Who’s the Man Ranting Inside Bagel Boss Store?

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Inside Edition

Inside Edition

Hace 5 meses

A shocking video shows a customer at a New York bagel store losing it because he says women reject him over his height. The man, identified as Chris Morgan, lives on Long Island. “Why is it OK for women to say, ‘oh, you're five feet,’ on dating sites. ‘You should be dead?’ That's OK?” he screamed during the incident. When pointed out that no one in the store had said that to him, he replied, “Women in general have said it on dating sites.”

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GothicRaven blood
GothicRaven blood Hace 29 minutos
Dude it ain’t your size women have a problem with Its your attitude plus no girl wants to see anything under 4 inches 😂😂😂
tito yama
tito yama Hace un hora
All this people in the comment section making fun of him, that's messed up
gettingitfirst4 Hace 9 horas
Poor guy. He needs help.
james wurfel
james wurfel Hace un día
Did some one have to much suger
Goldeen-Floofer owo
Goldeen-Floofer owo Hace un día
Him: you women need to stop being so --- up! Lesbians:......
chloekamalei Hace un día
He really is small😂
Katherine Nguyen
Katherine Nguyen Hace un día
Lol. It unacceptable. But we understand why he’s angry
Jackson Lacy
Jackson Lacy Hace un día
He’s kinda right tho 😭😂😂😂😂
Shiina Hace 2 días
well I'm a girl and I'm only 5ft-
Lets do the Wink
Lets do the Wink Hace 2 días
There just asking about your height 😐
cool doge boy unknown
cool doge boy unknown Hace 2 días
Stop being mean to midgets 🤣🤣
Fuck Of
Fuck Of Hace 3 días
I mean killing yourself wasn't an option
Justin Harrichand
Justin Harrichand Hace 3 días
This guy looks like 3 ft 1
Oswaldo LN
Oswaldo LN Hace 4 días
I feel bad for this dude. I mean he is 1000 percent wrong. He is so miserable, I feel bad for him. Damn dude, older man too.
SAINT JAYO Hace 4 días
He wasn’t degrading them, he was being degraded 😔✊🏼
ever castillo
ever castillo Hace 4 días
I bet he is still a virgin...!!
Bernard Galea
Bernard Galea Hace 4 días
He sure does have a short temper
Kermit The FROG
Kermit The FROG Hace 4 días
His new name is bagel boy billy
Adam Silva
Adam Silva Hace 4 días
Rasmus haas Christoffersen
Rasmus haas Christoffersen Hace 6 días
And if this was a girl doing the same, against men… She would NOT have been defended by anyone, saying “aww pool girl”.
amstevens23 Hace 6 días
Robert story
Robert story Hace 6 días
Dude he has all the classic signs of a mass shooter or serial killer of prostitutes
PerfectShot666 y
PerfectShot666 y Hace 6 días
Brittany Love
Brittany Love Hace 7 días
That’s called small man syndrome 😂😂 I bet he has to crawl up into his lifted pick up truck lmao
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Hace 8 días
*short guy gets attacked* Woman recording:oh my gosh I just here to buy bagels
Allyn Doromal
Allyn Doromal Hace 8 días
He prolly mad cuz his peepee doesn't get suck hahaha
Raoh Hace 8 días
Being angry isn’t a crime. And doesn’t make you a bad person. Some of history’s greatest geniuses, with the biggest hearts, were angry people. Bagel Boss is actually a nice, misunderstood man, if you listen to his interviews. Maybe we shouldn’t smirk at people who look different. But instead, make them feel welcome. And listen to their story with an open mind.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Hace 8 días
So racist
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres Hace 9 días
Lol seems like a publicity stunt to get “big” on ESwomen 😂
Dave East
Dave East Hace 9 días
This is George Costanza😂
Pyruvate Hace 9 días
Yo, he has a good point though
Dustin Tentrup
Dustin Tentrup Hace 9 días
If he gets arrested hes going to Juve
Zahaan Udai Singh
