Who’s the Man Ranting Inside Bagel Boss Store?

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Inside Edition

Inside Edition

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A shocking video shows a customer at a New York bagel store losing it because he says women reject him over his height. The man, identified as Chris Morgan, lives on Long Island. “Why is it OK for women to say, ‘oh, you're five feet,’ on dating sites. ‘You should be dead?’ That's OK?” he screamed during the incident. When pointed out that no one in the store had said that to him, he replied, “Women in general have said it on dating sites.”

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Vix Gaming
Vix Gaming Hace 2 horas
Anyone knows his ESwomen channel
Marchello Grandberry
Marchello Grandberry Hace 4 horas
100% incel.
abe Hace 5 horas
Most guys that height would of gotten a prostitute or would of looked for midgets.
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel Hace 5 horas
It's like a pocket sized edition of the angry "gingers have souls" kid.
dannyb20 vtec
dannyb20 vtec Hace 5 horas
1:44 they picked the biggest chick they could find to make him look even smaller hahahaha
sister britney
sister britney Hace 6 horas
“oh my god i just wanted bagels”
misTic Honored
misTic Honored Hace 7 horas
this mans a hero...
Alvaro S
Alvaro S Hace 8 horas
5'🥯 guy is a future incel mass shooter, need to keep an eye on him.
Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies Hace 8 horas
And the guy is still wondering why he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet
Vic DIY Hace 9 horas
And he’s small
Vic DIY Hace 9 horas
Poor old man hágase deppresed of woman saying he’s fat
Brian K
Brian K Hace 12 horas
I will be scare to tell him that he has a SHORT temper.
mydannyboy68 Hace 12 horas
He got the dreaded smirk with the biting lip from behind the counter and he knows it all too well LMAO
mydannyboy68 Hace 13 horas
Bahahaha.....bahahaha....can't breathe...bahahaha.....bahahaha
Joseph Haynes
Joseph Haynes Hace 13 horas
3 ft of pure jackass !
FBI Person
FBI Person Hace 14 horas
the poor guy just got fed up. feel better man.
Noah Baker
Noah Baker Hace 18 horas
man this guy has a "short" fuse. he got little man syndrome
Amy G
Amy G Hace 19 horas
This man needs a doc cause I've never seen such a bad case of napoleon syndrome
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Hace 12 horas
You were probably one of those "popular" girls in high school who enjoyed making fun of innocent people for no reason at all. Pure immaturity based on not just your comment, but by your poor quality grammar. I can read people and know their motives, based on looking at their profile picture. When I looked at your profile picture, my gut feelings told me "evil sinful spirit" alert. Then, I read your commemt, which marked my gut feelings correct. You, Amy G, need to reevaluate yourself. Understand? I hope so.
Joshua Zamora
Joshua Zamora Hace 22 horas
Pauli’s the quaker
Georgie Hace un día
What a miserable jerk
Chris Chapman
Chris Chapman Hace un día
Serial killer in the making
Ian Moline
Ian Moline Hace un día
Dude just cause you're short, doesn't mean you got to be short with everyone else. lol
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Hace 12 horas
5',7 with shoes.
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Hace 12 horas
You wouldn't want to tell me that, since I'm 5'6 tall and half-Filipino.
Tracy Brown
Tracy Brown Hace un día
He's SHORT tempered lol
Hayden Dinh
Hayden Dinh Hace un día
I feel so bad for him
icyDrip Hace un día
my town finally got clout from this dumbass 😂
Tolome ́ Mazariegos
Tolome ́ Mazariegos Hace un día
0:58 her face 😂
J u s t a n ø t h ė r f å l ł ï n g s ø u ł
J u s t a n ø t h ė r f å l ł ï n g s ø u ł Hace un día
Committed ‘’man shooting’’ 😂👏
BANGTANsepreme 20
BANGTANsepreme 20 Hace un día
Random guy: good morning Bagel dude: TF YOU JUST SAY ABOUT MY HEIGT
