed to be finally breaking away from the inflation problems. But with 9/11 and the global recession (depression in Argentina's case) and an over-demanding IMF (wanting payment when business was at its worse) led the Argentines back to their old inflationary ways.
Ramón BS
Ramón BS Hace 22 días
Inflation is the loss of the consumption power of the currency.
Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith Hace 23 días
The irony is even more evident when you realize that Argentina actually has large reserves of silver and a decent amount of gold.
Burton L
Burton L Hace 23 días
Is there no way out? Even if a politician gets real and starts doing what is necessary, the people will just vote him out and elect another who promises bread and circuses.
Warren & Yolande Lyle
Warren & Yolande Lyle Hace 24 días
Why are you always giving so much attention and making videos about Argentina were in fact it's all the same thing happening as we all know. Why don"t you feature countries which has some very interesting issues particularly countries that has big changes?
Remon 01
Remon 01 Hace 24 días
on other side of the word, Japan Can't beat DEFLATION. ohhh The World is very weird😪😪
tatenda watadza
tatenda watadza Hace 26 días
You need to make a video n Zimbabwe cause the economic situation is a mess and it deserves to be heard to tech people on how not run an economy.
Sal Lizandro
Sal Lizandro Hace 26 días
Argentinas a bunch of freeloaders not too smart. And they like to have big families. poor people making more poor people
Ku West
Ku West Hace 26 días
Nix William Wilson
Nix William Wilson Hace 27 días
Giancarlo Di rovasenda
Giancarlo Di rovasenda Hace 27 días
when i think about it this kind of behaviour is exactly the same we find in italian politics. the only reason why italy is not on the same situation is because the Euro zone prevents italy from unilaterally devaluating the euro and to exceed to much on deficit by imposing debt regulations. If not italy would have joined the club of the financially failed states
pagansforbreakfast Hace 27 días
Mr Whistler, in light of President Trump's refusal to retaliate against Iran and his pulling troops out of Afghanistan why are you running that ridiculous animation at the beginning of your videos?
Kexin Hace 27 días
Culture is so important people.
Lokesh Gunjugnur
Lokesh Gunjugnur Hace 27 días
Is Inflation is troubling them, then who who are these Argentinian tourists in Miami who seem to constantly vacation and even have a snobby attitude in general? I certainly see no Zimbabweans or that many Venezuelans.
Daniel Ho
Daniel Ho Hace 27 días
I assume Econ 101 is banned from all public and private schools including any reference to the Weimar Republic.
Glauber Hace 27 días
That's what happens when you don't want to face the reality
Javier Hace 27 días
As Facundo Castan Said we have 2.5 million of public employees that do nothing but we also have 1/4 of the population that likes to live off social welfare and is uneducated and lazy with no desire or vision of progress, and to make matters worse 7 out of 10 Argentinians are turning to communism with the hope that things will be equal and the country will be better... we are so doomed
Raul Boening
Raul Boening Hace 27 días
Keynes is stupid, the proof is Argentina.
Nico Rivera
Nico Rivera Hace 27 días
Im surprised you haven't made a video about the Philippine politics given the popularity of the rockstar president
Raul Boening
Raul Boening Hace 27 días
All contries in the world are in chronic inflation, this is what central banks do.
Cold fusion
Cold fusion Hace 27 días
Very sorry for Argentinian people. Hope you get out of this very soon. greetings and support from Saudi Arabia
Sal Lizandro
Sal Lizandro Hace 26 días
Check up what happened to the original people that use to live in what is now called Argentina, they were all exterminated and replaced by white people from Europe
Sal Lizandro
Sal Lizandro Hace 26 días
Don't send them money Argentinas are a bunch of freeloaders
Chigrik marak
Chigrik marak Hace 27 días
I think the world economy should switch back to the gold standard.
Hugo SALINAS ALIAGA Hace 28 días
If you have enough Agentinian pesos left at the end of the month immediately converted them to USD. Good luck.
Al Cubz
Al Cubz Hace 28 días
In any democracy, the people always gets the leaders they deserved.
Pichkalu Pappita
Pichkalu Pappita Hace 24 días
You know Socrates hated democracy and the reason he hated it was that the performance of democracy is directly dependent on the type and performance of education in that democracy that gives intelligent people which is hard to keep corrected, stupid people would eventually elect stupid people and that deteriorates the civilization, that's why a democratic countries performance directly relates to the intelligence of the people living there
Wesley Koppe
Wesley Koppe Hace 28 días
Brazil is doing well with reforms, digitalization of government services, privatization, public concession and reducing bureaucracy. Hope God people be a little patient and keep supporting the government because the outcomes takes a bit longer to start working but it is for long term.
