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You may think that you know who made your car, but it’s more complicated than you think…
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Finn Schøyen
Finn Schøyen Hace 19 horas
Add London EV Company, based in Coventry, UK. They’re the manufacturer of the current generation of the iconic black London taxis, and are owned by Geely.
Alvar Broing
Alvar Broing Hace 2 días
Parker Murphy Murphy
Parker Murphy Murphy Hace 2 días
The Germans did not get the earth they got money and car companies
Mitchell's life
Mitchell's life Hace 2 días
We're the hell is ford
Yurt1 Hace 3 días
When you fav brand is VW and its number one
GabrielBlue5431 Hace 4 días
Toyota is my favourite
666dynomax Hace 4 días
i had no idea toyota had such an influence over subaru
david bokan
david bokan Hace 4 días
Lada stil maks cars
Burcey B
Burcey B Hace 5 días
land rover and jaguar owned by an Indian firm? How the turn tables
Harry_V Hace 6 días
How to annoy ferrari driver "nice fiat"
UnionPacific1337 Hace 6 días
5:21 Break my windshield*
Deathstar343 Hace 8 días
Where is Ford,Mazda,Abarth?
JuniorKid360 jrkid290
JuniorKid360 jrkid290 Hace 8 días
Yeah I Miss The Celica
Jayesh Sinha
Jayesh Sinha Hace 9 días
abdulsalam king
abdulsalam king Hace 11 días
Yes, it's whom. You're welcome
Artur Gorzej
Artur Gorzej Hace 12 días
There are rumors that PSA and FCA are planning to merge in the matter of months. So now Chrysler will have...hot Italian wife and also have reunion with his French ex?
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson Hace 12 días
I always asumed volvo was american
Isti Bodoni
Isti Bodoni Hace 12 días
Tobias Drk
Tobias Drk Hace 12 días
Guy: owns a Ferrari Me: nice Fiat
L Fraser
L Fraser Hace 13 días
Jokes on you, both my favorites don't exist anymore, Pontiac and Zastava
Mr Blueberry
Mr Blueberry Hace 13 días
Lol when you watch this video so u buy cars not ownd by Chinese companies in fear of supporting their economy f
jackson Lander-Mitchell
jackson Lander-Mitchell Hace 15 días
What about HSV
Technicaldino Hace 17 días
Group chat is owning a car company while my boi Yamaha makes music instrument and motorcycle
Lewis Newell
Lewis Newell Hace 17 días
Geeley also make the new London taxi cab
Satadeepnift Datta
Satadeepnift Datta Hace 17 días
Hey man daewoo is own by the TATA group now. Misleading guy
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Hace 18 días
i thought Mercedes own mazda
Zildjian Yaoshua Evangelio
Zildjian Yaoshua Evangelio Hace 19 días
How about mitsubishi
Josh Swart
Josh Swart Hace 19 días
VW also owns Bentley
euclides anatolly
euclides anatolly Hace 19 días
You guys made my day...
Mr Feast
Mr Feast Hace 20 días
I was waiting for ford the whole video... Weird American channel would forget a USA automobile manufacturer
Lloyd Murdock
Lloyd Murdock Hace 20 días
Wow. Almost every single brand name was “butchered” so to speak... or maybe it’s the American way of pronouncing words however the heck they feel. Disappointing for Donut 😔
ES 7
ES 7 Hace 20 días
So you are Car dude and you fucking mouth say BMW socks Man go do something else 1% of BMW money can buy you your girlfriend ( if you have one) just to say BMW word for holl life.
Neeraj Chaudhary
Neeraj Chaudhary Hace 21 un día
Sir please tell me which automobile is the own of Aston Martin
Felix O.
Felix O. Hace 21 un día
What are you talking about? Lada isn't defunct.
Vinay ESO
Vinay ESO Hace 21 un día
This is why you should drive a Honda.
Ahava Menachem
Ahava Menachem Hace 22 días
You forgot Mazda and mclaern
Jason Ray
Jason Ray Hace 22 días
How to annoy BMW drivers? Go up to them and say....Nice Rolls Royce!
