Who Is The Most Iconic Diva Of All Time?

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The #RankKing and his Rank Mother are here to bring the music mayhem this week! Who will be crowned the most iconic diva of all time? May the best diva win! 😉👸
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宗輔山崎 Hace 5 horas
Mariah could have won if Whitney's still alive haha
Napoleon Navarra
Napoleon Navarra Hace 18 horas
Mariah vs Celine & Beyonce vs Rihanna was hard
Saraswathy Selvam
Saraswathy Selvam Hace un día
As much as I love Eugene, I can't watch the video after he put Taylor out! LIKE WHAT? SHUT UP! I CAN'T WATCH IT ANYMORE! THEN BITCH WHY IS SHE ON THE THUMBNAIL?
Ma. Donna SanJuan
Ma. Donna SanJuan Hace un día
Yall im mad icb t swift didn’t make round 2
Denise Hace un día
Y’all really disrespected Shakira like that. Wow
TheBookGoddess Hace un día
when he picked ariana over taylor... that is *not* it
Saraswathy Selvam
Saraswathy Selvam Hace un día
Literally, I stopped the video at that point when Taylor was out! I can't watch anymore!
remy paraskovia
remy paraskovia Hace un día
The moment they chopped Madonna I stopped watching Eugene baby I like you but.. You don't know shit about cultural impact music and gay icons. By the way BeYAWNce is so overrated
Shadowrun 626
Shadowrun 626 Hace un día
Emily Warner
Emily Warner Hace un día
1/2+ fire signs-aries heavy. Rest mainly earth and air-taurus aquarius heavy. Think only water was Katy Perry scorpio. I'm calling aries for the win.
tarheels20 Hace 2 días
I stopped watching after they picked Mariah Carey over Cher because this is blasphemy and HOW DARE YOU
Taina Ramirez
Taina Ramirez Hace 2 días
Jazsyj09 Hace 2 días
I disagree. Demi Lovato is way better than miley cyrus
katiecat698 Hace 2 días
Hellz no! Aretha Franklin is QUEEN of Soul for a reason.
Diego Cedeño
Diego Cedeño Hace 3 días
I thought Beyonce was gonna win..
The Bookish Babbler
The Bookish Babbler Hace 3 días
They out here disrespecting streishand like that
remy paraskovia
remy paraskovia Hace 3 días
Madonna Mariah Barbra Callas And Piaf
jenna m
jenna m Hace 3 días
mariah went downhill. ya. she didn't really deserve to get that high.
Haleigh Crawford
Haleigh Crawford Hace 4 días
See I love Taylor so much like I have every album she has but I dont think shes a diva. Shes an emotional, caring, and relatable woman. Like I see her more as someone I can connect with it or hang out with. To me a diva is someone way way too intimidating to try to interact with even though they may be sweet.
William Carnal
William Carnal Hace 4 días
Has anyone else clocked that they put Dolly Patton’s birthday on Cher?!
We can’t eat beefaroni without forks
We can’t eat beefaroni without forks Hace 4 días
"if you can play an instrument you automatically get five more points" yet they put diana ross above one of the best piano player-singers ever. ok
Addison Slade
Addison Slade Hace 5 días
let's talk about harry potter
let's talk about harry potter Hace 5 días
When they said "Katy Perry vs ..... Lady Gaga" my brain instantly went to that one episode of glee where Marley got suspended for being self-conscious about her body right after recovering from an eating disorder
Jacquelyn C
Jacquelyn C Hace 6 días
Me HURT because Gwen Stefani was not included...
townloony Hace 6 días
Assuming you meant to put that Barbara Streisand has sold an estimated 145 *million albums worldwide? Not just 145?
townloony Hace 6 días
@The Try Guys can I work for you as a proofreader / video captioner? Because some of these captions are whack, and there are some mistakes in your slides! Celine Dion "had recorded 9 French albums by the time she 18." It's distracting!
Talana Small
Talana Small Hace 6 días
“Wait maybe don’t stop the video til you hit a mid roll ad”
rookiemily Hace 6 días
What about Selena Gomez and Lizzo :(
Quayso Hace 7 días
"if you can play an instrument, you get like five extra points" Me: **gets excited that musicians ((but musicians that play instruments)) got recognized** Also Me: "what if you play more than one instrument?" Me again: **smiles**
Jack Ames Filming & Editing
Jack Ames Filming & Editing Hace 7 días
all the vertlys damnnn
Erin Salva
Erin Salva Hace 7 días
The fact that Audrey Hepburn vs Marylin Monroe wasn’t on here is a disappointment
Jenna Damiano
Jenna Damiano Hace 7 días
Isabelle Price
Isabelle Price Hace 8 días
I'm sorry but they did Shakira dirty in this, she is *the* Latin diva and so so much more well rounded and talented than JLo. She should definitely have advanced instead of JLo
Rylee Mckenna
Rylee Mckenna Hace 8 días
I wonder how proud Beyoncé’s kids are to say my mom voiced Nala in the live action lion king. Or........ Their friends come over her house and their mom is home and they didn’t believe that Beyoncé was their mom and was shocked
potato 4eva
potato 4eva Hace 8 días
If you're on another tab and just listening to this video as i was, you could be forgiven for thinking Eugene is sitting down with an effeminate Stephen Colbert.
Abby Stanfield
Abby Stanfield Hace 8 días
The decisions I'm against are not choosing Demi Lovato and Adele.
alejandra Gonzalez
alejandra Gonzalez Hace 8 días
ok ... You talk about Selena, but you don't put her on the list. What's wrong with you?