Wesley Koppe
Wesley Koppe Hace 28 días
Politicians dont simply solve the problem because it is unpopular and it is easier to postpone it to the next president and blame on him.
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira Hace 28 días
The hard truth: Argentina needs a New Pinochet.
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira Hace 27 días
@Zeke I know right. But they need a New one.
Zeke Hace 28 días
Pinochet was from Chile...
Ennio Mulinari
Ennio Mulinari Hace 28 días
Argentina 🇦🇷 budget is spending 65% for social programs. Everyone in these programs are complaining, protesting & wanting increased spending all at once.
Rubix Sentinel
Rubix Sentinel Hace 16 días
@Yu Wish Like the way you think.
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace 26 días
If protestors put as much effort into creating a business as they do into complaining, Argentina would be the richest country in the world
Sohan js
Sohan js Hace 28 días
I fear India is on this way path. Thanks to PM Modi.
Duggy Dugg
Duggy Dugg Hace 29 días
b c roth schild owns their central bank.. counterfeiting their currency result.. debt... inflation
Eduardo Ramirez Jr
Eduardo Ramirez Jr Hace 29 días
My mother is from Panama where the official currency is the Balboa, but the dollar is defacto currency. In Panama, there is economic growth, prices are stable, and inflation is fairly moderate. Since independence, Panama has never had runaway inflation has with other Latin American nations. By law, and out of necessity, the national budget must be balanced. And since the mid-2000s, public debt has fallen from a high of 60% to around 35% of GDP. In 19 years, the total GDP has grown from 9 billion dollars to nearly 100 billion dollars. The median income is just under $17,000 a year, which is the 3rd highest after Chile and Mexico. Yes, there is corruption, income inequality and issues with financial transparency. However, Panama has made major strides in improvements with lowering poverty, expanding employment, national infrastructure and housing. There are no one size fits all standards, but the Argentines should seriously consider fully dollarizing their economy.
Alitoh Hace 13 días
We considered it many times. And it was never a good enough solution. The closest we had was the pegging to the dollar in the 90s, and we all know how that turned out. Maybe people should stop trying to trivialize the complexities of a 40million people nation that's distributed on a landmass that's more appropriate for a 300m - 400m people nation? Nah, that would require to actually think, for a change, and people are busy watching these biased bullshit videos and making comments about being 'an argentine and how this made them cry because it's so true". I will say one thing for the right-leaning folks, though, they do get two things right, even if they have no idea why is that: Our bureaucracy is _extremely_ inefficient, and our taxes are sky high for such a shitty ROI. The latter one is probably pretty obvious; Most people wouldn't bitch if there were results to be shown for the paying of such high taxes (libertarian idiots will always bitch, because they are stupid as they are passionate), but the first one ... that one's a bitch to study. Argentina does not, contrary to popular belief, have a "big state" issue. In fact, we are on the low-end of the average. What I would argue is that our issue is with efficiency. It is not a secret that we need more teachers, doctors, engineers, care-takers, all kinds of talents that can and should be stimulated to grow by the State. We need more and better infrastructure that connects different regions on a very big and sparse in a country with low population density. Instead we have an over abundance of shallow, low level employment, where value-adding is low as shit and economic mobility is pretty stagnant. But, you know, that would require the right leaning, conservative retards that are the average argentine youtube commenter to actually get their own heads out of their asses... and that's just not going to happen. They just can't accept the fact that they are probably closer to the socioeconomically dirt-poor neighbours than they are to the rich cunts whose biggest achievements were to inherit money and power, and corruption.
ChoseNTuber Hace 29 días
wait, 1935 or 1953? the video shows 1953 but Simon is saying 1935...
GARU Monolith
GARU Monolith Hace 28 días
The "Banco Central de la República Argentina" was created in 1935.
The Nerd Robert
The Nerd Robert Hace 29 días
its all about being overpopulated.. Just dont make babies more than 2 economy will be allright after few generations.
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira Hace 28 días
Stupid Neomalthusian Theory.
Terry Summers
Terry Summers Hace 29 días
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Hace 29 días
one word... corruption
Stephan Brun
Stephan Brun Hace 29 días
Ah, figured printing was involved.
R. V. Datmir
R. V. Datmir Hace 29 días
Does this sound familiar? Because the Democrats are constantly proposing the same ideas in the US, again and again and again and again until the unthinkable, commonly called the election of Donald Trump as President, happened, and the Democrats STILL won't learn!