Pradeep Priyan
Pradeep Priyan Hace 22 días
Loosers wat about mahindra and mahindra
raju seth
raju seth Hace 22 días
didnt hear about mahindra
technews Malayalam
technews Malayalam Hace 22 días
Spicy Hace 23 días
You say BMW sucks you suck I love BMW there good at making cars my dad has a BMW 5 series
maximilian Oh yeah yeah
maximilian Oh yeah yeah Hace 23 días
All you said in this video, i already knew. haha nice video like form me :)
Pratiwi T Suwanto
Pratiwi T Suwanto Hace 23 días
Long live the nissan gtr
CalisRemedy Hace 23 días
Honda gang
PenguinTech Hace 25 días
Hmm, what about Mazda?
still34u Hace 25 días
Fun fact: If you buy a dodge caravan or the chrysler minivan in Europe, it will most likely come with an Alfa Romeo 3.0 V6 - which .. as that one guy (James May) said is the best engine ever made.
Braeden Faludi
Braeden Faludi Hace 25 días
JAGUAR AND LAND ROVER ARE FROM MUMBAI....... (I thought they were British)
technews Malayalam
technews Malayalam Hace 22 días
They are from British but owned by Tata motors India
ROXO Hace 25 días
But SAAB is from scania
izzyzilla80 Hace 25 días
Ford ?
6lue Already Dead
6lue Already Dead Hace 27 días
3:41 WTF is he talking about the GTRs at $200,000 car!? It only cost $100,000 NOW and came out at around $70,000 I mean their top-of-the-line Edition now I think it's maybe a hundred and $110,000 at the very most!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ so where the fuck is he getting that number from!?
Rodney Jones
Rodney Jones Hace 27 días
And now PSA just bought FCA....
AirmailDragon77 Hace 27 días
What about Mclaren
Raja Azhar
Raja Azhar Hace 28 días
What was up with the spelling of Subaru? Seriously? Suburu??? And also i think Daihatsu and Toyota has a stake in the Malaysian automotive company, Perodua
David Cao
David Cao Hace 28 días
The companies that ACTUALLY makes the critical components are less known, companies like schaeffler, MAHLE GmbH, ZF Friedrichshafen, aisin seiki, denso etc
vipeo clips
vipeo clips Hace 28 días
I need money amd save Lamborghini from vw I don't like that brand
l Hace 28 días
what about BMW owning the entire Rover Group not just mini but rover and triumph?
l Hace 28 días
and also ariel motors is still independent but rather small so I won't complain about it not being on the list but for rovers sake tf?
ForgedCarbon Hace 28 días
I told my friend that Bugs, Lambos, Audis and Bentleys were all basically VWs He immediately said no and I called him on his bluff He searched it up He died
RealNameNeverUsed Hace 16 días
ForgedCarbon Still a better story than Twilight.
M & N
M & N Hace 29 días
Never mentioned ford
Michael Beard
Michael Beard Hace 29 días
Ford and Mazda
L K Hace 29 días
Is the Toyota 86 basically a new Celica btw?
L K Hace 29 días
Nissan is no good anymore I heard and I had a bad experience with one myself. I had a 08' Altima with only like 30,000 miles on it and the damn fuel pump went.
L K Hace 29 días
I guess this is just an example of how Brand stupid we are. I pray that this shit doesn't apply to my 13 Honda Accord. I love that car and I"d hate to learn it's made by anyone else lol.
Sohell Talvani
Sohell Talvani Hace un mes
Also one thing missed about Suzuki that has 56.21% in Maruti an Indian based company formed in 1981 and now known as Maruti Suzuki and had 53% market by 2018.
SKB all in one
SKB all in one Hace un mes
Why didn't you talk about Ford
Wulfleyn Hace un mes
Wait, so the lada isn't russian!?
Melvin Francy
Melvin Francy Hace un mes
How on Earth could you miss Ford if you are talking'bout Chrysler & GM.
Kaushik Sarkar
Kaushik Sarkar Hace un mes
Tata uses its money on charity and it's proved for decades to decades
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Hace un mes
No Ford??? They only make the the world's best selling passenger vehicle so why should they be in it.
Micah HUGE222
Micah HUGE222 Hace un mes
So many car brands own each other that scion turned into toyota recently. Scion dosnt exist anymore
Tanush Rathi
Tanush Rathi Hace un mes
He said "My Back" instead of Maybach
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