Zahaan Udai Singh Hace 9 días
He is mad
NotYourBoi _64
NotYourBoi _64 Hace 9 días
I feel bad 😕
xp yudodat
xp yudodat Hace 9 días
Women is supposed to be respected
Jake Salvatore
Jake Salvatore Hace 10 días
I just wanted one of them to bend down to get eye level with him and tell him to calm down 😂
Devil Hace 7 días
HAHAHA that would be Evil
Lucas Lorenzo
Lucas Lorenzo Hace 10 días
It feels like getting attack by a chiwawa dog , no one really want to kick them.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Steve Cisneros
Steve Cisneros Hace 11 días
Someone get him a little bagel and a little chair
American_Atheist1776 Hace 11 días
I wonder where he buys his clothes at
Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead
Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead Hace 11 días
How "tall" is he anyway?
xoxoxxxoxo Hace 11 días
Woman: “he was degrading us” *LAUGH AT HIM FOR BEING MAD ABOUT HIS HEIGHT
Ivan Jimenez
Ivan Jimenez Hace 11 días
he looks funny whe he goes mad, you know because his size
Vegan Water
Vegan Water Hace 11 días
Papa Smurf really let himself down
why not
why not Hace 11 días
That's sad if I were him I'd probably be sick and tired to of everybody making a comment and staring 😭
Mack Smith
Mack Smith Hace 11 días
Lmao when incels get mad irl. His mouth is nastier than his height.
HiPhilSwiftHereForFlexTape TheSuperStrongTape
HiPhilSwiftHereForFlexTape TheSuperStrongTape Hace 11 días
Danny devitos brother
Cuteclaws AJ
Cuteclaws AJ Hace 11 días
*”Oh, my god! I just wanted bagels!”*
Amya Lee
Amya Lee Hace 12 días
Taking his anger out on strangers just bc a dating site wtf
6BURGH PRIDE Hace 12 días
I'm 5'7" Thank God I'm not just 5ft. Although I wish I was a little bit taller 🙁
6BURGH PRIDE Hace 12 días
FisT Fatal
FisT Fatal Hace 12 días
I GeT InSuLtEd CaUsE Of My HeIgHt
Drake Bentley
Drake Bentley Hace 12 días
George costanza.
Miami Thug
Miami Thug Hace 12 días
Can I please get a bagel *Can I PLEASE get a bagel*
ᒪE᙭I ᗪOᖇᑎ
ᒪE᙭I ᗪOᖇᑎ Hace 12 días
1:30 he is so short lmao
Pescador Gallo97
Pescador Gallo97 Hace 12 días
He was likely bullied since he was a kid, poor guy.
Pop Boi
Pop Boi Hace 12 días
I want a bagel now
Amy Doran
Amy Doran Hace 13 días
It’s his attitude that’s the problem. Not his height.He should take some pointers from the little couple on TLC.
Swedish bear
Swedish bear Hace 13 días
America is so weird and always will be
JOCELYN WYOMING 2 Hace 13 días
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Hace 13 días
The cashiers insulted him before the video, so this is not very reliable.
Manuel Pestana
Manuel Pestana Hace 13 días
Lets just face it all he wants is a girlfriend
Mary M
Mary M Hace 9 días
That's what is dangerous about this guy, he has a huge reservoir of rage pent up, if he goes haywire and really loses it, there will be female victims. We need to listen to each other. This guy needs serious help. He is broadcasting his sickness. His heart and mind need healing.
Semira and Aydin Nikocevic
Semira and Aydin Nikocevic Hace 13 días
If he told me to shut up in my face I will freakin scream XD
BepTex Hace 14 días
Is that a penguin?
Kaiwen Lin
Kaiwen Lin Hace 14 días
Can I please get a bagel
David Parkes
David Parkes Hace 14 días
How is he degrading anyone?
Toxic Hace 14 días
Gues he had a short fuse
Rudy Santayana
Rudy Santayana Hace 14 días
Incels smh
Bagel Hace 14 días
He needs to grow up 💀💀
Kaja Ytrebø
Kaja Ytrebø Hace 15 días
This reminds me of one of the episodes of chicago med. The one where the guy shot women.
Mrs Cruz
Mrs Cruz Hace 15 días
"I just wanted a bagel" FRICKN MOOD
Abby Hace 15 días
He should go to one of those little people conventions! He could probably find an unlucky girl.
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