Women need to be humbled, especially in this society and the way it is in this day and age. The fact that the women were laughing during the serious event shows their lack of empathy.
CJ Vlogs, Pranks, & More
CJ Vlogs, Pranks, & More Hace un día
Mason Thompson
Mason Thompson Hace 2 días
He seems a "little" angry
Trumpet Boy
Trumpet Boy Hace 2 días
The bullies lol
yeety derp
yeety derp Hace 2 días
I thought it said bagel ross
kirana azzalea ardianto
kirana azzalea ardianto Hace 2 días
I think he has anger issue idk why if u agree
Rafael Ramirez
Rafael Ramirez Hace 2 días
no bagles for lisa guerrero with inside edition 🥺
Denise Hilario
Denise Hilario Hace 2 días
I didn’t see anyone with an issue with his height, just him.
Rahul Kemp
Rahul Kemp Hace 2 días
As Ricky Gervais would ask....is he a midget, dwarf or gremlin??
Lauren Woodcroft
Lauren Woodcroft Hace 2 días
I felt so bad for the shop assistant he looked so sweet and didn't really know what to do
Jimmy Y Daniel Rivas
Jimmy Y Daniel Rivas Hace 2 días
I wanted him to put Lisa Guerrero in her place
PalmTreeCo Hace 2 días
this guy is trolling too hard
Spencer_Mathis Hace 2 días
Little angry man syndrome
NL Hace 3 días
Bagel Boss Battle
NL Hace 3 días
“I just wanted bagels”
Matt O
Matt O Hace 3 días
Bayshore? Use ur finger!!! JACKIE!!!!
Big Black
Big Black Hace 3 días
He is doing it for fame
Kevin Ebrado
Kevin Ebrado Hace 3 días
dude just had a rough life
Oxy moron
Oxy moron Hace 3 días
The real question is,what is his ESwomen channel?
Wan Glasserine
Wan Glasserine Hace 3 días
I feel bad for him because he feels frustrated that women don’t like him maybe it’s because of his height or maybe it’s because of his attitude but he’s still a human being and I don’t think he’s deserving of this much hate
Caelyn Curley
Caelyn Curley Hace 3 días
Yo he needs to chill
iiFloofyii Hace 3 días
I love how he wore a pink shirt in the interview.... If you get it.... good for you 👍🏻
Daniselle Lopez
Daniselle Lopez Hace 4 días
Ooooookkkk? I-I have no words for this...
m L
m L Hace 4 días
If you dress like a schnook You'll get treated as such
claresthetic Hace 4 días
0:39 Oh my god, I just wanted my *bagels!*
claresthetic Hace 4 días
0:19 ok, but your not in a dating site, this is a bagel store. imagine if it happened at a library.
andon angel
andon angel Hace 4 días
Im not as short as this little fella lol bt im about 5 foot 5 ISH haha im about tom cruise height lol
eerica Hace 4 días
Mika Lasha
Mika Lasha Hace 4 días
Can't blame him,the guy must be miserable. Look how small he is,he should get a discount where ever he goes. Like the old people do,life's not fair.
Matt Scarpace
Matt Scarpace Hace 4 días
2018 - Yodel Kid 2019 - Bagel Guy
RedstoneGodLike Hace 4 días
Like a Bagel Boss
Nosferatu Hace 4 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-CS7PZODsg5A.html This dude has quite the history.
Big Tubby
Big Tubby Hace 4 días
Is it me or does anyone else want to see him go against a feminist woman,that would be funny
Broly the sarcastic savage
Broly the sarcastic savage Hace 4 días
Dude needs to get laid big time!. Seriously give him some bedroom action with a woman and he'll be singing it's beautiful day in the neighborhood like freaking Mr. Rogers! 😂
Truely Hace 3 días
Why can't he get a prostitute? As long as he has the cash they wouldn't mind his height.
Scott W
Scott W Hace 4 días
It's not his height, it's probably over his little pp.
Anthony Ricci
Anthony Ricci Hace 4 días
it's all a gimmick.
OPJuiceBox Hace 5 días
He was probably bullied as a kid about his height That’s why he acts like that
Gwen Weisenburger
Gwen Weisenburger Hace 5 días
Bad case of L.M.S.
Color My World
Color My World Hace 5 días
There is nothing wrong with short men, just this man.
Jason 396
Jason 396 Hace 5 días
if you hate being so short then just don’t be short
Dante Sparda Ice Demon
Dante Sparda Ice Demon Hace 5 días
What a psycho
Sophia U
Sophia U Hace 5 días
Random kid: look mom I’m taller than that man Bagel guy:WHAT DID U SAY ABOUT MY SIZE DO U WANT TO TAKE IT OUTSIDE
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