Who Is The Most Iconic Diva Of All Time?

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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The #RankKing and his Rank Mother are here to bring the music mayhem this week! Who will be crowned the most iconic diva of all time? May the best diva win! 😉👸
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Laurelei Marie
Laurelei Marie Hace 19 horas
Seriously, Aretha knocked out in the first minute? That's straight-up sacrilege here in Motown! Love The Supremes, but come on now... Really? Yeah, yeah, shut up...
vismaya nanak
vismaya nanak Hace un día
I didn't like that you eliminated Taylor swift I also understand that you are right I am wrong so I am going to shut up
WatsonKeen221B Hace un día
FX Network show Pose playing Whitney music all the time
tpops 11
tpops 11 Hace 3 días
No i refuse to believe that they put Adele over Amy Winehouse, Amy is the biggest legend ever she should have won this WHOLE competition PERIOD
Souvik Saha
Souvik Saha Hace 4 días
Kenyatta Allen
Kenyatta Allen Hace 4 días
Rihanna Beyonce was so hard
RainBowFlowerPower Hace 4 días
Oh come on JANET JACKSON is so good! She should have gotten through
James Hild
James Hild Hace 5 días
So Whittany Houstan wanted to date the uncle of my friend. (before she was famous) She went to the same school as him, and then I guess she just wanted to date him???? I dunno full details, just thought it was interesting.
Sammy Neal
Sammy Neal Hace 5 días
Can you do country singers, but the older ones like Alan Jackson, George strait, Chris Ledoux, and joe Diffie
Alec Laboski
Alec Laboski Hace 5 días
Ari over Taylor does not make sense. Taylor has been in the game sooo much longer and has a whole damn album she wrote by herself at the age of 19.
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg Hace 6 días
These rankings all suck.
wet milk
wet milk Hace 6 días
I don't wanna crush Eugene's hopes but beyonce sucks at acting
panda Bear artist 190
panda Bear artist 190 Hace 8 días
Wait... what about Selena?🥺💜🇲🇽
Anthony R.
Anthony R. Hace 8 días
I was in tears when Rihanna and Lady Gaga got put down. I fucking love Beyoncé, but it hurt so much to see Gaga go😭😭😭
mary f.
mary f. Hace 8 días
I know Aretha from Ant Farm and she's ICONIC
Katie Kirsch
Katie Kirsch Hace 8 días
You should rank marvel superheroes!
Kennedy Ann Muldoon
Kennedy Ann Muldoon Hace 8 días
do disney princes
Elise Hanson
Elise Hanson Hace 9 días
I’ve watched this video a bunch and suddenly I’m wondering, Eugeney beany, why not full drag for this one? Where’s miss Cayenne?
stfu i look like a whale
stfu i look like a whale Hace 9 días
I really love your content but I was sad that Marilyn Monroe wasn’t even included like come on she’s like a real queeeen
Andrea Holmes
Andrea Holmes Hace 10 días
I was on the edge of my seat this whole video 🤣 I love their breakdown of each artist. Spot on.
Catherine Noorlandt
Catherine Noorlandt Hace 11 días
No one talking about how they chose Cher over Barbra is STRESSING ME OUT. Bitch she eat up EVERYONE with those vocals, and her acting is iconic. Funny girl ALONE should have put her higher
zaafirah xoxo
zaafirah xoxo Hace 11 días
I read the title and immediately thought "IT'S EUGENE!"
JJ Van Bean
JJ Van Bean Hace 11 días
i'm sad pat benetar wasn't in it
Alaina Dulecki
Alaina Dulecki Hace 11 días
i got CHILLS when they called whitney the blueprint of being a star
I love Taylor so much lol she’s my favorite
felili Hace 12 días
"she could turn the phone book into the bible" LMFAOOOO
Erin Cook
Erin Cook Hace 13 días
JLo being picked over Shakira and Adele is a tragedy to mankind
Amy G
Amy G Hace 13 días
So, here's an idea. Instead of pitting all of these amazing women against each other - how about make short videos as tributes to them exclusively?
tater gaming
tater gaming Hace 14 días
Literally I will FIGHT for Barbra Streisand. She is my bitch and deserved to be way higher
Keira Roberts
Keira Roberts Hace 14 días
My basic theatre kid ass knowing exactly what Eugene and Mayhem were saying to each other during that Mariah vs Celine silent argument. 😂😂
nickgreatpwrful Hace 14 días
NONE of these ladies would exist if it hadn't been for the one and only Judy Garland. You can't even begin to talk about iconic divas without talking about this lady and her one of a kind career. She was the ORIGINAL triple threat. She was the ORIGINAL TABS (Talent, Acclaim, Beauty, Success). Judy could sing circles around every singer, keep up dancing with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, AND be one of the most talented actresses of the 20th century (ASIB should've won her that damn Oscar!) Judy was the OG performer as well and OG GAY icon. Judy was one of the first performers who attracted a large gay following and her concerts were LEGENDARY. Her 1961 Carnegie Hall concert is known as "the greatest night in showbusiness history". The record album of the concert went to #1 on the Billboard 200 for 13 weeks and she became the FIRST woman to win the Grammy for Album of the Year. To give you an idea of how massive the respect for Judy was in the 1960s: she made a surprise appearance at a charity event in 1964 to present, at the time, "Night of 100 Stars" was one of the biggest charity events, think 1985 Live Aid. When she came on stage, the crowd went CRAZY and begged her to sing "Over the Rainbow". Someone got to the piano and she LITERALLY SHUT DOWN the whole fucking show, upstaging the likes OF THE BEATLES. She was also honored with the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement award at the Golden Globes in 1962: to this day she remains the youngest Lifetime Achievement honoree at the globes, winning the award at age 39. So many gays need a history lesson for letting this ICON go forgotten and overlooked so many times. She is THE OG. She paved the way for multi-talented performers and paved the way for females in showbusiness.