Manar El A
Manar El A Hace 8 días
But Beyoncé..
Heather Beres
Heather Beres Hace 9 días
I almost threw up seeing Whitney and Beyoncé pegged against each other. I couldn’t possibly choose!
Tara Hace 9 días
A minute in and I already love this
Sebnem Bilgin
Sebnem Bilgin Hace 9 días
you did really continue with britney over x-tina? you are mad...
felipe diaz
felipe diaz Hace 9 días
Why was i triggered so much by this video lol.
Shaira Tadeja
Shaira Tadeja Hace 9 días
Eugene is that chikinini in your neck?
Naken Yukiji
Naken Yukiji Hace 9 días
And this kids is how the war of diva's began.
JeongYoo Hace 9 días
I Love Eugene, but, I would pick TayTay any day💜
Mela Pineapple
Mela Pineapple Hace 9 días
The only thing I’m mad at is Barbara Streisand and Lady Gaga Also....did you know that JLo is also latina? She grew up in the Bronx but theres puertorican blood all over that bitch
midnight moon
midnight moon Hace 9 días
Sometimes I forget I have the same birthday as Ariana Grande🖤🖤
camille walters
camille walters Hace 9 días
i totally agree with whitney as the ultimate diva of all time
Flippy Lovez
Flippy Lovez Hace 9 días
Wait hold up, like have I missed something...is Eugene gay 😂 like totally for it but have I just assumed he’s straight cause of older videos
Lani V.
Lani V. Hace 7 días
Flippy Lovez he has never not been gay even in his old videos you need to get your gaydar fixed
Lilly T
Lilly T Hace 10 días
i would become a fudgesicle
Henri Hace 10 días
I agree with Whitney if we think about singing ability. But Diana Ross is a pioneer. She has been on top over 60 years. 51 number one hits on the planet and over 70 top10 hits. According Guiness world book she is the most successful female artist in history. Madonna has sold more records of course, but she is not a Diva. There is only Diana Ross if we think glamour, entrances and she is stii selling out arenas next summen on UK. And she is 75 years old.
Cutie nelle
Cutie nelle Hace 10 días
Ned: Ned &Ariel Keith: The Barkschler Eugene: Rank King Zach: Candid Competition These are their separate series. Series i forgot to add: (From Sherr):Keith-Eat the menu
Bob Joe
Bob Joe Hace 6 días
The barrkschler was a one off
Cutie nelle
Cutie nelle Hace 6 días
@Sherr hey! I chose between those two but i chose to write the Barkschler. I dont know why, i guess i will add that in later
Sherr Hace 6 días
Keith's is Eat the Menu bro
Bob Joe
Bob Joe Hace 8 días
Keith eats every thing
Zebrafish222 Hace 10 días
Eugene is swayed too easily
Isabelle Butler
Isabelle Butler Hace 10 días
yall forget Cardi B???
Isabella Lee
Isabella Lee Hace 11 días
what bout lizo
Drama Queen
Drama Queen Hace 11 días
“I’m right,your wrong,shut up,beeetch.”
emma shaw
emma shaw Hace 11 días
rihanna should've won idc idc
Nahl Abbas
Nahl Abbas Hace 12 días
When they picked J-LO instead on Shakira I was like 😑 really?
sugarhoneyicedtea Hace 12 días
Here's my opinion. I can't get behind a lot of new age divas. I guess it could be just because I prefer male singers. But I really dont see what the hype in most of them are. Like beyonce, Mariah, j.lo, Taylor, etc. Like I really dislike a lot of newer age music. I'll forever be a 60s to 80s kinda gal.
pseudochef07 Hace 12 días
Oh man.... This Rank King was intense!
No Name
No Name Hace 12 días
P!nk🤟🤟 any day 🤟❤️
Hello, I’m Gracie
Hello, I’m Gracie Hace 12 días
Didn’t know who Amy Winehouse was.
Caitlin Lochmann
Caitlin Lochmann Hace 12 días
This is my favorite fuckinf series
CarleySW Hace 12 días
I can't believe Eugene let Celine fall to Mariah so easily.
Kara Shewchuk
Kara Shewchuk Hace 12 días
Omg this was intense, can you please make more videos with your drag mother. Sooooo iconic 🙌👸💃🏼
joe of the sloppy
joe of the sloppy Hace 12 días
안나 Hace 12 días
cant believe he didnt choose taylor
Michelle Hace 12 días
mayhem and eugene reveal katy perry: me: omg she's gonna be put up against taylor and hopefully katy will win mayhem and eugene: Lady Gaga me: FUCK
DaleIsALoser Hace 13 días
Rihanna is a singer, a designer, a beauty brand, an actress AND A GOD DAMN AMBASSADOR TO BARBADOS. Rihanna isn’t just a diva, she’s a LEGEND.
Henri Hace 10 días
Legend!!! Legend is not called a young women! Legends are older real singers like Aretha, Diana and Cher. Rihanna can only swing her body. No class and glamour like Diana Ross or others.
jnj !
jnj ! Hace 13 días
Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl is the top heterosexual anthem. queen of straight pride 💓
Jeevesh Anand
Jeevesh Anand Hace 13 días
Mark William
Mark William Hace 13 días
I will watch u again and subscribe with the bell if you do a 34 list of male Divas next weak. Ur biggest F up was Taylor swift current not getting to the 2nd round becuz of 7 rings. Emperorar Farwell
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