Ray Bod
Ray Bod Hace 29 días
The U.S. is addicted to a constant lower rate of inflation, ' similar' products disguise inflation, but its there.
Angelo Bugini
Angelo Bugini Hace 29 días
Argentina addicted to inflation? is definitely a remarkable video! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!
rogink Hace 29 días
Interesting that dead man walking Nestor Kirchner actually managed a surplus. Where did it all go right?
GARU Monolith
GARU Monolith Hace 28 días
Well, isn't magic at all. After Argentina adopted Convertibility, the 90s had the most rates of savings and investment. Then, after the economic collapse in 2001 Alberto Rodriguez Saá declared the default. Eduardo Duhalde destroyed the Convertibility and confiscated the people's savings. After that the Peso had a sort of hyperdevaluation, destoying the people's savings expressed in dollars, because they were paid in Pesos and not in dollars as they saved their savings. In short, these acts raised the poberty to 60% in 2002 plus the default gave Argentina the surplus. This surplus allowed the Kirchner family to sustain their populism.
Mohamed Akoojee
Mohamed Akoojee Hace 29 días
Can visual Politik do a video on the Barbados Debt situation
zalazak sunca
zalazak sunca Hace 29 días
Hello Visual Politik Team! I have been following you for a long time and support independent journalism. I made a video about one of the most beautiful hubs in the world, Manhattan. I hope you like it and that you will share the video from your longtime viewer. Once again all the best to all Visual Politik viewers !! eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-o953NwTZLDw.html
Vish Prem
Vish Prem Hace 29 días
“Dimensionally-Limited Humans”, aka ”Those Unable to Realise Reality” [for whatever reason], are so limited because their Brains are limited to/by ”Thought-Processing” [TP]/”Materialism”. You know, The-Moment when The-Material is The Be-All, End-All. Isn’t it funny, then, that EVERY Living-&-Breathing Human has 2 “Sides”/Facets. That of The “Emotional”/UnSeen/Psychotic and The “Material”/Seen/Somatic. For example, “Cancer”, aka “Cellular Rebellion”, and whose Source/Cause is NOT Fathom-able/”Visible”/Identifi-able, is, nevertheless, Very Real. Don’t believe it? Ask ANY Medical-Scientist, and “a-very-famous”/worship-able one will do. Like it or not, Medical-Science is Excellent in addressing Medical-Issues whenever The-Source-of-Affliction is Visible but when said Source is NOT Visible, Medical-Science is also “Par-Excellence”, although when so challenged, A Medical-Scientist will have-to “Come-Clean” about “Knowing Next-To-S*A” but then, when “Fabulous Fame, Fortune &/or Immortality“ beckons, the likes of “Chemo-Therapy”, aka Quackery-per-se, comes to The-Fore. Go Figure, Sweets !! When The Vast Majority of “Materialists” worship Materialism/Energy-Transformation at the expense of “Spirituality”/Energy-Creation, what is Invisible is, then, “Convenience 101”, aka “Whose Reality”. Yes, time to “Acquire-Cancer”, After all, “Proof of the-Pudding is in The-Eating”. Should The ONLY Energy-Creator, aka The Real Capitalist, exists, ONLY He-She knows how to “Reveal Reality”, is it not? And since Energy-Creation is “Real-Capitalism Share-able”, Energy-Creation “Shares” Its Energy [but only for one’s Lifetime], and is why All “Born” will have-to “Die”. As ALL muskle-bound macho-ism know, energy is The Be-All, end-All. You know, when some “Clean-Living, Forever Perfectionist” realises, too-late at “The Hour of Death”, that The-DNA determines EVERYTHING, not Perfectionism. Realise, before it is too-late that “Hitler”, was A Perfectionist with plenty of ImPerfections, and why The ONLY Really Perfect-One is NOT a Perfectionist. Complexity has NO meaning unless & until said Complexity is Simplicity too. As such, armed-with this Rationale, “People” must understand that those who “Display-Perfection” are Truly-ImPerfect. That of trying to BeFool The-BeFool-able. This does NOT mean that self should dress shabbly other than dresssing Simply/”Naturally”. The ModernDay Affliction is The InAbility to Absolutely-Discriminate between Reality/”Benevolence”/Fact & Relativity/”Malevolence”/Fiction. “Benevolence” is when Destruction has Constructive-Element whereas when Destruction has NO “Constructive-Element”, that is when “Malevolence is Running-Amok”. EVERY “adult” Human knows when he/she is “Doing-Wrong”. It is when one’s-nature decides to Ignore-A-MisDeed, aka “Finger-Pointing”/Deploying-TP, that self becomes “The-Devil’s Detail”. You know, “Playing The-Blame-Game”. It is self-benevolent to realise that ”The Devilishness Within” exits when self is Separated/“Divided”/DisIntegrated into Polarities/Extremes. Dimensionally-Limited Human Beings are “Selfish” because they all are, without one single exception, Energy-Transformers. This will NEVER change but those who Desire Truth and Always “Try Their Best”/Display-Love will have an opportunity to realise Reality. “Relativity”/Destruction-With-NO-Constructive-Element baits those who “Finger-Points”/Play-The-Blame-Game. An impossibility when All, without one single exception, are “Similarly-Flawed”. When The Sole Aim of The ONLY Energy-Creator is “To-Share” Energy/”Truth” /The-Principle via His-Empowerment/Her/”Love”, whatever Energy-Transformers do will be akin-to “Becoming Somewhat Energy-Creative”. That of unleashing Saviourship-Issue/s to “attracting”/baiting those afflicted-with Worshipping-Issue/s. Without exception. Unless self is “Born Running on All Fours”, another word for “Nazism” being Arrogance/Accumulating-Power/Selfishness-101.
ElementEvil Hace un mes
Venezuela 2.0
Kubi Kameho
Kubi Kameho Hace un mes
Simon for el presidente
Alberto Villarreal
Alberto Villarreal Hace un mes
Some of the president's had negative inflation numbers, why doesn't every one copy that?
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace 26 días
Because they know it won't get them reelected.
Lohe221 Hace 28 días
Because it caused deaths, massive riots, and extreme unemployment levels
Kranti gouripur
Kranti gouripur Hace un mes
Actually even naw to run our farming we give wages in form of 1 gold coin rate per month for servants.
Ernesto Turc
Ernesto Turc Hace un mes
It will never change because the corruption runs through our veins, it is present at every level in life, since children. It's part of our culture. That added to non-existing separation of three powers and poor education ruined the country for generations to come. It only can get worse, there is no miracle solution. It hurts so badly but its the truth
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace 26 días
In 100 years Buenos Aires will look like a village in Africa
1954aman Hace un mes
I fear the same fate for Canada if Liberals keep running the same deficits every year. Wake up Canada
Lohe221 Hace 28 días
Lmaoo you have been brainwashed.
Eduardo Ribeiro
Eduardo Ribeiro Hace un mes
I'm in Brazil. Every Time i'm not feeling well, my border neighbours reminds me that i'm not at the worst place there is. At least for now...
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace 24 días
@Francisco Lounot it depends where you are though. Rocinha is dangerous, but 99% of Brazil is safe...
Francisco Lounot
Francisco Lounot Hace 24 días
Yeah, murder rate to me would be more important than inflation rate. Sure my money constantly loses value, but at least nobody's shooting at me.
Yu Wish
Yu Wish Hace 26 días
At least you guys can deal with corruption. Lavo Jato should be am example to all countries.
yod bod
yod bod Hace un mes
A currency that cost its value to create would end forgery and inflation. No not a currency of precious metal just the value to manufacture..It would also make the over printing of money impractical..
yod bod
yod bod Hace 28 días
Lohe221 *Good luck with that ..A currency so volatile and without economic backing will either over price itself ,or crash eventually..😁
Lohe221 Hace 28 días
Lets just transition to btc
Diogo Vieira
Diogo Vieira Hace un mes
Peronismo made argentina into a shithole and they seem to like it because there are high chances for the return of krishner and her retarded policies.
Tusiriakest Hace un mes
How can Argentinians protect themselves from politicians? The same way anyone does in a democracy! Vote for other people or run for the office!
Bri10 Hace 28 días
Or get the guns out, and hit the streets
David Marques
David Marques Hace un mes
Inflation nowadays in Argentina is not a monetary issue so the whole video starts on a wrong premise. Inflation in Argentina is due to its economy being almost bimonetary and there is a negative balance between the offer and demand on foreign currency. Check you facts.
David Marques
David Marques Hace 27 días
@Bruno Pereira Name 2 countries that are historically bimonetary with a negative balane of foregin currency ....
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira Hace 28 días
Many other countries have bimonetary economies and negative balance of demand and supply, but don't suffer the same inflantionary problems than Argentina. You are the one who don't know anything about Economics.
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