Didi Oseyifunmi
Didi Oseyifunmi Hace 14 días
i hope most of you noticed that most of these powerful women were aries ♈️ *IT’S IN THE MATERIAL MY LOVE*
zinone Hace 15 días
Aretha being eliminated that early is a sin
Mihaela Velichkovska
Mihaela Velichkovska Hace 15 días
Angela Davidson
Angela Davidson Hace 15 días
It hurt me a little that Kelly got put in the first round but it would have been a crime for P!NK to be eliminated too Also JLo beating Adele?! Nope
Cyber_Cutie 55
Cyber_Cutie 55 Hace 15 días
Am I the only one who hates adele
Watdactual Fukm8
Watdactual Fukm8 Hace 15 días
I know it's an unpopular opinion but I think Riri is better than Beyonce. Ok kill me now.
Bookraptor Brooks
Bookraptor Brooks Hace 15 días
Smh you're a clown if you think Beyonce is better than Lady Gaga.
Vidia 614
Vidia 614 Hace 17 días
Madonna: loses Me: *aight I'mma head out*
Lorena Michelin
Lorena Michelin Hace 17 días
I'm slightly offended that they didn't include jessie j in this
Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians
Watashi-tachi Sailor Guardians Hace 18 días
In my opinion, Britney should have won over Celine. Celine has the more powerful voice but Britney has the most iconic pop culture moments out of the two of them/the more influence.
Kennedy Adams
Kennedy Adams Hace 18 días
They should do a loser bracket, so all the divas that were voted out of the 1st around and make a come back
Arushi Arya
Arushi Arya Hace 18 días
You fucking took Rihanna down. I have no faith left.
bobby Hace 19 días
yes yes Aretha Franklin and yes she is to be first
Lucy Bienvenu
Lucy Bienvenu Hace 19 días
All Taylor swift does is play the victim! She absolutely doesn’t beat Ariana y’all
Danny Fox
Danny Fox Hace 20 días
20:12 Eugene and his drag mom-"if she coughs ,if she sneezes ,then its trending on Twitter " Me-*laughs in quarantine *
Rando User
Rando User Hace 20 días
Aretha Franklin should have won, she dropped a full mink coat on stage nothing says diva like that!
lewis Hace 21 un día
why hasn’t he ranked drag queens yet
paige Hace 21 un día
i don’t even know who whitney houston is
Callie Marion
Callie Marion Hace 23 días
Yay! I love the videos with Mayhem! She is one of my favorite queens ever!
DREAM GLOW Hace 23 días
I say Taylor over Ariana . PERIODDD
Yona Hace 23 días
me about to make a comment disagreeing with a choice: i- eugene: *I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG. SHUT UP* me: oh
moon zhang
moon zhang Hace 24 días
Clearly it’s Mariah
Nikki Hace 26 días
This was done before or after Madonna ridiculed herself in front of the whole of Europe? After watch her on Tel Aviv, it should have been Kylie.
Huy T.
Huy T. Hace 26 días
How are y'all gonna throw out Cher and Gaga so fast???
Honestly Enoch
Honestly Enoch Hace 27 días
Okay but like Queen B deserved to win but since this is Whitney we're talking about I'll let it go
M Craig
M Craig Hace 28 días
Y’all seem to forget that this is about who is the best *diva*. It isn’t the most talented, the best singer, the best dancer, etc. Diva is more about the attitude and the reputation- diva’s aren’t always the nicest people. Shakira is definitely more talented, but JLo is a *diva*...
nadia Hace 28 días
i dont know 3/4 of these im too butch for this shit
Nikki Hace 26 días
Eurovision Nerd here: I know Celine Dion. And honestly, I know some girls on the bubble could kick some are here.
Joanne Sherluck
Joanne Sherluck Hace 28 días
damn yall said the gays would be mad abt this,,but i didnt think i would be fuming
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray Hace 28 días
Everyone's going to say they missed some peeps... but overall the choices were good. I wish Patti was included though, and Aretha deserved more...
Lewis Robertson
Lewis Robertson Hace 29 días
I'm disappointed that dua lipa wasn't here because I know for a fact that Eugene lives for dua lipa
Tyler McMasters(ST)
Tyler McMasters(ST) Hace un mes
Barbra Streisand>>>>>>>>Cher
Tyler McMasters(ST)
Tyler McMasters(ST) Hace un mes
Just saying, Arethra should have won
aries.sun.420 Hace un mes
Ain’t nobody talking about the DISRESPECT that was served to Mrs. Dolly Parton 😩😩😤
Breya Burgess
Breya Burgess Hace un mes
omg I dont like her that much but where was billie eilash
Nathan Calhoun
Nathan Calhoun Hace un mes
WTF, why Lady Gaga over P¡nk???!!! In the end I think I still agree with the outcome, though.
Swanee_ m-m
Swanee_ m-m Hace un mes
"I would become a fudgesicle for Mariah Carey!!" *same*
AL Prince
AL Prince Hace un mes
As soon as they started discussing the so called new generation divas (no divas or icons imo, perhaps Bey and Lady G tho) I stopped watching and jumped to the results. Putting those peeps in the same competition as the legends just isn't it. Sorry, I'm passionate about my icons! lol. And yes it's Whitney, we all knew that
brittney brandt
brittney brandt Hace un mes
the Jlo and Shakira one really felt the most difficult to decide
David Krauss
David Krauss Hace un mes
I feel like you should’ve randomized then against each other. Rather than having them so obviously placed together. You have Adele and Amy together both brits, both Latinx ladies JLo and Shakira together. Demi and Miley, like it was so obviously the same type of artist pitted against each other.
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